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Heading to Vegas in January for New Media Expo and CES, you in?

Just wanted to get my plans down for the trip to Vegas in a couple of weeks. It's always a big week in our lives. +Sam Levin, +Maryam Scoble, +Rocky Barbanica, and me. Oh, and +Scott Monty arranged for +Ford Motor Company to lend us a C-Max Hybrid for the week. Since both Sam and I are Toyota Prius owners, that should be quite interesting for us to tear apart the C-Max

The real reason I keep going is the tweet house This year director and producer of the X-Men, among other things, Bryan Singer, will be there. 

Hopefully by the time we come back in 2014 we can start calling this the "G+ House." But that's something for +Vic Gundotra and crew to sort out. There will be lots of Google+ love there too (2013 is the year that I can see totally going Android, mostly because of +Project Glass. Can't wait to get a pair from +Steve Lee and team!)

Anyway, please do come hang out with us at the Tweet House

Now, onto NMX. That's January 8-10th and I'm on stage a couple of times. 

1. How To Find, Grow, Connect And Influence Your Network, interview with Mitch Joel and Robert Scoble by Dori Clark of Forbes.
2. What's next with social, mobile, and the cloud. Interview with Vala Afshar (Enterasys) and Michael Krigsman.

Will you be at either? Anyone want to walk the CES show floor with us?
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Would love the opportunity to chat, I will be there all week.
If I could I would launching SunZu business social network end of January.

Would be great to meet at some point let me know when you are in london next

Happy holidays :) and new year
See you there, Robert! Have a wonderful New Year!
oh yeah.. 'Feat and Tech Loathing Vegas Road Trip'. Bring it on Scoble!
Ted S
I'll be there as well...

Looking forward to Tweethouse, the innovation policy talks on patents & sopa & the gadgets, especially those from the "startups". With tablets in the market for a few years now I'm also hoping we see connected home come to life but I've said that for the past few years now.
Hey Robert, I'm heading off to NMX as well, but I see the dates are January 6-8th... Not the 8-10th  -- am I wrong?
Will I finally get to meet you this year (at CES?)  Hope so!!!!
I'll be there, but only because I see Calvin Lee is going to be there (four above my comment).
Darn it! I'll be in Vegas in February, not Jan.
+Robert Scoble please give us a little heads up when you are visiting London again if possible :) missed you a couple of times because I couldn't plan in advance :)
Will see you at CES Robert. Loved last year's Tweethouse panel.   Hope we can chat this time.
Will definitely try catch you. Will be there.
I'll be there most of the week doing PR at the +Element Case booth... If you an +Sam Levin stop by, I can show you some of the new bits in store for iPhone 5 and S3 this year. :)
I'll be speaking at NMX and might get a day at CES.
Would love to see all of you there. I will be +Cox Communications social correspondent and ambassador. Would love to grab an interview with you, Scoble (short and sweet, promise). There's also a pretty cool offshoot event on January 8, starting at 5:00 PM PST It's called #DemoVegas  and it will be a look at 20 #VegasTech  companies at The inNEVation Center (an innovative co-working space about 5 minutes off the strip and where my office is). I know the Vegas tech community would be thrilled if any of you attended. 

They will be bussing people to and from the strip every 25 minutes, so no worries about getting stuck!

(If any of you decide to go, shoot me a text so we are sure to meet up 224.789.8314.)
I'll be there. I'll probably run into you in a massive crowd at a press event. 
+Robert Scoble Looks great. Would love to go. Have to see if I can swing it.  I see there's a reception on the 10th.  Would it be possible to go to that as well, not sure who organizes that. 
Ill be there my first CES excited, then working large chiropractic tradeshow starting Thursday at RIO showing our app
I will be there +Robert Scoble Being tasked with wearable innovation as part of my work.  I would love to get a couple minutes to discuss some things regarding HUD and wearables you begun writing  on. As well as the social contract  that will be in play and that might need to be considered as we develop these. 
We will be driving most of the way there from Monterey on the 4th then stop at a relatives for the night and head into Vegas Sat night for the entire week. The best part is that I have no real responsibilities this year so I have offered to volunteer as a tech for some friends that will be blogging and reporting from the floor. This is also an opportunity city for me to network and look for job options as I am currently between gigs. Hope to see you there and maybe on the road even..... +Robert Scoble you had posted something about a GPS app you would use during the trip but I cannot find that post now. What was that app?
Found the GPS app it was just not as new as I thought WAZE right?
+Robert Scoble Yes, I'll be at Tweethouse, but would love to accompany you on the show floor for a bit.

Our German startup has 15M+ active users btw, so maybe I even have sth interesting to say :)

What's the best way to catch you at CES?
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