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How do you select all members in a circle and move them all to another circle?
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On desktop I think you can multiple click and then drag them and drop li,e an individual
Raju Pp
Just Rename the Circle!
view the circle in a tab and then select them all and drag them
Even I was looking to do this a while back :(
As David said * view the circle in a tab and then select them all and drag them*
would be nice to be able to add circles to circles too
Would be cool if you could nest circles. For example, drop circles into other circles. Object-oriented circles. :)
There need to be Venn cicrles: logical combinations of your other circles...
I tried doing that yesterday and couldn't find a way either
view in tab, select all, drag to a new circle
Click the link below the circle member view to show the circle as a tab - then view the tab, and drag the members into the new circle.
gosh. why can't i collapse the comments to a post. your one post took over my whole page. I only have the option to mute this post
1. Go to View and edit circles
2. Select the circle and a window should pop up.
3. At the bottom of the window click on View circle in tab.
4. Now you should see all your circled contacts on the screen.
5. Click on more actions (upper left) and select all.
6. Add contacts to new circle (then delete old one).
Click a Circle > select "View members in tab" > Select all and drag to another circle
pull the trigger @Bhaarat Sharma , mute it!
Click on the circle, click on view on tab. All the members will be displayed in the tab above all your circles. Select all and drag them to appropriate circle... Simple...
I wanted to do the same thing, but couldn't. I want to be able to copy my "Technology Superstars" group into "Technology". I organize my circles in a hierarchy (tree) so it is easier for me to find what I want. But it gets annoying to copy, a user at a time.
great and its sending me emails for each post made after i posted. MUTED!
Funny the circles logo is literally circles which overlap to create other circles... you'd think that might have been one of the features?
4 easy steps. Right click circle. Select view in tab. Use arrow/pointer and draw a box around all. Drag to new circle.
Thanks for asking that. How do I block certain friends from certain photos or from my buzz feed but not from other stuff.
When you post the photo (or anything else), on the bottom it lets you select which circles get to see it.
But there is not exclude feature, let say I want this sharing to be seen by all my circles except one? isn't nice to have an exclude feature instead of selecting all the circles !
I can see that being useful if you have many circles. Selecting 4 out of the 5 I have isn't very difficult, but I can see that changing as I add friends and circles.
Click on the circle you want to move, then click on the "view circle in tab" link. It'll show just those people and you can drag them all to a new circle.
FB also had the lists but I never used them. It feels like the FB lists and G+ circles are the similar concepts. I have created circles but wondering if I will really use the circles functionality to post something or if I will be doing just the public posts.
Been looking to do that myself and couldn't find a way to do it.
I got stuck on this problem too. I want to be able to rearrange the order, and move circles into each other (just to copy).
Google definitely needs to allow the best comments/answers to surface. We're in no Quora/StackExchange here. :\
You can do this by clicking on a circle you desire, when the modal window pops up, click the button "view circle in tab" this creates a tab for this circle which you can then select members and drag n drop them in to any other circle too with ease.
Circles within Circles? Google Inception :)
Select circle, top right "actions", select all
Hey Robert:

If you click the particular circle in question, and at the bottom, click the link to 'View this circle in tab', you will then see all the names of those people above your circles. You can then select them all and drag them into another circle, or create a new circle with those people.

Let me know if you have any further questions on that!
+Bhaarat Sharma To fold a post, just click on the Google+ logo
Hi Robert - got my invite, from Alex (nephew at Zynga) !!!!
Thanks - see 'ya -
Yours, Carl Levinson @TeaWithCarl

PS - I think Google+ will be as disruptive as the iPad.
Comments really need +1 buttons......this will get unwieldly on long/good conversations
Also....why no mulimedia comments? Insert photo/video/link?
comments have +1 buttons. you just have to hover over the comment for it to appear
+Jef K, Comments already have +1 functionality. Hover your mouse pointer right after the time/date of your comment
If there is someone in your circle and he or she is a jerk, what do you name that category?
+peter menocal really? Sorry that does not appear to exist in android app (which I am using). Ill check out the web version, I don't see any +1 totals on comments they show on web?
Actually when you click on a circle, and the "pop up" window open, you can select "view circle in tab". Then it is very easy to copy and paste people from that circles into others.
i think you have to take into account the radius of the circle... and then there's pi.... (joking)
+Jef K it shows up on the full browser website. the android app only has the button in the top right to +1 the original comment apparently.
The mobile site on iPad doesn't have +1 for comments either. 
Thats easy, simply develop a javascript app that collects usernames on hover, and make your way around a circle
I love seeing all the people in this comment thread using @ like on twitter. Google should just suck it up and translate '@' to '+' automatically.

Guys: Use a plus '+' to reference someone and it will autocomplete their name like this +Robert Scoble
OK, my bad - I saw all the unlinked @ names in this comment stream and assumed it didn't work. I guess people just didn't pick one of the auto-suggestions?

+Peter Menocal +Michael Dubnik <-- when I just did this it autocompleted quickly for Peter but I had to try several times, backing up and retrying, to get it to link to Michael. Maybe that's why people are giving up and leaving broken links to people.
+Jeff Nadler im noticing as well that occasionally tabbing to select the suggestion doesnt work. the most foolproof method seems a mouse click on the suggestion until they fix that bug
+Jeff Nadler Yeah it takes me almost the entire length of your name before it suggests you. Not a huge issue and one that will only get better with time I figure.
Same problem..It is becoming very difficult to organize Circles.. Would also love to have ability to share circles
Create a new circle - add them all to that circle - "remove" them all from old circle - I just did that
+Jeff Nadler it's also a habit from facebook mentions and the internet commenting culture at large showing whom their comment was directed 'at'. normally we don't respond to specific comments with a plus -not so straight-forward. but yep, i would agree that making + synonymous with @ would make it user-friendly.
View circle in a tab-- Select all -- drag to another circle
Yeah, the cross-circle management stuff is pretty poor.
@Rob Michael Great... perfectly working :)
Still would like an easier method though
I just did a test. I selected members from one circle by selecting them with a mouse drag, just the way i would do in my document. after selection is done i dragged them to a new circle, and clicked on create new link and added the name 'test' and so IT IS DONE . IT IS DRAG AND DROP people. it is so Darn easy!!!!
I deleted my Following Circle, renamed my Aquaintance Circle to Following and just left the people in there and are adding the new ones there.
There is a one click feedback option in the lower right corner of your screen. Slightly faster than the gear option.
I want meta circles too (will end up looking like Pearltree through)...
This is why it needs a client/server API, in both REST and XMPP flavors. So people can write tools to fill in these gaps.
Click on the circle.
View circle in tab.
More actions -> Select All.
Drag to another circle.
Plus 1 Mark Atwood (apparently the +1 buttons not ready for prime time on the app version)
Here's what you do:

Click on the circle you want another circle dragged into.

A window of the circle's members will appear at the top of the screen. (It will be empty of course!)

Drag the circle whose members you want to move into the new circle up into the window at the top of the screen.


P. S. The above is logical, intuitive and makes perfect sense, but IT DOESN'T WORK - Why?
having same issues. I don't think you can.
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