Note from me: shows the power of ROCKZi, the new content page engine from the search folks behind Blekko. This is a page of Android news, really great.

blekko: Introducing ROCKZi, News Content that Matters to You Most

blekko is a search company founded by Rich Skrenta and his core team from previous company Topix and Netscape's Open Directory. blekko is a better way to get spam-free search by using slashtags, which search only the sites you want and cut out spam. Create your own slashtags or collaborate with friends and experts for a customized search experience.

"I'm excited to talk about our new product ROCKZi," says Mike Markson, CMO at blekko. "ROCKZi is a fun, interactive way to consume and interact with the news content that matters to you most. We bring the power of search behind it with blekko, and we turn the search engine inside out creating white labeled news feeds around the best content from the best sites on the web." 

ROCKZi is the destination to discover, collect, and consume news. The news site features high quality news stories and organizes them by topic. With ROCKZi, users are socially driving news and collecting stories by voting up an article, leaving a comment, or submitting links, while curating and interacting with news stories they care about.

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