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Google glass確實很有趣
best yet. endless possibilities with glass in this particular playground.
About time to clean your car man lol but nice pic
They shouldn't ban specific pieces of equipment, because as long as it remains legal to eat while driving or drink warm beverages while driving, and the law for wreckless driving still exists, there is no need for more laws on top of that.
+Jan Eirik Wold let's hope there are no laws against 'wreckless' driving! Sorry, I know you meant 'reckless', but I just couldn't resist.
I would imagine having an overlay would be far safer than looking down at your center console or gps all the time to check when you needed to turn. In my mind these would probably reduce accidents rather than increase them
Hope you dont get pulled over!!  Officer might be curious and wanting to check your glass personally. ;)
The use during driving is interesting. It's hands free, and the focal length is out far enough you're probably pretty well focused for driving. But until more people use it, the impression may be that you're reading twitter or watching something active. You're not, but even if you were it would be safer than using a phone. But the perception is very different, I think.

My feeling: I want to use it while driving, but I'd assume it's illegal until I know better. (Perhaps just follow texting laws and whether or not they allow exceptions for voice texting.) 
Are the items in the display in the same field of focus as stuff on the highway; or does your focus have to shift back & forth? Video would be awesome (on a closed course, of course).
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