Dear Google+ community. Tomorrow you will see several articles saying that Google+ has been matched by a competitor (my NDA ends at 11 a.m. Pacific). These articles will miss the point. Somewhat.

Instead of lashing out at the messenger, or lashing out at this competitor, why don't we try something different?

Listen and help.

Listen to the feedback and learn from it. Help Google become a service that's actually different, and better, from its competitors.


Have you sent feedback in lately? Have you rebuilt your circles and found someone interesting and new yet? Have you put a great post in here about something you care about? Have you posted a great photo?

Great content and a great community are going to be the differentiators here.

The competitors can beat the feature set. But they can't match that.

So, instead of complaining tomorrow, or grousing that Google hasn't given us what we want yet (I have a long list, believe me) get a stiff upper lip and post some great content. I'll be looking for that, believe me.

Oh, and to all the Y Combinator startups that are launching tomorrow too, congratulations! I'll be there in the morning making content to help do exactly what I'm preaching.
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