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Government grade privacy for your smartphone from founder of PGP Very honored to meet crypto expert and legend Phil Zimmermann. He created PGP, Pretty Good Privacy, most widely used email encryption software in the world. But now he's making it easier to use with Silent Circle. This system lets you talk around the globe completely securely using email, voice call, videoconference, or text messaging on mobile phones. Here get a good look at the system and talk about why many people around the world need this.

If you travel with corporate, government, or personal secrets and you want them to stay that way you should look into Silent Circle.
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I used to think that PGP meant Permanently Garbled Porn
hah, I know of a startup that is working on secure mobile comm on consumer level...
What about the patriot act? There is no real privacy in the US...
when i looked it was simply too expensive to use just for the fun of it. i dont need it. 
+Robert Scoble  What in the scenario where this app becomes popular, what happens to the telcos as users using this application would imply not using the voice services which telcos are meant to offer as their core services rather the users are using their data services. They certainly wont be happy with this for example T-Mobile USB-modem in the UK dont let users make voice calls on the internet.
+dani torres You are in Geneva, so why you are worrying about an American law? Most of the Swiss are shunning the USA exactly because of utter codswallop like the Patriot Act. The banks there are kicking out old American customers and shunning new ones. America is not the center of the world, and its laws do not apply everywhere. Jurisdiction is an extremely important part of international law; it protects free people from predation of the kind that comes from the Patriot Act and FACTA.

Everyone everywhere who uses email should install and run PGP by default. All the email world-wide would go dark for the spooks, and guess what? The sky would not fall and the world will not end; in fact, the world would be a better place, because for the first time in the history of man, everyone can talk to anyone in absolute guaranteed privacy.
+Robert Scoble - Walt would be too clueless to use crypto...

While this is very cool tech, the fact that it isn't open source goes against long standing security community best practices.

+Nadim Kobeissi, developer of Cryptocat, even claims Silent Circle is dangerous in a recent blog post:

"Silent Circle is damaging the state of the cryptography community; its model goes against responsible methods of cryptography software development.  The problem with Silent Circle is that it provides cryptography software while keeping its source code hidden. By doing so, it goes against decades of cryptography software development methods that include full disclosure, the capacity for an open audit, and more."

And for those who might argue there is a place in the market for paid security tools, I wouldn't disagree with you. But you can charge for a service and still have the underlying technology be open source.
Now unconfirmed reports claim they will open source on launch.

Nadim updated his post citing "There are reports of Silent Circle staff reassuring members of the press that Silent Circle source code will be made available in the near future. This is yet to be confirmed, but is promising!"
+Irdial Discs  - You are right. We should all use PGP, but we don't. We use Gmail and not a Swiss email... If you are looking for suspicious email traffic you will go to people using PGP. They might have something to hide, don't you think?. For hosting, even here in Switzerland we consider cloud and VPS hosting in the US because it is cheaper and reliable. Here is harder to find and more expensive, but something to seriously consider if you care about the Patriot Act... +Robert Scoble 
And, of course, one of the places where "Silent Circle staff reassuring members of the press that Silent Circle source code will be made available" is Scoble's interview with Phil at the top of this thread, where Phil said it himself.
Given the recent news about PRISM and other government eavesdropping, I'm not sure if Robert and others have more to fear from the Iranian government or ours.
11:45 - "You're not so concerned that the FBI is going to wiretap your phone between our server and your Mom." - Oh how wrong that idea turned out to be.....
Silent Circle is a step in the right direction.  What we really need is the same type of competitive disconnect between phone HW and SW that the PC industry has enjoyed for decades.  People should be free to install whatever operating system they desire on their mobile devices.  The recent revelation of the NSA's systematic violation of every American's rights and privacy, along with similar actions by other governments, should compel every "Free" person to insist on the ability to install a hardened, encrypted OS that is, as much as technically possible, immune from both the Machiavellian machinations of would be fascists as well as the ubiquitous misappropriation of personally identifiable data by greedy advertisers, both aided and abetted by the likes of Google, AT&T, etc!