How do you improve the world with Google+? what would you say to a crowd of 90,000 people? Can we improve the human condition? I only have X days left with you all. What I find fascinating is EVERYONE here has 90,000 followers. Don't believe me? Everyone who comments here has the same power I do. What will you tell 90,000 people to do? What actions should we take to make this "field trial" more than just a place to post cute photos? Go ahead, take the microphone and focus our attention on an issue you care about! Or, tell us about a way we can make a difference in someone's life.

Here, let's get it kicked off. I have $1,000. what is the best way for me to make a difference. Keep in mind that while that isn't a huge sum to many, billions of people live on $2 a day. Let's work on putting that to work in a leveraged way.

It is your turn. How can we change the world?

UPDATE: Several have asked what I meant by "I only have X days left with you all?" Here's what I meant: No one knows how much time they have left here. I remember going to TED and sitting next to a guy named Omar Ahmad. He was mayor of San Carlos. He had a big impact on my life. Told me he made a bit of money in the Venture Capital business, but not enough to be Bill Gates. He said he looked around and saw lots of needs in his own backyard that he COULD have an impact on, which is why he started working in his local city government. He's the same age as me. One day he woke up, didn't feel well, had a heart attack and died. This thread is dedicated to his memory and his leadership. It is my way of looking around and asking "what can I do?"
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