RIM responds

+Alec Saunders of Research in Motion and I had a chat on Friday. Here's his point of view of the conversation : http://www.saunderslog.com/2012/02/17/chatting-with-scobleizer-about-rim/

Me? I think they are in deep trouble with developers. In fact it's getting to be worse and worse everytime I hear someone talk about RIM. A major defense contractor, this weekend, told me they were moving away from Blackberries. I've heard the same from other companies, like GE, Aetna, and Comcast.

Will their strategy be enough to pull them out? I don't believe so. They are facing not just two very powerful ecosystems:

1. Apple.
2. Google.

But a third competitor, Microsoft, has very deep pockets and still is loved by its developers as well, not to mention that they have a much better ecosystem with Windows, Office, and Xbox.

That said, there still is a lot of love for Blackberry and RIM around the world and many millions still carry their devices. That tells me they still have a shot, even though if it's a very small shot indeed.

Hey, I remember the days when the industry said Apple didn't have a chance. Of course they had Steve Jobs and Apple didn't have three strong competitors bashing it, only one who was just about to get slow due to the DOJ action and its sheer size.

But, maybe I'm wrong. I've been wrong before.
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