Another look at Google+ a year in

The other day I laid out a Facebook vs. Google+ profile shootout over on Facebook at

I just realized I hadn't really celebrated Google+'s one-year-anniversary (I've been on the service ever since the first evening). I was too busy trying to get my new events page cleaned up (it still has lots of stuff on it that I didn't attend or deleted, sigh).

Compare my profiles at to and you'll see the benefits of fricitonless sharing on Facebook. On Facebook you can see a LOT more about me. My Quora questions. My foursquare checkins. My Spotify music. My Pinterest repins. And a lot more.

On the other hand, why do I post to Google+?

1. Google search remains very important to traffic and this is the best way to get into Google search.

2. I like the content search here better than anything on Facebook.

3. My content here is truly public (on Facebook you have to log in to see my stuff).

But that gets me to the point I was trying to make: Facebook still shows the world more about ME. It's a better profile page, and mostly because of frictionless-sharing.

I think this is a huge differentiator between Google+ and Facebook and one that's going to get wider and wider over the next year. It also explains why most people spend more time on Facebook. The profiles there are simply more interesting to browse around and check out than the profiles here are. Especially for everyday people who aren't good at generating content (in other words are good writers or photographers).

I've found my usage is splitting. For most people I tell them to look up my Facebook page. It is very rare when I find someone who isn't on Facebook nowadays and everytime that happens they seem, well, weird. In fact, my friend +Dave Winer deleted his account and it pisses me off that I can't tag him in stuff. He enjoys that kind of brand as someone who won't go along with the crowd, though.

Anyway, the time I've spent here on Google+ has been a huge plus to me personally. I've met a lot of people in a few different countries because of it, and I continue to learn from it. Plus, it did wake up Facebook and got Facebook to turn on a raft of new features (I wasn't a fan of Facebook a year ago either, but the battle between Google+ and Facebook has gotten me to move most of my social media energy away from Twitter).

I guess this is all a way to say "keep it up Google." Maybe the goal shouldn't be to compete with Facebook, but then we're left with "what is Google+ if it won't compete with Facebook?"

It's looking more and more like a blogging tool to me, which is why I struggle to write this kind of stuff over on my blog.

Anyway, despite my disappointment with some of the choices +Vic Gundotra and +Bradley Horowitz and +Larry Page and team (hi +Joseph Smarr and others) have made, overall I'm a better person for the time I've spent here. 

So thank you!

If you still are here, which profile do you like more? My Google+ one or my Facebook one? And why?

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