Top of their craft

On the left is +Chase Jarvis -- famous photographer.
On the right is +Gary Arndt -- famous traveler.

You should follow both, but Gary has a very unusual life. He doesn't own a home. Instead he permanently travels around the world and shares that life on his blog. 

Chase just completed making Aspen's latest advertising campaign. I was at the launch of that on Thursday night and it was off the hook. He and his team used an Octocopter (remote-controlled contraption that can hold a DSLR underneath) to fly over skiiers and mountain bikers. His life too is pretty extraordinary. 

Anyway, follow Gary's travels at and follow Chase at

By the way, I'm loving +Aspen/Snowmass. Unfortunately there aren't that many tech companies here. 

I did do a few interviews, though. Here's one with's founder:

Here's one with Snowboard Magazine's web geek about why they switched to Wordpress today:

Here's one with a guy who just skis all day and parties all night in Aspen and blogs about it: His name is Andy Party and you can see his blog at (my face is there right now). I'm very jealous of his lifestyle.

Anyway, more ahead from Aspen, including 29 videos from Techcrunch Disrupt that I'm going to get up if it kills me. Good thing I have a bunch of +Red Bull here.
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