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I'm sharing my entire photography circle tonight for the first time (I had to split it into two parts so you can see it all, because Google only lets me share 500 people in one circle, this is the second part, see my stream for first part). More than 500 photographers. I've tried to keep it to only active photographers and only folks who post high-quality images. As with all my circles, these are a work in progress. If you are missing from them, please let me know. Also, if you see people who aren't active (in other words, who haven't posted in the past month) or who aren't high enough quality to keep in here, feel free to drop me a line at or leave a comment here and I'll reevaluate. Thanks!

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And maybe mine too... :) Thank you for sharing btw!
I'm thinking, what's with my phone buzzing like crazy ... and now I know why! :) Thank you!
high-quality images ?? One persons crap is another persons high art
Thanks for sharing +Robert Scoble would you have to add me to the circle (Conservation photographer and book author). Thank you.
The "Robert Scoble Effect' is something to witness! :-) Many thanks Robert.
Thanks +Robert Scoble I would like a Email. Is this okay ... Best regards from Germany, Uwe.
+Robert Scoble , I have to wonder if you are trying to help Google test for scalability. BTW, curating this is a phenomenal amount of work. Thanks for doing it.
Looking forward to checking the circles - guess I didn't made the cut :)
Thanks Robert, until later .... my collages wait Photoshop, Indesign ... for the my Serengeti Photo exhibition here in Germany. Best regards from Germany ... Thank you for contacting +Robert Scoble :-)
+Robert Scoble Can I get into your circles as well :D
Thanks for sharing. I just added some left from my photog circles..
+Robert Scoble Well that explains something, I wondered who had shared a circle :D Thanks Robert, means a lot :)
thx for sharing - interesting people and pictures!
Not sure if amateur photographers qualify to be in your circles, say someone like myself? ;)
Thanks for the shares - lots of people go through now!
Thanks so much +Robert Scoble for including me in your circle. It means a lot to be among these selected few and it has been great getting to know many of them here on Google+.
Thank you for sharing your circle, +Robert Scoble. I am new to the +G community, but please consider me for your circle. Thank you!
Meh Di
Thanks for sharing. Please consider me for the circle. Much appreciated.
Hi +Robert Scoble , Please take a look at my profile and see if you feel it would be appropriate to include in your circle. I would love to be included. Thanks for your consideration.
Thank you +Robert Scoble for sharing your circle again, always great to have some beautiful pictures in my stream, if some of you guys here are intrested pleas take also a look at my Flickr PhotoStream on or if you have an account feel free to add me there!
Thanks for the share. I have many of these photographers circled, and enjoying others I've not. While I'd love to be included in a circle like this, the level of photography is pretty intimidating!
so google is slowly cranking up the count? I thought they originally set the share limit to 250... now it is 500... why the heck do they even have a limit?
Oustanding list! Please consider adding me to it, if I qualify.
Thanks for sharing, I will be very happy if you add me to your circle.
I really wonder how does +Robert Scoble manage to keep track of every post in G+, because of you, i have now 500 people more in my stream and i am not used to have that much amount of people, it is getter hard to keep track of all those people/news. Do you have some filters? or you read all your stream at once ? or by Circle? Basically what is your workflows :)
Thanks for including me in the circle +Robert Scoble. :) Earlier, I was wondering where the bump in followers came from last night. :)
Thanks for adding Me to this awesome circle! Chris
Thanks +Robert Scoble , was wondering where the 1000+ jump in adds came from. Appreciate the support.
Thanks for sharing these! I added all of them to my Photography circle and now have 863 in that circle! I am wondering tho if maybe I should split it up to be safe tho so I do not lose any.
Feel free to check out my albums. Great circle. Thanks.
+Robert Scoble, I believe your able to share 500 people in a circle. I have seen and heard of others who have done it :)
Thanks for sharing. I have over 1,500 photographers in my photography circle. Your two lists just added around 300 more. Think I need to start breaking them down into types of photography. Wish I had a couple of days to do it. LOL
Thanks for including me again. Happy Columbus Day!
Thank you +Robert Scoble I could tell someone had shared a circle. I feel honored to be in the same circle with these amazing photographers.
+Tom Sparks same haha I just got 800 new followers today...compared to a usual 30
trey ratcliff should be in everyone's photo circles
Some amazing photographers in that circle +Robert Scoble many of whom are already long standing contacts of mine. Wondering if I might qualify for such an honour? As well as G+ you may wish to check out my website at :)
+Robert Scoble Gosh, thank you for adding me on your Shared Circle. So you're the one to blame for 1,000+ new followers today. ;-) Thank you! :-D
+Robert Scoble Hey, Robert...I don't find myself in either parts of your Photographers Circle. Please consider adding me to the circle. Thanks very much.
Wow, there's some good talent in here. Lots to admire and learn from. Thanks for putting this together!
+Robert Scoble, I am ever grateful to be included in your recommended circumscription. Though I do post some photomicrography and tend to decorate my posts with some visuals, I am not quite the photographer. I do not mind the company at all, but I might not meet their expectations :/
hey +Robert Scoble ! +Nicolai McCrary suggested i contact u to get added to one of these circles. i'm a web developer / photographer and am having a hard time getting followers, despite being a decent photographer. wondering if you could help me get some exposure. thanks!
Hey, Robert...I am not in your great Photographers Circle. Please consider adding me to the circle. Thanks very much.
Pretty impressive collection in your circles, thanks for sharing and if you like my work, please add me to :-) Greetings from Switzerland
Wow, I'm up to 1500 photographers in a circle and the stream is high quality. Where else can you find this? Nice!
You are very welcome to add me if you see fit! Thanks for the share!
I would honored if you were to add me to your circles. I <3 my canon!
+Robert Scoble  Now I'm going to search for some more of your photography circles since it's been a while. This is one of the original circles on G+.
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