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Wild, news just broke that Google acquired Wimm Labs to boost its smartwatch initiative. I guess Google wants to make sure Apple doesn't run away with the show (although I hear Nike has a really crazy product coming out in September too).

This is an interesting purchase. The video I did below is one of the few inside its headquarters looking at this interesting company. 

Here's GigaOm talking about the acquisition.

We will talk about this on Gillmor Gang in a few minutes. Join us for that at shortly after 1 p.m.
Visiting Wimm's headquarters (makers of fine geeky watches and wearable computing platform)

Wimm makes a new wearable computing platform.

Why would ANYONE in Silicon Valley want to try to build a new watch when the business challenges are so deep? I get an answer. They see a paradigm shift coming for wearable computing.

Its first product is a watch, which they are selling to developers so they can build micro apps for its small screen. I have one and it's quite compelling and here I sit down with some of its executives to get a closer look. Learn more at
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Hah, we knew it was coming...  nice to see some details finally starting to emerge!
Also very interesting to see that their "first generation" smartwatch is no longer available, and that their website is apparently now redirecting pretty much everything to their front page... which isn't giving out much in terms of info.   Yeah, something's going on here.  GoogleWatch incoming!
What I love about Google acquisitions is that they don't waste any time in getting the acquired product or ideas out to consumer facing products and services. 
I kind of want a round-ish smart phone that would fix in a palm sized pocket watch like cover.  What would be really cool would be to have a "seed" device that did the processing that I could pop into different screen shells.

Like have a basic smart watch that I can pop out of the wrist band part and into a larger pocket watch screen piece (like 3 inch diameter) or into a 10.1 inch table screen.  And so on.
+Jon Morales yes, and what I love about Apple is that they take their time in getting products and ideas out to consumers. Great that we have both companies...I wish they could merge!
I gave up wearing watches long ago. Use my iPhone for time...will all these technowatches change my mind?  
Omate is already trying to use the sync offer to Google Glass as a selling point.  Check out their kickstarter to see it.

Whatever Google releases, it needs to have a mirror touch signal to Glass feature.  It would make browsing that much easier.
+Scott Thomas that is EXACTLY the question. who is going to make a watch that is compelling enough to get people who don't wear watches to want to wear them.  A lot of people without glasses are wearing Glass...
I view the smart watch as a smart phone that I don't have to take out of my pocket and place on the table when I sit down.
Why do all these companies think I want to strap a tamagotchi to my wrist? This modular crap has no form factor.

Ken Liu
I want a Google Fobwatch and Google Monocle.

I'll supply the waistcoat and bowler hat.
I think smartwatch is a dead-end. However, wrist-wearable computer a-la Leela on Futurama...
The Nike product is not relevant to me. They have shown they like to work with iOS only. 
+Mike Thompson Don't blame Nike.  Android didn't support BT-LE until last month.  I'm sure Nike will support Android now that they can.  IMHO, Nike are a serious player.  They have the cash and the brand to make an impact.  All they need is killer product.  We'll have to wait and see.
Ken Liu
+Murray Macdonald I think Nike's brand might work against them as they are a fitness company. Not sure if they could convince me to buy something outside of that sector and from my experience of activity trackers they aren't at all useful if you are serious about your training
I was wondering who had bought them...
+Murray Macdonald Nike has publicly announced that they will not make a Fuel band app for Android. And last time I checked there was no Nike+ app either. 
I had a SPOT watch back in the day and made some apps...neat stuff
It's a pretty ugly watch -- hopefully they'll get their Q design people on the case.
Guess we will have to "watch" this space ;) 
From the opening remark in the video: "We do a lot more than watches. We've made a wearable computing platform". This is something that is crucial when it comes to this new wave of "smartwatches" that are coming. This article by Jack Gold explains why: Google made a very smart purchase here and if other companies don't realize that they need to expand the limited thinking in regards to smartwatches they will fail.