Hot local-social-people-discovery app for SXSW: Glancee

I'm watching a range of these new kinds of apps. Like Highlight, Sonar, Banjo, etc. This one caught my eye for a couple of reasons. 1. It's also on Android and iPhone. 2. It doesn't show "freaky" map details about where you are or were. 3. It tries to filter out people who wouldn't be interesting to you so noise level stays down. 4. It is more efficient on battery than the others because it doesn't need to so perfectly hit the GPS. Anyway, here the founder spends a lot of time talking to me about this new genre. These apps will be hot at SXSW and are already spreading through San Francisco like wildfire. Get Glancee here:

I previously interviewed Highlight: I like Highlight because it's faster and it includes maps, which is cool for someone like me who doesn't care that you know exactly where I am but I know it freaks some people out.

In San Francisco I can already tell that both have their fans.

At SXSW these apps are going to be very hot as a way to meet people and make meetings.

I'm loving these apps, mostly because everyone on them right now is a major geek. That will change as these things go from the "tech bubble" crowd of early adopters to a more mainstream audience.

Anyway, more on what I think about these two apps soon.
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