Facebook testing new Android-only photo upload

Oh, wait, have I seen this before somewhere? Why yes I have. Google+ has had this feature on its mobile clients for a while. What does it do? Automatically upload photos from your mobile phone to a private area on Facebook. 

This points to the current state of Facebook's mobile strategy: filling in holes.

Facebook got behind in the mobile race. Last week it caught up quite a bit with an iOS app that, well, finally works. The previous one was so slow it was unusable. 

Today's feature testing (it's only available to some USA users on Android only) is yet another example of how it's currently playing catchup. This is a good feature. 

Will Facebook users understand it? I hope so. Automatic uploading is a killer feature. Facebook is obviously moving slowly to make sure its users don't get freaked out. It moves them to a private area and the photos are NOT shared until you explicitly share them. Just like the Google+ feature. 

Some other details I've learned:

1. It will upload a lower resolution version if you are on 3G or 4G. 960 pixels. On Wifi it will sync a higher resolution version. 2048 pixels.
2. It is opt in. 
3. Only available on Android. You need to get the latest version, which is 1.9.9.
4. Only available to SOME users in United States. It's clearly being tested right now. If users like it, I'm sure it'll be expanded to other users.
5. The new Android version has a variety of other bug fixes. I'm not sure what else they fixed. Let me know if you find other things that have changed.
6. None of Facebook's auto tagging or face detection features are used here until you make the photos public.

Get it on the Android Play store now and see if the new feature is turned on for you.

Oh, and thank you to the Google+ team for keeping the heat on. Competition is good for consumers. Can't wait to see what is next for either Facebook or Google+ users.
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