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I just deleted 11,000 contacts. Very scary. But now Google Contacts is screaming fast. I wrote up the details over on Facebook:
Robert Scoble wrote: I just deleted 11,000 contacts from... Join Facebook to connect with Robert Scoble and others you may know.
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sniff I remember back in the day, when +Robert Scoble would write up the details here on Google+.  :-(
I'm surprised that you don't get a lot of nuisance calls, +Robert Scoble.  To the tune of, "would you please review our new app?"
I have deleted contacts, yet they seem to randomly come back. Hope they stay deleted for you +Robert Scoble 
From the image I thought +Robert Scoble had deleted his Facebook profile! It didn't sound like something he would do lol Slightly crazy deleting all your Google contacts, though I do understand how having dynamically updating contact details is more useful.
I think Google+ gives you better value if you are honest about what you want, and don't try to please everybody ;)
It's almost to the point where it's rude to call someone out of the blue.  It seems to me that it if we are going to talk on the phone, it should be scheduled... but sometimes, I break that rule and just call people unscheduled.
Hey +Robert Scoble, in case you're interested, have you tried out  It take your posts from Google+ and posts them to Facebook and Twitter.  It saves from having to make multiple posts.
LOL +Saul Fleischman, I just read the rest of your post and realized I just posted something similar.  But it was a helpful post.
Love to read about it, but I am not going to join that shithole just to read your posts. Maybe if it was on your blog I would though.
#truedat  +Robert Scoble - when you autopost, you tell your followers don't bother interacting; I'm off doing something more important that talking with you.
I find that my web based email is dreadfully slow due to deleted, sent and drafts of emails on my domain. When I delete them my web based email screams too. 

What did you delete +Robert Scoble, the circles annotations or actual contacts outside of circles?
+Robert Scoble You know, this actually relieves me greatly. I now feel I can safely pitch you to look at my app without needing to test said app with 10k+ contacts. 
+Robert Scoble I saw all of Google change their profile pics to Glass wearing images. Can't wait to see what you do with these.

Never thought of Contacts needing to fly fast, great heads up buddy. And Yes, I am next on the list for the next dev run. 
+Robert Scoble Here I was thinking it was you acting on a thoughtful New Year's resolution to not make developers deal with ridiculous edge cases :)
I still remember when Google help said GContacs could only support 10k entries, and I had merge two accounts, putting it over 12k.
Plaxo couldn't even pull them via api.
The thing that most bothers me with GC is that anything done on it, feels like it's done after on batches and by a queue/cron.
Also, since it's linked to g+ circles, it's quite messy to know where the details of a person are coming from.
Mix it with a Google Enterprise account, and you get a third source of problems: Directory 
It does make me wonder about the ways to provide rich contact information to users.  When you see someone on Glass, how can you best display them in context?
A person is more than a list of details.
What's their context, what's their graph?
How do they fit in with other contacts I have?  How do they fit in with other data that I have?
And what's an effective way of quickly and richly supplying that information?
+Saul Fleischman and +Robert Scoble , I guess that since I do not have as much of an social media presence as you do, I find auto-posting to allow me to get my message out there at the same time. Since I have different followers between all there social networks, I see that as an opportunity to interact.
Now if there was a way to get the names to link right on all of them in one message, that would be awesome.
I'd like a Google Contacts app to replace the one on iPhone.
Robert, why do you keep doing this? You did this a couple of months ago here and then you post about how many you had to delete. Here's a thought. How about not add that many in the first place? You deleting names you should have never added in the first place isn't something to "brag" about. We all know you're fairly narcissist (you've admitted to it on TWIT) but perhaps you should perhaps learn from your consistent mistakes. How many times to you have to edit stuff that  you've added? A couple times a year? Dude, you just deleted 11k contacts? You were NEVER EVER going to get anything from all of those contacts in the first place. It's ridiculous for you to add them anyway. Sheesh. Why keep doing to this to yourself?
I actually don't see it as a problem adding a large number of contacts and then removing a large number later on.  Sure, if only 11k were added, and then the same 11k removed a year later, that implies a waste.
But I assume some large number gets added, then some of those get culled later on.
This seems somewhat like hedging bets, or placing feelers.
Nothing unreasonable.

And from the sounds of things it seems as though the number culled would have been far less if the tools for managing them were in place.

Really, it's a pointer for companies to look at generating solutions to a problem.
Have you used Smartr Contacts or Brewster before. It's a good way to centralize your contacts from multiple platforms. +Robert Scoble
Then you should fix your browser +Matthew Voshell because it's public and shows up here without a facebook login.
Wondering why you don't use +Friends+Me yet.  Posts perfectly on G+, Facebook and Twitter all at the same time. 
+Vic Gundotra , this is a major source of angst...having everyone in all your circles appear as Google Contacts. Even more painful when they end up shown on my Android contacts. What will be nice is to have a circles setting option of whether or not to import to Google Contacts. Would love not having people i am following show up on my Android phone.
I wonder why they don't make it an option to add someone to your contacts in Google if you're following them on Google+ or they're following you on Google+.  I don't think they should be automatically added.  Contacts are for those people I want/need to keep in touch with.  Either that, or provide the ability to EASILY filter them out.
Looks like you said that you deleted Facebook. 
+Jamie Adams I use groups extensively. I just don't want them automatically added to my Contacts.
Almost all of my Facebook friends still have as their email address in the Facebook profile since FB automatically changed everybodies addresses months ago. None of them even realise it happened. I don't put much trust in FB as a contact manager.
+Robert Scoble What I admire with you is that at the end of the day, you just look for the best tool for the job, whether Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. You and +Leo Laporte are alike in tht way. No fanboy. Just using the best technology. 
Hahah... my smart ass comment got 1/2 as many likes as your original post, +Robert Scoble. :-D  I'll consider that a win ending up 2012. Happy New Years, Mr. Scoble! Hope 2013 rocks for you.
What you seem to be doing lately +Robert Scoble reminds me of +Paul Colligan saying "We will no longer worship the plumbing" on my show a few weeks ago. 
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