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Third new feature this week from Facebook. Ahh, I love this Google+ vs. Facebook war. I notice the Google folks are very quiet this week. They better be coding like mad and not sleeping if they want to keep Facebook from gaining an even bigger lead.
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I saw it when I updated my Foursqaure app on my Evo last night
Tom Cag
what's that branch/bush thing in the top right hand corner???
I dont know how there lead could get any bigger if you are talking about users are they not pretty much maxed out at this point?
Is there any demographic data (yet) regarding early adopters of G+? My perception is: older, geekier than average. I'm adjunct at SJSU and noticed my (grad) students aren't using G+.
Where the hell is G+ event & calendar integration? It's the last feature from Facebook that I'm actually missing.
Finally, after 7 years - Facebook gets "approval tags" - the 1 thing MySpace got right 10 years ago...
+Robert Scoble What do you think of Foursquare in comparison to Gowalla, especially Gowalla's new direction?
Maybe Google+ doesn't want to be another Facebook. My guess is they know they will not beat Facebook in numbers for the coming time. They probably differentiate on other aspects. But yes, they will also have to launch new features to show which way they are going.
Yeah it's been slow at Google. I've only seen live streaming and recording of hangouts to YouTube this week.

Get coding you slackers!
I won't consider FB leading until they make all their ways to login secure. G+ has no way to log in insecurely with a browser. You have to fight FB to get a secured login page.
+David D. Stanton I also dropped skype when Microsoft bought it, and stopped using Foursquare when Latitude became tied in with Maps on Android.
Battle lines drawn. FB firing muskets this week while Google blows dandelions 
I really want to see events tied into Google Calendars but yeah I gave up on Skype and Foursquare a long time ago.
So, what is this new feature, exactly?
That sounds like an unholy union, what with Facebook doing it's own "places" thing.
But yeah, the more Google+ and Facebook war, the more we win.
FB will have to do a lot +Robert Scoble to get me to come back. I have found a wonderful camaraderie on G+ with my fellow photographers and movie makers.... I didnt have that with FB.
Facebook firing bullets this week while Google goes to Burning Man. (Wait, that was Diaspora)
Like any other new Facebook feature, it must be hyped beyond belief and then finally released when you've already forgotten about it. :D
+Robert Scoble Fellowship is what makes the world go round. I didnt feel as though I had that keeping up with people, JUST because I went to school with them or some other far off thingie. I like what I have at G+ and feel it far outweighs what I had at FB.
I have a feeling a ton of cool stuff for Google+ will be coming out around the same time as ICS.
It has become a rat race lol glad both my Linkedin and FB accounts are closed for good :)
G+ doom and gloom aside, Google has FB in a mad scramble to catch up (in terms of features) and iterate. I have a feeling G+ is going to continue to iterate in unpredictable ways that make FB continue playing this (slightly embarrassing for them) game of catch-up.
+Nicholas Rumas In all fairness, I think it could be viewed as FB realizing that adapting to competition will keep them relevant. Without having something like G+ come along, they obviously didn't have the motivation to try new things like this. Really, if they didn't react like this, they'd be the next MySpace, whom they out-innovated.

It really is amusing to see them on the defensive, but I think it'll also make for good competition in the long run.
I agree with +wen huang - Google is going to force Facebook to either get better, or end up like MySpace - this is a win for the consumer. The new subscription feature is a fantastic step, and better scare the hell our of Google and Twitter.
I have 134 friends on facebook and only 1 person besides me has turned on Subscriptions. They don't grasp the concept or they don't want strangers following their life.
Well Google just released their APIs for Google+, that was fast for a social network.
(Without reading all the previous comments)

I thought I read somewhere that location-based services like 4SQ, Gowalla and Latitude were losing luster as the fad to check-in everywhere was dwindling down? I mean, didn't Facebook kill their own location service because no one was using it?
+Robert Scoble So Robert, the best reason to stick with Gowalla is because Foursquare has been adding layers of cruft for some time now. It has become the FireFox of old, with so many plugins, leaving that giant opening for Chrome to step up and take over. Why do I have to click "check in" 3 times?
Can someone update me on the status of the API? I haven't seen the news about its release.
BTW....Solid Google + now, not going back no matter what FB does......
I think the push notifications added to the foursquare API is bigger news :P
What FB should have learned but never has is that the user experience trumps features. If the UI is too noisy, too heavy, too complicated, etc. why bother with it? I love Foursquare but I won't trouble myself with using it on FB. Enough is enough.
This new feature makes a lot of sense, considering that Foursquare has been the only company so far to successfully manage location aggregation. I never used Facebook places, and I don't know hardly anyone who does (much less the location services built into G+ and Twitter, for that matter). The only thing holding Foursquare back was the very limiting amount of social integration it had. Facebook + Foursquare? It sounds like a match made in heaven, if done right.
"I notice the Google folks are very quiet this week" Lol! Seems you spoke too soon. ;) (G+ API)
Yes, noticed it today. Very strange thing!
I get the feeling facebook has been waiting for someone to try to best them, just so that they can refine and roll out new features
I may be considered dense, but I am not yet catching the similarity between Facebook and G+. They're two separate entities with two different purposes, both of them having pros AND cons. As a user of both (mostly FB only because of who I choose to interact with on there), I feel that the competition is artificially manufactured.
This used to be called "Around The Web" and Facebook has been testing it since last month. We confirmed with Foursquare that this is not part of any official partnership.
It's not yet available on my FB account. I had already noticed that sort of integration with Gowalla and with Qype some weeks ago, but not yet with Foursquare (and neither with "tellmewhere", but that's not yet a popular service)
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