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I always listen to what +Larry Page says to discern where Google might be going. Love those glasses Larry, can I sign up for the beta test? :-)

Great to see talks from Google's Zeitgeist conference posted online.
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If there is a beta test, please make it so that anyone in the world can take part in it.
I think cr-48 testers should be Google Glasses testers :D
If you don't have the juice to get a pair, the rest of us must abandon all hope. (If you do, I want to look through them).
"The best people want to work on the most ambitious projects" There's some wisdom, there.
Why does Larry read from a paper instead of from his glasses?
Considering Gmail, it's not really true that G+ was "started from scratch"
Good point about finding people within Google - LinkedIn doesn't do such a great job.
Very impressive speech...and not one tedious overhead slide to distract from his ideas.
Make the world a better place, let's do it.
so it's a camera that you wear over your eye's???
Should it not be "project spectacle", or is that just a British thing?
+Robert Scoble: not, perhaps, the right place for this, but you just showed up randomly on my feed and i wanted to say hello; i'm +Luke Kilpatrick's friend and met you while we were on our cycling tour down the west coast. i hope all is well with you and yours :)
good talk, aggregates all the things google is doing rather nicely.
I've never actually heard him talk. That was... interesting.
JP Lang
+Thomas Walton could we call them "projectacles"? Or does that just sound weird?
I wonder if they're going to make the glasses reversible so that you can wear them over either either eye depending on whether someone is left-eye or right-eye dominant.
He called it Google Glass. Singular since it's only one side. I wonder if they'll be able to integrate Google Glass into a a pair of glasses that you already wear.
It might be a step backwards. Lasik is trying to get us away from glasses and Google is using glasses.
It does look interesting to try.
You know that people r trying to make glasses that scan stuff at first the show wat there made of.
Hadn't seen him do a talk before. Really good talk and very natural, unless he's reading from paper! Anyone who colour co-ordinates his microphone is ok with me.
He seemed a little hesitant but had very cool goals. 
The microphone suppose to match his t-shirt?
He's got an entire computer strapped to his eyeball but they couldn't find a tiny mic to strap to his ear?
Strange he is using a piece of paper instead of reading a document off the glasses
Not at all, I think "Projectacles" is perfect, +J Paul Lang! It sounds a bit gadgety, a bit Victorian and a bit scary too: everything a new device name needs :)
I remain unsure to what purpose i would put glasses connected to the internet but like all things internet porn will be among the early favourites.
Surely the military has an interest in that technology.
He is reading from a piece of paper because his name is Larry Page, not Glass... 
After all ,have you been able to appoach simple issue of Persian Gulf?
I don't know why I keep thinking of the scouter glasses from Dragon Ball Z when I see these thing. I'm curious to see how far this technology can go (i.e., if you could look at someone and tell if they're pregnant, drunk, or ill)
Just realized, he kind of sounds like Kermit the Frog or Ernie.
"Easy to think of technology as static" ?! Really ?

Self aggrandizement by faux differentiation if you ask me.

Q1: Did he deliberately coordinate his mic windscreen with his shirt ?

Q2: How come a guy in his position has not been better trained in public speaking ?

"I'm incredibly excited about that" - you have to believe it's true because I told you, never mind that I don't SOUND excited at all.
Sign me up for beta testing. 
20 minutes and not once did he talk about the glass(es) other than to point out he was wearing them. So I guess they don't actually work yet.

As others have mentioned, he was reading from notes, so the glass(es) weren't even able to act as a simple auto-cue.

Those asking to queue up for the beta better pack a few lunches... you could be in line for a loooooong time. :)
+Jolyon Smith The first thing he did when he started speaking was to reference a picture of the crowd and share with the company.
I'm sorry but this bloke is seriously boring, or is it just my speakers?
+Robert Le Blah : which establishes that he is wearing a camera, nothing more. Hardly cutting edge, let alone innovative. That's capturing reality, not augmenting it. (why didn't they have a video feed showing us what he was seeing, plus whatever augmentation was currently being overlaid ? one has to suspect it is because there was nothing to show, otherwise they would have shown it, no ?)

When they can do anything more than that even remotely related to the vision for them being promoted, then I might be interested. But until then it's still just concept, not technology.
+Jolyon Smith yeah John. I'm pretty sure it's more of a concept being tested at the moment. I don't think they've even pretended otherwise.
I'm a big fan of Google Plus but that sounded like a pretty weak defense to me. "We're better than zero!" is not much of a rallying cry.
I want to be a tester for Project Glass as well. I love almost everything Google is up to and would happily spread the word and give plenty of feedback if I was given a pair of these.
If the glasses are working, then why not use the glasses instead of the paper?
Zeitgeist, oh boy a big Gernan word for boring
I bet if he had done this presentation on Friday, and was feeding in the Facebook stock price into his glasses, he would have been laughing to himself and not been able to do the speech.
This phrase was great! "A healthy disregard for the impossible."
Wouldn't call him a dynamic speaker... but good stuff none-the-less.
Compared to an Apple keynote, this is a snoozer,..especially with such an innovative product..but hey, what do I know...
I WANT ONE. After they fix the kinks and everythign!
Right mr Blu what do you know? I listen to their keynotes to stay informed not to be entertained, If I wanted to be entertained I would watch some tv
A Canty
I want those GLASSES!!!!!!
I want those glasses!! I would love to beta test it!!
Larry's clearly on board with the Singularity.

Can't wait to get the 2025 Google NanoPrinter so I can print my own space elevator.
Ok, some say that he is bad public speeker, but just listen what he says and imagine the world he is trying to describe! He is a very inspirational person. I like the way he is thinking. 1)Don't be afraid of failure
2)People that work on technology are few in comparsion to the earth population and the ways that technology can help us

(as a software developer i wish i had the opportunity to work for that company)
JP Lang
Have to agree with some of the other comments: not much of a public speaker. Should take elocution lessons, for starters. Then get involved with Toastmasters.
+Robert Le Blah Carl Sagan sounded like Kermit too! I quite like Kermit voices, but he's a bit more Ernie.
That was are very informing experience. That u!!!
+Robert Scoble I'm surprised +Larry Page wouldn't give you a set. I've heard they are nothing like the video. Really just a bar at the very top of your view at this point.
at around 3:30, sounds alot like apple

which is cool, i agree thats how it should be, but just noticing
Good quote, +Larry Page. " if you can imagine it it, with enough concerted effort it is possible."
cautionary tale: Navin R. Johnson --the Opti-Grab
Igor R
have google glasses on the head, still read agenda from the paper.
You would think Google could improve the throat lozenge.
Dude I REALLY WANT ONE NOW :'( But I won't be able to get it for some time.
Well he could work on his speaking, but I don't really care he is awesome in my book.
Incredible, Larry has white hair. How runs the time! However this project is interesting.
I don't think he's a bad public speaker at all, I can't stand people who go all hyper and yelling on the stage.
he should have used the glasses to display his notes instead of having to look down the whole time :)
They will make glasses that can scan stuff so people know what makes them. But thats in the a long time but the glasses r great
With all that money that geek he can afford a stylus
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