Wild, news just broke that Google acquired Wimm Labs to boost its smartwatch initiative. I guess Google wants to make sure Apple doesn't run away with the show (although I hear Nike has a really crazy product coming out in September too).

This is an interesting purchase. The video I did below is one of the few inside its headquarters looking at this interesting company. 

Here's GigaOm talking about the acquisition. http://gigaom.com/2013/08/30/google-wimm-labs-smartwatch-acquisition/

We will talk about this on Gillmor Gang in a few minutes. Join us for that at http://friendfeed.com/realtime-network/d017726f/gillmor-gang-recording-live-today-1pm-pt shortly after 1 p.m.
Visiting Wimm's headquarters (makers of fine geeky watches and wearable computing platform)

Wimm makes a new wearable computing platform.

Why would ANYONE in Silicon Valley want to try to build a new watch when the business challenges are so deep? I get an answer. They see a paradigm shift coming for wearable computing.

Its first product is a watch, which they are selling to developers so they can build micro apps for its small screen. I have one and it's quite compelling and here I sit down with some of its executives to get a closer look. Learn more at http://www.wimm.com/
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