Is Techcrunch really over? My analysis

A note to Techcrunch staff, including: +MG Siegler +Paul Carr +Sarah Lacy +erick schonfeld +Leena Rao and others that I posted to :

I remember hanging out with the staff a year ago before the announcement was made that AOL had purchased Techcrunch and the rumors were just rolling over the staff. Some of the staff were dismayed (to put it lightly. At least one was crying). They thought that Techcrunch as we knew it was over then. Turns out they may have been right, although they kept a brave face on it for almost a year.

+michael arrington regularly says I was the first person to link to Techcrunch and as the first linker, I gotta say, it's been quite a thing to watch over the years. I will miss it. The Mike Arrington Techcrunch, that is.

That said, I think you're wrong. Techcrunch is bigger at this point than Mike Arrington. Due in no small part to your writing and reporting (talking to MG, but really aimed at all the non-Arrington staff).

Almost every startup I talk with worries that they will miss their "Techcrunch article" and makes me promise not to break NDAs or embargos, just so they can get the famous post. That won't change with Mike gone, at least not this week -- several cool companies have asked me to hold their articles for the upcoming Disrupt conference. After all, the audience is still there. In fact, as you point out, it's probably grown and the whole mess that's going down right now has us even more interested in what's happening here.

That said, Techcrunch is no longer in a position of media disruption the way it was when it was run out of Arrington's living room. Its role in the industry is different now, and I expect we'll see you and others there lead us into this new role.

Remember Engadget? The original crew all left there too, but I still watch it for info on the latest gadgets and I imagine I will next time Steve Jobs is on stage or the next CES rolls along in January.

I won't have a front row seat anymore on this new role, which is just fine. I'm off on Google+ disrupting things over there with my own brand of tech info and videos.

Several years ago Arrington and I were headed to some conference and I asked him about how he sees himself. Did he consider himself a blogger or a journalist, I asked. His answer stuck with me all this time: "I'm an entertainer."

It has been quite entertaining to watch. While it will almost certainly be less entertaining to watch without Arrington you all still have an important role to fill. I certainly don't have the ability to cover every single startup than you and the staff there does.

Anyway, we'll be watching. Keep the faith.

As for Mike, keep disrupting.
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