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Great conversation with a guy who took +FreshBooks out of his mom's basement to hiring more than 100 people -- all focused on helping small businesses keep their financials in order. 

I love my job, but talking with people like Mike makes me want to start my own business.

Oh, and this is different than many of my conversations with entrepreneurs. Now that I have a community on Google+ for people creating companies I'll be asking entrepreneurs for more of their tips, like this. Great insight into building companies.

Join that community at -- nearly 4,000 have joined already.
The CEO of +FreshBooks just visited me at my house and I thought this would be an awesome chance to ask him for tips for our community. In this 30-minute conversation Mike explains how he avoids hiring assholes, and lots of other tips for entrepreneurs. <<-- Listen in!
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True that +FreshBooks  is a great tool. I find it a real petty tough that the ditched their freemium model for very small businesses. 
Every business has to start small and I think other businesses that have been small once  should help the new ones.
I love these guys - have been a Freshbooks user for a long time.  I used to hate invoicing so badly that I would actually lose money sometimes because I couldn't sit still long enough to create an invoice for a job I finished.  Until Freshbooks came into my life.  Now it's so easy to invoice, and for clients to pay, that I turn it around in a minute.  I love the Bid creation ability, also, because I just turn a proposal into an invoice when the bid is approved.  The client's are always impressed, too.  My small clients can even use PayPal with the click of button inside one of my invoices.  

When you create a good product that small companies or contractors can use for minimal investment, then you create something people like to talk about in communities.  I heart you Freshbooks.
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