I love my life. I'm walking through SFO, on the way to Texas, and a guy says "Scoble." I turn around and it's +Reno Marioni who runs global partnerships for Nokia. Now, I've been really tough on Nokia lately. But they have some cool devices coming out and now that they have a decent OS, they will actually be enjoyable to use. He had the secret new device in his briefcase, wouldn't show it to me, but the current phone he did show me is damn nice.

I might have to rethink Nokia's chances. We'll be paying attention this fall to what they announce.

Anyway, here he shows me NFC, which lets you add data from all sorts of cards, stickers, or other physical objects. Good for transactions, but sharing business data too.

Oh, and now I'm sitting next to an exec from Genentech. Should be an interesting flight!
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