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Five big trends and Windows 8: what Menlo Ventures is seeing in tech world

+Menlo Ventures is one of the most important venture capital firms in the world. They are behind many of the world's best companies and services. 

+Shawn Carolan and Mark Siegel, managing directors, have an hour-long talk with me about trends, how they pick companies, the contextual age we're heading into, and react to Windows 8.

This is a must-watch video for anyone who is building a company or anyone who wants to know about where the future is going.
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Ted S
What really interests me is how connected these guys are with trends & emerging technology, even many outside their investment focus... That's hard to do when your hands are in a lot but certainly means value beyond just the dollars & cents investment.

This is of course how it should be but not how I think VCs tend to be depicted so it's nice to see more than just the 5 minute pitch clips. Thanks!
I like how he mentions the entrepreneurs vision being a fit with theirs... There has to be more than simply a product or service component of a company seeking funding...  no vision = no future ! 
Windows 8 and it's skewed mosaic look seems just like Windows 3.1
interesting it .........
great interview.  nice to know they work with startups to build out their teams and find the right talent to work with them.
watching on apple TV... it's better than real TV!
Thanks for this great interview Robert.
I'm still coming to see you; soon.

Again, thanks!
Great interview... particularly enjoyed hearing about their thoughts on enterprise tech like Big Data, 3Par and Tintri.
hmm.. interesting.. specifically +Robert Scoble's mention of Skyera's 1U flash storage unit. Though checking their site, its not really 1/4 Peta (250TB) but rather 44TB ( Still, impressive nontheless. compared to the most efficient use of space I've seen so far is (actually was, as this model doesn't exist from that vendor anymore) Nexsan's 1U unit with 8 3.5" HDDs which could (today) get to 4*8=32TB. There is also the 1U flash unit from RamSan, which was sold bought by IBM..
one MAJOR problem with the flash storage units is... price. Looking at Skyera's announcement.. $3 per Gig, we are talking about $135,000!!! per unit!!! That is not a manageable price for anyone I know who is in anyway price conscience. In comparison to magnetic media, the same storage space would cost about nearly 5-10% of that of a flash solution.
AND... if you don't insist on 1U, NEXSAN, HP and other companies have actually far greater storage density than flash solutions.
For example, NEXSAN's specs of their 4U unit shows it can hold up to 60! disks of 4TB each. that is 15 disks per 1U. This is a ridiculously high capacity and density. Think about it! 60TB per 1U or 240TB per 4U. and all those units allow integration of SSD disks as part of their architecture and design, so random writes are done to SSD while offloaded then to magnetic disks in the background. SUN (now Oracle) also has interesting solutions in storage. For me, having been on the consumer side and personally feeling the pains of storage limits, storage and its new capabilities with new technologies and capacities is an highly exciting field.
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