Is this a new sign of the times?

You've heard of all the places that ban +Google Glass, but my brother +Benny Scoble is one of the first to welcome Google Glass to a bar (his bar is in Virginia, , a very conservative place politically). Why?

1. It's always good being first. If he banned Glass, no one would care cause it's already been done.
2. He realizes that Google Glass users will defacto be heavy Internet influencers. They probably have high Klout scores. Write more Yelp reviews than average (not to mention Facebook reviews, Foursquare tips, Google local reviews, etc). The first users will most likely share their experiences inside the bar at a far higher rate.
3. It positions the bar as modern and "with the times." Anyone can position themselves as scared of the future, but welcoming futuristic devices takes leadership.
4. It makes it OK (and welcoming) for smartphone users to take photos inside the bar, share them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google+, Foursquare, etc.
5. I bet that he collected a nice check from Budweiser who also wants to be seen as modern, social, and all that.

Think this won't be a trend? +Jeep  today invited me to hang out with my Glass and check out its new vehicles. I turned them down because I couldn't fit the event into my schedule, but it sure caught my eye.
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