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I'm watching a live concert with +Daria Musk in a Google+ hangout and it's quite good. She's been singing for five hours so far. Really great idea for a musician to get found. +Steve Greenberg wonder what you think? (He discovered the Hansens and Jonas Brothers, and was the "woof woof" voice on "Who Let the Dogs Out?") is the site to view of all the most happening Hangouts taking place on Google+. Watch and participate in concerts, lectures, random craziness.
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Second life does something similar except everyone uses avatars including the performer.
It's SUPER-GREAT! My concert was on there yesterday. My bud +Daria Musk tearing it up tonight.

Full-on #WIN
I really enjoyed this venue. I will be watching on my laptop next time so I have a video and voice connection.
Great concept and outlet for performers/musicians!
They're waiting for you in the hangout, Robert...
hooray for hangouts :D
Don't you wish there was a kick command now
You just doubled the views of the livestream with your post :)
Ed Clem
Watching on the website is still worth it. She's good.
Gotta love the MESSAGE IN THE BOTTLE tune that Daria is singing!
Glad you got into the! And she is a very fine singer, guitarist and writer who deserves the widest audience possible.
awesome thanks for sharing she is good :)
WoW the brilliant ideas around a simple thing ...awesome ^infinity
Nice find. Things are going to get very interesting as 3rd parties innovate G+ uses/features...
Wow! I was about to ask how long she's been singing but I see it in your post. Really no need for this comment but I started typing so I guess I'll post it.. Have to say she is very talented.
Got an error message when trying to join the hangout - Aw! This hang out is Jam Packed.
I wish it was available for mobile users. Currently, I do not have a computer and rely on my phone. Iiss out on so much!
I lucked out. Got in. You posted this 2 minutes after I left the hangout!
Thanks for sharing this Hangout concert. Glad I got to enjoy the music for a little while!
I hope you got to catch the plus one song
Nice tech mashup here: is this her screencast of her Hangout to Livestream?
I really need to start utilizing hangouts better.
I've used it a lot to Hangout with people that I used to Tinychat with. I just started a public one to see what happens. hah
That's pretty amazing
Definitely a great way to get noticed. Love the creative use of a Hangout.
Just checked out this site. Creative use of the hangout idea. Love seeing people and their creativity, and technology in action.
Popped into the hangout, then decided to add jay-z to my circles. By coincidence, Daria Musk wrote jay-z telling him to check her out and it's the first comment I see. Did that really just happen?
It's a bit of a complex setup they have.
Using Livestream to broadcast from a feed in a G+.Hangout
Very similar to the idea that Stickam use for group chat.
I wonder how Google will be able to handle the Hangout traffic once it is available to more users? Is that why Livestream is used to help with the load?
Google/You Tube have done a Livestream concert from the Sydney Opera House earlier this year to an audience online of 30 million peeps, so it is possible!
Lately, live streaming of concerts has been a terrific way for bands to connect with audiences, of course. If doing it through Hangout enables an artist to reach people they couldn't reach through, say, LiveStream, then it's a good weapon to deploy. Daria Musk used, which appears to be an aggregator/promoter of hangouts, to both promote the event and stream it to a broad audience simultaneous with the actual hangout. She obviously got a lot of attention that she wouldn't have gotten on a LiveStream concert by virtue of being (apparently) the first artist to do this on Google+ Hangout. It is unclear whether this platform will really prove to be better then other ones out there once the novelty aspect fades away.
I will tell you this: The first couple of artists with real following to do this on Google+ will probably reap real benefits, and G+ will benefit from their having done it.
On a related note, I was talking yesterday to Israeli singer/songwriter David Broza about live streaming his August 13th all-night til sunrise concert atop Masada. We speculated on how to integrate Google+ into this. Doing a live stream from such an exotic and remote location, culminating in a fabulous sunrise, would be pretty cool. Stay tuned.
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