Good morning.

Someone over on Facebook asked me "why do you like Google+ better for conversations than Twitter or Facebook?"

Here's why:


See, I can search for all associated items here. I can't over on Facebook.

"That's it?"

Oh, there's more.

For one, photos look better here. For instance, I shot this photo on the deck of the aircraft carrier Nimitz. +Guy Kawasaki got me an invite to that and it was the most incredible experience. My photos are here: about that. Guy's writeup of that day is here: Inspiring people all around.

Why does Twitter suck for conversations? Because you can't easily bundle tweets together. +Craig Kanalley and I were chatting about that over on Facebook. Twitter is just fine for signaling something important is happening elsewhere, but if you really want to have a back-and-forth conversation? No way.

So, what's Facebook good for? Well, today, Facebook has more people, so conversations with your real-life family and friends will probably happen over there unless you get them to visit here, which is possible. I'll try to do that with this post.

One other really interesting thing about conversations? Over here you can do them in video with the Hangout feature. You can't do that on Twitter or Facebook.

Another person asked me why I keep pointing back at Facebook? Well, because I don't believe most people will leave Facebook. Not a single one of my wife's friends have left yet, for instance, so I want to make sure you know to find me over there. And, when you're over there, I like to link to over here.

I do that as sort of a backup. If Google has a catastrophic failure for some reason, you'll know where to find me to continue the conversation. It pisses people off, I know, but tough. I won't have my conversations held hostage by any one company.

I'm watching the conversations pop up on my screen on Google+ this morning and realizing just how special this is. Thank you for making my morning coffee so much more interesting than it otherwise would be.

Google+ is definitely the conversation leader right now. Do you agree or disagree?
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