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Developers: CodeNow brings "live" code snippets for Web, iOS, and Android

How do you get code reuse in the modern age? Developers will love this company that lets you share live code snippets with anyone on the Internet. Learn more here or watch the video above with founder at +AngelPad, which is the startup incubator where this company was born.

If you are a developer will you use this?
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that actually sounds pretty useful... just signed up for beta..
Yeah, sounds interesting. Looking forward to a beta invite.
very interesting concept ... specially for most developers to get the feel of different api's without setting up the environments .... thumbs up
Maybe he meant it'd be great for people learning to code and it got lost in translation, as it were.
I've not yet watched the video, so I could be way off. It sounds interesting, though.
Such initiative will bring more and more developers in to the business with quality apps for all eco-systems.
+Roberto Inetti +Robert Scoble +Khalid Boutin nowadays developers rarely build from ground though.... most of the times they will reuse available code.. I think that's what Robert Scoble meant..

non programmers can probably learn something from this, but probably won't be able to utilize the codes efficiently
Every developer I know under age 35 googles for code 1st thing, rather than just writing it like us old-timers would. I've finally trained myself to google for code too. I will probably continue to go to The Google rather than fooling with an app.
Or they could add this as a plugin to stackoverflow, i get 90% of all my code snippets from stackoverflow anyways :P
What kind of license will the shared code be under?
Is this service going to be a monthly payment system? Will there be fees for using snippets of code in my apps? Or, Will there be a license fee to use the service, similar to when you license an engine?
Watch the video and find out. +Robert Scoble asks and gets an answer. If you're not satisfied with what you see in the video, he's unlikely to know more than the creators of the service.
OMG! Code is the new Lego? I'm so excited to be back in the 50's !!!
The only way we can get code reuse is by eliminating code from the equation.
+Amr Malik If you have ever done GUI based programming I think that you would think differently but I think that we need something better than what is currently available
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This is a whole other language, that I don't understand. You guys are awesome!
I have mixed feelings. On one hand, sharing snippets is a good idea for the whole 'don't reinvent the wheel' thing. However, a snippet would not be very relevant in the context of my codebase since I'll have to refactor it to fit the way my code was designed. And to test REST APIs quickly we have cURL right?

But again, I do agree that this is very interesting if you just want to play around with various APIs not necessarily for a specific project but just for your own curiosity.
+Roberto Inetti -1

That is a very strict definition that a lot of devs will be on the outside of. Whats the first thing you do if you dont know an API? This sounds kinda elitist.
The open source development model has been around for decades, and is proven to be the best, most effective and most efficient model for software development. This is nothing new.
You people may want to read the Market and the Bazaar by Richard M. Stallmann before you go acting as if you're doing somthing revolutionary next time
Awesome feedback.
We're trying to put code in the hands of more people, and break down the barriers that currently exist with coding.
software engineers are eerie and alot of my prostitute friends say most of their customers code, just saying
I wonder if the impact if the Oracle/Google trial will play into this. What if someone uploads code that does not belong to them, but it is shared with others... who is liable in that situation?
You really need to do some due diligence on Open Source Software and the GNU Public License, BSD License, OSI License, etc. The idea of "putting code back in the hands of more people" is already fully in effect. If you really want to take advantage of this and support F/OSS, then start participating in the development of a F/OSS project(s). Plenty of companies have been able to leverage OSS to their advantage and make a profit off of it, Google being one. Why re-invent the wheel when it is already rolling?
No more to say....
Just... Someday i have that one...
Open source does tend to advantage the big players at the expense of the small (even 'tech startups' with millions in funding count as larger compared to typical non software development businesses)
Oooh, goody, another startup. And in an incubator no less.
Grant Lewis - We're focused on code that's in the public domain.
Developers could specify their own licensing terms in the future (similar to Github)
Thanks so much for this share. Looks really interesting. I love what they said on the video. I looks like something really helpfully. - BTW I hope, that the bio science community will soon move to this kind of culture, too.
its great it is a worderful opertunity to virtual techologies
Seems geared to amateur coders in my opinion. I can't see too many companies relying on something like this to build a business on.
+Ian Long Interesting question. It might depend how you see the future company. Will the company structure survive as we moving deeper into the digital age. Some people believing not. Companies were build to reduce transaction costs. The transaction costs of the internet are 0. Crowd sourcing and crowd funding might be more an some tool for the amateur. We might see here the dawn of a quite novel business world. CodeNow is potentially in line with this trend. Ref: see e.g. this interesting brief 10 min video: Solve for X: Adrien Treuille on collaborative science
If you like the little egofest of piddling around with setting up all sorts of different APIs (but naot actually crafting cool shit for someething other than your own belly button lint), by all means, keep on truckin.' If you dig riffing on cool shit across platforms with people who wanna jam with your mojo, this could be a decent fit. In this space, I like Apigee, too. Apigee's more straight up n down, so to speak, but it's pretty solid. This one's a bit more beanie n halfpipe, but there's room on the hill for all comers, IMHO.