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How do you improve the world with Google+? what would you say to a crowd of 90,000 people? Can we improve the human condition? I only have X days left with you all. What I find fascinating is EVERYONE here has 90,000 followers. Don't believe me? Everyone who comments here has the same power I do. What will you tell 90,000 people to do? What actions should we take to make this "field trial" more than just a place to post cute photos? Go ahead, take the microphone and focus our attention on an issue you care about! Or, tell us about a way we can make a difference in someone's life.

Here, let's get it kicked off. I have $1,000. what is the best way for me to make a difference. Keep in mind that while that isn't a huge sum to many, billions of people live on $2 a day. Let's work on putting that to work in a leveraged way.

It is your turn. How can we change the world?

UPDATE: Several have asked what I meant by "I only have X days left with you all?" Here's what I meant: No one knows how much time they have left here. I remember going to TED and sitting next to a guy named Omar Ahmad. He was mayor of San Carlos. He had a big impact on my life. Told me he made a bit of money in the Venture Capital business, but not enough to be Bill Gates. He said he looked around and saw lots of needs in his own backyard that he COULD have an impact on, which is why he started working in his local city government. He's the same age as me. One day he woke up, didn't feel well, had a heart attack and died. This thread is dedicated to his memory and his leadership. It is my way of looking around and asking "what can I do?"
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Eugene B
Contribute to the Red Cross or Doctors without Borders, who do incredible job year-round.
A measly $1k? Whisky. Go with the whisky.
Did you just post your home address?
Get to know new people, people different then yourself....
I wish I had 90,000 people following me :)
Make a live updating map where all people can mark their location.
+Robert Scoble If you could get everyone to donate just $1, that would be a step forward to helping the famine that is occurring in Africa..
What's happening in Half Moon Bay? Did you just post your geoloc? $1k should be put up for microloans in a developing nation.
Create 100,000 million ultra cheap Google+ centric Android devices with satellite connections and drop them into repressive societies like North Korea, Afghanistan, Burma and Cuba. Give them a window to the world.
Give it to me, I'm severely in debt. But on a serious note, donate it to a charity which doesn't get large regular donations.
Pick a higher ed program that is teaching students about how to change the world with new media and technology and donate it to them.
Lu Wang
Award $1k to the best idea from 90k followers.
Vaccines for children in the developing world. Papers in June's Health Affairs show the amazing local/national ROI on investing in vaccinations.
Let me move to CA and change the world!
With $1,000 we can make a house with recicled bottles, even with less, in that way you can do two good things at the same time, in one hand you're building houses for people who needs and, on the other hand, you're recicling, big, with a foundation in wich, 1 of 10 of your followers put $100 a year, we can do that for a million families...
ah, where to start? I've seen children dying of starvation. I've seen children died because of diarrhea. That was caused by non-potable water. Drinkable water in third world countries would be a good start
Teaching, without imposing your believes, is the most fundamental way to help others.
You should donate it to the Colbert Super PAC. He is helping to educate people about the political process and he would probably invite you on his show.
I work with a wonderful non-profit called the Tennessee Respite Coalition that helps family caregivers in Tennessee. One of our goals this year is to build our social awareness. We're asking people to Like our Facebook page so we can keep you up to date on what we're doing. Thank you!
Go to a restaurant where you know a lot of people in your community who do not have a lot of money go. stay all day and pay for all of their meals.
Challenge each of your followers to match your $1,000 donation to a charity as well.
Assume everyone else is having a worse day than you. And then act accordingly.
Give a man a fish, he eats for a day -- teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime. I'd work on innovations to help the bottom of the pyramid folks more productive.
Keep it simple....always strive to make yourself better and enrich the lives of those around you. Minimize your weaknesses and exploit your strengths. Treat everyone with dignity and respect. And laugh often.
I think that if we're talking foundations, it should be education based. That's an area that needs a lot of attention right now (in America, at least)
To explain, I am an MD. Born and trained in a third world country, now living in Canada. That a person can make a joke about whiskey while I was remembering those who died in my care for lack of medication makes my heart weep
Yi Clay
Donate it to the smartest 7th grader in your area!
make 1,000 gifs of cats, pay each cat one dollar
Hey Robert... Donate It To Your Local Food Bank
Save the money, +Robert Scoble and lend a hand to

Powering Economic Opportunities:

eBay Foundation and Ashoka’s Changemakers launched this online competition to find the world’s most innovative market-based solutions that create economic opportunity and generate employment for disadvantaged populations.

Semi-Finalists Announced! Vote now until August 10, 2011 to select the competition finalists! ‪The ten solutions with the most votes will go on to compete for five cash prizes of US $50,000 each to invest in scaling their idea. The five winners will be chosen by a panel of international judges and will be announced September 14, 2011.‬
The problem is things like the Red Cross are horribly mismanaged so 1,000 while a noble donation, will not have the same impact as 20 micro loans for something like or the other organizations out there.

20 microloans at $50 a piece might be a better option as you give 20 people needing that relatively small sum a chance to drastically improve their position in life and you are spreading the money across a wider net vs. concentrating it in a single area.
Never be afraid to make your own mistakes. 
+Jordan Oram That is very true I wanted to say the same thing. The best way to impact the world is to better ourselves. Now there are many ways unto which we can do this. But I mean unselfishly making yourself a better person so that you are happy by making the others around happy. God bless all of us. Please everyone take this opportunity to say something positive.
Find a really smart kid from Southeast Asia or Africa and send him to MIT or Stanford or something, with the stipulation that once s/he's done s/he should return home (and hopefully change something in the process).
Fight the Famine in Somalia - please - most urgent and important thing in the world.
1.Take your $1,000 & Invest in a stage production of the 1980 sci-fi disco movie musical The Apple.
2. Make millions.
3. Feed the World.
I created a company to change the world, so everyone can help themselves, we can all help each other, AND we can share it with the world! My goal, we all universally do it together and prosper together!
Fly to a country in poverty, and change an entire villages life by giving them an entire year's worth of support, give them the opportunity that we all take for granted.
I'd just be happy if we could stop people from wearing stripes and plaid together. 
Feed hungry children (and the rest of you stop making so many babies!)
Money is the easiest way to try and change the world. Showing how much you really care will go further than $1,000,000 though.

My suggestion? Take that thousand dollars and take 20 different people out to 20 dinners. But make it the 20 people who are last on your list.
I used to know a man who would give two $1 bills to a random stranger, and tell his person to give $1 to someone else they didn't know. I have no idea what effect this had, but I like to think three people had a better day for it.
Funding organizations that bring clean water to villages. or are good places to check out.
I was thinking about finding a way to help pay for low income families in the US to send their gifted children to better schools, or Summer Camps to nurture their gifts. Do any orgs exist that for this already?
Could Google+ (and Google apps) be used as a platform for generating funding and distributing microloans?
Do something about Somalia that would change the minds of the people there about the rest of the world, and save lots of kids from of those kids might grow up to govern the land and remember...
Writing messages to internet followers is nothing new. What is new are the tools built around sharing and disgussion.

Identify problems that can be solved well by crowds and set them to it.

Job one. Identify the attributes these sorts of problems. 
microfinancing, water sanitization, or education. and i agree with +Kyle Kohler concentrate on one region
Although I make regular private donations. I'd crowdsource my answer and donate to the consensus. Let me know who to make the check out to
Create a Google Calendar we can subscribe to were we can post and view volunteer opportunities and events that benefit not for profits which can help raise awareness globally for each cause. People can volunteer in their community or online community, goal would be to pay it forward with the power of google+ to make a difference in the world and the communities where we reside...Donate your time, knowledge, skills and or financially, if 90,000 people each day picked just one cause each day to send even $1 dollar or donate one hour of time, it would make a remarkable difference in the lives of so many....
go to your local unemployment office and give it to the person who looks the most desperate. I speak with unemployed people all day and $1000.00 would make a huge diference to some of them 
+Robert Scoble Help raise awareness of the serious challenges faced by the 30 million Americans who live with one or more of the 7000 rare -- or "orphaned" -- diseases such as amyloidosis and acromegaly. I'm helping to raise funds for a friend who died of amyloidosis in 2008.
You could do many, many things with $1K..but whatever you do, the best use is to make sure it becomes a gift that keeps on giving... OR the number one thing to do with it... is invest in yourself... That's how you can help others... start with you.

But where are my 90K people... Oh... following you right +Robert Scoble??
I would say: Look beyond yourselves. Boarders are artificial, humanity is real. Don't begrudge others assistance in their time of need if you want to be helped when your own troubles come.

Donate the $1000 to a charity such as Right to Play or MSF. Then urge others do to the same.
1000 x 1000+
(+1 this comment if you like the idea)

Convince 1.11% of your followers to match you in a worthy cause to generate 1 million dollars... call it +MillionStrong

If 998 other plus'ers join us... I'll be the first to commit $1,000 too

Anyone with web dev skills want to throw up a site a la Kick Starter for folks to pledge commitment?

Also, we should pick a cause :)
Google should resurrect the "Donate Chrome Tab" and do a "Donate a Circle".

Each time you add a new friend to a circle, Google will donate something!
So many people in need and so many problems in the world that a donation of this size wouldn't be enough... though I think were I to decide where to use it, it would be in education because those who are educated can both lift themselves up and teach others to do the same.
Invest it and let it grow then when it gets big enough to sustain itself use portions to give back to those in need. All I would have to say is "pay it forward" that's how you change the world.
I don't know about the everyone having 90k followers
Collaborate with a place (u could even use Google Hangouts to connect with the teachers in that area) where good education is really hard (like rural parts of Asia and Africa), announce a competition for the best science experiment and the fact that the winners will receive $1k. Not only will the lucky winners benefit, a much larger number of individuals that participate in the competition will benefit too..
Art crosses all boundaries (eg. the work of +Trey Ratcliff ) It would be very nice to have the artistic community represented on a platform that is easily accesible in this new social fabric for everyone to enjoy.
Go to college and get a good job. I need to take my own advice...
Buy a Delorean... Lets find a way to go back in time and snuff out the international bankers in say 1910. #brilliant 
We start by being kind. Every day, to everyone, without exception. We start by expecting kindness, respect, and decency from others and giving it in return. Everything else grows out of this.
How about give 5 friends and family members a $25 gift card so that they can give a loan to the working poor and ask that they do the same. Think how much that could multiply if that went viral. I just did it last week and i'm telling everyone I know how much a little money can go a long way in the developing world!!!
Pick a inner city school and give to them to start a sustainable garden. Teach them how to actually grow something and how to eat what they grow. Rinse & repeat.
Donate to World Vision. Donations help the hungry and impoverished in the US and Worldwide. You can choose exactly where and how you want to help or let them direct it to where it is most needed.
The most effective use would be micro-loans as the money would return dividends that then provide more micro-loans.
START SOMETHING - Robert, when thinking 90,000 people from your position I would love the idea to start something. Pull your 1,000$ to the base/ fundament to something you like to see growing. Like people are having a for their own projects. If you lead, I estimate min 30% of 90,000 to follow for something with some amount of money. You only need make a little video about it - interview yourself and lounch the rocket - then you have a growing subject and time start to walk with half steps : ) BR
+Robert Scoble This is the best topic I have seen yet.

Find a family in New Orleans, Haiti, or Japan that really needs the $1,000. Or use $333.33 to help a family in each of those places.
One could easily hold interactive lessons/discussions simultaneously with several classrooms via Google+ Hangout. Guest speakers could include entrepreneurs or various industry/local leaders. Students would have a rare opportunity to speak frankly with professionals they otherwise would not have access to. So perhaps give the money to several classrooms for computers. Another option would be the website Alternatively, I too am a fan of kiva.
I think education and research for underdeveloped and developing nations are going to be the best initial investments for a lasting and profound impact. There are many places that are filled with villagers who no longer remember or know how to grow their own food because they have become dependent on foreign supplies. And other places that are contaminated and polluted because they don't understand the basics of sanitation and hygiene. Or yet other places who don't understand basic preventative health measures, like how to decrease your risks for malaria or contact with various parasites that can inflict serious or fatal illness.
Use the money to follow 5 unemployed individuals to find out what their life is as they struggle to make ends meet, and continue searching for a job. Turn it into a documentary, or a book, or both.
I agree with +ryan sullivan. Lend 40 budding entrepreneurs $25 each and help them change their lives, their family's lives and their community. For $1000, that's a pretty good ROI. Plus, you stand a very good chance of getting your $1k back.
It's so hard to pick and choose, there are so many worthy charities & so many people in real need.

I really like what Samasource is doing to create digital jobs in the developing world $1000 would go pretty far there.
by making sure nobody uploads data there that are nobody's business and by making sure that nobody scrapes out data to be abused. it's a mission impossible by the way. did anybody bother to read the terms and conditions of google + ?
I like +Kyle Williams idea, but instead of doing a $1000 to start off one avenue of funding, start 10 separate ones with $100, get everyone to donate $10, which would be split amongst the 10 funds... then you have 10 sets of funding to put towards different uses... try to get different corporations to commit to matching each funding "store" then allow them to choose the charity, or crowdsource it and have it donated int he name of the corporation that matches the funds...
Stop watching TV. Buy 1000$ worth of DVD's from the criterion collection and Books from Penguin Books. Discuss them with your friends., both online and in real life.
Take $250 of it and give it to It will heal one child with a cleft palate.

Use the rest to take an old friend or a new friend to lunch one a week until it runs out. Trade knowledge and tell happy stories. Learn how to make more happy stories for more people. :)

For many of us here on Google+, I think our time might be more valuable than money. Maybe we should talk about how we might spend some of that time to change the world too.
Keep it here in the U.S. We have so many people that are suffering right here in our own backyard. I have a wonderful friend who could use a blessing right now. It is a really long, sob story and I don't want to air her laundry in a public forum, but essentially I think you could make a significant change in just one person's life. Choose wisely, give lovingly.
Robert, you rock! amazed that you can keep up with all these comments
The ArtwalkTV Community can help, Robert. We're doing the Artwalks on the First Friday of each month at 7pm on Google+. It's completely free. Artists can donate a portion of their sales to your cause. LMK.
Grow good and not greedy children.
Guys Guys I am a Nigerian, living in Africa!!! Africa is a continent not a country!!! So Africa's not in Famine, some countries, 2 or 3, maybe... Thanks
Provide open access and publishing to allow us to hear life unfiltered by those in the media conglomerates.
laughter, if you can keep people laughing and happy you might keep someone from slipping into depression and eventual suicide. Make em laugh Save a life!
OPERATION SMILE. Incredible stories.
I love the idea of giving away cards to friends and family and encouraging them to do the same. Sending out 4 tonight!
I wouldn't tell 90,000 people to do anything, Robert. I would thank them for being the individuals they are and for contributing what they can to the future of the human race. I would thank them for helping to help all of us see other perspectives, personalities, ways of lives and for taking the time to give us a peek into who they are.
I think that the $1,000 could be used to help preserve public libraries. Maybe hire a consultant to help them reinvent themselves in the digital age.
Buy an ipad, choose an organization an make a raffle. I bet that in a week many of your 90K followers will participate. Lets say 1%. 900 x 10 usd = 9000. But come on, this is viral many others would share and you probably reach millions of users. If it works you can make other people follow your example.
as a twist on my earlier idea. +Robert Scoble start a "Make me donate $1000!" Site, +Post, etc.. for every $1000 donated by your followers, you will donate an additional dollar of your $1000.

This invokes game theory as we get closer to 100% achievement (forcing you donate $1000). There could also be badges for various amounts (e.g. "The Pie is NOT a lie!" badge for donating $3.14, "Donate, get a nod" for donating $1.01 (think palindromes), etc)
Have a contest for kids to raise money for charities. $100 matching grant to the top 10 kids who get passionate about a cause, tell a great story, and raise the most. You'd be helping to create the next generation people who think beyond themselves and live generously :)
+Jon McLaren Laughter is important! The other idea I have is for a comedy broadcast in Hangouts. Anybody want to see a standup... er, sitdown comedy fundraiser? The community could choose a charity or charities to give the proceeds to. LMK. I can help get the funny people. OMG. This would be so fun.
I suggest you leverage the interest in this thread - I bet many of the folks would love to contribute to the first philanthropic event on G+

I know I would!

Many people could donate to this initial $1,000...and so on until there is a significantly larger goal met, of say, $100,000, or even more. Possibly invite corporate donations too, since they can't yet have pages, I bet many of them would be interested in being associated with such a cool project.

Enable anyone who contributes to get a vote in how it is used.

Use the PR it generates to boost the traffic and press for G+ as it goes live - Everyone wins!
irish d
donate it to captain paul watson of whale wars! he needs his boat back right now to go fight the japanese boats.
It's easy to visualize the power of the G+ platform where vetted experts (genuine ones not selling anything) in advanced places (e.g Western countries) offer free time and consulting to less privileged people who would happily soak up advice on health, medicine, nutrition, education, studying, business, entrepreneurship, etc.

This free service could be offered via Hangouts and advertised on schedules where people anywhere could subscribe to the sessions which would also be recorded on Youtube for others to replay (Hangouts are limited to 10 viewers) and learn from.

All of this is pretty easy and is sure to make a difference to people who would love to be in contact with those who have greater knowledge, experience and wisdom and who are sharing it for philanthropic reasons. There are many such people around. No shortage of great people with a big heart.

It's all about helping people move up a few levels in Maslow's triangle, and with the extensive G+ platform with an array of apps and real-time translators - this is truly a human utopia in the making.

Interestingly, the Google mantra shifts from 'Do No Evil' to 'Do it Right' and what could be better than that?

Let's do it Mr. Scoble or maybe you can improve on this further?

As the entrepreneur behind a new coffee social network, with coffee shop locations "Cafespots" anywhere and everywhere across the world, I'd be prepared to dedicate a channel to this cause.

As you say, we only have X days to do something greater than what we are currently doing. No need to wait another day.

Beam me up Robert.
mark a
buy electric vehicles. stop feeding the oil machine.
I would tackle all the UN Millenium Dev Goals, piece by piece and then some. We have the brains and I agree with you Robert, it's more about communicating than technology.

End Poverty and Hunger
Universal Education
Ensure Environmental Sustainability
Gender Equality
MDG Summit
Maternal Health
Reduce child mortality
Issue a photo contest. The image is eligible if it has to be made available to a non-profit, of the photographers choice, for their use. Artists get involved in the community, the community benefits from visual communication.
Something that has struck me recently. After playing with a couple of iPads, I have come to the conclusion that these things need to be in every school and every child's hands. They are a powerful education tool, easy access to the internet, text, publications, apps, etc. Could we parlay some of these great ideas to invest in our children?
If all 90,000 people give me $1000 I promise to save the world.
Google+ is progress in the making. Progress improves the world. Things will cultivate here and percolate here. It's going to be unpredictable.

And that's exciting!
Very zen, however only the people fast enough to post first have that power. Every commenter after the first is exponentially less powerful.
Can't wait for non-profits to be able to set up here, and promote what they do. My favorite? The Life You Can Save, set up by Peter Singer, which asks us to pledge, not to any specific cause, but to something, whatever you favorite charity is, to help bootstrap the third world. Singer suggests pledging a small percentage of your annual income. Doesn't have to be painful, just regular. I went for 3% of my disposable income (i.e. after taxes and mortgage).

passes the mike
Why couldn't G+ be used as a P2P lending platform? Seems like the perfect platform, social, accountable, efficient, with an engaged community eager to do good work and help those who need it.
Pay 40 teenagers $25 each to take a one-hour, online course about being a good citizen, serving others, being financially responsible and otherwise leaving the world a better place. 
Equipping others to lead in their own community; I'd invest in the Watoto program, making a difference one person at a time.
I would have to say donate it to any inner city school because if you help the future you are really investing in the improvement of the country. Well that is what I would do.
I like +Gerry Ilagan's idea. Books are a priority. The brain power and resources in this group could also be put to work producing educational videos. TED-Ed can use help. This type of initiative will have a pretty big impact. Here's the link.
+Jessica Swann Great idea! Along those lines, I would use the money to launch a website that helps teachers (and perhaps parents) get up to speed on how to use the latest technology, internet safety, etc. And, how proponents of technology in the classroom can implement change in their school district.
Pay it forward, and not just with money or your social sharing prowess, but with the same currency that everyone possess: time. Invest into someone, rather than something. 
Raffle off that $1000 to a random person who donates a set price. Have people donate $10 for a buy-in, minimum number of people to participate can be 1,000. 1,000 x $10 = $10,000 raised, one lucky participant will walk away with $1,000. Want to raise the stakes, raise the buy-in price and the minimum number of participants.
Great leadership is worth more than money. Be a leader in your community, and inspire others to lead as well.
Incredible amount of passion you are displaying here Robert - in awe of all of these responses.. and your inquiries and questions point well taken.. but it's not exactly about the amount of $ of 1K that will stimulate the answers to that inevitable question we all ask at some point... "What is the best way for me to make a difference" ~ Agreed but rather What is the best way for "us" to make a difference.. I think this Google+ can generate many create ways to share to answer them. At the end of the day however.. will we remember to keep asking this question? that's what I am most interested in knowing.. we all are here to solve problems, do something for common good.. world everything ~ that's why we are all here no? I seldom am this skeptical and yet.. the inquiry really is rubbing me the wrong way... respectfully disagree as to using $ to elicit responses? Honestly. And btw.. yes I agree ~ we all have the power to make a difference.. no matter how many are being followed. and yes.. as you clearly pointed out.. there are billions of people that live on $2 / day ~ I think you could (if you must need an answer to share) ~ give that 1K for social good. Above all, I just wanted to share my opinion to this post. I sincerely respect all that you do as an influencer in this tech space ~ followed your work for years. Thanks, Respectfully, All the Best, Susan
We can only change the world by changing ourselves. Live consciously, peacefully, truthfully, without judgment of others - and with acceptance of reality as it is. Breathe. The world will take care of itself.
Help out with the bad economic situation where you live. Help solid businesses (not the ones you hear about squandering money) stay in business so mass amounts of people do not get laid off or help small businesses thrive so that they will eventually grow and become big enough to help employ more people.

The best way to feed mouths is to give people a way to become employed and earn money to help themselves and their families and local, national, gobal economies. Just feeding the hungry isn't necessarily going to get them off of food stamps if they live where getting a job is virtually impossible and they certainly can't move,

Helping a business or two in that area be able to hire more people would be much more of a return on your investment or encouraging more businesses to have more call centers. How many of us wait on hold for so long when we need to talk to customer service? Wouldn't it be better to have more people employed in those fields so our wait time isn't like 30 min to an hour? I know it is for me and I keep thinking of all those unemployed who want jobs that could be decreasing the wait time to like less than a minute.
+Greg Graves There is a non profit called EduGuide which is starting a Mentoring community. We offer an Advice section, library of resources, and help people achieve their goals.
Too busy working a blue collar job trying to save my home to help, sorry. But if this turns into a pyramid scheme, I'll buy in early.
Pick a project, and then use that $1,000 to start a campaign to get each of those 90,000 people to give you a dollar. Take a thousand dollars of that $90,000 and give it to one of your friends who also have that many followers and get them to start a seperate campaing asking for $1. Then make a deep impact. Or,

Do the one dollar from each of your followers and try to get each of them to get one dollar from each of their followers.
Publish a series of self-help books written by people around the Internet who share life lessons based on their experiences.
+Robert Scoble If it fits in your schedule how about going to a country of poverty and try live on $2 (maybe make it $20 if you have to) a day with a different family a day, make a post(a sentence or 500 words) of that day and a emotional pic on G+ and people with share that again, make sure you have a link where people can donate to a certain family that was posted. Then at the end of the trip you go around and give that family the money or items you think will be of most value. As people deposit money they could make a suggestion. As you'd go to every family from the time you've spent there you'd be able to notice what they most need or need to learn.
maybe try a language barrier or same lang??
With 90 000 followers I think you'd achieve more followers and a substancial amount deposited but more a value to yourself in what can be achieved from the differences in life, they would have never heard of G+......
irish d
if there's an app store for all verified charities and you can one click $1 or more easily to donate. you'll have links to each charity page harnessing the power of g+ to engage the curious, complete with hangouts, calendar events (in the future) etc. i'd give a $1 a day to a lot of causes. as long as they have a good or longstanding reputation. but that's a suggestion to google not to you mr scoble.
Our church sponsors an orphanage in Madurai, India. Each sponsor gives $25/month for a child. The money goes directly to the orphanage. I visited the orphanage last year with our church. The child I sponsor is 18 and is now going to college. 
Cut government spending, stop central planning, prefer freedom over tyranny, let people prosper, respect personal property.
I think that answer lies in the vast amount of inappropriate/ non-relevant comments already posted. Find a way to inspire the uninspired and get them to use social media as a means for helping the greater good. Also, helping make the voice of many incredible but lesser know non-profits finally be heard to help make a difference.
Ok, the brainstorm juices are flowing...

What? We turn Scoble's $1000 into $1,000,000 for real change (pun?)

How? by getting $1000 donated from +'ers for every $1 of Scoble's. (1000*$1000 = $1mil)

We call it Project +1000 (+1... +1000 get it?) and for every $1000 +'ers donate, Scoble donates an additional dollar.

Hint: the domain is available. Any web designers in the house?
PAY IT FORWARD ................................. You CAN make a difference in this world ............... COMMIT yourself to 3 acts of random kindness / generosity .......... go on give it a go . Give someone a hand !!!!
I think posting a message such as this to 90k people is a great start. You planted a seed to everyone reading your messages. Hopefully, now others will be more conscious of their daily actions. "+Robert Scoble offered $1000 to make the world a better place... what did you do?" I would hope that this would remain in the back of people's minds so when the opportunity arises - they'll jump to action and help another human being. Selfless acts from 90,000 people = Priceless.
if there's a way to use $1000 to end the debt talks and have everyone agree, then do that.
I think Google+ is elevating the collective conversation about who we are and what we can do to make the world a better place for all. The sense of connection and tearing down the blocks of status, position, education, social circle etc., has set the stage for real change. I say take that $1k and contribute that to a cause that's close to your heart. But more importantly, as an influential voice,I say continue to ask these challenging questions. Spark meaningful conversation through this medium which seems to have the ability to communicate through the 6 degrees of separation at the speed of light. Because any of the problems that we humans face in this human condition has been human caused. And I truly believe we have the ability to correct it. Hunger, economic turmoil, social injustice, whatever, it's within our reach to figure out. Do I have the answer? At the moment, no. But I think as long as we pose the important questions and engage in the conversation on a larger scale, we will notice that all of our wants are aligned and the answers will eventually come. My humble opinion.
Hopefully some of your 90.000 Followers are some of the marketers who keep compalining about the G+ access limitations.

My question to the marketers and executives of your followers, who represent those brands that want to join G+ so desperately,

Is there nobody you trust to represent you individually?
Then you have a trust/leadership problem.

What about paying your way into G+? Just compensate one of your employees for a legal name change, Don't tell me you don't have anybody in your organisation who would legally change their name to something like "Robert Rackspace", "Coca Cola" or "Nike Boy" or whatever else to get your brand legally on G+. Sure, you have to compensate them adequately, but what's for free anyway?

Otherwise please mute the rant (this passed the point of an argument or discussion) and accept Google's right to set the rules. The (revenue) cake might be infront of your face, but you are yet not invited to cut out a slice.

Instead use the time wisely to craft a campaign that truly fits G+ and brings value instead of just showering another network with the nonsense many brands pour over on Twitter and Facebook, just to be muted.

Thanks for the platform.
Help 3 people significantly and ask them to carry them forward. They in turn help 3 people each..
"Be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi
Google+ provides a platform that can be used to restore the strength to local professional associations. Along with the low budgets of last couple years, memberships are down and conference participation is down.
From franchise owners to specialty healthcare workers, some people now have a decreased opportunity to connect with people in their profession.

Anyone or any group that wants to restore or even start a professional association now has all the tools they need to recruit a membership, discuss issues, and even have small meetings. And this is likewise an opportunity for groups that promote positive behavior in schools. Google+ is a pulpit without a podium and a conference that doesn't require renting a conference room.
I believe "changing the world" and "making a difference" is more about attitude than money. Money is just a tool but not the only tool.

You might have a look at

About Kiva: "We are a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world."
Forget the $1000 - There are over 160 million orphans in the world. Spend an HOUR loving ONE of them.
"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. Love your neighbor as yourself. No other commandment is greater than these."

Sometimes a very old idea is better than any new idea. God bless you all! 
you'd have better luck and do a better service by providing bourbon reviews than trying to "improve the human condition" via social media followers.
I have a friend in Little Rock, Arkansas who is an openly gay pastor of a church. He preached the funeral of Tammy Faye Bakker. All he's about is loving people the rest of the world has rejected. He doesn't try to convert people or use religion to make money. He just creates an environment where hurting people, rejected by conservative churches, can find community. He's not looking for your $1000, but his work would be a good place to put it.
There should be a Google+ widget that shows up to replace one of their ad spots. This widget would have a charity of the month that it would focus on. Each month there is a different charity and a different goal. You can pledge a donation to the cause or if your a business then you could offer deals/tickets/products to those who donate as an incentive. The widget could also highlight users who did pledge and maybe items they won to help drive the incentive.
Money is just one resource... With a thousand dollars there's a lot you can do, sure, but I think that using our time and expertise would have a bigger effect on the world :)

I liked what +Pete Meehan said, about offering advice to people who want to listen to it. I'd happily give up my time to anyone that wanted to get involved writing code (that's my main area of expertise :)).

The way that we teach kids today is boring, uninspiring and a bit soul destroying, really. There's nothing good about packing 30 children into a room and then talking at them about something they likely don't care about. Brainstorming a different, viable model of teaching people in an inspiring way would no doubt change the world.

A fun idea to take this further would be to set up a website to pool inspiration :) Make it track hashtags on Twitter, let people post videos up there, visualise it in a cool way and let people explore ideas other people have. It has probably already been done but I get a huge kick out of the idea of large amounts of people giving up their free time to make the world a better place.
+Robert Scoble never ceases to amaze me. From the first time we shook hands at @BigOmaha in 2010. Authenticity writ large...

Take the $1K & launch the Robert Scoble Foundation. Bring everything that you are to the table & help us help you change the world. Simple.

And call +Scott Harrison at @CharityWater for info on how to set-up a self-sufficient non-profit.
Buy $1000 of veg seed ! Give it to poor farmers ! Can you imagine what $1000 of veg seed would grow into !
We should all band together and create something wonderful! This political bickering is getting old and tired. We can only solve our issues if we work together.
"Can We All Get Along?" -and post nice, important and educational things?
Anyway who gonna be my 90,001 follower ?
I heard about the Kiva on the Stuff You Should Know podcast. That's what I would do. And after the money was returned, I would do it again and again. I'm going to try to earn 25$ so I can do it myself. That would be so cool.
We should help different people in different way. Food is the number one choice for the hungry people and education is the first thing for the poor educated people. Freedom is the most important thing for people who live in a bad political environment.We can do more but $1 is still welcomed.
A list that allows users to check boxes or write in detail the situation or need with contact info. Another check box list for offerings, donating skills, teaching/tutoring, free therapy, mentorship and advice, which could all be done through hangouts. In summary a feature that allows people to connect safely and at the same time help people in need on a more immediate level.
Let's get rid of the abusive fomc and learn how to recapitalizes and take some pain in the usa. There will be some losers and not everyone should get a trophy . or forever lose your fiat currency to big government and it's machnations of self interest.
I heard an idea tonight that doesn't involve spending your $1,000 - except by designation. What if the U.S.budget issues were addressed by letting taxpayers have actual, direct, concrete feedback into how their tax dollars were spent? Google could be subcontracted to supply the interface. "In this Circle, x dollars to healthcare. In that, x dollars to schools. In that, x to space exploration....". To be completed in conjunction w/ one's return. Empowers the taxpayers, and removes some of the politics from allocation decisions.
+Robert Scoble +Sergey Brin +Larry Page G+ Foundation is a wonderful idea Robert. I would start an international open source school using hangouts and all the other amazing Google services. (I'd call it Scoogle ) With all the talented, brilliant, creative people on G+ & this incredible technology I think we can educate, elevate and empower every man woman and child on earth. Let us be the change we want to see in the world. This thread is so inspiring. Are we all witnessing the tipping point? Are we on the verge of real change for the greater good? Count me in. ;-)
Offer the $1k as a prize. Have everyone mail you a receipt for a minimum $10 donation to the charity of their choice over the next week. (Another filter for your mail.) Pick a random winner. If you want it to go viral, if they include the name of the person they followed who they learned about this from, give that person $1K, too. (It looks like you have a 2nd $1K lined up.) Leverage greed - good luck!
Kudos just for starting this thread +Robert Scoble. We need more conversations like this.

One idea would be to help my friend and social-entrepreneur +Rosston Meyer reach his goal of creating a community of sponsorships, where individuals can create ways to make and donate money, businesses get premium brand placement, and non-profits can make the most of existing sponsorship opportunities. The project is called SPONSORIST and as of this posting it's 23% funded on PeerBackers: ($1k from you would certainly help get the product built so that many organizations and individuals can benefit from this marketplace of sponsorships)
In my tradition, every home has a 'Pushka' a charity box. Everyone is taught from a young age that every morning, you put a coin in the box.

When the box is full the family donates it to a charity. The key is to make this a daily event, no day goes by without giving. The marketing potential for branding is tremendous. The habitual giving changes the individual, the home and the community.

Please use your $1K to educate the world about this amazing and simple tool.
Get going on the addition of company profiles.
+Robert Scoble I think you are asking the wrong question, most people do not know or need to speak to 10,000. I know maybe 200-300. I might Influncy 1,000. Thats where the focus should be.
I love the Half Moon Bay area. :) btw we could change the world with g+ but only if we let it. C'mon peeps we can make this thing rock if we contribute from our hearts and speak to each other like we are standing in front of them instead of shouting to everyone. The more we share instead of promote will only make this better. 
Joplin, Missouri ?

On KLOVE today they made a great comparison to the outpouring of love on families after the death of a loved one. Often months later no one is there. This is similar to the Joplin disasters. Some time has past, funds are drying up, and the people still need much help. Now is the time they can really use our help.
Money is not the answer. Money won't solve any problem. Thinking that money will solve problems IS the problem!

People are the answer. Problems are not solved. Life is lived and problems are a part of that. The world has changed and is changing. We are all doing our part.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi

Smile at someone even when you don't feel like smiling. Help someone even when you don't feel like helping. Be true to yourself. Follow your heart and your passion. Seek to understand before being understood. Be tolerant. Don't put too much stock in your opinions and ideas. Know ... I MEAN KNOW ... that you may be wrong.

" Be excellent to each other." Bill in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
For sheer bang for buck, the ultimate investment for $1000 is to commission some art. A beautiful painting, drawing, piece of music, heck even some clip art, themes, icons, etc, that you then license Creative Commons and make available to the world. If the act or the art inspires others to philanthropic acts, even better!
Bribe them to throw away their guns.
just give me your $1k and i'll triple it for you in 2 hours at a black jack table
Everyone who comments here has the same power as Robert. Divided by the number of commenters.
I would say to your 90k followers... let my circle join your circle as we travel in a globe in an elliptical orbit around the golden sphere in a galaxy spinning along the universe.
+Robert Scoble I love what you are doing but how about starting in our own backyard. The local elementary school, Hatch, does not have a computer lab for the kids to learn in because there isn't money to buy machines, hire someone to teach, nor maintain a lab. There are lots of kids that cannot afford and don't have access to computers in Half Moon Bay. Our own kids are starting out at a disadvantage to many others. How many world changing technologies could be missed out on as a result? I'll match any donation you make in cash or mentoring to the kids of Hatch with time spent maintaining machines and networks! Let's change the world for the better by letting "our" own kids mold the future with the right tools and great guidance.
Make some one laugh. Help some one u don't know. Brighten some ones day. The chain of events are. The person u help, made smile. They encounter some one else having a bad day. And that person helps or makes them laugh. Now that person is n a better mood where they go out and do the same for another. Chain of events
I would tell those 90,000 people to talk about something other than Google+ for a while.
It should not be about money its about people doing good things and sharing
Great point John. We often think helping others must be some far away place for some reason...
@Dannybaker Yes! I love Khan Academy. Now, KA + G+ hangouts would totally rock.
That was a fantastic post. I think G+ already has the possibility of outshining the other social networks when it comes to meeting people and making a difference.

What to do with $1,000 that would make a difference... that's a damn good question. Let me think about it a few days and I'll add your name when I respond.
Get together with Bill Gates :) identify 5 organizations that focus on child education in 3rd world countries. Give each a turn to explain their vision let the 90,000 vote - winner gets a donation of $10 from each - we track the progress for 12 months live here on G+
use this space to promote someone who is doing something noble, and inspire others to do the same while giving that person recognition and kick-starting their initiative and getting their message out to 90k people.
An American friend who volunteered with a peace group in Sri Lanka and lived there for 18 months says we don't know what poverty is here. Food, water, jobs. That's what people need.
Make flyers or business cards about organ donation and hand them out at the hospital where my friend desperately needs a liver. ----

--- Hey everyone don't keep your organs when you die. They're still usable. Sign your license and tell your family and doctors you want to donate should something ever happen.
Thanks to everyone who recommended microloans and -- very cool. I'm in.
Do unto others has you would have others do unto you. The rest is commentary. 
What about problem solving circles, that users could put themselves into to work on specific problems, and the money could be used to implement some of the solutions these groups came up with? Maybe there's a clean water circle, and those that have expertise in making inexpensive water filtration systems that are sustainable in the developing world can join that circle and develop solutions for that problem. Likewise, maybe there's a circle working on various aspects of climate change, or poverty, any of these problems. Maybe these are circles of Google+ itself, and the circle has a profile to keep all the circle's "notes" and discussions and research materials together within the shared space of the circle.
+Robert Scoble Whew, what a relief, as I thought I had missed some news of your departure in some respect, and there is no departure of yours, personal or professional, that I want to get news of anytime soon...not ever, actually. But you're right, none of us knows how much time we have left. I'm touched by what you relayed about how Omar and Bill have affected you. Your post is timely for me, as I'm drawing up a plan for local work that could make a real difference, and could be modeled and replicated in other communities. If you don't mind, I will update you on it very soon as it relates to your excellent post here, tonight. Thanks again for connecting with me directly and explaining 'x' days and the significance of this for you, us here on G+ and in SM, and the world for which we are stewards. You're a very special, exceptional person, Robert. Thank you. :)
1. Ask Google to transform +1 into +1$ (or just add +1$)
2. #1, merged with an organization like (which is already doing mindblowing, true change)

I think social media, for me, has completely changed the dynamics of politics and is beginning to blur the lines of different countries.

Saving lives is a noble effort, but completely changing our world dynamics is just unheard of.
we should make the social in "social media " mean "related to human welfare ". that means using social media to educate & create awareness about all the social problems and show people how they can contribute 
Awesome topic. I've worked with people who live on $2 a day and I can tell you they want/need ways to have a better income. Second to that is education for their children. Last year I worked on a project that taught social networking to marginalized communities in Southeast Asia for organized online collaboration, story sharing, and to learn basic Internet skills. There are endless possibilities for social media brings to these communities, here are some ideas for networks (or circles) from people asking for help: an online fishing community in Indonesia where fishermen share information on where to fish and avoid danger, a migrant workers community in Thailand where people can get human trafficking alerts and discover local services, communities that share sustainable commerce skills. The obvious challenge is community engagement, many are interested and come to workshops but it's a small portion of the community because of lack or cost of Internet access. We have the content and ideas, we just need to get into the hands of more people. There is work being done to stream online content to radio, Facebook was working on better feature phone apps (as least I read they were doing that), NGOs in the field are setting up computer labs. I think money should go toward integration (or mashups), taking a number of online services and getting them to work together to provide a solution that meets the needs of a community. If anyone wants to talk more about this let's circle-up!
your bringing people from all over the world in a real time discussion about a important topic Robert, pretty damm awesome this can not happen anywhere else
+Robert Scoble Please include me on whatever you are doing and I will donate my time and talents tirelessly. There are an awful lot of smart, creative technology people in our community who can make the world better by addressing our children's education needs . +Luke Kilpatrick +Andy Grignon come to mind as people who care, are mobile geeks, and can make a difference! Thanks for putting your idea out there and sharing your network. Let's do this!
I like the idea of a Google+ Foundation. Once it had a profile people could add it to a Charity circle. The profile would keep us posted of things we can do right over the internet to support health, peace, education, conservation, feeding the hungry, etc. It could also offer ideas for making a difference off the web, too.

The foundation itself could be something of a think tank/research entity that would help worthy charities increase their exposure, offer support for new charities with advice, such as gaining a good rating with watchdog groups like Charity Navigator, and perhaps motivate businesses and celebrities that end up promoting themselves on here with some kind of incentive to support reputable charities.

Some of the ways that people can already help a charity right from their computer is as simple as clicking on a link. Nature Valley currently has a promotion on Facebook to support National Parks and each person that clicks doesn't even need to enter a UPC code like they do on the regular website. Animal Rescue Society's promotion to provide pet food is ongoing and many people click daily to help homeless pets. I've also used their site to purchase gifts, which also supports pets. In addition, many of the products they sell support free-trade, sustainable, co-op and environmentally sound endeavors. Some companies, like Blizzard, have even sold virtual items to support real world charities.

There are so many opportunities out there to help and a Google+ Foundation could open up those possibilities to a world of people.
Start a revolution, starting right here in the States. Using the power of Google+, we can form a real democracy devoid of the partisanship that cripples us. We fix the problems at home first, (imagine what the US could do without a national debt!) then move out in an ever expanding sphere to help those around us. Yes, it could take 75-200 years, but we need to start sometime. Now is as good a time as any.
I would ask that you help the children of Rwanda who don't have any parents... Donate if you are able. Blessings for looking. Remember the holocaust there.
I saw your posting and noticed that there were more than 300 comments. I don't think many people will read through a thread that long. That means that your audience of 90,000 is considerably smaller than that.
I'm sure that there is some sort of socio-mathematical constant that describes the likelihood that somebody will read a given message based upon the number of total messages available.
How many people are going to slog through more than 300 messages to get down to this one message within this one of many scrolling threads?
I have an incredible power of influence (according to Klout) but I'm only about 89,870 circles from you. Soooooo close
+Mark Loundy You're right, G+ needs to invent mechanisms to surface the *best* posts and responses, a very difficult problem given how subjective that can be.
I saw this organization called GiveCamp ( - which described itself to me as "GiveCamp is about helping local non-profits with technology. For the non-profits, GiveCamp is like a service grant; they get professionals with technical and design expertise to help them make better use of technology and/or improve their web/social/mobile presence. GiveCamp is an opportunity to put our passions and skills to work for the greater good: something that is not always easy to do in our professions, as our skills don’t translate as readily as, for example, those of healthcare professionals." - So, my suggestion for you would be to use the money to seed other good deeds and support them. There are GiveCamps one weekend in October - think of it like a game jam, bringing our technology expertise to help non-profits.
+Mark Loundy It's true. But when such important topic comes up, It's good to come back to the post just like a blog post to refer to to grab more ideas and sketch out on what should be done based on the topic rather than scrolling all the way which takes time.
+Pete Touschner I wouldn't even have seen your post if you hadn't addressed me by name. Sadly, I'll probably have to mute this thread soon because of the inevitable volume of follow-on responses.
I've read all of these ideas. Very smart 90,000 people!

1) I want to agree with +Robert Shaver and +John Poore that we should just nix the money discussion at this point. What can we do with actions? I'm sitting here in my new house completely convicted that the absolute best thing I can do for the world right now, outside of earning and keeping the love and respect of those closest to me (wife, three kiddos, extended fam), is to love those geographically closest to me. My neighbors to the west are an old couple. East: young marrieds no kids. Across the street: Two married couples, older.

Seriously, what is the most logical, scalable, sustainable way to create positive change other than to connect well with those around us? We desperately need connection. This type of action, for me at least, is also the absolute hardest. Funny, huh? Reaching out to my neighbor is way harder than giving that $25 loan on

2) From local to global. We really can't be effective "out there" as a community until we've connected in meaningful ways with each other. But if all we do is connect, but don't have a common goal, we can become lazily affluent (as many in the U.S. are, perhaps like the whiskey comment guy). But man, once we are connected meaningfully (and it IS happening), THEN we can look "out there" and help others connect (not give them things; not donate to them). Water is a great starting place as it is the most basic thing an individual needs before he/she can think of anything else. Education is next on my list. But both these should flow from action toward #1.

That's my conviction, Robert. I'm not doing very well at it but at least the conviction is growing in me.
Here's a story. . .

A North American girl went to S. America for a gap year; not with a lot of money, but on her own. She was in a town for awhile and got to know the people. A schoolyard had a frame for a swing set, but no swings.

She thought that was sad. Some of her favorite times in her life were on swings with her sister.

She called her parents and asked for $50 so she could get swings installed on the frames.

She did it.

People from the town still send her Christmas cards. Years later. They've even called her on SKYPE.

Because of the swings.

Moral of the story?

For $1000, turn off your computer. G+ can't do diddly squat. Get out into the world and touch it. Find where you can make a real difference at the smallest level. But, add a ripple to the pond. Change will follow, Grasshopper.

G+? It may impact someone from having a conversation with you one day. That conversation may be with far more than the $1000.

The ultimate value of G+ is conversation. Tiny Circles?

My 2 cents (pls pardon the corporate logo, I am a person!)
+Robert Scoble what say you?

Foursquare for donations: where check ins = donations. Gamicification via individual badges for specific dollar amounts and the overall goal of plussers turning 1k into 1m (see my other comments for more detail)
Forgive me for making lite of your post. I am not exactly certain what would be the best way.

I would like to think that spreading positive emotions of love, faith, trust, hope and gratitude helps us all and costs us nothing. We can do this through Google+, but those who need it most have no digital technology devices.

Music is a beautiful way to send a message. Sometimes words needn't be included, just the notes be played to brighten a moment, a day, a year, a lifetime, a community, a nation, our Globe.

Just my thoughts on the subject. 
Another interesting thing: sparks about very local news, and how you can help. A kind of local "helping hand" flash mob generator.
Use the money to motivate the citizens of Google+ to demand Congress stop F'n around with the deficit and pass a balanced budget. One that includes a compromise of spending cuts and tax revenues but most importantly, for me, does not cut medical research, such as the NIH, which seeks to stop and cure major diseases. Having a 5yo daughter with Type 1 Diabetes, I have seen the results and the promise that medical research brings and will continue to do so with appropriate funding. Think of your close circles, those around you in your life. I, unfortunately, have to believe that disease such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes has touched your life. So anyway, that's my fight.
Perhaps Congress should form their own G+ circle and do this thing.
+Mark Loundy looks like several people have responded to you comment. It's true not all 90k people are going to read all of these comments, but I don't think we all read everyone of Robert's posts either. Robert is still correct in saying that you have access to a huge audience just by commenting on his posts & that, in turn, we could collectively do something very big.
Dave B
Smelly hippy.
Use G+ to expand and cultivate collaboration with people that wouldn't normally be connected, like techies and artists, or musicians and designers, etc. I think there is more possibilities than what have been explored.
+Robert Scoble I meant none of the COMMENTS have +1s - at least that I can see. Implying that people are engaged with your post much more so than comments :)
Teach every child the 10/10/10/70 concept starting with a dollar, so they learn how to give 10% first to a charity of their choice, take 10% and invest in themselves and areas of growth, save 10% for emergencies and spend 70% wisely by living within their means. If we raise our next generation to live this way we will change the world! We need to teach children that money gives you freedom, security and choices, but it will never define who you are!
You have started something incredible, +Robert Scoble; more incredible and far reaching than you know. There are some brilliant suggestions here that should be acted upon, especially Kyle Williams’s comment above.

Thanks for inspiring a large number of people, and for politely encouraging them to stop for a moment and reflect on the larger world that is our community. Because of cultural and language differences, and distance apart, we are often misguided into thinking we are not all the same, but the humanity and care we share for each other are instinctual.

This might be the best post ever written on Google+. If only a few of us, much less all of us here, follow the lead and make a difference in any small way we can, then the ramifications of this post (and the subsequent comments) will last for more than a lifetime. The actions of just a fraction of your followers here could touch more people in ways than we can only imagine, and they will be remembered—not for the worst and the trivial and the brilliant sides of us, but for our longing for a better world, for our desire to help, and for our courage to make a difference.

Well done, Scoble. I didn't mean to sound so serious. But after watching the evening news with Brian Williams just tonight (July 21), and learning about the major famine ravaging across Africa, where millions have nothing to eat and children are dying every second, I am sincerely touched by the relevance and seriousness of this post. This post, and some of the comments, brought a little tear to my eyes.

I encourage everyone to read as many of the comments as possible, you will be inspired, if not moved to make a difference.
After reading 100+ comments I finally decided to say

"what would you say to a crowd of 90,000 people? Can we improve the human condition?"

First +Kyle Williams has one kick ass idea as +Richard Bovell said. Minus the additional $1 on +Robert Scoble comment.

Seems the answers all related to money. Seeing "$1000","$1K" repeated over and over again. By the end of this comment thread I was more hoping to see 300+ people saying I will add $5+ to that $1K. By the end of this maximum 500 comment thread not only would that $1K be available, but we would now have $2,500 from all Google+ users. Which is $3,500 - sure beats $1K. But:! does money improve the human condition? not really, for some yes, but human is broad. So "what would you say to a crowd of 90,000 people":

None of us can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone of us can start today and make a new ending. Change the life of someone, anyone, help someone in need. Pay It Forward! Do something for someone, anyone in need, and ask them to do the same. Change the life of one person, and have that person change the life of another, that, we can all do!
+Lori Mackey that's a good advise for grownups too
I think the horn of Africa is the place that is best served by your $1000. Josette Sheranne from the WFP and they could use any help.

I was moved by the doc "I AM" that says humans have become like a cancer on the Earth because we take more than we need to. The message is take what you need and give the rest away.

One thing I think we could do to change the world is to get all you business leaders together and start a group like the Elders, to create a Best Business Practices Charter that would award a seal to businesses that agreed to follow the basic tenets of the Charter. Things like a world wide minimum wage, no child labor, environmental issues, no slavery, basic human rights, etc...Then the marketplace would know if a company had committed to following the charter and buy from companies that do. It is a way to allow free markets to change the world without needing governments to legislate change. Commerce is global, our buying power should be used to effect change for the betterment of all.
This outpouring is Amazing! This is small but we are raising $10K this year through a series of Bike MS rides that we will do until we reach our goal. We are doing this for a very dear friend who has M.S. but also for evryone that lives with this dibilitating disease that has no cure. All I'm asking is the opportunity to spread the word, so thank you for the Forum!

We are giving away a chance to win a week of free lodging in Jackson Hole to everyone who donates $25 or more to our Bike MS ride in McCall ID this weekend.

More info:

87% of donations go directly to fund research, the remainder to additional fundraising efforts.

Thank You so much for just giving us the opportunity to share!
Contribute to It is a small charity that deals with bringing education and technology to places like Kenya and Ghana. It began with two teachers sending a flat of books to a remote school in Zimbabwe in the early 90s and now is an international charity that has positively impacted close to 100,000 people. For example, it installed a computer lab in the new university in Western Kenya a few years ago and the first graduating class members were able to stay in their villages but be paid capital city wages because they could telework.
I will say this and hope that it gains a bit of resonance. It is something I have thought about for a long time and it seems rather obvious and plain to me. But as long as I've been on the web, people with the opportunity to ask this question have asked it again and again but for some reason people have gotten no answer, because they never tallied the responses properly. Here's what I say. Don't think 'hits' or 'unique visitors' or 'monetized eyeballs'. Think votes.

What you say to a crowd of 90,000 people is, I want to hear you agree on something. Show me your votes. Except for hundreds of years they have done it through something called Roberts Rules of Order. Bet we have something that changes the definition of a quorum, because it overcomes space and time. So I have put together a theory about the next set of 'Roberts Rules'.

Think about any subject about which people agree or disagree. Think of every discussion you've had on the web. Why have you not been able to turn that into votes? How come you cannot quantify your agreements? It is because for the most part in all of our social media you have only been given a thumb and it has always only pointed up.

I can do better. But I don't need money so much as attention and people to collaborate with. So I thank Scoble for being something of a magnet so I can say this thing I've been thinking and saying for many years. That's the start. Connect with me to move forward.
+Robert Scoble Ultimately you need to make the message less about you and more about community. Often as early adopters in the IT field we make it all about the geek factor, and yet the reality is that sharing information is about empowering and enriching the people we touch. Some folks do this with photography, others with stories, but not everyone cares about the geekiness of it all.

So to the 90k people I would suggest you look to "create content" not only redistribute it. Share your thoughts, ideas and lives and allow others to interact with you. So often the most important step to all of this is ensuring that "if" you're lucky enough to get 90k or 1 conversation the strength lies in replying and reciprocating the flow of communication. A great example is my friend +Tony Hollingsworth that spreads Social Media vibes and in return enriches the lives of many (often unrelated communities) to help make them one!

My passion is mobile computing, and yet I am a lover of wine, my three kids and travel. Via Social Media (and now G+) I've met, communicated, connected with so many folks I might not have even glanced twice at in the "real" world - due mostly to time constraints - and yet now I consider true friends. (and yet often never had a face-to-face). Social Media is special!
Lets hear the untold stories of the terrible violence that is happening right now in Juarez Mexico. Over 8,000 people have been killed and most of the guns come from the US.
I work with two computer schools in Ethiopia that focus on providing basic PC office skills to single mothers who need a source of income. I will be going there in October to re-locate one school to a better facility in Awassa, and "hopefully" get some software donated from MS and possibly some monitors and/or PC's from Dell, as they have an in-country presence. Trying to work with them now, but I don't have a recognized "name" (unlike the Scoble-izer) and it's hard to get their attention.
info diagram to show budget (I'm thinking current issue in USA) however, go beyond, make it an app/site . so any country or entity could transparently convey back to constituents where how their tax and other funds are being spent

this would take the arguments out of talking about and into seeing what actually is true (balance out the HUGE emotional arguments for against something that really is only .000001 % of budget)
Thank you. This requires thought. And, more importantly, action.
Hi +Robert Scoble, I am writing from Peru. This is a great idea. The goverment here started the OLPC Peru project in June 2007. The idea is to distribute more than 500K OLPC to first grades´s children of the poorest schools in the country. This is a great idea, the goverment is funding the cost of the equipments and support. If you read this report you will see that the main problem of this project is connectivity. The OLPCs can create a wireless mesh network easily with no extra money, if one of the nodes of that mesh get access to wireless internet, all the mesh will get it. There are many schools that are part of the project that are located in little villages with no internet access. But there are other schools, also part of the project, in little towns with internet access, but the schools don´t have the budget to pay monthly an internet access. What do you think if you can start a cruzade with your $1K and your 90K spokesmen to connect some of this little schools to internet, paying one year of internet access and giving this little and poor kids the big opportunity to be part of the digital revolution, to be part of the knowledge society and part of this global village. Thanks a lot for the opportunity to expose this mad idea to this virtual stadium full of brilliant people. And as John Lennon I would say, you may think I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one. I am scared to press the button, but I will :)
Having just returned from volunteer work in Africa, I can truly appreciate this post. I went over with an brand new organization from Portland, Oregon called Safe Passage to Motherhood. I was asked to be the documentary film and photography person, and ended up doing that job plus quite a few more... lets see I delivered babies, helped with surgeries, and filmed some cool ones, saw patients and just so much. That in and of itself showed me the absolute need they had there. I volunteered for one month there in some tiny villages and it changed my life. I have never had my feet more grounded than when arriving back on American soil. Ill never forget the people and their gentle way there in Bware, Kenya. If you are interested in any of my work there Ill be posting it over the next month at my website
Most people know the saying it takes a village to raise a child. Growing up I had a village and not until I was older did I realize just how lucky I was. It had been hard to find that for my children as well as myself. So far my online experience has been been a virtual community wrought with well virtual avatars of people and all that comes with the anonymity and physical separation. For some reason my experience on google plus feels more genuine. Maybe it is the lack of ads, invites to build virtual farms or mobs, or?? I would like to believe the current enjoyment continues despite the future growth and flood of users. So far the community and honest and usually civil discussions have been refreshing. Being able to disagree but still respect others views. The ability to interact on small to grand scales was an enjoyable change. I full heartily encourage the community and google to continue to pursue this trend and building up a more tangible and open forum of sharing ideas, accomplishments, and silly animated gifs.

A simple idea can change th world. Hopefully this virtual community continues positive sharing of ideas and improving the real world we all share.

<steps of soap box>
As a nature photographer, record the beauty of mother nature and the beauty this world around you before people destroy it. I live in Canada and I have opportunities to experience the untouched land of the Northern parts of Saskatchewan. Clean and clear waters in the lakes surrounded by the forest. Water so clean that you can drink it. Trees and wildlife surround you. Serenity and beauty. Take care of our planet.
Entrepreneurship to the masses is one way we can help. I just got back from central America (Nicaragua) where everybody is in some kind of business for themselves. they have to be, there are no jobs. The country is in poverty and the people are rebuilding.

So, everyone you meet creates something to provide what little income they can. A little training and mentorship would go a long way in helping provide for future generations.

Jobless rates could be lowered even here in the USA by training enterprising people who will go out and create. We live in the best generation ever for entrepreneurs. We have so many resources at our fingertips and opportunity is just waiting for all us.
Obviously, its a very noble thought. I guess the answer is in the question itself. Let this question not be aimed at getting one right answer. Let all social platforms (including this one) be a place where people who want to make world a better place can do so easily. We have already seen people use Twitter and Facebook to transform their own countries. A lot of people have similar ideas. And, your question is a good motivation for them to take action.
"what would you say to a crowd of 90,000 people? Can we improve the human condition?"

I AM NOT ASKING FOR YOUR MONEY, just read on and it will make sense

I'm amazed that there are so many charities on here but then that's what the first person mentioned. I have been living/running a charity for the last 18 months.

We run a charity in Haiti dedicated to helping people made homeless in the earthquake last year. I ask you only to take a look and decide for yourselves. Add me to a circle and get daily updates about how every $ donated goes to buy things to help Haitians rebuild there lives.

But that was last year
Yes, but imagine 1,500,000 people losing their house in a day, how long will it take to rebuild? I am writing this sat in Leogane (the closest city to the epicenter) and I can tell you that the works not done but the funding is.
We arrived in Haiti in the weeks following the quake, we are a group of volunteers who work for free with Haitians to rehouse and rebuild some of the rural areas close to the epicenter.

100% of donated money is spent in Haiti (our office in the UK is privately funded). The money is spent on essential items that are needed;
to restart education, like schools, desks and teaching materials.
to give people living in tents or tarp shacks a roof over their heads
to give people the information and items needed to prevent cholera

We also help to coordinate other humanitarian activities in four sections of Haiti, our mapping project is now used by 30 agencies including Haitian Government Departments, the UN, Red Cross, Oxfam, UNICEF. This has only been possible by the donations and grants we receive. from individuals, IOM and UNICEF

At the end of this month SASH will be forced to leave Haiti because the funding has stopped.

Ask your government why their pledges are not here? why have they not sent the money promised? How are Cholera clinics closing when cholera is on the increase? Why are shelter programs being stopped when 10s of thousands of people are getting wet every time it rains.

After a disaster we all want to help but once we have done their bit they tend to forget and governments and the very large charities play on this, to not send the money to where you donated for.

Please all I want is to carry on our projects here in Haiti.
Thank you for your time reading my rant, it has made me feel better and now to work.
Run your family like a business. Run your business like a family.
I think we all have a need for developing a habit of donating. In my opinion small donation of $1/day is not as difficult as donating $365 at once. Therefore, I suggest to create a group of people who are passionate about helping others and sharing their fortunes, who commit to donating $1/day for a charity the group chooses, it can be a different charity every day/week/month. Daily donation is better simply because it gives us a choice, an opportunity to be introduced to new charitable organizations or organizations in need, it builds a sustainable habit of good deeds. You not only get people to donate, but you connect people who are passionate about helping, who get and stay involved. That in my book is making a difference...
Starve the negative and feed the positive. It will all work itself out from there. 
Challenge your local high school to match or double the gift with fundraiser and then they can have it to give it to a local charity.
For years to come we would tell our grandchildren, "we were on G+ before the revolution started".
I'm follower number 53,387. I'd use Maslow's hierarchy of need to help in deciding. If the world is the subject, and if everyone's basic needs aren't met, I'd go with that. Feed and water the people. Or fund someone who is working on better technology/methodology to do this.
Keep learning, always keep learning. Then, serve the world.
Fund an organic garden in a low income neighborhood
Well.. everything that has a beginning has and end..
What matter most is the Idea you got to give $1000 for needy….
there can be millions of ways to donate it… but whatever the way you chose to give it, it will be worthy....................................
What matter the most is the idea you got and how you put that idea to 90,000 ppl… and we all must have this sort of vision…...
Coz at the end ,what we did for others will remain..:-)
I am glad to see a lot of passion around education! As I said in this thread I'd love to donate domain names and to anyone that wants to put hangouts to an educational use!

+CJ Wong +Jon Morgan +Phillip Hekmati +Star Aasved +Hitesh Seth +Gerry Ilagan +Pete Meehan +John Poore +Marjorie Stevens Would you like to help setting up face-to-face-to-face online Hangout classes? (and I love the idea of eventually spreading it through tablets!)

+Robert Scoble I think money has a lot less leverage than dedicated work of people. So the power of Google+ would be the ability to mobilize people to join a great initiative (like the above educational concept). A $1000 would be best used to facilitate the collaboration.. operational costs like getting pizza when we're starting to pull all-nighters coding ;)
Learn and practice empathy, each and every day with each and every person you meet. Be vulnerable and reach across the "divide." Go out into your neighborhood, your communities, and look for what need you can realistically meet. It doesn't cost you anything and makes a HUGE difference.

Now, about that $1000? Imagine if 90,000 people each contributed another $10 to that amount. I'm unemployed and I can manage that. Imagine if we started a micro-lending organization geared to women and children in the USA (think globally, act locally). Imagine that by empowering women to support themselves, we improved the chance that more children would receive the validation, education, and support they need to grow into valuable, loving, and contributing members of society. Imagine that both the mothers and children feel valued and seen, that their gifts are encouraged and received with joy. Imagine a world where each of us contributes our gifts joyfully to the greater good of the whole -- the web of which we are all a part.
If I make a noteworthy contribution to the world, I believe that it will come through entertainment. I love writing fiction, and I believe that entertainment has an important place in the lives of many. It does in my own life, certainly.

Fiction is affordable entertainment for many, a chance to escape from things we don't like and something we can look forward to through a work day. The mental recharge that comes from reading good fiction may not be as important as a glass of water to a thirsty man, or a crust of bread to a hungry one, but it's a part of a complete life for many.

I feel blessed to have been born with a certain amount of skill as a storyteller. I hope to continue to refine that throughout the days that I have left, however many that may be, and I hope someday to make a living at it and perhaps use that money to help others also entertain. It's not a grand ambition, but it's something I can pursue whether I become a millionaire or barely keep a roof over my head. We all can contribute to the world around us in different ways and they don't always have to involve money.

That's a good thing, too, because where money is involved I'm fairly useless.
Well, I'm one of the 90K, and I sure didn't go through all 370 comments!
+Rafi Kharman This comment has 86K+ followers. If you post a lot of comments, as I do, each comment is visible to the same people that can see the original post - but not necessarily to your followers. So for me, followers have a limited impact - many of my "original" posts are re-shares, while my comments are almost always original - so when people see a comment from me that they admire, and circle me as a result, they still won't get to see other comments from me, past or future, unless they happen to be following the original poster, and find my comment among the hundreds that can often appear under a popular post. My comment-generated followers will, in fact, be seeing only my past and future original posts - a completely different me, in some ways, than what they thought they were getting (false advertising?) - so the following logic on G+ is skewed, in a way that not many people (including me, at one point) may have considered.

I think we need to address this, in some way - but how, while still adhering to the privacy standard of Circles?
What about "Save one Life and you have saved the World" ?. -> If you change a life to do good and the one goes on so, you have saved the world.
I would love to, depending on the time. I have quite a lot of volunteer commitments so would have to be an "add in" if available. I have not yet participated in a Hangout, since I am still learning about Google +
they need to figure out how to mute a post, but still be able to view it without getting bombed with emails
Make good on the promises made six years ago about rebuilding New Orleans in the wake of the levee failure. You know, the one that occurred the morning after Katrina.
Remember to forgive your parents, your family, your friends and everyone who has ever hurt you. Wish everyone well. Bless what you want because you'll get it faster. Love your life, and live with a grateful heart. What you want is on it's way to you right now!!!
1. Please demand a way to buy 100% wind power from your electric utility

2. Please support (or in California)

3. Please ask Undersecretary of State Bob Hormats for a two bracket income tax only rider on the OECD's multilateral tax haven treaty
Find a town with a large unemployment problem(that shouldn't be very hard) start a small business development hot house get the community to buy into the idea & help solve our nations money problem. Small businesses can solve the employment down trend if we work at helping them grow!
This could be used to run incident summaries for wildfires, disasters, terrorist incidents, etc. But it might need more controls for mods, like flagging comments as adding info or being relevant or being primary source, etc.
As a high school teacher [senior government mostly], I am always trying to connect my kids with professionals making a difference in their particular field. I would love to create some sort of a public circle [if not its own social network] that connects classrooms with professionals out there hoping to connect to kids to show them the "real world." Before G+, my class and I Skyped with Nokia's HR Director in Finland, a human rights expert who studied in Egypt, and a classroom in New Zealand. Can you, your followers, and G+ help my classroom connect? Thanks +Robert Scoble
$1,000 will buy a lot of fish, but it will buy even more fishing poles. To change the world, we, the privileged, need to invest in long-term sustenance for the least among us and specifically, investment in a sustainable future. That begins with education of those less fortunate, from children through to adults.

Teach methods for collecting and purifying water; planting and processing hardy food crops; raising and harvesting livestock; breeding and farming food fish. Passing on these methods to adults and educating the young to be able to innovate and pick up the torch from their elders will help improve the village / country / continent / world.
Make YouTube searchable by views and location. And then make congress pay everyone's taxes.
What if everyone here mentored another individual on Google + in an expertise or hobby that improves the quality of the human condition in some way, culminating in a joint project that contributes to others beyond Google+. I am an educator and believe the knowledge and skills and insight gleaned from a mentor is invaluable in providing another person with the skills, knowledge, discourse, and creative confidence to thrive. In turn, mentees continue giving to infinite others as they teach and lead and mentor others down the road. It strikes me that this is a supportive community. It would be great to see relationships grow in a way that costs merely time spent commenting and interacting anyway, yet results in value that is immeasurably beneficial, and grows exponentially.
Meg B
My thought is to take a real stand against the physical and sexual abuse of children here in the U.S. and around the world. Children are our most vulnerable citizens. Their voices so often go unheard. It's up to us who are able to protect them.

The statistics are staggering. According to “In 2009, approximately 3.3 million child abuse reports and allegations were made involving an estimated 6 million children.” Also, nearly 5 children a day die at the hand of their abuser. Those statistics are for the U.S. alone. Multiply that across the planet. If no one intervenes the effects of the abuse can last a lifetime. Not only leaving a residual effect on the survivor but the people around them. Chances are you know someone who was physically or sexually abused as a child and you aren't even aware they experienced that in their life.

There is hope for these children. When the cycle is stopped and the necessary support is given they have a good chance of over coming the abuse and and regaining their sense of empowerment in their lives.

All they need is your voice. Are you up to the challenge? I hope you are.
If your 90,000 followers each gave a dollar to the Berry Children Trust, newly orphaned kids whose parents died in a car wreck which left 2 of them likely permanently paralyzed, could get help towards mounting mounting medical bills and much needed supplies. Talk about how life can change in the blink of an eye and the absolute bravery and tenacity of these kids. Let's help change the world [again] for these boys.
Read all 350+ comments on this post
Call your mother and tell her you love her.
Charity begins at home. There are people around us that need our help, why not start with them. Also want to share this post that someone shared with me this week. It's a post titled How to Be Happy Anytime and I think it's worth sharing:
Even if I had infinity to live out, it would not change my response. Although I write and speak, I'm inclined toward Gandhi's quote: “My life is my message.” So live your message. Keep it simple. I'm working on a free, real-world online game to address economic recovery and making the best use of each human's creative gifts individually and collectively. Feedback and players appreciated,
For me is simple. To make the world better, be better yourself. Let us individually be better. As Gandhi said, be the change you want to see in the world. As what do I do? Well, I create contents and set them coplyeft for anybody to construct upon it, make money and share with the same kind of freedom. Thanks Robert for this chance, thanks Google+ for this concept.
+Robert Scoble Educating children on the many dangers of a “public by default” life style can have a huge impact on the lives of everyone. Socially responsible people breed social responsibility of all forms.

Use your $1000 on the fees associated with starting a non profit dedicated to enhancing social intuition, awareness and responsible use of social networks for our 80+ Million K-12 Students. A thousand dollar rally banner to drawn out all the influential social gurus, and provide them a place to donate their wisdom for our children's betterment. A platform to connect those who know with those who need to know. Google+ would be an ideal platform for this.

Think the Khan Academy, only we would be dedicated to the education of social responsibility in all its forms.

I can think of at least 20 ways to get companies involved that would be financially beneficial for them. That includes Rackspace.
It's hard to say how one could make $1,000 make the strongest amount of difference. I'd say... invest it in a plane ticket. To a place where people are not as lucky as we are. Experience life where they are, help them by volunteering hands-on in their community. That $1,000 might not go towards medicine or paying people to help those in need. But it will change the way you see the world. And maybe result... over the course of your life... in a larger impact than you can ever have imagined by trying to make a difference from afar.
Robert - best post you've done in a while. My favorite charity happens to be an adoption agency called Partners for Adoption $1,000 can pay app. 50% of a family's fee to get a homestudy done in order to adopt a child.
I´ve been wondering that google has reached some kind of monopoly of information sources lately, and we know that information is power nowadays.. isn´t it scary? anyway, we keep on using it.. ´share´ is a trendy word on 2.0 interfaces, in the real world we can internalize it wisely and be consequent with that meaning. be true change agents on our local contexts is a good way to achieve common goals as society
I'd tell you if you had $1,000 to invest it in me, it should make you at least a million soon enough lol, but seriously overpay your taxes next year so when Obama talks about the rich making too much and not paying enough at least you can save you did more than you had to
Having had the chance to read all posts, so sorry for any repetition. This week/month a UK 'newspaper' called the news of the world, has phone hacked a number of people's phones including celebrities, and more importantly a mudered schoolgirl just to get a news story

I would be inclined to use the money to teach ethics, and I mean real ethics to people in senior positions in some of our most important companies in the UK. Failing that, just take the brightest students at the best uveristy and teach them ethics and hope that it gets through!
Not quite sure the analogy of 90,000 readers is entirely valid. After all I can post to twitter (@siliconglen) and be read by tens of millions of people there including people who don't follow me.
+Robert Scoble I have read all of the comments (I will still have a little over an hour's worth of catch-up in additions made while I was reading through!) Thank you!

I've been +1ing away.

I've started a new "Scoogle" circle and have added many of you to it.

Mostly, I'm inspired.

I'd like to think that I go through my day with good intentions. To be a good person. But it's an entirely new level to consciously ponder and act on efforts to better the world. It makes even the "good" seem like merely existing.

It's 2:30 in the morning and I've not felt this awake in far too long. Good morning +ers!
+Robert Scoble Your question reminds me of this video:

That 1,000 would be a limitation. Same with the time. I don't think you should take inspirations around you, but look for them yourself. You talk to lots of people that have amazing ideas all the time but is there an amazing idea or something you saw that needed changing yourself? If it doesn't come from your heart chances are you won't go through with it. Bill gates is trying to do his thing with toilets, but what about you? Do you see anything outside of silicon valley that could use your intelligence?
+Robert Scoble I believe you won your own contest! A Google+ Foundation! I believe the goal should be for Google+ers to:
1. Help provide access to the internet/Google+ for a true world wide community that
2. Helps those global citizens with the greatest needs to
3. Connect to sources and resources for solutions
Similar to United Way's Day of Caring I've always felt that the world should have this event yearly between Aug 31 & Sept 5 which are the anniversaries of Princess Diana & Mother Theresa's deaths - I know hokey - but I believe the world would go for it<g>
You have one thing that can make a difference. You have 90,000 followers. That is much more important than having a spare $1000. If you can inspire/ influence your 90,000 followers to do something good, say in monetary terms donate $1for a cause, and in non-monetary terms inspiring them to inspire their followers. Then you can indeed start a movement that can make the world a better place.

Consider this, suppose you had $90,000 and donated $1 on behalf of each follower and asked them to do teh same ; i.e. donate on behalf of their followers and ask them to pay it forward; then we can have a mini-revolution:-)

Pay -it -forward is the way to go!
How "Can we improve the human condition?"
1. Mutual respect
2. Education

Seems likely to be more practical to apply the $1K to an education proposal, than respect.
$1000 isnt much you know, better save that and invest something bigger until you can actually really help with something around at least $100K, that's my advice. $1000 is $1 for 1000 people, i would rather spend that money wisely and make $1000,000 before I start helping people, people are pretty stupid you know, the people you are trying to help, they are probably all drug addicts anyways, keep your money and make way more before you try helping.
i would tell them to close their eyes and imgaine a world they want to grow up in and then flap their butter fly wings and change the direction of the storm - do something that is meaningful to them and at the same times makes a difference to those around them locally too
How could anyone improve the world by saying a few words here? The biggest culprit (greed) can't be dismissed by writing down a few words. We have to change ourselves and our thinking and raise our children in this spirit. Maybe in a few generations people will become more altruistic. But until then we'll stay selfish bastards competing about number of followers we get. Greed is everywhere.
Gates knows: Clean water, fuel, sanitary human waste management, basic health care, immunisation, education (especially for the women). Reduce the time taken to chop wood and carry water and you free up time for everything else.
To my experience, people have huge potential. It is easy for us to buy into the cliches about the poor in our countries, or people in Africa or Asia or central/south Americas, but truth is, they are just as capable, hopeful, idealist, creative than we are, if not more :) They are born in a system where the odds are piled up against them, where most of the input they get growing up is that they will amount to nothing, have been written off from the start, and should know their place and stay in it.... and yet when you look at what some of them manage to teach themselves and achieve, it makes you wonder what many of the others could do, who perhaps could not shake the "extinguishing" conditioning. How much poorer are we as a society that we let this happen, when statistically these people should be just as capable as any other sample, if they hadnt been so thoroughly disempowered...
Anyway, if you have 1000 pay yourself for 2 days and go in a challenged neighbourhood, through a school or charity program, and run some workshops to share what you are so good at, teach them skills at video, for example, help them create a news blog or more creative things... these things can snowball
+Robert Scoble in a rush to post (before 499 other people could) I think I and others may have overlooked the key opportunity. It's not your $1000 that can make the biggest difference (although, as you point out, in a world where many live on pennies a day, that's a small fortune.) Your question was: what is the best way for me to make a difference? And, specifically, you were asking how we, collectively, could improve the world leveraging the engagement and power of Google+.

Here's one possible answer (an apologies if this has been suggested previously—I quickly skimmed through the responses.) First, what you personally have is an audience: a large following on a platform that encourages engagement. Second, you're practiced at interviewing "thought leaders in a variety of disciplines and organizations, from entrepreneurs to those responsible for the latest technologies…(getting them to) share knowledge, experiences and advice…" Is it so crazy to think about using this skill and doing something similar with NGOs and charity organizations? Perhaps you ask the G+community to nominate organizations (many have been offered up already) and for the names of people involved in these organizations who are right here on G+ (such as Nobel laureate +Muhammad Yunus or +Julie Hanna Kiva's Chair of the Board, or +salman khan of Khan Academy) and interview these leaders in a recorded "hangout." Since your background is technology, maybe you start by finding the organizations who either need technology or who are using technology to fulfill their mission (such as Khan Academy). Maybe you set up a business page here on G+ that becomes a showcase for these organizations. And perhaps, similar to openIDEO, this page provides a way for the G+ community to continue the conversations you start, offering not only their ideas to these organizations, but also their dollars (via a donation button), time, skilled labor, and so on.

Interesting to think about. I hope your next step is to take all the ideas that have been offered up this evening and let us know how they have spurred your own thinking.
It's not just Scoble. Come over to my camp. I have a growing number of followers, also. 44 so far, but I should be able to get another half dozen next week!

+Robert Scoble , what we may suggest may differ based on how many of your followers you can reach to some period of time. For instance, your original post on this thread was just over a day go. How many of those 90,000 have since logged in and looked at your post?

Is there a way to tell how many of your subscribers actually read your post? I mean, if it's only 1,000, that's certainly not 90,000.. But a 1,000 people is still a hell of a party.
Excellent opening - especially for a guy having 90.000 followers. But let's be realistic: eg. my comment will reach only tiny portion of that:-). Anyway: put that $1000 eg. to Kiva or some similar kind of micro financing.
I would say:... "Live for Jesus, that's what matters" I'll also share what I believe is the most beautiful verse in the Bible : John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He GAVE his ONLY begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.







Ask 90,000 people to realize we read Richard Scoble's post, but not their reply. Then ask all 90,000 to tell Google to show the last two comments, or the first two, with a "show more" command link so we do not have to load and scroll the entire list.







Taking on from your example of the Mayor engaging in local based initiatives I suggest that G+er's use the power of sharing to disseminate local information amongst their circles.

One concept I had as an advancement of Social Networks whilst working in the community volunteer sector was to connect online with the offline world specific to local based initiative.

It is about triangulating the information and/or responses that people require.

An simple example would be to issue formally to a local council regards to a park that requires improvement.

A Social Network that has collaborative functions can contribute significantly.

1) Find members within a designated local circle that can provide advice of what to do next.
2) Create a formal letter [google docs] for submission to local council
3) Collate digital signatures [google excel] of local people supporting the initiative.
4) Send an email/post status to person[s] responsible with the ability [gmail or even G+ if the local council are members here]
5) wait on response and track the process.
6) Everything is transparent within the circle of people that have access and conducted online with time/date stamp. Any offline meetings can be minuted and then uploaded to the collaborative tools for all the see. Videos, photo's etc can also contribute in mapping the process.

The power is in the people!
+Robert Scoble How do (I) improve the world with Google+? what would (I) say to a crowd of 90,000 people?

First.. I can't improve the world with Google+, but WE CAN!
What I mean is that my $1000 (like yours Robert) will get quickly sucked up in the gaping MAW of need that exists in this world.. and by itself will do very little to create meaningful change! but a thousand.. or 10 thousand people contributing $1000 develops a lot of momentum.. and that kind of movement CAN make a difference.

Second.. what would I say to your crowd of followers? To the handful of comments with some real solutions.. I'd say.. stick with and follow through on those ideas.. or throw your hat in with people who are serious about doing something that will make a difference!

Only a very few were willing to take the pain of real sacrifice and put the "money where their mouth is".

Do we have problems here in North America? HELL YA! Big time major problems, but the worst of them becomes insignificant when compared to the tens of thousands of children dying EVERY DAY all over the world!

EVERY MINUTE around the world about 20 kids die! Think about their shriveled little corpses piled there on your manicured lawn for a moment. When you're finished thinking about that.. you can add another 20.. and pretty quickly the horror of realization sets in that the pile has become a mound that will be a mountain before the day is done!

If there was one thing that we could do to change the future of this world.. it would be to save the children because it will be those kids understanding how their lives have been changed.

So there's my $.02 - and I'll back it up with a pledge of $1000 to some kind of plan that will make a real difference.
Feed the poor and starving. Provide safe water technology. Educate and train people to enable them to feed themselves.

Now.. does it make sense to devote the time and energy to "recreate the wheel" or is it just better that we make our pledges together to one of the many worthy organizations that already do this kind of work around the world?

Do you think Google might contribute to such a movement arising from the ranks of G+ users?
Do you want to improve the world?
I don't think it can be done.

The world is sacred.
It can't be improved.
If you tamper with it, you'll ruin it.
If you treat it like an object, you'll lose it.


The Master sees things as they are,
without trying to control them.
She lets them go their own way,
and resides at the center of the circle.
- Tao Te Ching, Stephen Mitchell, trans.
+Robert Scoble 1000 dolars can go a long way if you do microloans there's an orginisation called Kiva that makes small loans 25$ i believe so that people can start smaller businesses in third world countries and when the loan gets payed back you can choose to reloan it so your thousand dollars could possibly help hundreds of people in destitute nations.
+Robert Scoble Wow, absolutely inspired by your post and what you have started here! You deserve kudos for this and for letting anyone " take the microphone and focus our attention on an issue you care about!" Google+ can be a huge platform for social good if more people like Robert Scoble can use their influence to rally and inspire their followers. Yes, we all have such a limited time here to make a difference.

So here is one : I support an initiative called IIMPACT ( that educates young girls aged 6 to 14 for free in the most backward, remote and rural areas of India - girls who would normally have no access to any primary education. This initiative was started by classmates in India in a very small way in 2003. And now we are educating over 17,000 girls in 550 villages in India for as little as the cost of a latte - just $5 / girl per month. Each learning center / school has 30 girls - so it only costs $150 per month or $1800 for running the entire school for 1 year!. This permanently changes the lives of these girls for the better - you can read some of the inspiring stories at the website ( . There are a couple of things worth pointing out - 100% of the donations go to the education of these girls ; none of the officers take a salary, and all the admin and marketing overheads are absorbed by personal or corporate donors (the annual report is on the site). We recently raised $10,300 and finished 9th in the Global Giving challenge ( )

I can certainly see G+ being used for massive social good in a similar way to GlobalGiving if we all come together. Causes on Facebook does something similar, The problem with these fundraising organizations though is that they take a pretty hefty cut of the donations (from 10 to 15%). What if we could do this at ZERO cost - so 100% of the funds go to the cause? It may be possible with G+ - and I would be happy to join hands with anyone here who would like to do that. Thank you all for reading this! Now let us all make a difference in someone's lives! And thank you, Robert!
Dear Robert,

thanks for this inspiring article this morning (it is morning here in Germany now). I think to really make most use of 90.000 followers you should change the question:
How DO YOU change the human condition?
Because this makes a difference for everybody getting involved,
=> reflecting own action and
=> starting own action.
There is much more power in it.
I completely agree with the sentiment of this post and think it is a great use of the Internet and social media to do good in the world. However, I have a big problem with the close association to Google+, it almost sounds like an informercial. We have the Internet. There are platforms on the Internet to get a Good Message out and reach people. This is just one of them and you don't need 90,000 followers here to make a difference. Post to your website, be read by millions online via Google. Post to twitter, be read by hundreds of millions there in a trending topic. Post to reddit, digg, and even ask +Mark Zuckerman to do something on facebook. This cause is so much bigger than G+, please don't tie it up with a launch of this platform, it cheapens the great work you are doing. If you agree, please +1/like/whatever - helps me to understand if it's just me or if others agree, thanks.
I don't believe by commenting on your 90,000 post that 90,000 people are going to read my comment. They'll read your post, the first 2 comments Google+ displays and then see "434 more comments", type in their comment and leave.

The thought is nice though :)
after pressing +1 in Germany I got the wrong German sentence: "+225 von Sie und 224 weitere" I wonder if a Google engineer will read this and correct it.
You've done it really, create a 1K effort...
just give it a name...
1KDL 1K1Day1Love
There are many great ideas that's I've read here and one that's been repeated is that that 1K can go far but goes so much farther when you focus on yourself and the gift of your said it...we only have X days left on this rock....make them count.

Personally, to bring a little love in the world I first think personally and locally...the best meal I think I've ever had was when I was exhausted, cold, and wet while knowing there was no reprieve in sight...but someone else had the foresight, concern, and care to surprise me (and roughly 40 others in the same situation) with the simplest meal of warm chicken noodle soup...nothing fancy but I will remember that for the rest of my life.

Robert, I propose that you create the site (with your contact's sponsorship) to track and record the each of the days and kick it off with a flash mob style soup line on one the coldest days of the year (third week in Jan). You have 6 mos to prepare but along the way you pitch the idea and gather others who will not only fund their own 1k for their day (whatever little difference they want to focus on) and let them promote and pitch it along the way.
Going back to the original problem. How do you improve the world with Google+? I think its not just the money. Its connecting the people in need with the people who can provide the need. And I'm not talking about money. I'm talking about what people like you and I can do for others. For example, my key skill is developing software. If somebody out there in the third world that needs a program developed, they can ask the world, and if I have time to spare or contribute I'll answer the call. If there's a lot of people connected to Google+, chances are a lot of people will answer the call.
thank you so much for this post and these comments !

I totally agree about kiva and if I had $1000 I would take 2 weeks of my time to help the MakeSense community ( to grow. They organised a workshop yesterday in Paris to solve a challenge of Kiva.

MakeSense is a movement to challenge people for Social Business! Basically, it is a community-based platform that connects Social Entrepreneurs with individuals ready to take up their challenges both online, through a web application, and offline through innovative workshops called Hold-ups. MakeSense is an open project, inspired by the open source movement. That means anybody can join as long as they are willing to contribute back to the project.
I've been waiting for a post like this. I'd like to write a much longer response but I'm on my phone so I'll be brief.

I'm not one of those people that's ever going to say we need to fix America and forget the rest of the world. While Robert's money may be a great deal of help for many people in this country and (probably more so) abroad, there is something far more valuable than $1000 Scoble had at his disposal. His voice.

Our industry, social media in general, is filled with thought leaders, power users, whatever you want to call them with hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people following them and looking to them for advice. I think that far too often the "safe", business friendly way for those people to do business is to stay somewhat apolitical and business friendly since that is how they, we, pay the bills.

I do believe however that there is, or should be, more of an obligation for those people to be more vocal on serious social issues that are affecting the well being of our country. Sometimes this means speaking out and being vocal on issues that may have seemed taboo in the past but seriously need to be addressed before we can really grow as a culture and a country.

War on drugs, education cuts, arts cuts, tax breaks for the rich, living wage, crumbling infrastructure to name a few. Pick one and publicize the shit out of it. Tithe 15% of your time to educating as many people as you can about a social woe that you feel strongly about.

If we got even two or three of the most successful people in our industry to commit to that I guarantee you our world will be better for it within ten years. 
wow, this post really made me think about it, i live in Honduras, here we wake up everyday thinking what are we gonna eat today and how i will do to get some $$$ for it, we don't think about how to make improve anything just how to survive every day, but is really great that there is people around at least trying and wondering how to make a better world.
To clarify my earlier comment, +Robert Scoble

1. Donate $1 on behalf of every follower to a/many charity(ies) of your liking.
2. Ensure that either the charity/ you send a thank you note to the followers for their contributions.
3. Ask them to pay-it-forward by donating $1 each on behalf of their friends and followers to a charity of their liking.
4. Having money donated on your behalf by some friend/followee entices you also to do the same.
5. The n/w effect ensures we have a huge corpus funds for many charities in no time.
If $1000 could demonstrably improve the world in a way that everybody agrees, many would be persuaded to donate a like amount. Surely, there would be a good number of such donors among Robert's own 90,000 followers.

And what about his followers' followers? They could take notice of the idea and join in with their own contributions. Of course, not everybody can spare a $1000, but milliscobles could be encouraged to put in their 100 cents too.

Even if there were to be no consensus, people may yet contribute to some idea that resonates with them.

All we need is the idea. Or a few. And the will.
No, +Robert Scoble, this one's one your own. YOU decide what to do with your $1.000. 1K given from the heart is worth more than the most worthy cause proposed here.

Then re-read +Sandeep Gautam post and others with the same idea. I think, in al its simplicity, there's your leverage. Do your very personal thing. It could be helping your niece saving the local squirrel population or sending fresh flowers to the shelter downtown every week for the next year. Then ask your 90.000K + followers to pay-it-forward as well.

Let me add to Sandeep's though to get you more leverage: you provide the platform on G+ for the ones who paid it forward as well to allow them post a comment on a new post to tell in what way they have done so. You post another one highlighting the best ones and ask people to follow them as well. They can then share that post to their followers and ask THEM to pay it forward.... and so on...


UPDATE: checked out due to this post and made out a loan to a Tanzanian shop owner. Wouldn't have happened without the post. Your ARE having an impact on the world! Thank you!
stop wasting water. it's the best thing you can do for yourself and for the entire world.
I don't know about the money. However, if I had 90,000 followers I would spread the word on Telex: Anticensorship in the Network Infrastructure ( ). Freedom of speech is not a privilege, it is a basic human right.
How come the map doesn't have street view - bumpy road? Social tools help answer scalable questions and problems. How of I cook a cake? , Donate $1 for project X at this URL!, How are you?.

People if you want to promote change then read and investigate more. People have stopped researching in the age of quick fix. Dig deep into the issues and understand. Then use your website and this type of forum to work reasoned debate...
World+ discuss how to change the world together. Rating meaningfulness of projects.

tell me where are the meaningful projects I could help. perhaps filter me those near me and need my physical presence
Let people report Bad things about the world. try to stop it together
My "last lecture" to Robert Scoble's world? Seek the Christ and stay close to him. Love your family. Serve your fellowmen. You will find everlasting peace in this world and the world to come.
Ask Google to donate %1 of their profit from ads on G+ (I believe we will see them in very near future) to organization like Kiva , or G+ Foundation. More contribution to posts means more related ads and more donation.
What does it mean to truly help less developped regions of the world? Dambisa Moyo said something important on aid when she stated that the best one comes with an end date. You guyz have expertise, networks of people with big responsibilities in the contemporary world economy share all that to those who lives in places were capital is scarce, information and education too expensive for most of the revenues. Help other parts of the world see there ideas and projects blossom.
How would I improve the human condition? Kiva seems to be doing an good job. The potential for technology to make a broader impact is incredible. What if pinterest was a collection of microlendable businesses/entrepreneurs rather than cute retail? Ideas and people could be voted on and lent to right from any internet device. If we can use remote monitoring to tell farmers when their cattle are sick, surely we are well on our way to a copacetic future.
Robert, this is a great concept, but I think it needs focus, there are so many things going on in the world you can't solve everything even if you had unlimited resources. I would initially recommend that everybody read "Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard" by Chip & Dan Heath ( Next, it would be a good idea to break-up your followers into regional groups so that each group can focus on a particular region. A region could be a neighborhood, a school district, or something larger depending on the number of people willing to participate in each regional group. Mark these regions on a map to illustrate your reach. Then collectively select a particular tangible short coming in the world to focus on with all the regional groups. At the beginning observe the problem you selected, don't try to solve it yet just observe and try to understand the root cause of the problem. This will require almost no monetary investment just your time and attention. Look for exceptions to the rule in your area of study or bright spots as Chip and Dan call it in their book once you find those amplify their effect. Throwing money at a problem without really understanding it won't solve anything, it will just buy you temporary relief, just like saying "this can't be done because we don't have the money". Money is really secondary to affect change you must first and foremost understand the the obstacles to change......If you can organize your followers in a similar manner and people are willing to participate you can truly affect change in the world one region at a time.
Lend the money through - the great thing about this is once the folks pay back their loans, you get to re-give the money all over again. Also, don't forget to smile, open doors for others, and treat others as you want to be treated.
Come to the Amazon with us and experience o coração e os pulmões do mundo <the heart & the lungs of the planet>
I'll let Ralph say it...

"To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better; whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you lived. This is to have succeeded."

Ralp Waldo Emerson
+Robert Scoble i love the idea and here is what the avg. Tinkerer can do right now:

also: join your local Hackerspace, Aggregators like me share stuff to change the world all the time with the general mailinglist, others will share it with your space and you than can hack on it.

With 10 minutes of time to do something good/a day you could also join the CrisisCommon and help organize/translate informations about catastrophes

teach people, that would be my synopsis for this, learn new stuff every day and make ignorance go away by teach this stuff to others
check how many days of your paid job it is. then spend this time to help startups/organizations outside USA or other technology hubs (e.g. teaching or feeding children in Africa or doing whatever you think is important) by promoting them or teaching how to communicate successfully.
Set up a micro loan operation for people in places where they have no access to funds to start up businesses. Keep it local.
Best way for you to make a difference with 90,000 reach and $1000? Choose the cause YOU care about. Recruit your members of your tribe to follow. If you show us your passion, some of us will take the opportunity to be charter members of the Scoble Foundation for $1000 per year. What is the difference YOU want to make in the world?
Such a powerful post. Thank you.

I have a very big idea that could change the way we all get heard on social media streams and on the internet in general.

As recent TEDx messages illustrated for us in the past couple of weeks, the world wants changing and the underpinning theme behind all of the change that can happen starts and ends with listening to one another, regardless of where we are in the world. Empathy, being able to comprehend how others feel and what they need, along with the concept of self-empathy (what do I feel and what do I really need?), can help us set the stage for this change.

Our project is in its nascent phases, but its impact will be huge.

The work we endeavor to do revolves around researching and developing compassionate communication and mediation that anyone can access during times of duress, be it in times of war, natural disaster, domestic strife, etc. The research bodies for this work are being vetted now, and we've got over a hundred professional communicators/mediators ready in the wings, waiting to work with us.

It works in conjunction with a mobile internet server developed by my business partner, Aaron Huslage (he's here on google + as well). The mobile server is called tethr and can be deployed to any place where internet service has been shut down or destroyed, and will serve as a means to gather voices and news from those who need to be heard.

The stories that are generated will undoubtedly create public opinion and those who want to be heard for their concerns over such stories can engage with the many highly-skilled communicators/mediators working with us from all over the globe.

The umbrella organization we are striving to create will act as a global hub for connecting others with empathetic crisis response, disaster event mapping, and internet connectivity.

We can certainly envision working on/from/with the platform of Google+ to help make this movement happen. Finding introduction there, continuing to explore funding options, finding research participants and ensuring that more and more people know about the formation of this important work are the biggest goals for us at the moment.

Please let us know if you would like to hear more.

Thank you!
Darci Shaver
Tethr, Founder
I am working with victims of the 3.11 earthquake/tsunami/nuclear threat.

While of course I would like it sent to a few aid groups that I work with that impact locals immediately and directly, I think a broader view would be better.

Use it as a seed to grow something lasting rather than a one-off event.
Helping Hands for Single Moms is a community-based nonprofit that assists impoverished single mom families while the moms are pursuing a college education and financial independence.
I would tell 90,000 people that Healthcare does NOT happen without healthcare providers and that a NEW technology can help put the right providers in the right places in seconds, for the first time EVER! Better patient outcomes because of better healthcare staffing- explained in 90 seconds HERE- HIMSS 2011 - Schwartz Communications Interviews

Thank you :-) It could save MILLIONS of Dollars & LIVES , Matthew
90,000 followers? If we all donated 1 dollar, there is $90,000 to put towards something that could make a difference. 
I know that all 90,000 are not going to read this, but I could tell them would tell them to dedicate themselves to to a goal of 5 good deeds a day. It doesn't cost anything to be polite, hold a door, or say a nice word. It isn't anything you have to sign up for, and has an immediate impact on the world around you. I would say to supplement this with at least 10 minutes of meditation or quiet time a day, along with 30 minutes of exercise. A philosophy of good deeds with a disciplined life style brings satisfaction in life.
Also, without qualification, do everything in life without violence.
Thanks again, Robert, I enjoy what you are doing with G+.
Re-reading answers and feel inclined to P.S. that I also appreciate the idea +Vincent Langlois has of turning +1 to +1$. Certainly something tethr would love to support! Please see my earlier response regarding how tethr will work to change the world via +Darci Shaver
Spend this money on a self-sustainable project which will kick off huge change in the way people live, operate and develop. Pay for the idea, innovation and good team, not the cause itself.
I'm kind of simple when it comes to Big.Picture.Politicking .. but it seems to me that the Mutual Benefit Societies that existed a century ago had the right approach; help yourself and those around you who are willing to make concerted efforts on their own behalf, then expand to show others the way. I'm not really bright enough to figure out how to do that, but I'm sure there are lots of educated people out there who'd know what to do.
Greetings 90,000+

I'm on the board of an NGO that is in the process of replacing its Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). The HMIS is required by the US HUD for recipients of grants.
Does anyone know of a true-cloud HMIS compliant application? Most of the vendors have SaaS, not cloud-based apps. A app would be best. A good example of this in the area of donor management is

Thanks in advance!

Power of the 90,000+
My belief: People in germany could just improve the world with g+ if german government stops censoring of lifestreams and public hangouts. +Redaktor hates that. To people in germany: Fight for public hangouts!
A lot of companies "get it" - to help really good causes that are underfunded. But for education to help people to learn how to build an infrastructure and do for themselves, would be outstanding recipient.
In the US, anybody who faces a major medical disaster also faces poverty. They're on the hook for thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions in hospital bills, physical therapy, etc...

After they lose everything of value, they become judgement proof, which essentially means that they can ignore their bills -- unless they start to turn things around, and want to do something like buy a car, or a home.

They pretty much lose their ability to lead a normal life until the unpaid bills drop off their credit history, or (maybe) get written off as charity.

I have some close friends in this situation right now:

It would be interesting to set up a not-for-profit foundation that is essentially like enrolling in medical insurance for the poor and uninsured. If a million people contributed between $10 and $100/month to a charity like that, we could help a whole lot of people. As you can see at -- getting people to donate to a family who is busy taking care of the disaster is easier said than done.

Helping Jaymee's family is a great cause, but without some charismatic galvanizing force championing their cause, it's unlikely that they will have anything like a normal life for a very long time.

If anybody knows of a not-for-profit like the one I described, or is interested in pursuing it, please contact me.
Since the comments here seem to have died down, I'll revive this wonderful topic.  Keep the grand because all you need is your voice (space).  Create a special group where people promise to seriously rank solutions based on merit, scope and potential.  Gather ideas and submit the high + count ones to this group for selecting a winner.  Then put out a call to the 90k group to each play some small role in making it happen.  Dollars or in-kind, either way.

There are solutions all around us.  Some are extremely well thought out and they collectively cover every problem we have.  They just need to be noticed by a social voice and not lost in the crowd (like most of the comments above.)
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