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Hot local-social-people-discovery app for SXSW: Glancee

I'm watching a range of these new kinds of apps. Like Highlight, Sonar, Banjo, etc. This one caught my eye for a couple of reasons. 1. It's also on Android and iPhone. 2. It doesn't show "freaky" map details about where you are or were. 3. It tries to filter out people who wouldn't be interesting to you so noise level stays down. 4. It is more efficient on battery than the others because it doesn't need to so perfectly hit the GPS. Anyway, here the founder spends a lot of time talking to me about this new genre. These apps will be hot at SXSW and are already spreading through San Francisco like wildfire. Get Glancee here:

I previously interviewed Highlight: I like Highlight because it's faster and it includes maps, which is cool for someone like me who doesn't care that you know exactly where I am but I know it freaks some people out.

In San Francisco I can already tell that both have their fans.

At SXSW these apps are going to be very hot as a way to meet people and make meetings.

I'm loving these apps, mostly because everyone on them right now is a major geek. That will change as these things go from the "tech bubble" crowd of early adopters to a more mainstream audience.

Anyway, more on what I think about these two apps soon.
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This would be an ideal app for my Google Glasses :)
+Robert Scoble A few years back I tried Kopen's Golden-i wearable computer at Mobile World Congress (it's what I'm wearing here: - I asked them if I could borrow one for the next big event I went to, and turn myself into a mobile blogging machine, but they never got back to me.
I've been using Highlight for a while, and have been pleasantly surprised by how interesting/useful it's been. I expected it to highlight a bunch of folks that I wasn't interested in connecting with, but instead, it's been bubbling up quality introductions to people that I actually want to interact with. Will definitely give Glancee a try to see how it compares, and look forward to testing out both at SXSW.
I like the fact that all those apps are created to get people connected in real life as an end goal (using the location, check ins..). For a while I felt like technology took over our social life so much that we were lost for words when meeting in "real" life, but felt perfectly fine chatting on line for hours and mailing extensively. Let's watch this space.
There will be some niche fetishists that will probably love this. Think of all the furries in San Francisco, heh.
+Robert Scoble going to be interesting to see how the mainstream adopts stuff like this. For every 50 'must have SWSX' apps, how many have made it mainstream? Besides FourSquare. Not being a debbie downer, just curious at the transition rate - I like data :-)
It is kind of lame. Getting sick of apps that only work through Facebook. Maybe i want to deactivate my account for a whole but still use other networks. I think it's a fail. 
Oddly enough this makes me want to put more info into Facebook so the recommendations are more accurate. There's a lot I haven't updated in a while. Be interesting to know what it's looking at.
+Robert Scoble forgot that Twitter went nuts at SXSW. It seems though that each year, there is one theme and only one or maybe two of those apps make it out alive. I wonder what it takes to break both the multi-theme and the 'more than a few' barrier. If that is even possible or desired.
I wanted to try Highlight, but it's not available in the UK. I've installed Glancee, but I have to say the matching is pretty weird. It matches eBay with Wikileaks, Richard Avedon with Ralph Lauren, and Annie Leibovitz with Demi Moore. So someone I have 20 "matches" with, actually turns out to be completely irrelevant. Maybe it's just because I am in the UK. Maybe it's because not many people use it here. Maybe it'll get better over time. I do really like the idea of the app though.
Interesting - seems a bit stalker worthy though. Also, kind of creepy: do you just lean over to that girl or guy at the Starbucks and say "I just finished Game of Thrones too!"?
Wish these apps supported G+. :(
+Robert Scoble Pinterest is really, really lame. And Facebook should not be touted as the end all, be all key of entry into your playground. I think it's a huge shortcut to a stand alone application. If the only way to join is through an existing FB account I think is bogus.
+Jason Preston Agreed with that urge. When Facebook launched Timeline, it was a similar urge since all of a sudden, FB presented me with holes to fill as they tempt me to give them more data.
I like that Banjo is being used by journalists to get eyewitness accounts in different cities. Cool and unexpected use case that +Damien Patton talked about on +BetaKit. Tried Sonar in Toronto when it launched but unfortunately the critical mass just wasn't there yet...I should give Highlight a try.
Good point +Robert Scoble.... as usual. :) Either way I don't want to be pushed towards Facebook. I've never had a facebook account and I don't plan too.... I'm just stubborn that way some times. :) But I'd love to play with these kinds of apps.
I can't imagine being invited over to someone's house and having them break out a scrapbook of magazine clippings of things they thought were cool that they found that other people did. That's torture. Not social. Ohhhhhhhh pretty pictures. 
Oh I'm weird all right +Robert Scoble..... I don't even really have a good reason not to have a facebook acct..... other than I just don't wanna. Childish, I know. Maybe I should think about it more.
My biggest problem with Glancee is the creeper factor. I am a concert photographer who ends up liking a bunch of bands on facebook after I have photographed them. This means that even though I am a man in my forties, when I open Glancee I have page after page of teen girls in provocative poses. I sent in feedback hoping for some better filtering tools so that I could weight their results towards people closer to my age or in a similar profession.
+Robert Scoble +Erin Bury I concur. Just installed it here in the Twin Cities and in between the app crashes, not many folks are in the immediate area. I am, however, looking forward to seeing how that changes down in Austin next month. Is it March yet? Is it March yet?
Glancee must not support Gingerbread - don't see it in the market, and when I clicked on the link to download it on their page it gives me a support page.
+Vic Ted Try adding "South by southwest" and it should work. The recommendation engine tries its best to categorize everything, but sometimes it gets thrown off by acronyms.
Just joined Glancee based on the Scobleizer's recommendation.
+Hans Watson Thanks, that's a great feedback. We are working on the recommendation engine to take age and profession into account, when this information is available.
I like Glancee. And I did not like Highlight because I found it to be pretty creepy. Glancee's "arms-length" approach to matching you up with people who share your interests is much more comfortable for me.
I don't get how to find out whether matches are close by or in another city, it doesn't show locations, does it?
+Ilya Vilensky The list of matches has labels that group people by distance. If you are not in an area with many users you'd probably see just one label at the top.
+Alberto Tretti thanks for explanation, seems all the matches are in another city for me. It's hard being an early adopter in the UK.
Interesting series of apps coming in terms of social/local/mobile all working together here. Really disappointing that it's super reliant on Facebook..... Sigh
+Joe Barbagallo an app like this has to be reliant on some existing graph such as Facebook. LinkedIn probably has the next rich graph data, but that will only provide career/work related matches.
+Shyam Subramanyan LinkedIn integration would be something very powerful to create more business-oriented profiles for conferences and recruiters. But first we want to get the user experience right.
+Robert Scoble what about privacy issues as this app is registering all the places we've been through? I know there's no other way to do it, but isn't that a concern?
+Shyam Subramanyan Yea, completely understand their choice in choosing FB's social graph. I suppose I'm just tired of FB being omnipresent in using other apps. Wish Google would crack open the Plus API already....
+Robert Scoble I think SXSW will be a great test for a) whether these apps are actually useful outside of SF, and b) which one will prevail as most popular. I'll be keeping an eye on the Highlight/Glancee/Banjo/Sonar battle in Austin! Oh and see you there :)
I will have to check it out. It looks like they have covered most of my major objections to this category of tool.
+Joe Barbagallo the reason G+ won't crack open their graph API yet is because they'd be returning empty data for most queries beyond signin authentication.