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I love my life. I'm walking through SFO, on the way to Texas, and a guy says "Scoble." I turn around and it's +Reno Marioni who runs global partnerships for Nokia. Now, I've been really tough on Nokia lately. But they have some cool devices coming out and now that they have a decent OS, they will actually be enjoyable to use. He had the secret new device in his briefcase, wouldn't show it to me, but the current phone he did show me is damn nice.

I might have to rethink Nokia's chances. We'll be paying attention this fall to what they announce.

Anyway, here he shows me NFC, which lets you add data from all sorts of cards, stickers, or other physical objects. Good for transactions, but sharing business data too.

Oh, and now I'm sitting next to an exec from Genentech. Should be an interesting flight!
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And by "decent OS" you mean there will be people considering not coding for Android and iOS and coding for them instead?
I somehow doubt that.
I think he was stalking you, desperately seeking the positive write-up he just got!
+Robert Scoble , do you think that Nokia + MS will exceed 10% market share on the smartphone market?

i see a 3 horse race

Android with 60% Iphone with 25% WP7 ~10% .. and 5% for everyone else.
I was not aware that that have changed their OS strategy and licensed iOS. :-)
If it ran Android I might think about it.
+Robert Scoble If nokia can operate with the android/win/iphone platforms - then they'll be fine. If they cannot - then it will be worthless unless they come up with an amazing new OS that beats out all others - and handles web apps...

+Reno Marioni Just sayyin.... Nokia at one time was my utmost favorite cell phone... If they can manage to make something better than iphone and HTC or (Samsung type Androids) --- and with excellent keypads... They can retake the market - if they have the right OS.

Speed is excellent - but Battery consumption is utmost of importance... And last but not least - the ability for the common customer to turn off applications they do not wish to have on at all times - instead of the current Everything runs all the time - consuming battery and privacy...
it looks like the Samsung Captivate
I can tell you Nokia's been amazingly kind and generous with their employees who are leaving as they reshuffle from the Symbian OS to Windows -- because my husband works there and now is leaving for a new startup. They also have some cool technology coming ... wait and watch.
That's bad ass...oh, and I am pulling for Nokia & Windows Phone too...RIP WebOS
There was no doubt about Nokia's ability to make phones. It was their Software which took the pounding :P
I love nokia products, when they make a good one, it's among the best there is. Hopefully, the changes will bring some great new phones. I'd jump ship (current android user via HTC thunderbolt - former iPhone user) in a heartbeat to have a great nokia smartphone.
Nokia only got popular because they leaped out in front of the cell phone market at a time they were the major player. The market is so different now. Simply taking Windows Mobile and throwing it on a phone will not win them market share. It's a huge battle they have. They would be more successful doing what htc did and going with a dual os strategy with android/windows.
Blah blah Nokia phone blah. What I want to know is which Genentech exec was it?
I really can't see luring developers away from the iOS and Android platforms in any meaningful amount. I think it's bad strategy these days to pull out your own mobile OS for smart devices unless you're a company like google, who can gain mass adoption quickly and easily.

It's not to say that it couldn't be done, but the features and device would have to be so impressive as to make everyone want one, in order to get any kind of meaningful market share at least. NFC is already packed in to a few handsets on the market, more will have it shortly. It is going to need a wow factor, time will tell if they can manage that I suppose.
I just hope MSFT take those freaking drop-down menus out of Windows 8.
I think Nokia's reaction to the success of the Meego N9 and the premature announcement of the Windows devices months before they are available .... are serious strategic mistakes.
It's a hard knock life, for Scoble. :-)

It's a bit disappointing that MeeGo plans have been shelved. I like Nokia hardware.

As far as I know, I can't mount a dang WinPhone device on my Linux boxes, and would probably have to run that Zune software via WINE. How iPhony. Blech.
Elop basically said they would ignore the critical acclaim for the N9 (Meego). Draw your own conclusion.
I remember in the early days of the cell phone Nokia phones were great. Simple phones that were sturdy and lasted well. At one point they were the most valuable company in Europe. Amazing stuff for a Finnish company that started out in the paper &pulping business!

Nokia somehow managed to really get it wrong though with smartphones. I think Apple disrupted the model in the mobile phone industry and most manufacturers didn't really see Apple coming. Android has further eroded Nokia's share of the lower end phones as well.

I personally do not think MS + Nokia is going to work as well they hope. Time will tell but I find it hard to see how Nokia will achieve their former glory.

Also can anyone explain why Nokia threw in their lot with MS and didnt consider Android?
The mistake people are making is it's not the hardware that is making the iPhone so successful, though it helps, it's the whole package. The OS, the appstore, the apps, the integration with iTunes, it's an iPod and a video player and a phone and with iCloud it will auto sync with the Internet and Mac computers without doing anything. You can make the greatest, fastest, prettiest piece of hardware there is, but it still won't compete with the iPhone (or Android) without all the other things that go with it.
It sure looks a nice piece of handset +Robert Scoble and I really think Nokia will pull great devices using MS OS...

The fact that you mention here NFC is interesting because although it is not a new technology, it is not very widespread. However I feel is just starting to go up, specially to pay bills with the phone, or share information as you mention.

But my concern is how easy will be for hackers to take that kind of sensible info from us by just walking past us.
"The OS, the appstore, the apps, the integration with iTunes, it's an iPod and a video player and a phone and with iCloud it will auto sync with the Internet and Mac computers without doing anything."

The integration with iTunes is the opposite of a selling point for me. iTunes is a crufty piece of turd.
Yup. Your life sounds pretty cool.
+Christopher Carr Yes, iTunes stinks if you're a techie. If you're my mom or my sister or a non-techie it's the greatest thing since sliced bread and you can back that up because no one ever calls out something better. Spotify's layout is exactly the same as iTunes, most media players are exact copies of iTunes for that matter. So, again, techies know things suck, normal people don't care because it does what they need it to do. The Internet media is skewed because it's techies writing about tech things, not normal people.
+Kartik Natarajan you see that right, but there is other angle ... nokia grew so fast so big! That was and is big thing for Findland economy ... it's all par of politics now, and the company have stopped deliver good products long time ago ... if nokia falls, Finland economy collapse ... Finland is country where in some point 50% word mobile phones where produced ...
I've probably been one of the few Nokia fanboys when everyone else was either for or against Apple. Still, I ended up switching to Android with the self promise that if Nokia ever did sort out and modernize its software, I would be back in the blink of an eye; their hardware has never fallen short for me.
+Steve Paulson : As I'm evidently not a normal person, it's hard for me to care too much about the needs of normal people -- grandpas and grandmas and so forth.

It's not iTunes' layout (though the UI is pretty crappy), it's that it tasked with doing so many things, and does none of them very well.

And Spotify can jump off a bridge also -- they can't figure out how to serve ads in their Linux client, so it only supports premium accounts.

And, now that I think about it, I've certainly seen normal people be very frustrated with iTunes.
Im sitting next to our office dog... she's pretty sweet.
It looks like N9. I used that device and I loved it
Think Nokia would have been better off making really premium Android devices -- they could have differentiated themselves by, say, being good about pushing new Android versions, and not skinning. And by just having better hardware.
maybe, look xperia ... look this image and look xperia arc ... oh well ...
The phone might be damn nice but they missed the boat as did Microsoft with the OS. Too little too late; the cake is already divided between premium (iOS), middle of the road (Android) and corporate (Blackberry). If Nokia wants to make the impact they need to bet the farm on something new and exciting. Stop trying to beat Apple and Android at their own game but change the playing field... (easier said than done, I know)
+Frii Zuurikas my guess is they will slip a little more and then land on stable ground. Don't forget; they are still growing...just not as fast as the market itself and their competitors. The new OS version could make all the difference for BB.
Blackberry... wasn't RIm just given its walking papers by its shareholders?
+Christopher Carr Nokia does not want to be a hardware manufacturer...well at least when the deal was signed with MS. They seriously considered it tho but the deal was not sweet enough for them
Stay tuned for some great upcoming announcements this Fall ... that's all I can say. Good to see you Robert! BTW - It's a Nokia N9 in the photo.
It may be a bit too late in the US, but the loyalty to Nokia in many international markets is huge. WP7 could really save them in places like Saudi Arabia and India. 
I mostly agree, Remco -- though iOS feels a bit too nerfed to me to think of it as "premium" relative to the latest Android on hardware that's fancier than iPhone.
Not a chance without Android.
"Nokia does not want to be a hardware manufacturer...well at least when the deal was signed with MS."


What are they now?
software people always forget hardware
Is it just me or is there a high percentage of Microsoft in your posts ? Still on the paycheque ? "decent Os" ? lmfao
windows 7 mobile is amazing much better than android just need more developers.
"Blackberry... wasn't RIm just given its walking papers by its shareholders?"

That's what I heard.
+Kasun Lokuliyana I think he's showing off the NFC feature of the phone with that card. Nokia's model markers are at the top, next to the logo.
Scoble, that does look a lot like the N9. I hv been using Meego on a N950 (dev version of N9) and must say the swipe thing beats even iPhone in its simplicity. But of course Meego lacks an ecosystem, so that is its (and any new OS's) achilees heel. 
"windows 7 mobile is amazing much better than android just need more developers."

The desktop client requirement makes it a non-starter for me.
+Christopher Carr ... Haven't touched Win7 Mobile, but you are saying there is a desktop client (kind of like iTunes > iOS) that's needed to activate the device?

Biggest fail I've ever seen. I refuse to even install the software that came with my Verizon FIOS. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't on Ubuntu.
Yep; it requires a client for "syncing" and such, and for updates, I think. Just let me mount the damn thing as a mass storage device.
Of course there's no Linux version of the Zune software.
+Joonas Linkola Hi Joonas, you are correct - showing off the NFC capability on Nokia N9. Although we are moving towards a future Windows Phone ecosystem and the thrust of our focus, there will be a lot of the key quality short tail apps available for the N9 when we officially ship later this month in selected markets. Yes, It is a Nokia N9 I am holding - there is no home button - all swipe based UI with an integrated social activity feed, social phonebook and other deep integration.

More to see the coming weeks on announcements .... :) can say no more....
+John Wehmeyer That was funny. I was running to catch my flight at SFO and literally ran into Robert who knows everybody in the industry. No way I was stalking him - but good for a laugh though!
they'll never catch up to iOS in app store goodness factor (quantity*quality)
"and now that they have a decent OS" ohhh this sounds so wrong at so many levels ;)
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Sorry to post off topic but I'm watching Trey Ratcliff's Hangout - Recording #6 now and heard how you Robert, talked about +Ray William Johnson's parallel universe on Google+. So I figured I could explain how he did this. Basically he called out in this YouTube video GIRLS ARE CRAZY (fast forward to 5:04, he is #1 most subscribed on YouTube with 4,600,000+ subscribers) that he created a Google+ account because he needed to stop impostors from creating one of him. It sucks how he doesn't interact with the community and treats Google+ exactly like Twitter. Your posts are much more interesting, thought provoking and community building. Thanks for all the great content you post on Google+!
Here a list of YouTube's most subscribed.
If their secret new device is a smartphone with a battery that lasts more than four hours I'm all ears.
That looks amazing! Can't wait for NFC in europe!
+Robert Scoble That isn't a Nokia Windows phone, though. Look at the status bar. It's the N9. There's nothing secret about the N9.
+Steve Paulson You make great points about it not being about the hardware per-say. Microsoft is building a very lucrative ecosystem that competes with iOS and brings the same the level of integration, even more so with Xbox. iTunes: Zune, iPod: Zune, iOS: WP, Appstore: Marketplace/Microsoft Store, OSX Lion: Windows 8, iCloud: Skydrive/Azure and so on. This is one of the reasons why Nokia didn't use Android for their devices because it lacks a solid coherent ecosystem. The future is not in hardware anymore but software. :-)
+Waly Kerkeboom yeah, looks like it is running Meego not Mango. Nokia are really taking their time releasing any information on the 'sea-ray' all we have have been exposed to are very vague attempts at a teaser and a leak.
+Adam stupid app, yeah how many Zunes sold? People hated the Zune. In droves. 
+Steve Paulson No. The Zune didn't sell because the iPod oversatured the market and Zune wasn't known. Customer satisfaction with Zune was really high. Get your facts right.
+Waly Kerkeboom really? Perhaps the techies who used the Zune liked it, however, how many people switched from iPod to Zune when they upgraded? Like, none? EVERYONE I know has at least 3 or 4 iPods. They never switched because there was nothing, including the "iPod killer" Zune that made them want to switch from the iPod. The Zune didn't sell because it wasn't better than the iPod. The only people who bought it were the 'anti-Apple' techie crowd.

So, with my facts straight, the public, world wide, chose, and continue to choose, the iPod over the Zune by the millions.
+Steve Paulson No need to be defensive. You contradicted your own statement. You started off by saying it's not about the hardware and then say Zune (a hardware product) didn't sell well. This is unrelated to my point regarding ecosystems where I was referring to Zune as a brand being integrated into Microsoft's ecosystem that is the only one so far that can match Apple.
+Adam Haider Zune has an OS to it, so it's not just about hardware. It's Zune's eco-system. It failed when going up against Apples Eco-system. No one has made an 'iPod killer' yet that the public feels is better enough to leave Apple. Is iTunes a great program? Not even close. It's buggy and laggy and all that, however, it's good enough to where the offerings the other companies have put out hasn't been better enough to make people leave. So, it's not just hardware, it's the whole package and Zune is lacking in that whole page, hardware and software included.
+Waly Kerkeboom you are correct, this is the Nokia N9, coming to select markets which do not include USA, UK, or Germany. The Nokia "Sea Ray" device is the same shell (polycarbonate) but this is very much the N9, which is suppose to be released is some markets this month.
+Steve Paulson I never said that Zune would be the iPod killer, I just said that Zune is a good product, especially the HD, which was regarded good by many. You were stating that Zunes were "crap" while professional reviewers stated otherwise.

Also, Zunes were never meant to take Apple's ecosystem on. Zune is not trying to be an ecosystem, Zune is for music lovers. Zune's are not all-in-one's, they're dedicated media players, and that's all they were ever meant to be. Did it catch on? No, that's another story.

The eco-system thing is WP7's job.
+Waly Kerkeboom No, but the press and Microsoft were calling Zune that iPod killer. It's a decent product, but to the general public, it didn't appear to be. The Zune HAD to take on Apple's ecosystem to be a successful product. Why buy a Zune over an iPod if not for a better ecosystem? Most people can't rip DVD's and put them on a device, or songs for that matter. It was just a poorly thought out product all around from a business perspective.

Will WP7 catch on? We'll see, but it's awfully, awfully late to the party and at a huge disadvantage with Android being free to carriers and 'open' to the carriers tagging on crapware to their hearts content.

Until we see what iPhone 5/iPad 3 brings we can only compare what's here with Apple's 1 year old products. It'll be an interesting business segment going forward, but I think iCloud will solidify Apples position because then a users iPhone, iPad, Apple TV 2 and computer will all sync their data, pictures and music, automatically, and users can get their calendar and mail online from anywhere on any machine or device, all for free and the Apple Stores are going to hammer that point home to every person that walks in their stores and be able to say if they have any problems they can walk right into any store and get help right there and then without sitting on a phone hoping for good customer service. Apple is creating the perfect all in one package which the average consumer (IE: my mom) will flock to, IMO.
OMG Fail. You guys can't even tell a Meego N9 from a Windows Mobile Phone 2011 Second Edition Vista phone?
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