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Scoble was wrong

No Facebook.
No new TV stuff.

No new iPhone 5, just an iPhone 4S with some interesting improvements, speed, much better camera, and a new cool assistant from Siri.

Pricing is lower, but not dramatically lower than we were expecting.

Am I disappointed? Yes. I think this leaves holes for Apple competitors to continue to steal market share from Apple.

Will I buy an iPhone 4S? Probably but this isn't a mind-blowing new announcement.
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Very dull keynote. stats city.

No wonder Steve didn't show up.
Amazing, how this keynote petered out... All the innovations in Windows Phone Mango have sent them back to the drawing board :)
Agree. I stayed away from the iPhone 4 because of the design - uncomfy to hold, heavy, fragile back.
They can get away with it, at least for this year...
Super disappointing.
Everyone babbles. Then they get sad when things don't turn out. This is how we push ourselves into being sad and pathetic.
Ryan A
it was so so
What features will port to Iphone4 with Ios5?
The mark of genius is being able to admit when you were wrong...congrats good sir :)
One does not "steal" market share.
scobble .. you are underestimating the A5 processor and the increased 3d performance .. and higher connectivity speeds
That's about right. Now to Samsung and Google next week!
Also a bit disappointed. And they wasted my time for the first hour
After today's announcement of the iPhone 4S, I look forward to Google's Nexus Prime!
Job done. Millions of people are going to look at their (identical looking) otherwise perfectly functional iPhone 4 in disgust. iPhone 5 can come another day.
What no iPhone 5 holy crap - what about all those case things? omg, lol
What's the point to spend that much for it? Maybe that voice recognition works better or camera is great but... my Samsung doesn't have anything less.
So, as someone who comes from the gaming world and is all too familiar with the console cycle, let me say this:

Apple just pulled a Nintendo 64.
Got a 3GS at the moment, won't be getting the 4S, my money's going to Nokia N9 this year.
Sorry, still love my Droid! I still use Flash to teach college math!
You weren't alone. Disappointing but probably huge sales :-(
Errrr...why no iPhone 5 announcement? Seems a lot of hoopla for Tim's first announcement - I think they needed more.
Count me in! Not what I expected to hear. Rumors definitely were wrong. Stock headed down!
Yeah, definitely still playing catch-up in most aspects. Only pushing the current limits in a small way here or there.
The Nexus Prime has a huge opportunity here as does Ice Cream Sandwich
The iOS 5 is great but old news, I've had the beta for a few months now and its fantastic but I wanted something to blow my pants off
Why does this feel something like the new model year car announcements from the 1960s?
I'm actually happy as I just think the iPhone 4 design is stunning. Will also upgrade from current iPhone 4 to the 4S because I use the camera so frequently.
Same here. Maybe for the 3GS people it is a nice upgrade when their contracts end but for people who got the iPhone4 last year, it isn't really worth the effort.
No compelling reason for me to buy as I don't do much of what Apple is selling, my wife on the other hand, she'd go gaga over Siri compared with me. Small niche users will go for the 4S.
Agreed. I am surprised that after a 16 month wait the Apple launch would be this... mundane.
Disappointed -- but thank Goodness there's no Facebook integration -- the last thing I want on my device!
Well apart from Siri, nothing really exciting. One more great device among tens of others...
"Am I disappointed? Yes. I think this leaves holes for Apple competitors to continue to steal market share from Apple."

My thoughts exactly. I'm still on a 3G (not even an S) because I'd been waiting for the 5 to sign my new contract. This makes me reconsider.

runs to buy Android
I agree. Given all the delays I think it was fair to expect at least a different/modified form factor.
+1 again for this post Title : )
Totally agree with you, but InfinityBlade 2, iCards and Siri made my "keynote".
I dunno...I'm impressed enough and I am far from a fan boy. I've used the other phones and came back to an iPhone. That being said I am waiting with baited breath for the Nokia devices running Windows Phone 7.5
The thing is, you could see everything that would be announced in the iPhone 5 beta. I have been working with it for months. There was far more emphasis on Twitter than Facebook. In many ways, I feel MS has a better chance of a strategic facebook relationship btw.
A complete fail, staying ahead of the competition-wise. More and more early adopters are going Android. This does nothing to change that... where's the new design, Apple? Looks matter, and screen size certainly matters.
most disappointing apple event ever!
Long Long presentation. Siri was the real announcement. 4S will be a nice update but not earth shattering.
What happened? This has to be the most boring announcement ever. Tim Cook deserved a better announcement and should have had a "One more thing" moment.
I'll keep my Windows 7 series phone and Ill wait till I hear about Nokias new hardware announcements. Nothing to entice me to switch over. The voice function seems a bit too gimmicky to be practical.
But how many others will trade in their current phone, and spend a couple hundred bucks for voice controls and a better camera?
iPad 3 better be good.
I was mostly just wanting to know the release date of iOS 5. My iPhone 4 is just over a year old, I'm not bowing to the upgrade monkey that quickly.
What's in a name? Check out Apples stock price on the announcement of the iPhone 4s. It's a loser.
Same exactly feeling. I wanted to see more, but I like some of what they have added. As one that has hung back on the 3Gs, I'm pretty interested in getting the 4S.
Disappointing is an understatement. Even the Siri stuff is underwhelming. Expected much more of it. They have opened the floodgates for Google/Samsung next week.
Jobs is gone and look how that works out... i hope they get back on their feet soon
I am disappointed! Google - Release good Nexus and i am going to buy one.
Agree. Not rushing out at this time to buy any apple products, except at the grocery store. Snooze.
What were you hoping for? I am an android user and I am impressed.
Come on people ... Siri is a groundbreaking feature. Once again, Apple took the first step to commoditize a complex technology.
A larger display would have easily got me to buy one (and I've been using a Nexus One for 20 months), but now I'll have to give this some serious thought. No surprises here although the A5, camera updates and Siri are still compelling. Tough call....
That new assistant (Siri) looks pretty cool, but I must say that I'm a bit disappointed by the lack of an iPhone 5...
Siri is pretty mind-blowing, even if it was scooped and not a total surprise.
Yep disappointed. Kept waiting for the 'one more thing moment'. Poor.
So even Apple can't create completely new great stuff every year (or year and a half). I believe we should judge them next year. Not today
Scoble shouldn't refer to himself in the third person. Scoble seems weird when Scoble does this.
I will buy the 4s as well, because my wifes 3gs died and I gave her my iPhone 4, so she didnt buy another. I got a $99.00 android, so anything is an improvement over this turd.
While there was no iPhone 5, the move from a 4 to a 4S reminded me of the move from a 3G to a 3GS. The radical change may be next year, but for someone with a 3GS, the 4S looks tempting.
So basically it comes down to having someone to talk to (siri) and a 3 megapixel better camera I gotta cough up 200 bucks. Damn.
It looks like Apple is setting the pace when it comes to software and Android's hardware partners are setting the pace on the hardware side. This was Apple playing catch up.
Fail, maybe time to switch to Android if the Nexus Prime compelling.
Agreed, my contract is up in March and this presser didn't get me jazzed about jumping from Droid to IOS just yet. (Although I love my iPad, so I am conflicted)
+Robert Scoble Go check out the Adobe keynote. That is where the big news was today. Here is the perfect summary... "RT @timanderson: So HTML5 does what Flash used to do, Flash does what games consoles used to do (fast 3D graphics). A bit more niche though? #adobeMAX"
If you have an Iphone 4 just save your money and just get a new case
kudos for admitting it ;)

yeah, pretty disappointing as it didn't have the big thing. still lots of improvements and changes coming to iOS, like iCloud, iTunes Match, wireless sync, and even Siri (tho I'm not a big fan). The problem is, we knew almost everything upfront - so there was no big surprise anymore.
Eze Ude
More than anything it just goes to show how much people expect from Apple - even a significant update of the most commercially successful smartphone ever is seen as not being enough! Bring on the Nexus Prime...
why buy an iphone at all? The tech may be there but the content is not, I want a phone, pad whatever that can allow me to interact with an internet society that it can read (not be zoomed in and out of and make me dance thru hoops to get the least).
Samsung/Google could potentially steal the limelight now if the Nexus Prime really will be unveiled on the 11th...
but then again, that's life..:) but I'm glad there was no facebook-apple would have worsen the marketshare for apple..:)
You can't win them all...... ;-)
So another 2 year contract for what? Are they serious???
yep I'm quite disappointed too. The thing is this time I feel Apple is trying to catch up with the competition and not the other way around as it used to be in the past years...
First iPhone in a long time I haven't wanted to get on day 1.
Tim Cook poor chap, very tough to live upto the expectations engendered by Steve Jobs
wtf? no facebook? no steve? no airplay goodies? what am i going to ask for xmas the year? a pet rock?
I'm secretly happy. It means I won't feel so sad about owning a regular iPhone 4 for a while longer. Also, I now get more features with iOS 5.
All they did was catch up with the high end Android devices. I'm not an Apple fan and I was disappointed no iPhone 5 was announced.
Man, I was sure that a sans-Jobs Apple event would be designed to blow us away. No iPhone5 == meh.
The Siri integration is where Apple will lead, for a while.
TBH, without Siri (which lets be honest is just a slightly improved Android Voice Control), that was an epic disappointment. Even after being 4 months behind their usual schedule, that's what they came up with. A faster iPhone 4.
Two scoops of disappointment. I'll do some waiting or avoid a contract lockin.
I don't think they'll ever do an iPhone with a bigger screen / form factor. Siri will make up the smaller screen in terms of a better UI, but then I can't imagine everybody talking to their phones on the bus etc.
I'm holding my excitement until the Kindle Fire comes out. Mine is to be delivered between Nov 18 - 22nd.
APPLE=dissapointment this year. with all means ice cream sandwich show them how its done
Reporter of one of the most important news sites in The Netherlands ( really pissed that he had to travel to Great Britain just for a live stream. There are no products to test. Nothing!
Wondering if 4S will have a real navigation.
Was thinking to try it as my first apple device, but looks like I'll stack with android for a while:-)
I think Siri is quite amazing if it picks up. This coming from a non-Apple user.
It's what they did with iPad2 - update the best device to keep it competitive, but nothing revolutionary.
Quite disappointing, I'd expected so much more...
I will upgrade, but that's only because t current is about to fall apart.
+Robert Scoble I apologize for the other day. You're not always excited, I see the word disappointed in a post of yours. ;) But then, Apple is good at disappointing it's fans, the iPhone 4 was a lame refresh too.
Can you expand on what was meant by "worldphone"? Does that mean I can get a different sim in France, for example? Or something different?
each iPhone [number jump] has accompanied revolutionary improvements and engineering overhauls. I believe that Apple is simply taking their time to ensure correct improvements. They are working not just on a phone, but new ways of interacting with our devices, which will most likely share worldwide adoption. Give them time, for now, enjoy the modest logical improvements of the iPhone 4
Apple could've done all this WITHOUT this Keynote, and it wouldn't have made a difference.

Instead, all of the hype that was built up around this event was a huge let down to everyone for an updated iPhone, Google Latitude Integration err Find My Friends, and Siri.


Watched the stock drop $15 / share during the keynote was fun
It was a good announcement but the expectations leading up to it were mismanaged.
Imma gonna wait for the Nexus Prime.
I think "deep twitter integration" is tired and old. FB or G+ would have been a much more strategic move. Overall I'm pretty excited about this phone. I think it will take fantastic pictures, looking forward to 1080p video clips and the iCloud is genius.
I'm BITTERLY disappointed.....will hold onto my iPhone 4 for another year....
Investors should be happy - they showed improvements, still very competitive, and continues to build anticipation for a new device. These are still going to fly off the shelves - maybe not at break neck speeds we are accustomed to from Apple, but they will sell well.

Tech pundits and Apple fans should be pissed! A year + of hype for Siri and some extra battery life.
Just because it didn't make tech people weak at the knees, doesn't mean it won't sell like hot cakes. Just show Siri around to a few people and they will be convinced.
Yeah! Disappointed. I'm happy that Sprint got the iPhone, But it's the same phone. Granted they improved on it. Same screen size, Nigger is better and no 4G?
+Robert Scoble Don't underestimate the power of a free phone with contract. This gets more people into their ecosystem and buying content which is where the real money is, not to mention make them an Apple "Customer for life" once you have one you are less likely to switch. This is a long term play. Is it Sexy but it is smart.
This was pretty tame...Siri is cool, but so much of what makes a good upgrade is something new to hold in your is personal, hardware is social.
I am wondering when Android will hit 1 million, nothing in todays announcement, is going to stop android :)
The announcements were pretty lackluster, but I'm happy I dont feel compelled to upgrade. I can keep my iPhone 4 for another year. That's great. Did they give a reason Siri can't work on iPhone 4? I didn't hear it.
Agree - really disappointed - we have been holding off waiting for the 5! Suppose we will have to settle for this - can't help feeling it is focused on driving continued volumes - people will upgrade to the 4S and then buy the 5 too - more $$ for Apple
So, what happened? Baking Facebook into IOS is not a simple thing, to be turned on or off at the last minute. Either that engineering happened or it didn't.

A post mortem would be very informative.
Demos are one thing; proof will be in the use of Siri. Could be very significant. I'd love it in my car, depending who could hear my email being read... (Android has some voice which I use, but very unevenly integrated.)

Free iPhone is significant as well -- nearly the last argument not to have a smartphone is gone.

Agree there's opportunity out there. Pity the TV stuff wasn't announced to push Google harder...
Not much incentive to spend the money for a new one, though--would be fun to play with the improvements, but . . .not a compelling reason to spend. (For those who waited to update, the iPhone4 looks like the way to go. )
I was expecting some sort of Smart Home integration with Siri to be shown. This is marginal even in its marginality.
It's a fail then.

I think there was a new iphone5. Just not ready for today. Otherwise it's the beginning of the end for iphone line. They just cannot compete with all the other smartphones with this one.
+Robert Scoble Agreed, even most of the Siri stuff was lesser than I expected based on my analysis from Tom Gruber's Siri keynote from 2008:

1. Very few languages for Siri (including Spanish)
2. No API announced to developers to add tasks to Siri
3. It's still named...Siri? What happened to Assistant? I guess it is quicker to say.
4. Siri's in BETA? Is this the first time Apple's released a major iPhone feature with a beta sticker?
5. No payments integration with Siri mentioned. Can it buy stuff for me? as Gruber talked about in 2008?
6. No Facebook partnership for social knowledge on Siri, or even iPad app.
What's the deal with SIRI? Why is it getting presented as a feature of the iPhone 4S? It's not hardware, is it? Well then it should be in iOS5, and available for the older versions.

Or am I wrong there?
Epic fail on the part of Apple leaving the door wide open for Android phones to continue too widen the technology gap. I was planning on upgrading from my Iphone 3GS to the 5 but now I will go ahead and get an Android phone.
Why is everyone so disappointed? It's just a phone.

I'm pretty happy. I killed my iPhone 4 at Burning Man this year, so I've been hoping for at least a better camera and more memory. I got both. Yippee!
Really the only big news was that the 4S is CDMA + GSM (world phone) ... for me that's huge - I can switch back to Sprint but use it internationally.
Doesn't have me jumping to replace my iPhone 4. They should have done some design change just so that it would instil the "phone envy" of seeing someone with the newer model. Now I can just tell myself that every iPhone 4 I see is just that - an iPhone 4 (not 4S) so I can still feel part of the cool crowd - at least in my mind. :-)
"steal"? Are owners of Apple stuff owned by Apple? :D There there... all will be good (hands over handkerchief) ;)
windows phone 7 is looking really good right now.
Yeah I'm very underwhelmed. I thought for sure we'd see another design. Siri is mind blowing, but it just didn't carry the weight they were hoping for I don't think.
Whew! Thank goodness that's over... LOL.
Some great new features, including being a world phone and Siri. Will likely upgrade from 3GS.
I don't think it's a let down. I you had not read any of the rumors and just pay attention to what is new, then I think you come away impressed. Siri is the really big thing. I had told my 80 year old dad to wait until the new iPhone is out so he can buy the current one at a lower price. Now I'm telling him to forget the lower price. Siri will make using the phone so much easier for him and with it I'm sure he'll use features of the iPhone he never would have otherwise.
Bitter-sweet news that the iPhone 5 announcement was just an iPhone 4S upgrade. It's nice to see Apple not dominating this space the way it has been, but it's also indicative, possibly, of a slight lull as the smart phone market searches for the next revolutionary jump while making a bunch of evolutionary adjustments.
I think iOS 5 will make my iPhone 4 seem fresh enough that I can wait until iPhone 5 comes out.
Tom Fox
yawn :) I liked apple better when all their updates brought new mac goodness. Releases that actually improved my work experience in a tangible way. Oh well, must be getting long in the tooth when I can feel nostalgia for frequent mac updates.
what about the deep Twitter integration? I thought that was coming and did they even mention that?
On the bright side...Google announcements next week!!
Congrats Apple on finally adding in voice recognition and wireless syncing. BFD. I was considering a switch back from my Android phone if you'd loosen up the GUI and perhaps give us some other standard Android features. Yawn.
Did anyone realistically expect an apple tv tho?
There's enough different about the thing to call it iPhone 5, even if it does look the same as the 4. Calling it iPhone 4S is a major marketing mistake, in my opinion. But, I'm sure we'll be buying. I'm on a 3Gs, and my wife is still on a first-gen iPhone.
Its quite disappointing that Apple didn't unveiled the iPhone 5 dispite tons of rumors from past few months... :(
I've been waiting for this phone. I need it, I would have bought it regardless. 4s/5, just a number. Maybe they'll save big model numbers for redesigns. I'm sure they wanted to save the iphone 5 moniker for the LTE iteration.
I am very pleased with what I saw.
iPhone 4S 64GB.
IOS5, better camera and Siri are all very cool - and perfect for an iPhone 4s event. Come on people, this is just like the 3G -> 3GS event. Minor "just enough" improvements to keep people migrating to IOS platform.
+Brian Deyo, Siri really isn't mind-blowing. Look at the current Android voice activation and really the only thing Siri adds is a slightly more comprehensive action database and a little bit more integration.
Google has a huge window it can jump into with the weak offering. They waited 16 months for a very slight but quality upgrade. No flash and the name is killing them. Siri looks nice but only a slight upgrade over Android's voice control (way to rip of the icon). I expect a nice juicy upgrade in Google's on the 11th.
Not happy now will have to listen to obnoxious android fan boys for weeks.
"I think this leaves holes." Completely spot-on in my case. As a Sprint user I was thinking of an iPhone for my re-up, but now I don't think so. Still a great phone, but I've got what I need and prefer the Android ecosystem.
I wouldn't break my contract on an iPhone4 to get one...
Agree! I will jump to Windows Phone and then we will see in a year, but I have been an iPhone user for 4 years...
missing steve jobs already ... this is a very lame product launch .. 3GS gimmick all over again (buy the same phone with 3 new feartures) really happy i can't upgrade to it
Ok i'm a bit disapp to. But why should apple bring a new ( iPhone5) before the introduction of ios5. It was the hype and our expectations I would say, not Apple!
Can we agree? 
+Joe Buhler I supposed. I'm an android user myself and I didn't find the voice activation nearly as integrated as it needed to be in order to effectively use regularly. I use it for navigation and that is it. Seems like this is so much more integrated that it's usefulness benefits greatly.
I guess this is what happens when founder leaves a company. Passion and vision is missing
Biggest thing in the announcement was Sprint availability. Only carrier left with unlimited data.
the iPhones marketshare slide is about to steepen
Switching to Android after having had 3 iPhones, and I have dozens of friends who will do the same
I doubt many functions of Siri will work that well outside major cities - I live in the Middle East - doubt it will have a lot of the functions here such as finding restaurants etc
I completely agree with Christopher, I will wait until the iPhone 5. The OS update alone should be enough for now. A new camera and processor just aren't worth it.
I very much agree with you. Very disappointing release in my opinion, and at a time when people are wondering what the impact of Steve leaving is going to be, this certainly didn't silence the folks that believe Apple won't be able to maintain the standards that Mr. Jobs demands. I almost feel like they could have made these announcements back at WWDC with an availability date of October.
I'm still going to wait for the 5 or even the 6 +Robert Scoble. At this time my HTC Sensation is well, pretty sensational! Even though I love Apple I don't think the 4S has enough to make me switch back just yet...
Wow, big hate from everyone. How is this worse than the 3GS announcement? All new hardware inside, new camera, Siri - super innovation. It's just in the same looking box. If 3GS continued to carry the company, this should fair well I think.
WTH? Seriously. (No pun intended). World phone? Check. Improved processor speed? Check. Voice control? Check. Improved battery? Check. Faster downloads? Check. 1080HD video? Check. Faster/better camera? Check. iCloud integration? Check. iOS5? Check. New carriers? Check.

You all need to have some real problems.
Well AAPL is down (and going further down...) over 3% so you're not the only one being disappointed.
Surely Apple could have quashed the iPhone 5 disappointment by heading it up beforehand. Would have lessened expectations and disappointment
WhatsApp killed by iMessage?
+Steve Faktor I like your optimism, but you honestly believe Apple would let some other company announce the iphone 5?
The reason for disappointment is that there's been TONS of hype surrounding this. They should have announced months ago that the new phone would be "iPhone 4S" -- everyone was waiting for a whole new level. A lot of eyes will be on the Nexus Prime next week.
Google was the clear winner of this announcement.
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Disappointed there was no iPhone 5 released today.
to be honest, I'm using the dictate function on my android only when I'm alone. Who would dictate a text to his/her iphone in public?
Who would talk to his phone in public?
I think the actual use of this otherwise great feature is getting overrated
Well, come on Robert, what did you expect? Innovation is taking a hit because they're all busy writing Jobs obituary prematurely.
To provide an alternative view-point (without sounding like a hater) I made a case earlier that Windows Phone may have an advantage over the iPhone when it comes to voice and user experience.
Let's hope that we won't be dissapointed with the Nexus Prime in the next week.
You know, I'm not disappointed, because this is what I expected going into this morning. Facebook integration would have been nice and is probably coming, but I never for a second thought that there would be an iPhone 5 this year. When I bought my Verizon iPhone in February, every said "just wait until June". Apple needed to get rid of the separate GSM/CDMA phones and get all iOS devices running iOS 5. An incremental bump was needed just like it was needed with the iPhone 3GS. The next iPhone probably will be out in June 2012, and will probably be the iPhone 6 (iPhone 4S is technically the 5th iPhone model).

I love the camera improvements. That exceeds my expectations. And I knew Siri was coming, and it's implementation looks great. Love the battery life.

What I like about Apple is that by and large the advancements come in the OS. Apple does a better job of supporting legacy hardware with it's new systems than any other company. With the new pricing on the 3GS and old iPhone 4, the upgraded iPhone 4S, and the fact that all 3 will run iOS 5 makes it that much easier for someone on the fence to make the decision to switch/buy.

Apple makes great hardware advancements, too, but only once they are sure they can do it right. That's why you don't see an LTE iPhone yet. Battery life is abysmal and coverage isn't not yet where it should be. The first iPhone wasn't 3G.

I'm actually pleased with today's announcement. It's a great upgrade, but not a must have for me, since I can't get my early upgrade through Verizon until next October. That will be perfect timing to get the next next iPhone.
I'm waiting for the prime announcement before I make my decision on what will be my next phone (iphone 4s or the nexus prime). Currently using a first gen droid x.
I'm just disappointed that my next phone will be made of glass :( I was really hoping they redesigned the hardware. Very excited about the camera and Siri though.
What a bunch of whiners. What the heck did you expect? Siri is mind blowing in itself (true, not much credit to Apple there). Over-inflated expectations is becoming a disease in this industry. Sadly, Robert, you are one of the chief instigators. Just think how difficult it is to come up with a science fiction innovation every single time. Would a Facebook feature do it? Come on. It would not have added a cent to the stock or increase Apple's market share and differentiation.

Here is how I see it: solid advancement in hardware, giant leap in HCI, price trending in the right direction. Nothing more. My Apple stock are still a Hold.
Apple store was back up for a short time - but it seems to have collapsed...
The iPhone 4s is a nice "side-grade"-like the 3Gs & iPad 2. They're released to satisfy the masses. The BOOM! versions are coming up IMHO
How long do people think it will be before the 5 comes out?
I'm struggling to understand why Siri is iPhone 4S only. At least that's the way I interpreted it from the presentation. Can anyone confirm 100%?
no NFC either :( nothing new and genuinely exciting
Ryan C
Interesting that the iPhone 4S is playing a role in the local content wars. Apple partners with Yelp to provide restaurant ratings baked in to the iPhone via Siri. Now Google/Zagat may be forced to counter quickly...
This whole release schedule and the timing of it shortly after jobs stepping down as CEO was obviously all planned and thought out in advance by Jobs and Cooke et al. Silly to think that it is the change of guard that caused some sort of 'let down'.
I read your post the other day about what you "expected" would come with today's announcement. I am DRASTICALLY disappointed with the outcome. I was about to switch from a Blackberry. I don't feel as compelled to do so now.
Siri is super processor intensive... the dual CPU A5 (or whatever) is needed, it seems
I traded my iPhone for a Droid and will never go back :)
Until Siri can cook me breakfast and give me happy ending I don't give fok - Gobler B Stone
Scoble made lots of verbose posts recently about Scoble's predictions, followed by Scoble polls as to the validity of Scoble predictions, followed by Scoble posts in the 3rd person telling the world that Scoble was wrong.

Not your most interesting line of work, I think :/
Makes the Samsung S2 look even more attractive to me... nothing mind-blowing--only the expected stuff. They fixed the crappy antenna... yay!
+Justin Morgan I've heard it doesn't work without internet access which makes one believe it offloads it to the cloud, like how google does voice recognition.
+Robert Scoble I have teenagers. They think Apple is cool. It's people our age they view askance. I have an Android phone. And, while it already has some of these cool things Apple just got 'round to (or left alone altogether), mostly, in the real world, they don't work. Integrating the hardware and software has significant benefits. +Vic Gundotra might be able to change my mind about what a phone could do. But experience suggests the actual products won't.
Apple's success has been largely down to its ability to appeal to both early adopters as well as the larger more "image conscious" mainstream. Seems the iphone 4s hits neither target squarely insofar as it doesn't really blow whats available elsewhere in the market (android) out of the water, nor does it look any different to it predecessor (hence unlikely to convert the image conscious brigade). Cost will be a big deal, the postcard app however won't!! Lets see whats in store next week with the Android announcements....
+Robert Scoble It would have been cool to see a cloud tv service that you can manage from other iOS devices. Could be interesting to see how they might react to Ultraviolet's upcoming releases.
There is definitely a new iphone5, that should be announced within few months. There are leaked designs on the internet and many consistent mock-ups. There were many rumors that there are two iphone models under development but the high-end model is not in production yet (possibly due to some problems).

In my country the price of new iphones goes above $1200 and virtually everyone owns one (or something with the same form factor). No one pays that much money to a phone with an old and indifferent design. There is just no reason. And Apple is the king of giving that reason by producing the objects of desire.
the company has lost an enormous amount of energy, still they are able to release at least one good product. I didn't believe people telling me, that Apple has changed since Steve Jobs left. Now, I must admit, they were right. So the question is: Was this decision to not demonstrate an iPhone5 driven by innovation? Or by business people, that are now looking at "the numbers" more closely. Years ago, the iPod came as a rescue ring to Apple. The iPhone then transformed the company into a thunderstorm of ideas. Everything was new. And there was enough room left for innovation. Now, that Apple has grown out of the innovator's shoes, what do you think are they going to do next?
I didn't like the 4 form factor and never bought it. Was hoping 5 would help, it never came. I may get it but am not sure. Maybe I'll go for an android.
I'll be waiting to see what the Nexus Prime has to offer before making a decision.
-Small Screen

Why pay for old tech?
+Herbert Danzinger Even if Steve Jobs would still be CEO how would this be any different? He was most likely very involved in the roadmap to this new iPhone.
Maybe Scoble wasn't wrong. Maybe this was the first act. Timing is everything.
Hopefully, less competition won't slow down Android innovation.
+Annette Penney, it's still better than any of the Blackberry phones. Regardless, I think I'm switching to Android.
This is a pretty big let down from Apple, was expecting much more than a refresh
Unfortunately, this plays into everyone's fears - Apple without Jobs at the helm is going to be disappointing. Not fair. But today's lackluster event isn't a good start for Tim Cook.
Hate to say I told you so.....[Actually, I'm loving this! :P]
Something tells me their key announcement, "oh wow" moment, was Siri, but it bombed.
I hope the service picks up. I truly do, and I'm not an Apple-user, only because I think it's amazingly revolutionary technology for the end-user. "Siri, give me something interesting to do that is cheap" -> checks personal interests + location + price window and gives results... The possibilities are really staggering. Who wouldn't wish a Star Trek "computer, do this" in their pocket??!?
no longer caught up in the fanfare...totally forgot about today's event.
why can't I watch the video from in my Chrome, Firefox, IE? It can only work in Safari...Why?
Woah - apple is down, and so is their website...

Could it be iStalk, iRimU and iSir was too underwhelming for an iPhone5 launch that didn't happen?

Still I prefer a faster iPhone4 to a larger iPhone 5...
Is this Siri feature that earth shattering? Android had similar features for years! composing emails by reciting - check, finding directions/nearby places - check ... am I missing something?
I love a good mea culpa. Wish I could employ them more myself...
This leaves Nokia a big open goal for its first WP7 release. Nail the specs and quality and they have a real chance of getting back the game. 
I think people are catching on that Apple is playing catch-up but are pretending that they are leading the pack. They must not serve any humble pie in Apple's cafeteria.
would you characterize the holes in their lineup as related to pricing (i.e. they should have had a new cheap and premium model) or in terms of features?

google out-innovates in terms of experimental features and with their machine learning / massive data cloud know-how. On the other hand, my experience with all but a few of their "products" is that they are poorly designed or half-baked.

Apple's strategy over the last decade has generally been "lets understand and perfect the product instead of throwing half-baked features over the fence and seeing what happens". Admittedly, we now have a BETA feature in Siri
Now waiting for Vlingo to start suing over Siri
Vaporware is the jargon for things promised that never show up. What should we start calling things that are promised, show up really late, and end up underwhelming us compared to the expectations?

I was going to dub the new iPhone the iPhone Bionic, but I like my Bionic and I still think people will like their iPhone 4S.
I don't think Apple managed expectations very well on this one. I certainly am disappointed. I was hoping for something that would really sock it to their competition. :( Although, I am really excited about the dual-core processor, and the lovely new camera.
I'm not sure they could have lived up to the hype created by the media, but they didn't even come close. I was expecting at least one 'wow' feature and there was nothing. There is absolutely nothing revolutionary about this phone. It seems to be, at best, refinements on features that apple fans used to ridicule android fans for touting. Find my friends = lattitude, Siri = voice search, notifications = android notifications, OTA updates = christ even my custom rom created by a bunch of high schoolers has had that for months. This will still sell well as always, but it also made great ammo for the fandroids.
Classic Apple. They will sell no wine before its time, as they say. Case in point: I was more surprised to see Dictation as a Beta baked in there.
+Joe D'Andrea right, introducing Beta is a Google ploy....makes you wonder if there is some fear in the water....or they anticipated the back lash to no iPhone 5 announcement and needed more fodder....
I can't see the iPhone 4S being in the top of mobile phones for an entire year. They didn't even get to the current specs on the Android side, let alone the new phones we're seeing in the next twelve months.
But we are forgetting the biggest losers of all...the companies who preemptively made teardrop iPhone cases and the people who bought them!
I think what we've really seen today is that the pressure from android is huge... they're playing catch up on features, and apple typically doesn't bake a beta in to an OS like this. To me that says they were under pressure to do something and fast.
Siri has no release new technology, but only if/when consumers get to use it.
I think people are wrapped up in the shape and screen being the same. New CPU, new GPU, new antenna, world phone, new camera, new 64 GB model, new US carrier (Sprint), etc. ... but the same shape. No way for people to look and know you have the new phone seems to be the issue with people. If they changed the shape, I think we wouldn't be talking about this as a "disappointment".
Hey, you know what else wasn't there? Navigation!!!
how can the whole blogosphere be thinking iPhone 5 and they pop up with 4S? Did everyone just jump on the bandwagon? Was there ever any good intel on the iPhone 5?
Let's not let this Siri thing get out of hand... its very nice, but on the way home today I had no problem saying, 'note, throw the laundry in the dryer' on my ancient android phone and having it open the note app and leave me a note. In a while we are going house hunting and it will understand 'take me to (address) all evening. It does probably 85% of what they showed with Siri. Siri isn't new, ground breaking, or anything else. This is just more of what apple does best, refine existing technology.
I am disappointed that there wasn't something earth shattering about Apple announcement today, except no iPhone 5. Will I replace my 3GS? Probably but not with the same enthusiasm I typically experience.
The iPhone 5 will debut next year (summer release 2012) with the 4S hardware, 3D display and LTE antenna. No source specific but just my presumption. Apple is holding back on something, the 4S is good but not great enough to be called the iPhone 5... It makes me think!
I share your disappointment - I guess if you have been on the dev path for some time you would have had the IO5, os I can't see a reason to upgrade from the iPhone 4.
So, Mr. Scoble, the question remains: how much longer will iPad Facebook users have to use clone apps? When will FB finally get its act together and release a native iPad app?
The one thing I've always suspected about the apple fans that bash android is that they've never picked up a current android phone and actually played with it... and I'm more convinced of that now as I hear them talk about these 'new' features. I guess the good news is that they can pick up a new iphone and finally see the features we were trying to tell them about last year. Its nice phone, and a nice OS, but there are about 10 andoid phones that simply out class it right now, and god knows how many more will come out before apple releases something else. This really solidified the concern that apple is struggling to keep current.
If they had showed us all this back in june, it would have been better accepted but after waiting for over a year and this is all they have is very disappointing. Most of us knew about the dual core a5 and the 8mp camera and it only makes sense that it could shoot 1080p video but to end the keynote with a demo of beta software for a digital personal assistant most people won't even try to use? That's just weak sauce.
No, not mind blowing. An upgrade if you're holding out with the 3gs or other old smartphone.

One aspect that is UNDENIABLY GREAT is that it is a world phone out of the box. That's a killer feature. Get it unlocked. Jump from carrier to carrier.
+Robert Scoble How is pricing lower? It's the same price for the 16 GB version and the same for the 32 GB version.
+Robert Caraballo Thats the part of me that feels like this really makes them look like they were feeling pressure to do SOMETHING and threw this together (I realize you don't throw something like this together, but you know what I mean). The obvious question is, if you were going to release a phone that had nothing revolutionary, why not do it back in mid summer when expected? Apple always given this perception of being smooth and innovative... and almost smug in their ability to just roll out wow factor type of stuff. I think in terms of PR, this was a huge blow. It really knocked them down a few pegs... God help them if Ice Cream Sandwich has some sort of knock out feature (I doubt it will).
Even though today was not a typical Apple "wow" event, I do think they are chugging toward the three screen model...Phone, Tablet, TV and if they are the first to capitalize on that (which unless someone else drops a bombshell of an announcement, they will be), that integration will be the holy grail for the next few years....So don't count Apple down for the count in the post-Jobs era just yet. Three screen model is yet to come and will be one of the biggest disruptive technologies yet. Apple is known to create very disruptive technologies...
Despite being a Mac and iPhone user, I'm not a fan of all the Apple hype. This isn't the first year in which Apple (even with Steve Jobs) hasn't announced a revolutionary product. And most of us cannot afford to throw out a phone and buy a new one every year. What we need is for Apple software and bandwidth to catch up with the competition.

1. We need for Apple to finally give Verizon users (who have been left behind at iOS 4.2 for seven months) the latest iOS. Verizon users will be able to get iOS 5 if they buy an iPhone 4S -- but (call me a cynic) it isn't so clear whether Verizon will allow existing iPhone 4 users to upgrade, when they haven't even allowed us to upgrade to 4.3.

2. We need 4G connection speed to compete with Android smart data services. It appears that won't happen anytime soon. My iPhone 4 on Verizon may not drop calls like my AT&T iPhone did, but it is much slower than my T-Mobile G2 -- and that fact is catching on, among consumers.
+Robert Scoble who is going to switch to Sprint for a CDMA phone? that $20B deal Sprint supposedly cut makes no sense for the 4S, for a 5 with WiMAX/LTE maybe, but right now I can't see how this works out for Sprint.
+Gary Halverson I might be misunderstanding you, but I think all three big companies are going for that. Google is about to unveil ICS which bonds their phone OS and table OS. They already have google TV which is soon to be running android if it is not already. Am I misunderstanding what you're getting at? Do you mean hardware?
The fast camera would be nice. I'm trying to give them credit for something here.
Total disappointment. I may upgrade only because I have 3GS. Unfortunately, will lose unlimited data if I do. Dilemma. 
As somebody who has bought new iPhones for myself and my wife each year for last 3 years they've lost us as customers. I expected at a minimum a 4 inch screen. I think they knew they'd gain more NEW customers than lose disappointed existing ones (Sprint probably insures this) over this screen size and it was an actuarial decision. I'll probably buy iPad 3 next year if it has higher resolution screen, but maybe never an iPhone again ever. Hello Android here we come. I was considering a Mac Book Air too and now no way. Apple Sucks!
Holy cow people, were you expecting an iSpleen? I bet the Hallmark offices just convulsed over that "little non-event announcement".

Camera that really lets you drop the 2nd one you're still carrying?

Cloud strategy update on the heels of Amazon?

A phone you talk TO instead of THROUGH? I'm happy, Wall St is going to be happy, Sprint is happy (so AT&T has to step up service game). Lighten up on yourselves, be happy too (even if you are still going to wait for iSpleen5).
Apple won't go 3D yet, with so much bad press about it just days after a 3D device is released...
+Ryan O'Neill seamless hardware integration. Wasn't Google TV announced 15 months ago...and yet....Do you think Google will release an updated Phone, Table and TV hardware that works well together? Or will they encourage other hardware vendors to create the magic three screen holy grail? Maybe... I hope so, cause the more options the better for us. But as far as I can tell Apple is probably closest to bringing three screen to market (and you know it will work and work well). Did you have a vendor in mind that will produce a three screen strategy?
No iPhone 4S for me unless my son breaks his 3GS and I have to hand-down my 4 ... I'm betting on a Spring Time iPhone 5.
Apple fans finally seeing what the rest of us have been seeing for years. Marginal updates/improvements, excessive hype. Apple left itself wide open.
People who are disappointed set their expectations too high. Pure and simple.
+Chris Donnell I doubt you'll stick with that decision... I myself, iPod touch 32gb 1st Generation from america as soon as it was released (I'm in the UK). iPhone 3GS when my previous contract was up, iPhone 4 when I broke the 3GS, and iPad 2 on release day. After using iOS so much for so long, I don't think I could easily make the switch to Android and stick with it. I've used friends and families android devices, and iOS is so much simpler when you're used to it!
+Gary Halverson I get what you're saying. Apple's seamlessness is 2nd to none. I hope you're right though. Samsung would be the best bet for google since they make all three products, but that just doesn't fit the android environment. That'll always be a weak point in android... no single hardware vendor means less seamless integration. 
Someone please explain this to me. Why would Apple release the iPhone 5 until LTE coverage is more ubiquitous? You won't see that with respect to LTE until late 2012 if you're lucky. You're nutz if you think otherwise.
apples revenues will be way higher, though. without jobs, this would have been completely impossible.
I assume there will be another announcement with an iPhone 5 well before Christmas, no? Otherwise I agree: "mind-blowing". Thinking further, that doesn't make tons of sense: you should lead with your amazing new phone.

On further examination: the pricing of the 4S at $299 leaves no room for an iPhone 5 in the next few months. What would that be $399 or more for an iPhone 5 with contract? So the iPhone 5 may just not be coming out any time soon. If I'd been waiting impatiently, I'd just go get an android replete with the newest technologies.
I think the entirety of blogging media set expectations too high. I think everyone just wanted a nice kick in the pants today :/
+Ryan O'Neill I agree. Maybe some slick developers will create the ultimate Android App that can tie different devices, different vendors together for the seamless three screen UI. Google has the resources to throw at it, maybe they are working on it. I really do believe that will be the rage over the next few years as more and more of us are working anywhere/everywhere and want to take our entertainment/movies/DVR'd shows anywhere too. The other side is also being able to take my work from TV to table or phone, especially projects I am working on that I need to present to other colleagues...

This also falls in line with the new mindset of one App any device which developers are moving towards...
It was an iPhone Event but where is Apple TV2?
I'm disappointed. I'm keeping my Android phone until the iPhone comes out with 4G. Who knows, I might be tempted to buy the next Google phone that comes out instead of going iPhone after all.

I am bummed though being on Android that I can't play on Instagram like all the cool kids.
Come on people. The big news here is 16 more watch faces for Nano. Available now!!!
Well Apple you played your hand...Google what are you holding?
+Gary Halverson J River has already released an app called Gizmo that has the functionality that you are looking for. For a few bucks, it integrates to allow you to control your best in class J River Media Center from your phone. Furthermore, it allows your droid full access to all the songs, videos, etc for remote playback on your phone. It is very very cool and very easy to use.
Am I the only one who can care less about the iPhone? I still can't understand why anyone would keep purchasing the same phone over and over. My wife has an iPhone 4 that she gets through her job, and when I look at it I can't help but think...meh, it's okay.
Two questions about Siri: 1. Is it running on the phone processor or from the cloud? if from the phone, its very impressive. 2. Can it run on an ipad 2? If no, why not?
HOT from the grapevine,

I heard that APPLE (steve jobs) love to have the SUPER AMOLED PLUS with HD resolutions and SAMSUNG LATEST SUPER FAST CHIP - EXYNOS... for the iphone 5. (A5 was made by samsung and its OLD, they need to have the A6 or EXYNOS to compete now)

But because they are in entagled in so many court cases, SAMSUNG didnt give them those very important technology, thats why they cannot make the iphone 5.

Thats the facts and i hope samsung will not bend over to apple as long they sue them in courts...

We have all the iphones from the original one to the iphone 4 & my cousin who have 3 cellphone stores and used almost all latest smartphones will tell you, that he like the most is - NEXUS series phones than any iphone, because of what it can do - out of the box - no need to hack, root or jailbreak to have its full potential but he jailbreak every single day an iphone and its a good business... But not really a great phone - its for girls, hehehe...
+Michael Bego I'll have to check it out. Currently using Google Music for my songs, and that seems to work well so far...
+Thomas Hawk PicPlz is where all the cool foreign kids hang out. You actually see some cool photos on there from time to time instead of just pictures of cats with a 1970s filter like instagram.
+Gary Halverson I love google music other than the terrible upload speeds. I have my old ipod sitting here collecting dust. Now I just plug in my phone and I can listen to my entire collection... if I want to log in on the laptop and listen there, I have my entire collection again. Google music has been great to me.
Ya its a big disappointment. I wonder when they'll release the iPhone 5
Its enough to continue to dominate the holiday season - so it was a good business decision. After all, it is just a business, not a system to please us nerds. China Mobile and Sprint alone means their market share continue to grow.
All those juicy mock designs may turn out to be iPhone 6 afterall. I guess they delivered on dual core at least. 
"Siri, what are you running on?"
"A device that my company sat back and watched as hype built around it, and now it can't live up to the expectations."
I was following along with the live blog and the talk seemed to go on and on about the ipad; being used by pilots, doctors, schools, then about imessaging, I really felt like it was and ipad conference and I knew then there would be no iphone 5. But the plus is people with the 3gs can upgrade to the 4 very cheap.
Does the S in iPhone 4S stand for SUCKER?
Perhaps that's why Facebook were declined attendance; they had far cooler things to announce than anything Apple would be ;)
Apple Keynote 2011 !!!----- "Let's Talk about bullshit" ------The 'NEW' iPhone 4S (for Ass)

wow, you folks are pretty brutal.
Hey come on..what about that sweet Mickey Mouse watch face? i certainly didn't see that one coming.. lol
you are right, +Robert Scoble, pretty underwhelming overall.. and the holes are there, i hope Samsung doesn't get injuctioned to death...i'd really like to some of their devices take on Apple out in the marketplace.
Everyone is underwhelmed and disappointed... but put the exact same guts into a teardrop shaped shell, call it iPhone 5 and the same people would be throwing money at Apple and proclaiming them saviors (again). Comical.
iPhone 5 would have meant redesign, which I didn't want. I'll take the 8MP camera, 1080p video, A5 dual core processor, and improved antenna all with the same design any day.
Not really sure what was wrong with announcement. Perfectly good upgrade to a classy and SUPER functional device. I guess most expected game changer. Well, keep in mind that the actual iPhone 5 is not released yet. Game changer coming soon. . .
Scoble should spend more time away from the console and the media infusion of crap.
I was just hoping for the iPhone "something" on Sprint. The other stuff is just icing on the cake. It was hyped up too much. Apple may have left the door open, but Apple still controls the door. The competition needs to step up their game anyway. More power to them. Android is not there. Windows could come from behind and be a contender, who knows at this point.
Yawn..... seems mostly like a hardware update.
Mmm, pretty underwhelming! Just a place marker to provide some media fodder until iphone 5 is released.

This puts Android in a strong position, especially considering the Samsung / Google Nexus Prime / Ice Cream Sandwich OS upgrade announcement next week on Oct 11.
They left the door open to add additional features to Siri... could it be a new map app is on the short term horizon?
I think we have to remember that most upgrade their phone every two years. Don't you think a 3GS owner would be blown away by this phone?
Apple has done a great job in cementing androids lead, I think even android users were dissapointed, without worthy competition tech can't grow, I see this as apple trying to keep up, but that being the case they will be sent back again with nexus prime on the way
Popped my bubble. Had my hand on my wallet, ready to upgrade from iPhone 4. Hand is now on mouse clicking around to see which Android phone to get to play with.
lol - this post proves conflict creates the most engagement. conflict = scoble was wrong. Engagement = win! On another note - Just because something is not shown on stage at an event does'nt mean it is not on it's way. iPhone 5, I'm sure is on it's way - just not as everyone expects. the iPhone 4S just means that an iPhone 5 has yet to make the cut for release. Stay tuned.
i really don´t get why these tech companies are forced by customers to allways deliver, the truth is the iphone 4 is great, so what happenes if for one year, you dont get the ultimate latest device?

development costs a lot and we have enough thech junk to throw arround.

or is just that Lord Jobs, didn´t do it himself?
Facebook is still coming, I promise. I have screenshots, code, and everything - it's a sure thing.
+Jesse Stay sorry but that's a bit of a reach, if it is coming it obviously is of little importance to apple.
+reilly davis I didn't say it was of importance to Apple. I said the Facebook announcement is still coming.
aw, no worries bro, no one is purrfect and 'sides it's not necessary. anyways, i got yer back. all ya gotta do is pick up the fone. ;-)
One of my friend was so excited about the launch of iPhone5 but when he heard that Apple has launched iPhone4 S he was very much hurt------:):)
I think there was no reason to compare iPhone4Ss with other vendors smart phones.
you're right no reason to compare with other smartphones, cos it's not a smartphones ;-] it's basically an iPod with addon, and the addon is phone, so it's an entertaintment/multimedia phone, just for fun and easy to use.
Have you ever used any Android phone?
if not then try it once.
+Ryan O'Neill Exactly. If they rolled out this incremental change back in june when they normally would we would have heard the keynote from Steve Jobs. He would have sold us hook line and sinker on it and right now, there would be lines going around the block on every Apple store in the world, butt since they waited till now and only gave us a market sales recap with an few tweaks and a 20 minute demo of BETA software, well. It was just weak.

Despite what Apple wants the world to believe, there are more android phones in people's hands right now than iphones.

The iphone is a quality product but what we need, now more than ever, is an affordable one and that's something that android can and does deliver.
Yes, the same here in Austria. All Apple Fans are pissed off !!!
For me, personally the iPhone 4 and 4S screens are too small. That's one hardware drawback.

As far as social media integration, I've been using Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) for a couple of weeks now, and the Facebook (carried over from the original OS and now Twitter and LinkedIn are awesome.

Clicking on one tile, I can see updates to me from all those networks. I can SMS my updates into Facebook using the native SMS tool. I can also send updates to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Windows Live (or any mix of them) from one place.
Clearly, CLEARLY, the most pressing piece of information still to be answered, still gnawing, if you will, at everyone's mind is... what on Earth does the S stand for?
The answer may surprise you:
+Robert Scoble Why are you being the so apologetic these days? The last time I read your G+ post, I saw you apologizing to the new apple guy!
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