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Want some art in your life? Follow this circle of designers, graphic artists, and general artists. Know someone not on this circle who should be? Let me know!

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Thanks, Robert.

I gotta say, I wish this was a bigger Circle. Google+ is a pretty awesome place for creatives.
Thanks! - my artists circle was woefully small
what do you mean by "general artists?" you mean fine artists?
I do some of those things. Not sure if I make the cut, I suppose since my stuff it more on the web design side, though I do play with digital art.
Love these, I'm kind of a dabbler, I post photography, and art, fashion, run a food blog so you know I post food, but am a geek and webnerd at heart. I don't seem to fit in any specific circle, but I definitely love you sharing these for us all to discover likeminded and rad g+ peeps who are more ven diagram versions of circles.
I've probably got too many people to follow already, but you're doing the Google+ user community a huge favor, +Robert Scoble.
I promise to upload all of my design work right now if I get added to this! You take bribes like this, right? Ha!
Not to toot my own horn, but I am a designer as well and do share a lot of design content. ;)
+Robert Scoble Well...we do go a long way back. Maybe one day I'll make my way to Cali and get to meet you in person.
Hey +Robert Scoble. Wow, you've been sharing a lot of circles lately. That explains my more than 3000+ followers in less than a week. Anyway, can I be on this one too? I've been designing some geeky wallpapers in my down time and has a little taste for UI designing as well.
Artist here, I design and illustrate custom playing cards for Bicycle... wanna add me to the circle?
Hello I am an designer and artist would like to be added. I am starting new and soon will begin showcasing my works. See you here thank you for sharing the circle :)
I am an Illustrator and designer, I think I am already in one of your circles but I am not in this one!
+Robert Scoble Please add me to your list of creatives. I am a designer and paint too. Also, taking up Photography.
Hi +Robert Scoble,

Is there room for a Graphic Designer turned Web Designer turned Web Developer in this circle?
This is great: I have many of these peeps already but just made a 'Scoble Mix' circle with everyone. Thanks!
Add me :) Fx animator and digital painter.
Me! Im a MUA/Photographer/Stylist/Painter/Digital Artist :)
Thanks a lot for these circle shares. It's great to get some new inspiration in my stream.
Yes, I concur and thank you for this wonderful group of like minded people.
TY ! - as I wrote above here some place. This is a mind/eye/sense opening experience ;-) ! Incredible pictures/images, inspiring !
Me, me, and me. Artist and Designer, though I keep distinct circles between artists and designers, because thinking and therefore expression differ greatly.
Yet again, thanks for sharing! Your circles have definitely enriched my stream.
I'm a blogger and designer. I'm also a smartass. Circle accordingly.
Any way you can share those highly tech by their tech area? Thanks!
I'm an Oil Painter/Sketch/Airbrush and Tattoo Artist!
I would love to be in this circle if my work is suitable, i'm graphic designer and horror photographer i all so do a lot of artistic make up and processing.
Hey Robert, feel free to add me to the list, I'm an animator, working at Disney now.
Thanks for adding me on G+, but if you don't mind, this is the circle I am most fit for. Although I met you and Rocky on a photowalk, I am only an amateur photographer. I make my living as a full-time designer. Thanks for the opportunity to say hi!
You can add me I'm a digital illustrator/artist/thing :0B
+Robert Scoble dear Robert, thank you, well added! waiting for my life will become more colored with this art circle.
Wow... thank you for listing me. I am honored sir :) Although to be honest, I think I belong more in some nerdy techy circle. I do posses a graphic design degree but I currently own a company that operates in the medical field and my design work is limited to say the least.
Thanks for the share
I would be moore than happy if you putted me in that list.
I'm a digital artist and a designer as well. I do landscape design work and urban plazas.
Scottish Artist of weirdy stuff and sensible portraits too. Add me if you like a bit of light entertainment :-)
Thanks +Robert Scoble for all these great lists! I learned a ton today just by reading my feed. As a graphic designer & photog myself, this particular circle is going to be really inspirational :)
i am an artist too. i paint with pens and also digital. i am an art director too, do composings and design graphic things. only my english is bad ;)
Seems like +Robert Scoble put something in motion with these circle posts. I think G+ got a lot bigger only with these couple of posts. And now I'm beginning to see the full potential of it. Like +Christina Trapolino said "Google+ is a pretty awesome place for creatives"
Thanks for the mention +James Day. There seems to be mixed uses of the word "art" I don't really consider my work to be "traditional" Scobie's circle, as he says, contains a lot of techies, designers and graphic artists...not what I would put in a circle of "artists" What about musicians, dancers, poets, painters, sculptors, writers? I guess it all depends on what people consider Art to be. My definition is one where the artist is creating from their source and soul and with their own body and hands, perhaps a circle of "fine artists"? Just my two cents and bravo for sharing circles!
+Tim Aerts , I totally agree. I have my own tiny circle of poets and writers starting. A group of us writerly types has even started a weekly hangout to workshop stories, novel excerpts, non-fiction pieces and poems. We're from both US coasts and all places is a fantastic resource. I also use it quite a bit to post industry info (poets have an industry...I guess), and upcoming readings, opportunities, etc. I can't say enough great things about how G+ brings people together in creative ways.
+Robert Scoble I added this circle to my artist friend circle as well. Would you please add me as well. I am a professional portrait artist painting in oils. Thanks!
thanks for sharing! I'm a graphic designer from iran ,Also, taking up Photography. And like to be in this circle
Thank you Robert! I'm a Designer from France, If you want to add me, feel free ;) Have a nice day!
Thanx for sharing your circle, I do wildlife airbrush art and fine art. feel free to add me to the circle as well. thanx
I would also like to be in this circle. Not sure if I make the cut, I post mostly my illustrations, sometimes some video and 3d design, and stuff my ceramicist sister does. thanks for sharing!
Hey +Robert Scoble - I really appreciate you putting me in this circle! :) See, I want more followers so I can share with more people a few things I'm passionate about, including my writings and #animations on #nonviolentcommunication at and the #android Phone Comparison List I update almost daily at So thanks for helping me grow an audience! :)
Please add me and my company. Global Web FX Inc.
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