How I'm building a library at +Rackspace San Francisco, Amazon style.

At Geekdom San Francisco (a coworking space in Rackspace's San Francisco's offices) I've donated a ton of books to a new library there. You can see it on Monday when I am holding office hours. Just drop on by! 

But how am I building the library? By watching the contextual recommendations that Amazon is making on our book's page.

Turns out that people who read our book also read great books by people like +Brad Stone, +Alexis Ohanian, +Nick Bilton, +Mitch Joel, +Fred Vogelstein, +Leander Kahney, +Isaac Budmen, and +Gary Vaynerchuk. (So far our book has more 133 reviews and still is averaging five stars -- if you haven't written a review yet, please do so! Each one helps). I'll be writing reviews on each of these books and adding them to Amazon, too. As a book author I know just how much each review helps.

See, you all are really smart and buy great books.

Turns out that writing a book and learning about the audience that shows up, is a great way to find other great books.

Oh, and yes, Amazon is our biggest competitor but hey, if I can make our employees and the startups housed at Geekdom smarter maybe we can use Amazon's own smarts against itself. Heh.

How do you find great books?
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