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My CES schedule

This is what a week at CES looks like before we get there. I think I can visit the show floor for an hour or two here. :-)

Anyone got more to fit in? Heheh.

Tomorrow we're driving down in a new Ford Plug-in Hybrid that +Scott Monty leant us. More then!

Oh, and I'm wearing my +SCOTTEVEST stuff that +Scott Jordan sent me. Only way I can hold all my battery packs for Google Glass! :-)

UPDATE: You can meet us at several of these events.

Noon, Tuesday, January 7: Gary's Book Club (Official CES event/book signing):

7 p.m. Wednesday, January 8, Monsters of Tech (sponsored by Hang w/):
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Look at all that white space! 
Here's for hoping of any scrape of Glass news. ^_^

I will be waiting eagerly.
You are crazy Robert. I see you posted this on your facebook page too. Do you prefer Google+ to Facebook? Do you get similar engagement? Do you ever post exclusively to one rather than the other? Do you use HootSuite or similar to share content to all your social feeds? Have you ever done a video tutorial on how you manage all your social networks?
+Patrick Quirke it depends on whether I link Facebook and Twitter to Google+. :-)

+Matt Uebel I seriously doubt we'll see any Glass news next week. I expect Glass to have news at end of February at Mobile World Congress, but +Vic Gundotra would probably be better one to ask about that. Hi Vic!
+Mark Zoeckler the problem is that it takes about 30 minutes just to walk from South Hall to North Hall, so the gaps are there on purpose. Ever tried to get a taxi at CES? That's called hell line.
+Vic Gundotra you going? You should post your calendar. I bet it is even more ugly than mine. But if you post yours you'll probably reveal where the secret Google parties are. :-)
Yes AS a press member covering  CES this year that's how I feel as well Robert Scoble, hopefully we will run into each other at some point I have  a White Google Glass if you want to identify me lol
See, i'd want to head to vegas and go make pictures... id be all frustrated if I brought a cam and wouldnt make a shot. 
I know +Robert Scoble just a tongue in cheek jab - I figured a tech icon like yourself would have a car on call -- Rackspace is slacking ;). I admire your determination, I gave up traipsing CES years ago. Fun but exhausting! Have a great time!
I will be there +Robert Scoble.. I'd love to get together somehow.. That calendar is stacked.. I'm sure it's going to be a madhouse! Looking forward to seeing everything at CES again.. it's been a while.
R ehb
Ford Plug-in Hybrid !  :)
Old Vegas trick I used at CES and Super Bowl weekends was to grab an independent town car or limo at the airport for initial ride to hotel. Get the guys card and ask him if you can call an book him direct. If not, ask if he has friends with cars who are independent and will. Usually have to call with some lead time, but beats the cab ride...
Yeah my trick predates Uber, good point. Wow the surcharges will be unreal though...
+Robert Scoble I know a lot of tech people are sick of this show but this should be an amazing year at the show. Plus I always like the hidden gems that people don't "see" the potential of and I do :)
Whisky tasting! Nobody told me about a whiskey tasting!?
+Mark Dawson yeah, I think this show should be better than usual. Lots of hot categories this year, home automation, 3D printing, wearables, automobiles, beacons, and more! Last year I met CEO of Primesense and 11 months later Apple bought it. Wonder what we'll see this year?
Yup. Looks similar to mine. Should be a productive week, albeit exhausting! :)
I can't wait. I'll be there Monday night ready to go
+Jason Nunnelley you gotta talk to +Chris McKillop about the whisky tasting. Not sure there's any seats left, we're going to a small place for some really killer whisky. Tuesday morning is gonna be hard!
+Randy Hudson exactly! That's why I posted my calendar so people could make me better offers for my free time! :-) (Or invite me to better parties).
Why not transmitting your life completely? Like Carrey some 20 years ago; 'The Robert Scoble Show', doesn't sound that bad! 
+Adri Munier I actually thought about that but most of my life is boring and the exciting parts are sometimes not sharable. ;-)
Ahhh that explains the sleep period you've scheduled for 3pm on the 5th day +Robert Scoble. Certainly you don't intend to actually sleep during CES.
Looks like a lot of fun! (And I mean that unsarcastically)
This is an introvert's (read: my) worst nightmare. Good luck and have fun.
"On the fifth day he rested"
A nap at 3? Couldn't have penciled in an interview ;) ?
I'll have to have the guy from my team who is representing us at CES come check out some of these events, especially your book signing. Glad to see you'll be spending some time with +Sascha Pallenberg in there!
If you end up stopping by the IEEE booth, say hi to Gil--he should be the one wearing our Glass unit (his first time, perhaps you can give him some pointers since you've had it much longer).
My CES invitation was lost in the mail. Again. 
Come check out the Epson booth showing off our latest Augmented Reality Training solutions. The demo will be something you'll want to see.
This how my vacation schedule looks like. See you soon ;)
the two things i'm looking forward to reading about... steambox hardware partners, and a rumoured nexus google tv box.    things i'm not interested in reading about.... 4k TVs, curved TVs
I don't know what to say about the pik I don't like it I love it
Best part?: The Whiskey Tasting! ;-)
That's a pretty calendar you got there :)
I need the tools to do this. Wait 
Those are good problems, my friend.
See you at pepcom! Sonavation is exhibiting, I'm excited to show you what we've done with our ultrasound sensor!
As famous as you are, your party schedule is light :-) 
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