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Good morning from the administrator!

Sorry I've been over in Europe so haven't had much time to put into this, but now I'm back and am very happy to see 3,073 members this morning. Pretty cool!

What's nice is that Google+ has been blocking noisy posts. A ton of them. A few that were good got blocked too, I approved those. But I see there's a need for some general ground rules:

1. Google+ and I will block posts that have very little value other than a link to your community or to your website. Translation: advertising isn't allowed here. Participate here, build up some social capital, before trying that kind of stuff.

2. English only sorry. While translations are getting better it puts a tax on those of us who are participating here. For now we'll make this an English-only community. 

3. All "high-noise, low signal" posts are in danger of getting pulled from here. I'm going to bias toward not wasting time. So posts that just say "hi," while well meaning, aren't going to get posted.

Anyway, there are a few other things that I'll protect the community from, really am looking forward to participating here. At some point I'll probably make a few others here moderators too because I can't keep up with the flow if it gets crazier than this.

Speaking of which, anyone here use the Net Promoter Score? At Rackspace we use this like a religion and I know many other companies do too. Maybe I'll start a new section called "measuring greatness." What do you think? What does this community need?
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+Robert Scoble If there's anything I can do to help out, just let me know. I love the idea of this community ! 
+Robert Scoble If I become a moderator, can I post in French ?  :) Btw, I see you picked up an iPhone 5 on the way home, that was so nice ! I still have to pick up an iPad to replace mine that was stolen ! 
+Robert Scoble  our challenges are new every day!  We have about a Dozen people on the team at http://www.StuckInCustoms.com -- we are profitable, so "money" is no longer the challenge.  The challenge is in having a steady stream of products and services that satisfy the low-end customer and the high-end customer.

We just did something high-end ( $7900 price point ) https://plus.google.com/105237212888595777019/posts/Twd7WYDtZKR  -- BUT, we are having a video crew there to record it so we can also sell it later online via Hangouts/YouTube Live to the other customers for less than $100.

(and yes, +Euro Maestro  should be a moderator Robert!)
Thanks for the endorsement +Trey Ratcliff 

I got an email the other day from Curtis saying the NZ workshop was sold out already.  Congratulations to you and the team, that was awesome news. I already sent Curtis a congratulatory email as well. 

Next year it would be cool if you could do another Paris workshop but perhaps followed up with a trip around France.  You could do something similar to what you did with Tom.  That way you could combine a low cost product and a high end one on the same trip. 
One of the challenges for many new startups revolves around patent management.  This was particularly difficult in Europe.  The EU has finally introduced a unitary patent.  I posted about that earlier today. This will greatly reduce both the difficulty and cost of filing patents in Europe. 
I am curious about Net Promoter Score. What is that? +Robert Scoble

You also asked about the biggest challenges for owning a business? I originally thought improving in weak areas was key but realized that was a mistake. Let me explain.

When I started working on my weaknesses they did improve but guess what happened? I wasn't focusing on my strengths and that was a huge mistake.

I've realized that you should have laser focus on what you are great at and hire others to fill the void. Every since then it has been much smoother.
After just joining the community, finding these rules takes a bit of poking around. I'm not sure it makes sense to have them in the "About" section, but there really ought to be a way to have the rules presented to new members before they begin posting. Many newcomers will unknowingly violate these rules (which are pretty much just social best practices) and I'm curious as to how you, +Robert Scoble, will be letting people know they have violated and ought to view the rules of the community. Is there a community for Community Moderator Best Practices?

Also worth noting, I was originally very excited about Google Plus, but my interest quickly turned lukewarm. The addition of Communities has prompted me to give it a larger slice of my social media attention span once again.
+Robert Scoble, happy to see you post here, I assumed you were busy but was a little concerned with the amount of spam that was potentially stacking up.  One of my first thoughts when seeing communities released was for one focussing on business and startups, so to have you be the creator was a perfect fit.

I'm not sure what your goals for the community are but I would love to see a bit of effort put toward trying to make it highly engaging.  It would be great to see them utilised and have 'invited' guests from some of the companies you have interviewed talking about something that others may find useful.  Community hangouts would also be great in this regard, but shouldn't be strictly done there as it limits the audience.

Perhaps if you would also be interested in creating a weekly topical post it may help to increase community engagement around that.

Just a couple of ideas!  I tried to get the tools section off to a good start.  I personally would love to see other posts done in that kind of format.
+Ben McNulty I'd be very curious to hear why your interest in Google Plus quickly turned lukewarm. 
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