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I have a different point of view:

I hope everyone leaves Google+.


Because, let's be honest, Google has one big stick: search. If you want your words, images, or videos to be available in Google search you need to put them in the places that will be rewarded best by Google.

That place is Google+.

So, if everyone left Google+ that would leave the best SEO technology out there to just, well, me. Which means my videos, blogs, and photos would appear higher on search than yours.

Which means my world-domination media plans would work.

So, go ahead and leave Google+ please. Go ahead, shoo!

A more serious post about why I'm betting my career on Google+ is coming a little later today.
Yoav Feuerstein originally shared:
Is there anyone here who's active on a daily basis, besides Google employees, +Robert Scoble or ממ"חים ?
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Haha, now you are going to flood the poor +Yoav Feuerstein with a million new followers here :) Poor Yoav.
An excellent reason, in my opinion. :) Well said, +Robert Scoble. You've got me laughing over here.
Yes, quite a few are active on a daily basis ... including artists, photographers, writers ... and plain ordianry people like me :-)
Phew, thought you were about to say you didn't like it then ;)
Hahhahhaaaa! Good one! Sorry, won't be going anywhere!
Media Futurists : Recruiters : Talkers with Wisdom all live here
I'm tired of explaining to people why Google+ is the future whether you like it or not. +Robert Scoble, I need your help to educate the masses!
The only thing is that this doesn't work so well for companies, unless they have some sort of "representative" that they use to put their content out there. Companies however like their branding, and want to use that as much as possible. Is Google making us get away from branding? Social Media hasn't changed branding much, will Google+?
Can we not all just get along :)
Yet, Google+ is the only one among the major which does not have it's own search feature.
OK...I'll leave...I think you need the help ;-)
They need to see my stream. I don't follow that many people but a few make Robert look like a lazy try-hard when it comes to frequency of posts.
Worry not. G+ is a game-changer. But it's not about instant gratification though so it will build over time... and build it will. It is the first real mob blog. And, yes, I am here not just daily but hourly.
yeah... reverse psychology...
There are many people active on Google+ other than Google employees and +Robert Scoble. I have more than 10 circles having 200+ people. 2 circles are really active and than compare to Twitter or FB.
I am not worried if people aren't very active took me more than a year to get active on FB. Because initially very few of my friends were on FB and even they weren't very active. But u pick up pace, and that takes time. People aren't gonna stop using FB suddenly just because G+ has arrived. G+ now has a fraction of FB userbase, let people trickle in. We will see usage going up. I don't see anything particularly amiss with G+ for it to fail
i don't read newspaper, i get my news from g+. Once i actually read a newspaper..but the news i got was what I already knew through g+
The more I integrare all my other social media places the less concerned I am about them...because Google+ is becoming the center of attraction for me.
As a google employee who posts (almost) everyday I resemble that remark...
Google+ has lovely white space ... mind space, to think before we write and then allows you to talk to a like-minded crowd, not a mob.

And the platform of search is of unparalleled value.
I read daily, post occasionally, and am not going anywhere. :)
will G+ get attached with its music site?..
why all the fuss about people leaving or not. its only the internet :-P
+Robert Scoble i may believe you Since you've said the same(moreover) for twitter.And there is a sure possibility of a world with more social networks
There is no question that Google+ is the center now for online discussion.
I love Googe Plus, much more fun than other social services our there (and both nicer and smarter people too) 
Just to clarify my original post:
I didn't mean that G+ isn't good in any way, or that I want people to leave - it's quite the opposite, actually.
I believe that it's a great tool for both users and SEO/social-network professionals, yet I see most of my friends and tweeps prefer to use other social networks. Maybe it's more used by tech-professionals than by "simple users"?
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+Deepak Nath I agree. People keep saying how they left Facebook or Twitter when coming to Google+, but for me, it's my Google Reader feed which took the biggest hit. 767 unread items, and most of it I already know through my stream here...
let me think deep to understand...
Scoble, just think back (as you mention Twitter in bed w/Apple) all the services where you wrote or posted your thoughts since 9/11 which have gone away ... there were many. I agree that Google+ is not going anywhere. I also think FB is getting too mommy-centric to keep the attention of serious tech guys.
I definitely agree +robert scoble and as G+ matures I think the more one should stick to Google +. Once full integration of docs reader calendar maps local and android with G+ finally arrives, our world will all be inside Google plus.
Matt Loveusnow IS... a moron.

I'm most happy to see that status updates and posts such as this are frowned upon on Google Plus!! In fact, from what I understand, they hand selected the first batch of users to set the stage for intelligent thought and discussion about innovation; forward thinking. This was genius. And I cannot wait to see the news feed on G+ each and every day. I feel outmatched... but certainly up to the challenge... (-;

Long Live The King.
Fb, twitter and G+ are all different, with different purposes. And honestly, the more of FB spammer that will remain on FB, the happier I'll be. What I love about G+ are the interesting contents. It's a "mature" social network, while FB is like a kid.
+Robert Scoble Do you really feel that one of the fundamental reasons to be on Google+ is the fact that Google rules the internet world with it's proprietary search algorithm and can therefore propagate Google+ "social" content better than the other guy (and I'm not talking just about some suggested results plans)? And when exactly did we hit this Google oligarchy? Should there be a holiday too - The day Google started to consolidate?
I only joined Google Plus because it came from Google. I never touched FB other than to see profile pics of people I was trying to locate. There must be others like me.
+Vinay Kola My bad.. I dreamed the searchbox is more than just profile and page search.

+Friedrich Gonzalez True, but optimized search inside Google+ will be much better, and many results from this trick doesn't show friendly title, like I see many deep link results for my name showing my profile title rather than post title.
I think G+ has a growing niche, and Facebooks development atm seems defensive and reactive rather than innovative. I use lots of social media for an integrative approach. Personally I am interested in Business, Politics and Economics, G+ in these disciplines makes me feel like a pioneer and I kind of like that too!
+Yoav Feuerstein Have a G+ adventure, venture out of your comfort zone! Circle random people, take part in discussions and soon you'll have so many new contacts that you don't even remember missing the peeps from Twitter etc. A good start is to circle the ones on this thread; One 'test circle' from where you can move folks to more appropriate circles after a while and then just delete the rest that don't interest you.
While I agree +Robert Scoble I still do not see how the SEO connection is made. Is this yet to come? It feels like this is the only Google playground without a search component...
+Robert Scoble - "A more serious post about why I'm betting my career on Google+ is coming a little later today." -Robert Scoble

Robert, I'm very much looking forward to that post. Already sounds like something I want to share.
I don't understand the 'everybody is leaving' and 'nobody is active' mantras that I see posted often.

When I post something, I can usually expect good content-based conversation that results in 50-100 comments. I don't come close to this type of engagement on FB or Twitter.

There may be less people here, but they are much more engaged and certainly aren't going anywhere. Its all about who you follow and who follows you.

and's still in beta.
+Martin Berge I agree, but, many of the people here were on FB as well. Where I never met them - where they were not 'nice'? So, what makes me find them here? G+ being smaller? People starting all over, being more open?
+Robert Scoble I'm with you on that, though for different reasons, I don't much care about my ranking... but those people "threatening" to leave are just not credible... let them leave, and we'll end up with a much more noise free atmosphere over here that encourages sharing interesting ideas and opinions (and not...).

1、Good content=Content in Google Plus?
2、Good content= well SEOed content?
+Bashar Abdullah: The social network that introduces search first will win my heart. I'm sick of scrolling down profile pages searching for a link I posted a week ago.
Leave it to Robert to start some really interesting conversations.
I'm on to you, Mr. Scoble. Reverse psychology won't be working on me, nosiree... WAIT-- you're smart enough to know that your Followers are also smart enough to know that you're on to us being on to you. Double-reverse psychology? A-ha! We're on to you! But WAIT--- you also know that we also know...

sigh So do you want us to leave or not?!

I find Google+ to be so well designed from a UI and usability perspective. It's like a BMW or Mercedes - It just feels good to drive. I think it's too late to ever replace FB - The gen pop are not interested - FB works for them. I think G+ does have it's place though - especially if you use Google as your operating system and in terms of how it will be used for enterprise applications via upcoming API,
In the past, Google engineers have being very careful NOT to tweak the ranking algorithm to favor advertisement over content. Will they be willing to do this for I just don't think so.
I don't know why people are still viewing Google+ vs. Facebook vs. Twitter. I think each has its own use cases and we should be using the right tool for the right objective... I think they are different tools and can coexist.

I wrote a blog earlier today that sort of speaks to that point... of course discussion about it tended to devolve into "Why Plus over FB" - but I thought (hoped) I was making a less simplistic point:
+Robert Scoble let me put it this way

Twitter- Broadcasting
Facebook- Social Networking
Google+ - Future of Blogging ..
and all three can survive

Its not like Google+ Should kill Facebook or Twitter to grow

Just Saying There is enough Space
what do you say
+Vinay Kola since Facebook likes to lock content more, I bet (and hope) it would be Google+. It's insane as you say to keep scrolling to find something someone shared.

Also, I notice the +1s of mine are single short list, doesn't seem a full one. Is it me, or does Google+ only display recent ones right now?
Looking forward to your post.

Marketers should be looking seriously at Google+. They should immerse theirself in learning how to use it or they will be behind the 8 ball when it takes off and it will.

People who choose to abandon Google+ and stop learning and connecting here are taking a wrong turn. Eventually, they will see the need to make a u-turn and by that time competitors will be much further down the road than they are.

People need to look long-range.

I believe in Google and all that but the way Mr. Schmidt hinted at the future of Google+ is not cool at all. He seemed to be motivated by profits. Not very Googley. I was disappointed.
+Robert Scoble its way too far.remember once Twitter tried to implement the verified profile to all.And it ended up only for famous persons like you.Hope Google+ has a better Method
I think accesibility is still an issue. What'd really set G+ apart from FB is a superior iPhone/Android app AND AN IPAD APP. I suspect another wave of new users will come when those tools become available, whether fro Google or from a third party via the API.
I have told a lot of folks in the newspaper industry they need to stake out here.
+Vivek Iyer - agree with you completely... Facebook for "friends", Twitter for broadcasting to followers, and Google+ for content creators and those looking for content (searchable or not) is how I'd put it, but that's only because I feel blogging serves as a way to keep a permanent copy of what you're posting.

Of late every time I post a new blog, the commenting and discussion goes on over FB and Plus, but the content "master copy" stays safe on the blog...
+Jacques Soudan I myself welcome the chance to start over on G+. We all should, we have way more skills and insight after as much as 4 years of social sites use / mistakes / successes like me.

I unblocked all the peeps that got on my bad side on Buzz, and invited all my Facebook followers here, fresh starts are always fun :]
There are lots of people that are active on G+, for me G+ would be my only SMS if I could get all my peeps cintegrated it may never happen but I will continue to push G+.
+Robert Scoble "I'm betting my career on Google+" and regarding your successful career this is a large and serious bet and I 100% believe that you will win. Looking from SEO perspective and if we are trying to see possible future benefits, this is the best site on the world at the moment, in my opinion.
And we don't see anything yet. This is still in beta and we are still early adopters in the middle age adopter crisis.
Other SEO and social media experts think that G+ is not good for their business, personal promotion and clients!?
Perfectly fine with me. :]
those of of us who love Google+ embrace the new world. I love it, because I can edit my posts, too... like I just did... I wish I could say good-bye to FB, can't yet.
Kam Siu
I might not post much on Google plus other some random reshares and photos, but I do immensely enjoy reading all these random interactions unlike fb.
+Robert Scoble , I think your world-domination media plans are already well on their way. There hasn't been a social platform yet where I haven't looked to see how active you and your commenters are to gauge it's viability. So if Google starts ranking on that activity, you'd be pretty safe here
I am on here everyday for selfish reasons, and for things like this. I like discussion, I like varying points of view. I can't get that on Facebook with my friends, because we are well, friends. And we won't speak the same way people do on here because of the familiarity. I am also pushing a product, creating an online identity and am hoping, and working towards a future in this endeavor. This wouldn't be possible without G+ in my case.
Because everyone knows that before G+ the best way to get search ranking was to have an awesome Orkut page.
Yup, I'm on here every day too! :)
i don,t agree with you. google + rocks
I'm on here every day. You Mr. Scoble, would call me a casual user, as I don't post something every day, but I am on here every day. You won't rule my world. I'll just drop you from my list. More +Ryan Crowe than Scoble in my search results. Hm
+Robert Scoble I've only been on Diaspora half a day and it's already feeling nice, and different. It may become my 'exceedingly close' network.
Im here, but 70% is private, so no-one but my friends would ever know
I actually deactivated FB yesterday and only using G+ as a social media vehicle. So yeah, I'm on this every day. And learned much more in a month from G+ than years on FB. To each their own. 
Like many there are just some things which I don't share with the world, and so much of my posting is done with friends and family. I post public once or twice a day (or at least attempt to) as long as I have some thing to say that is :-)
I visit G+ every day and post a few times a week - when I have chance.
I'm an every day man. I at least comment and mostly post every day.
+Robert Scoble After all the trouble I had to go through to get an invite, you want me to leave? Well, there's always orkut...
I read G+ every day as well. I don't write much and highly doubt what I do write is all that interesting to the wider community. But I have visited websites based on comments of others, and have I think two now in my bookmarks because of it. From that perspective, I think G+ has been successful.
I'm on G+ every day. I wish three API were out already so developers can tonality go nuts but I remain patient for the impending golden era of the Plus.
So Google+ isn't so much a social network as a place for pundits to post stuff for we, the unwashed masses, to consume. Sure we can comment, but what does that mean when there are instantly 100+ comments on every post? What are the chances your comment even gets read if you're not a web-celeb?

Engagement only matters to the people that make their living writing words on the internet. Just as the most valuable result of G+ to Google is the search signals, the most valuable result to the pundits is the NUMBER of comments, not the content of the comments.
Who care about their posts or stuff to be found by google when googling? Actually I don't. So I would leave google+ if I think I should, but it's all great here so why would I think about leaving google+ ? Specially to allow some one topics to be top 1 in search results? I'm in for a long long time now. 
I received the reply from a family member the other day that he was not going to join me in using Google+ because "I don’t like the idea of giving any more demographic/personal information to google...they already have too much."

This from someone who has worked all his life with computers. I've still got a mountain to climb in getting all my family digitally literate.
+Robert Scoble Ok, lets say thats true. Do you read through every comment on every post from people you follow? How about just the posts that interest you? Do you read through all of those comments? How many people do read through all the comments? I just find myself asking why I'm commenting at all on a pundit-post when the chances anyone will ever read it are almost nil.

That feeling was crystalized when you brought up the SEO power of G+. What normal person cares about how good the SEO is from Google+? How many of the 750 million people on Facebook do you think care about SEO?
I cant really see why G+ would grow much more while in beta status, they should be brave enough to welcome everybody. So far G+, Twitter and Facebook play along nicely and target different human needs.
+Robert Scoble I am not leaving G+, so your plans wont work. Yo be honest this is the first Social Media Tool I have found really engaging and interesting to use.
I'd say, +Robert Scoble that constantly focusing on the business side of Google+ and not the human side will be what ultimately makes your wish for all of us to leave a reality.
I'm not leaving cause I feel comfortable in G+... FB and the others are not as useful for me as G+ is
I'm waiting for the serious post. ^_^ Can't wait to dominate the world.
I use G+ continually. I'm on the verge of dumping FB permanently...given the lack of engagement there, I won't notice if it's gone. Much better community here. 
Count me in on being on Google+ on a daily basis, Yoav.
+Martin Johnson I think the point is that whether or not the original poster reads your comments and responds, plenty of others like myself do. I like g+ threads because they are interactive conversations amongst many people. Not just a one or two way conversation.
Here is a quick way to show that G+ is indeed the future for SEO. Just go ahead and type "hope everyone leaves google plus" in Google. It is this post that is the top result (since it has that phrase in the title). No way a blog post would have ranked that high. And remember that this post was made just 2 hours back!
Just like PageRank was used to determine how high results ranked, it appears that G+ is using - what I will call "Social Rank" to determine how high your G+ post comes up in search. So far "Social Rank" seems to be a) how influential you are on G+ (more followers = more influence) b) The post has a lot of +1s and shares. So +Robert Scoble if everyone left G+ you would not have that many followers and not that many people sharing and +1ing your posts - and your posts may not rank that high! So you do need everyone here and following you and +1ing and sharing your posts to get SEO benefits :-)
I have a number of people in my circles who post one or more times a day. I post or respond to others at least a couple of times a day myself. It's kind of confusing to me that some people think this place is a ghost town.
Not leaving and see quite a lot of activity in my stream. In fact, I have so much activity that I think we badly need some sort of tagging / filtering mechanism to sort things out. As it is, i think the Circles feature is a bit broken (or incomplete if you like). I categorize for example +Robert Scoble on my circle called "WebDev", I keep all the tech people there. This means that all of his posts will appear when I view the stream of this circle. This includes though Robert's posts about non-tech stuff, which might be interesting, but they are not what I signed-up for or want to read when I've selected to only my WebDev circle.
I am active everyday.. Not to the extent you are +Robert Scoble I too want my piece of the SEO pie.. I'm in it for the long haul!! 8-)
Robert While I find many of your posts iteresting and you seem like a very likable guy.Your post pretty much tells the reason why Im dropping you from my Google Plus I think you think Google Plus is your personal blog post to post as much as you want as often as you want. I look at google plus as a better extension of Twitter where I don't have to write cryptic haiku messages. With you as a friend here its Robert all the time ans nearly every post, in fact again this morning its ALL you. I would rather come to a site and see what a number of people are doing and saying. So please dont be offended I look forward to meeting you ,you seem like a good guy, I will look to see if you have web pages and I'll check in from time to time All the Best Lee
I started off on G+ with only one person in my circles, which was the friend that invited me. For quite a while, he was my only source of content. Slowly, things began to progress as my circles grew. While only a small percentage of Facebook users are on G+, I think that getting more personal friends and family helps the transition easier and makes you feel more comfortable.

One other side to this story is the concept of “social media overload”. I recently commented on another post where I mentioned this aspect of global communication. I have been encouraging friends and family to give G+ a try and see if it might be something of interest. Some of declined while others have said they may take a look at it. One of these friends recently had a discussion with me stating that the point at which social media is currently positioned is as far as it needs to go. In other words, we are progressing so much with online interconnectivity, thus putting the “real world” on hold. I recall a comment on the Corning video “A Day Made of Glass…” where the individual expressed his/her fatigue of so many screens around them and it seems that the future is nothing but this. Even Mike Elgan posted a story about his desire to use print media to escape this screen phenomena. Here is his post as well as another link relating to this topic:

Why I went back to paper newspapers, magazines and books by Mike Elgan

Why I Don’t Blog about My Personal Life Anymore by Chris Pirillo

Regardless of these possible downsides of social media, I am here to stay. I have met some wonderful people on G+, Facebook and other areas on the online community. I may not post a lot nor have a desire to become a star, but still see the benefit of expanding my mind and learning from others. I echo Chris Pirillo’s sentiments from the above link in that I will share certain parts of life with the world while reserving more private matters to those with whom I have an established closeness. G+ is certainly a great step to that end since I can share certain things with as few or as many as I want.
+Robert Scoble wipe your eyes and pinch yourself, smartie pants. Reverse psychology hardly works...
and we shall remain
the Google Plus-ers
Using Google+ simply as a way to get better search engine ranking (i.e. everyone else leaves Google+)? Flawed logic there :) Why would anyone read things on Google+ and if no one was on Google+ wouldn't have affect rankings?
+Robert Scoble If everyone leaves G+, then your postings here won't improve your search ranking, since no one can +1 them anymore:)
Remember that when it comes to a world domination plan you should consult with me first... I have several and if it wasn't for Pinky, I would have the world dominated by now...
Important: Google Remembers EVERYTHING!

Google is taking over Internet1, with likely plans to take over the world... Maybe in 30 Years it will grow so much that the US and EU/EMEA Governments will try to split it up like when they divided up the American Telegraph and Telephone Company, also known as AT&T. We ended up with a ton of smaller regional local phone companies, which all eventually merged into a small number of Large ones. For example: NYNEX (New York, New England eXchange) went to New York Telephone, then Bell Atlantic, and Now Verizon.

They have IPv6 via as well as Public IPv6 NS Resolvers. You are welcome to use their DNS/PublicDNS but as long as you realize that your entries will likely be indexed somewhere. Google's IPv6 is FAST though. You can get IPv6 capabilities via or

Internet1: Started out as a DARPA Project, Deployed in Universities for Research Purposes, naturally connected to the Military for Research and Development.
Eventually the Internet became connected to the public with the implementation of TCP/IP and DNS (with reverse leading to, SMTP and E-Mail. Before those days it was good old Dialup and BBS'es with encoded e-mail being delivered in a newsgroup manner using packet protocols.

Internet2: The next generation internet, available to Universities primarily, Significant Minimum Requirements include Ultra-High Speed Fiber. This is basically the new R&D network.

MILNET/Etc: This is where the data came from that ended up on WikiLeaks.

DNS Registrars: It was nice when the internet had only a few, in North America it was InterNic, which offered .COM's for $150/yr. Due to De-Regulation, it became Network Solutions. Things were easy then. Now things are a mess in the DNS and SSL Vetting World.

DNS Roots: Google has at least 1. Technologically this is good, but google has been known to use the data metrics to their own advantage in the past.

I agree that Google has done exceptionally well when it comes to the primary basis of it's business, Search. As one of the first Search Engines, the use of Distributed Load Processing and High-Performance Distributed Databases have made them the choice over other Search Providers because they basically index and Cache a LOT of Data...

I think Michio Kaku said it right, a Google is a mathematical representation of a number with a Million numbers after it (I think it was a million).

They have brought great talent into the company as well. While they are buying up everything, the fact is that it's consumers that are generating all the revenue.

Anyone with Google Toolbar on their machine, or especially all those folks who enter website destination names into the Google Search Engine instead of the Browser URL Bar gives google all of the data metrics to provide excellent targeted Advertitising.

After all, how does google make it's money? Yes, targeted ads.

Will they take over the internet? They have already Started.

Is your information secure? NO!

Does the US DHS have the ability to make use of their tracking data? YES!

Is it good that governments can have an easy single resource to monitor an individual and their usage on the internet? You Decide!

Remember The Telephone Voice Keyword Matching System (Echelon I think it was called)? While it was a top secret technology, it did provide usable intelligence data to the CIA and FBI. The cost? Our Rights.

Just something to Think About...
BTW is there a contest to see who posts the longest comment here ? 
I find the content Great and I appreciate the quality of people here. It's like FB is a Windows Machine and Google+ is a Mac
I'd say it's more like FB is a Windows machine, Twitter is an Apple ][ and Google+ is a Linux box. And it is actually. Lots of them in fact.
I found his posting everyday comment interesting.

I comment in gplus everyday but don't update my status everyday.


I just dont have something interesting to say everyday. I'd rather wait til I do than to write posts like I'm having a cheese sandwich right now for lunch. That benefits no one.

Plus it isn't all about talking about our selfs. This is a community and we take turns speaking.

Google+ has pretty much stole all my attention from my Twitter feed. Once the businesses aspect gets rolled in and the news organizations start participating I'll never need to read Twitter again. If they keep the blistering pace of updates going like they do with Chrome and Android this will be an incredible platform for social.
Why their are haters in this world? An honest disagreement is a great thing, otherwise its just pointless. Thanks Scoble for sharing, I read them thousands of miles away, they connect me to many people and thoughts.
+Robert Scoble I am with you on this Robert. +Paolo Tosolini and I have just successfully kluged G+ Hangouts with both Prezi and Powerpoint 2010 and I have seen at least 1 successful instance of a PIP Desktop Sharing and HangOuts ...with the exception of the last example, all of these have been Video Captured and posted to YouTube and Vimeo. I am anticipating that Google Doc integration isn't too far out on the time line ... As a 1st gen tool for Educators (I work with TEDxRainier - our mission is Ideas Worth Spreading) or Enterprise, the fact that you can build an end-to-end seamless pathway from Presentation --> to posting to YouTube --> to Sparks and extending the conversation with Just In Time G+ Mobile Huddles. This is Powerful ... and we haven't even seen the API release! What I see is nothing BUT Possibility for this platform ... Oh? Did we mention Google is Global? ... with exceptions Facebook is centric to N America & EMEA ... the growth market is APAC. ... Thank you, as always, for being the cutting edge thought leader ...
Coming here everyday at least for a while and still on search to get like minded professional circle; in fact there are not so many active people from Clothing Industry ;
+Mithu Hassan The only Textile people i have seen here are those who are posting Spam in comments to unrelated posts. You have to invite people from outside G+ with the same interests as you...

Genomsnittligt omdöme
+Stig Carlsson : Thanks for your adv; will invite more! Even though accepted the invitation but not becoming the active. Regarding posting; am not really sure what are you meaning by spam; for me nothing has been posted yet which are not related on my profession. May be it will be spam those who are not on Textiles Industry. If so, I feel sorry for that as I didn't care well of my circles.
If you define being Active here as posting stuff here every day, then i'm Not active. I have blocked a couple of sinners that i thought overposted loads of links to stuff that i disliked for reason of being to dumb to waste time with. Or being mildly racist in tone...

Genomsnittligt omdöme
I seem to be hooked on it after receiving an unexpected invitation. I mean, here it is, 2:40 AM in Melbourne, Australia, and I'm up using Google+. So that would be active, right?
+Yoav Feuerstein I am here everyday waiting for my friends to come over from FB :-). Guess it will take some time.
+Mithu Hassan "Spam" are defined by Me at least as posting links to other sites, here or outside of G+ in comment threads of other peoples posts, if they don't relate to the post or to other comments in some way.
Mostly the offending links are Commercial or leads to Phishing sites or even in some cases, to sites with offensive content like Pornography.

We also dislike "Astroturfing" here in the meaning of Posting links to your own or others Commercial sites if it's not just to your personal friend.

Artists like painters, photographers, musicians or filmmakers may post their own stuff here if it's of interest to other members of the Google Republic.

Otherwise it's best to post about things that you find interesting.

Don't be Boring, please, if you want any people Following or Adding you here...

Genomsnittligt omdöme
+Stig Carlsson : Thanks for your valuable comments. If like that; then may reading a lot of spam everyday as am not related with those even though they are not spammer; for sure. And it will be difficult to find a circle to survive with Google+.
I was searching for a film production person in Woodstock, NY - +Meira Blaustein - and found her on google+ at like the third or 4th link. I think there is something to this.
I'm hopping over to read the article.
Believe me or not i loving G+....
A Million + for efforts...
Robert Scoble & Joel Haasnoot - My company are launching the beta for our new app ( And we did not want to use twitter. So we looked at G+ but yeah, no luck if you are a company. We are really looking forward to that feature if its coming. G+ seems perfect for companys web presence.
Can't imagine not having Google+. I gave up social networking for over a year since there were no good options. Google+ is a breath of fresh air.
Many of us are super active upon Google+, even if we don't post every day. Many of us are just out there commenting and browsing through all the content. Not all of us can produce compelling content. I'm personally glad that some of the noise hasn't hit so much. I'm not so much of a fan of the twitter/Facebook style status updates that are plain inanity. The fact that Facebook and Twitter have "StatusShuffle" because people feel compelled to post, even when they have nothing of value to share. I would like to keep away from that. More content that is worth sharing, and engagement that keeps up makes for a better experience in my opinion.
Hahahaha! The future is here and it's called Google+. +Robert Scoble is betting the farm on G+, and so am I. If you want to be in with a chance of being a major player, it's not Facebook, or 140-character Twitter that's gonna do it. Can you guess what will? Yaaay! It's G+ and all the G+ers that actually have real content and real opinions about a plethora of topics. Soon there will be tools that directly integrate everything here and allow for splinter groups to meet without social or geographical boundaries. Open source just got it's meeting point. That black bar you see up there? That's going to start appearing all over the place. I'm sure of it. And just wait until Kout integrates Google+. There's gonna be some a serious drop in Klout rating for anyone who isn't engaging!
You won't go wrong betting your career on Google+ - any more that someone who betted their career on Microsoft in the 90s would lose - it is hardly a courageous decision. Thank goodness there are people who are not looking at it that way.
I wish Google will just go on and hire you +Robert Scoble, you promote their products more than they do. When it comes to Google, you are very biased for a blogger, tech analyst or whatever it is you want to be known as. Google+ is not the next best thing since sliced bread. It still has its problems and they still need to explain some decisions they have made with this product. I also like Google+ because it help to make FB better.
Im here daily, not because I have to but because I enjoy it... and somehow it makes the whole conversation bit more interesting than on facebook which is starting to look so old and... blue!
I am here daily too. Mostly reading, posting occasionally. I've not had as much fun online in 10-15 years as I have had in the last 10 weeks since G+ opened up.
Come, Pinky, we must prepare for tomorrow night
how about trying a trying a different technique to get your media plan to succeed, as i honestly think that Google+ is here to stay and win the war!
When Google+ wins the war against the evil Empire, there is no guaranty it will not become new Darth Vader.. we'll see
I wonder if someday you'll end up being deposed for a Google antitrust trial, Robert. "Google has one big stick: search. If you want your words, images, or videos to be available in Google search you need to put them in the places that will be rewarded best by Google." This is, almost by definition, anticompetitive behavior. If a picture is publicly posted to a social network with 750 million versus one with 50 million and the 50 million network gets precedent, that seems dangerous for Google in two ways: it would undermine trust in Google's search engine and also would seem to set it up for the very same antitrust accusations faced by Microsoft back in the day. .If Google is leveraging it's strength in search engines to alter search results that reward users of its social network, that seems like dangerous territory for Google.
I'm not so sure, Robert. If the "social behavior" is a lot of "LOL," "Yeah, and "First!", then no. That's the problem--some social content is great and other times is just a string of useless chatter.

More to the point of this thread, provided Google treats public social content from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ equally, there is no problem. But your original post implied Google is giving and will give preference to social content on Google+. That's a problem, and not one Google should take lightly for either brand or legal reasons. I know they're desperate for social success, but I hope they don't go so far to try to stack the deck with +1 buttons and Google+ that they lose their core value to consumers.
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