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It's interesting. I got almost 900 +1s here for my Shuttle picture, while over on Facebook I only got 40 likes. Amazing the difference in engagement between the two systems.
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I was watching your stream of comments come in.. it was pretty crazy..
Mostly to to + being all shiny and new...that of course will wear off.
C'mon. All the share-types are on Google+, AND it's a shiny new toy.
The big question is will an influx of people dilute that engagement?
I much prefer G+ for engagement and interaction over Facebook. I guess a lot of other people feel the same way.
Is it the engagement, or the number of people following? Or, is more information being placed on Facebook right now? What will those numbers be in 2 years?
Lots of additional noise on Facebook due to the number of users and apps.
you also got 437 reshares. noisy Plus is noisy. Great photo, though!
People here are more sophisticated and intelligent :-)
That little red status box really sucks you in:)
I guess people have more friends/distractions on Facebook.
Sue H
It could be down to more people having Facebook blocked at work? But G+ does seem more friendly :)
Really nice composition of flag and shuttle. Maybe it'll make a magazine cover!
That is a great comparison. How many people have you in circles compared to Facebook friends?
Well, the community is still quite close.knitted here, but perhaps there's also more a sense of "sharing is caring" than over to FBland?
As +Nate said - it's the newness.
G+ is new, everyone wants to try new stuff..
it's just that we're all actively playing with +
with a little adjustment for novelty, of course
really, people engage here? I can't even comment on your post without comments pushing down the textbox :)
if there was a way to collapse the comments on stuff it would be awesome. your pic took up a whole screen of scrolling :)
much more engaged group... not a bunch of "kids" :)
Cause all the geeks that follow you are over on Google+ and don't have time to spend on Facebook
love the AJAX updates on the homepage. it's like livechat.
wow, look at the comments coming ...
loool :))) google plus users are best! :)))
It would be a lot better when it opens to the public. Right now I have about 5 people on my + account lol.

Don't be shy folks, add away!
The interaction is fantastic. And now invites are working. Should be an interesting time.
This is amazing... seeing the comments stream in!
You're not my friend. Therefore you're not on my facebook. I can't like a picture on twitter but I can like it here. There's different levels of engagement, and then there are completely DIFFERENT notions of engagement. + is nothing like FB.
Probably because on Facebook we follow so many people we miss stuff in our streams. Way too much noise. On G+ many aren't following a ton of people yet so its not hard to miss something in a stream.
Higher percentage of Google+ users are active compared to Facebook. I bet in a few months you will see a lower +1 to follower ratio.
LMAO, he said FB......
That's pretty shocking. The real question is...why? Is it because there's too much noise vs. signal on Facebook, or is it just because Google+ is the new kid on the block for now? Will that ratio change drastically over time? Curious stuff.
It's because you don't have reciprocal following required to engage.
Facebook has never had a strong link-sharing culture. It's mostly pictures of trips, weddings, children or family members.
People on Facebook are too busy with their farms.
I agree, this is temporary. As soon as the masses arrive and streams start to get overloaded with many fried updates, the +1s will die down.
+Robert Scoble : thats cuz fb has a feature where we hav choice which posts r displayed to us - either from every1 or with whom we frequently interact
It's nuts! In one minute look how many people are interacting. So fast that I couldn't even +1 someones comment. Not something that would happen on facebook.
+Robert Scoble , interesting yes but I think I think it has to do with the type of news. I've noticed a big difference in news reporting with regards to the Casey Anthony case. Virtually nothing here and an extreme amount on Facebook.
IMO: Responses like 'awesome' and 'winning' will quickly diminish the value here. Hopefully, no offense taken on that, but as early adopters we need to set some unspoken (or spoken) standards so we don't have Facebook2.
Or its because G+ is brand new and full of geeks.
Hey Robert - I have the mission profile (like a read along script) for the Atlantis mission here. Let me know if you'd like me to share any pages (like for EVA or further OMSburns etc. Not sure if you are into it, but I also don't think this is a common commodity.
population at G+ is biased towards folks who want to be engaged.
Being hyper-focused with a dedcated group on the social stream is definitely a "Plus"!
It's because you showed emotion, and were candid :)
and now your current status is about to hit +100 too. way to go G+
It's a smaller concentrated group here. Less noise so more intake possible. Interesting to see what will happen with this new round of invites.
Mr Scoble! Mr Scoble! Over hear Mr Scoble! Screeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaam!
Now you got more than 100 in 5 minutes. Starting to think your facebook fans are bots lol.
Robert, are you comming back to +Leo Laporte show? It would be good to see you there commentig on how has your experience evolved here.
Agreed. Even taking into account the Hawthorne effect. And the live updating of comments is very impressive.
You hit the jackpot being an early g+ adopter
All the more reason to believe that G+ is more of an advanced Twitter, rather than a better Facebook. Btw, how many retweets ?
Robert, I think that you're not factoring in that all of us here early on Google+ are not as inundated right now with as many posts as we get from Facebook/Twitter. So, right now, I see your posts much more often on G+ simply because there are not that many others tech bloggers spamming up my stream as you are right now. ;)
The users are focused here. On FB, there is too much clutter. Plus you are dealing with early adopter, content creator, sharer type folks here. On FB it's too easy to be a lurker.
Think that's to do with the fact that Facebook is much more populated than Google+ so on here your posts stand out more.
Ed Lea
photo looks better on here
Simply, this is a limited information vehicle right now. I have less than 20% the number of people in circles than in other SM vehicles. Information is flowing in a limited fashion so posts get more attention. That won't last. In addition, Plus has very rudimentary curation tools which hopefully will change. Finally, I am only hear during work time as it is part of my job; when novelty wears off, perhaps not so much.
Wow you are now at more than 1100 +1's in less than an hour! Impressive!!!
I find G+ much more engaging and feel much more invited to interact with others somehow. But there is a fact that my stream is not overloaded, or Google knows pretty good what to place there to keep me focused.
I think you will easily hit the 500 comment limit on that one soon. Hope it doesn't become a 'limitation of Google+' blog post. =P
Followers vs. Friends. It's as if Twitter allowed feedback.
Gina Trapani also mentioned the higher level of engagement, but I wonder if that's not just because everyone is excited to use every feature on Google+, as opposed to people's malaise with the Facebook they are used to? I would assume that would eventually even out...
I like being able to edit a post after sharing it. Misspellings, etc.
Even breaking news is starting to emulate Twitter here
They will need a better way to manage the UI of large comment lists and posts.
Also G+ is at this point more geek then Hollywood. Everybody dealing with FB drama. Why I found a great reason to leave the drama. U took amazing pics ov the launch. 
Or (for now) similar minds in a concentrated area
Reminds me of Twitter in the early days.
I would say 95% of the people on G+ now really wanted to get in; so they're the techie/geek types who are into these types of subjects. When the casual users who don't even know about G+ yet get in it'll most likely change. 
the followers here are really following
G+ brings the best of what we're able to do on twitter and facebook together in a way that causes people to want to engage.
OR the difference in GEEKS on this platform vs FB ;)
That's because I don't have FaceBook open, but I do have G+ open :)
Agree with most of the sentiments above. It seems WAY too early to draw conclusions about + vs. Facebook.
Well follow you is better than follow my friends, with mundane boring stuffs right now on FB... so WIN!
Personally, I'm only commenting or seeing this post because my friends aren't on G+ yet...
I can understand. I'm using Facebook less but must admit I spending more time in Google+ partly to become familiar with it.
T. Pham
FB enthusiasts said G+ is for geek. I'm not a geek but I found this new service is super!
I am so excited for Google+ to go public and just CRUSH IT. Wave came out, OK. Buzz came out, OK. Google+ came out, THANK YOU!!!
This is a new ecosystem; Facebook is mainstream. We are large content producers of the Twitter and Facebook ecosystems ... and chatty.
Norm O
Agreed, plus it feels more real time with its fast updating of comments.
Excitement of a new system (Google+) vs an older one (FB) that has developed a slight sense of staleness :o) Ironically, I suspect engagement will taper off once folks start treating G+ like something normal/less novel. Faster ppl join, the faster it will achieve attention saturation.
I think this is great news for photographers. I believe Google+ will be a better place of engagement for photography compare to Facebook. Google's photo gallery is 10 times better than in Facebook. I love it!
Lets see FB is right now Drama Drama, Casey Anthony, oh a few Kims butt is still fake, Drama, and more Drama oh and the joke here or there. G+ no drama just full ov tge best geek stuff FTW 
Shiny new object syndrome. Real test will be 2-3 months out. Plus Facebook is full of parents and grandparents, while the G+ population is mostly the hypersocially active right now.
I'm hearing a lot of echo on Facebook, the place is getting empty ... Mark already applied for a job at Google
BTW that site was taken by the virtual farmers
+Robert Scoble It's the signal to noise ratio. I'm sure the engagement will go down as more flock to the service.
There is not much in my Google+ feed yet so I tend to engage more in the few items that ARE here.
Yes, but would you like to buy my mafia guy a slice of pizza?
I hope that lasts and isn't simply "new social network phenomenon."
I think it has to do with the target audience and how new G+ is. I hope it stays this way though, it's a good environment.
media engagement is facilitated more on google+, and gets more traffic as few have their facebook friends converted yet
For all its widgets, Facebook is still a silo, not an intersection.
I think that direct interest has a lot to do with it. Although this could easily degenerate into Facebookland with a few million people and more bad advertisement.
f*book is full of regular people. G+ is where the nerds are at who care about that kind of stuff.
Not having apps, garbage and useless notifications in the stream definitely will help people discover and focus more on content.
also robert, it is not even sure how many people saw the photo on facebook ...
Different crowd interested in the subject too. Though I made sure everyone knew the launch was happening, I was the only guy in the office that watched. When you are on G+ you are more engaged in the real time stream vs FB as well.
This thing is going to be a wealth of "influencer" data.
I like G+ cause u can ignore the masses and always go back to the old way once public just make a circle of what u have now and BAM drama avoided once public 
I think it's more the audience, the people who wanted on G+ were more tech savvy
But I wonder if the fact that the engagement is that much higher is partly because Google+ is new and we don't have as many people in our networks yet, meaning those we do, we see their postings that much faster and therefore can comment or +1 that much faster.
Google+ conversations are engaging and meaningful. May be just more geeks here :-)
I spend way more time on here than I do on facebook, lol. Much better conversations.
Yes, its great. But what happens when it goes mainstream and we start getting more noise than signal?
G+ feels way more usable and straightforward. Facebook just got PWNed.
Remember, we're all just little kittens playing with the new shiny bauble.
1472 +1's and 559 shares and 328 comments now total that up!
It's also largely because of lack of numbers - very few of my friends are on (and active on) G+, so "strangers" can get a little more of my attention - The few like +Robert Scoble get lots of attention, while there are probably many who just see tumbleweed roll by.
that's the reason i left facebook {yeah i was there once} there is nothing better just "banal chitchat" exactly in your terms you used against friendfeed
I have less followers here, but also less bots and more engagement.
Is it engagement or is it Edgerank?
The numbers kinda make sense since I can follow you and you don't have to reciprocate.
Noel makes a great point, in this instance, it's much more like Twitter.
+Robert Scoble did you try posting on twitter too, to see how many times it was RT'ed?
Raju Pp
Oh dear! It is so simple. People have so many friends on facebook that they might not even see your update, but here, it's limited and you take up all the space and attention. Don't you think so +Robert Scoble ?
well help out a newbie and tell those 900 to put me in a circle
And you didn't even share it to instagram!
Good point Raju! Anyway, it seems to me that Google+ is more like Twitter in terms of engagement.
For me, Facebook is for family and friends. Privacy first. (Assuming facebook let's us keep it private. If they don't, I'm gone.) I only connect with people I know in real life on facebook. Here, I can do a mix of both very easily. So I am. But it's starting out more like Buzz, Friend Feed, or twitter in that most of the early connections are not family (they're on facebook -- and still don't quite even get how that works... getting them on to G+ will be about as hard as launching a shuttle into space).
maybe 'cause here we're all early adopters with higher engagement and less noise...
There are a lot more geeks here and we love spaceships.
Because it was a Google + thing Robert. Thanks for the shot
Part of me things that it might have something to do with the noise level on the two platforms. Facebook has lots of updates. Compared to my G+ my Facebook stream looks like a busy IRC channel.
Momentary, my dear Watson. This too shall pass?
Could be due to the high number of geeked out early adopters on Goog +. My dad worked for NASA for 6 years while at Virginia Tech, hence my interest :)
I think one reason is the interaction here is quite a bit more Twitter like, where people are not afraid to follow & interact with people they don't actually know in real life.
Great pic Robert! Definitely a nice combination of the users and the design.
I lived in Orlando a couple of years. Sometimes drove out to Titusville to watch an early morning launch. We could always hear the re-entry in the office as two enormous sonic booms. I'm worried about of the future the large NASA community at and around KSC.
Yes, I'm noticing the level of involvement and it's staggering. Of course, we're also looking at a data set of early adopters and the event of interest is the last space shuttle launch. Thanks for keeping us so current on the event. Too cool. =)
The funny thing is, +1 doesnt seem to do anything here yet.
It could be, however, that you're one of the few posting in Google Plus - whereas Facebook has more people making posts which would limit the engagement due to more options.
Less people / less content to look at here, your feed might fly by on FB
Rob you know already G+ is going to crush Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin for those guys "what goes around comes around" welcome to hell
Would it be the buzz Google+ has received lately?
The user experience is virtually identical, so I'm sure there's a certain "shiny new toy" aspect to the relatively high engagement rate at the moment, but it's going to be interesting to watch trends over time with the much more open sharing model G+ offers. Also wonder if FB's "filter bubbles" ( are suppressing *like*s - and if we'll eventually see the same sort of passive filtering here...
Maybe because there is nothing going in in Google+ besides your posts and Tom's
high engagement here is mainly because everyone is looking to connect with new users, not the same ones from facebook or twitter
Why not add a Facebook Like button to any Google+ post? Would drive trafic to Google+!
Well, Robert, on Facebook to most people there you're simply "Scoble who?" :)
Interesting. Thinking out loud - is it the demographics of the two products, and the reason folks are on each? On FB it's picture swap with friends & family. Simple. On G+, seems it's more folks from Twitter exploring (a.) incremental value of the wall metaphor & (b.) a more structured way to manage content & stakeholders - !?
and facbook has 750 million users :O ..!!
I think the engagement is off the charts on Google+ for two reasons.
1. Lead users are in the honeymoon phase with Google+
2. Google+ does a better job of resurfacing interesting content in your feed.
There's a lot less noise here... for now. It will be interesting to see how engagement changes once more people get on here. Will people use Circles effectively? Will people take responsibility for the content they create?
Facebook's always been frustrating in terms of privacy. I'm excited about G+ just because of the privacy options alone. I love that I can segregate what content gets shared & with who, easily. FB interface killed it for me.
All of the people who hit the plus 1 work for google. Google has a lot more employees than Facebook.
900 versus 40. That says it ALL, and thank you! I just got on "here" today and already loving it ... thank you Robert for that VERY convincing math! :-) ... all the very best to you.
Probably because there are different dynamics going on. Anyone can +1 stuff but only friends can Like (on Facebook).
Because the user base is sooo different. Most geeks don't use Facebook at all for keeping track of updates, there's Twitter for that. Now we have G+, which is sort of a combination between both, quite brilliant really
I'm going to go with a lot more people on Facebook added you and hid your updates than people have on Google+ :D

I think it's still too early to really talk about engagement - this is still a (somewhat) closed platform, and the vast majority of what I've read about it is "it's not Facebook"
Seems like since Google+ is a hybrid between Twitter and Facebook, if you are a person people are interested in, you can have the reach that you would on Twitter. Yet... you also have the privacy of Facebook lists. Quite ticklish.
I can't see where you +1 on the picture or the blog entry, but it was a good read - I think not only a sad moment for you guys in the US, but globally - I am British and it makes me sad! I think it brought the world together in a unified is a shame indeed
Yes, the difference between gathering by interests (Interest Graph) or by association (Social Networking).
Woohoo, for the G+! They've been actively soliticing feedback too, can't wait to see the growth of the G+.
What's really amazing is that you already have 900+'s.
I was going to say "Sounds like exactly what you said about FriendFeed" but it looks like others beat me to it!

I do think Google+ is better than Friendfeed, though.
I'm so desperate for engagement on G+ that I will +1 just about anything.
This might be because of the "feeding frenzy" of early adoption, no?
German joke: Lieschen Müller (Bild) vs Dr. Lieschen Müller (Spiegel)
if it was a cute cat video the numbers would have been reversed.
Oh, I'm having the most interesting conversations and conversions on here than in any other platforms ;)
If you post on Facebook, only ur friends can like it . On G+ , anyone can do a +1 . Hence the difference.
well ones new and the other it old and tired. Give this a few months and then we will see if this is for real. However, again facebook is really starting to feel dated
We have to take into account that Google+ just came out and that it can't be compaired with something thats already established like fb ... People will feel the need to 1+ everything they see for now, imo it's just temporary ...
on FB tho you don't see everyones timeline... on here there aren't as many people yet for that to happen
Early adopters are almost always more engaged aren't they?
I have been using Google+ for about 30 mins and I am already convinced that this is where I want to hang-out and socialize.
Hi Mark AM Kramer, Can you fill me in on how it's better and works better? I'd like to figure it's almost so simple that I feel a little stupid. But I gotta ask. Aleisha
I love interaction
I get so much more here :)
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