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Gonna disrupt Techcrunch Disrupt

I just learned that I'll be at Techcrunch Disrupt in San Francisco at September 8-12 in the expo hall along with +Rocky Barbanica and we'll be interviewing startups in the +Rackspace Hosting booth . I've arranged with +TechCrunch to get you a $100 discount. Just use the discount code Scobledsf12 at 

Will you be there?

If you are a startup and are going to demo there for the first time, please let me know so I can do some videos for you ahead of time.
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+Robert Scoble  - you are a very busy man, it seems! Between your time in conversations here and all your trips, it's a wonder you've got room for anything else! ;)  Have fun!
I will be there as a volunteer. I am very excited of having the opportunity to be around amazing people delivering amazing products
Akshay, I sent a personal email to expressing my interest and they sent me a sign up sheet. I am not sure if there are still taking volunteers but you sure can try as well. Good Luck!
Sounds like totally disruptive disruption...which means it must be very impotant . ;-)
Thanks for the discount code! See you there!