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Major new features coming to Hangouts. Looks like we'll soon be able to broadcast hangouts and record them, too. I hear these will come to a small set of users first, then spread to the rest of us. As soon as I get these features I'll use them a LOT. Good stuff!
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Google+ Hangouts: Going beyond the status update

One of the most intimate forms of human connection is eye contact. Our digital tools have given us new forms - text messages, email, status updates - but nothing compares to the richness and intensity of looking into someones eyes as they talk.

Our emphasis on face-to-face-face group video communication has lead to some amazing experiences. By giving this away for free, we've enabled people around the world to see into each others eyes and share discussion and laughter in new ways.

Today, we improve the service significantly.

1) We are enabling you to hangout on any post.
2) We've reached an important milestone for "Hangouts on Air". Hundreds of people (who we have whitelisted as part of our trial) can now broadcast their hangouts to the entire world for free completely self-service. Our goal is to enable this for everyone on the planet.
3) We are making it possible for you to start hangouts from messenger on Android or iPhone devices.
4) You can call any phone number in the world and conference in anyone.
5) We threw in a reindeer :-)
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Wow... I think webex et al just got some major competition. :)

Can we say Google+ for business?
These features will make hangouts even greater. Can't wait!
+Roger Byrne I know you can invite specific people in the same way you can message specific people on G+ It would basically be a limited hangout just with the people invited.
That's so neat! I can think of a million uses for broadcasts!
This would make a great tool for doing online TV shows...
Great News! So podcasts could die soon lol (well not really)
Great addition.....thanks for the heads up!
Not sure if it has changed, but currently to joing a hang out from an Android phone, it requires Gingerbread. If you invite some they will get that message if their phone is not gb. The mesaage doesn't say which version of gb is required. GTalk vidoe was introduced in 2.3.4
Waoo.... Supper Supper Fantastic features of G+....
Facebook should be copying this in 3,2,1........
irish d
now we just need a listing of all these hangouts going on and maybe a calendar integration (for reminders and scheduling) and it'll be perfect!
We're coming to a point we're recording almost everything.
This will be pretty hard to copy Eric. The resources must be enormous.
4) You can call any phone number in the world will that be for free? its free to call using google chat in u.s and canada. Will they extend it other countries too?
It's like Chatroulette meets Yammer ! :D
dorio x
Wow this is coollllll
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