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Israeli startups continue to impress, here's 10 you probably have never heard of, video with Magisto

+Hillel Fuld wrote an interesting article this morning about 10 Israeli Startups that you've never heard of but are onto something big. Below is video with one of them, Magisto. The article is at

Magisto tries to help people on iPhones make better videos.

Why do companies like this stand out? My email this morning demonstrates why: most people are building lame companies that do something with Twitter or Facebook. At least this one tries to find interesting scenes in the usually-boring vacation videos you shoot. In other words, there's some technology here rather than just doing something lame with a database.

Get Magisto at (I shot the video below at CES during one of the noisy startup events).
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Looking forward! I promise to intro you to a startup that will knock you off your chair! :)
Blown away by the quality of Israeli startups. My wife worked in Haifa before we got married and while visiting I was amazed by the diversity of tech offices there.
Amazing how many incredible start-ups come out of a country the size of New Jersey. Simply incredible!
Thanks Robert! Gonna check it out!
Whats the link for blog article where these startups are discussed?
I'd prefer this as a post-processing app that I could use on any video but oh well.
Ew @ cloud processing anything ... as much as I love Google+, my raw data doesn't hit the cloud until after I edit.
After all the photo editing apps, it looks like it's now raining video editing apps. Good to see that.
This app should help solve the problem most people have with editing and sharing videos.
Scoble is on my blocked list. How did his blather show up in my feed?
It's true that there are quite a lot of competitors out there, some of whom have been around for a couple of years. But they have turned into video editing sites, not something like Magisto which is really a great story telling enhancement tool. They are focussing on creative storytelling, which is why it works.
+Robert Scoble Thanks for the post and interview ! It was great meeting with you there. Just as an anecdote - I think this was the last interview that Monday night, after which I completely lost my voice for a few days in CES... I regained my voice just an hour before the CES Mobile Apps Showdown in that week Thursday, at the end Magisto won 1st place!
For those who missed it - here is our intro video to Magisto - Magisto turns the iPhone to the Smartest Video Camera
Hi +Robert Scoble good to see you here. I had you on facebook but closed my account. Google+ is so much better a platform :)
I believe this, because other countries are always thinking about what they can exceed in. They never give up. Very smart people!
Watched video and helps give more insight.
Wow just tried Magisto. It's very neat! I'm going to use it for some of my videos for sure!
Thank you, but just understanding.
bah.. I haven't been back to Israel in quite a while. I'd love to go. Best Falafel ever! :) This technology looks quite rad! Thanks for sharing, classy / useful as ever.
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