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Talking Enterprise Java with Scott Sellers, CEO of Azul Systems

What did I learn? Azul's Java runtime is a lot faster and more efficient than Oracle's is. What does that mean? Developers can build better apps.
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So does this mean Oracle is going to sue them?
Ah nice :) Sorry can't watch the interview itself right now, at work
Wow, I actually managed to watch a new video BEFORE you managed to post it on G+ :):D Love them. So much great and diverse information in this interviews.
We got presentation someday, in our labs we have as I heard 2nd smallest Azul with only 100 cores for Java, and this was impressive ;-) Only problem was that on our test task we had (don't remember what it was) at some point about 47% or so time spent in waiting for synchronization ;-) This was this worse part ;-)
We shared office space with Azul in one of our Google buildings until recently. I never knew what they did until now. BTW +Robert Scoble is there a typo in the title of the video (Azule)?
I was skeptical first, but very good pitch on the value of their VM.
Considering the Oracle investment in Java - its the foundation for their future cloud strategy, wouldn't it be wise to improve the JVM performance. Either by acquiring these guys, or by improving their Sun hotspot JVM?
Wise perhaps, but seemingly unlikely, as a lot of Sun folks (including Gosling) apparently hit the bricks when they found out what working for Oracle was like.
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