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Dear Google+ community. Tomorrow you will see several articles saying that Google+ has been matched by a competitor (my NDA ends at 11 a.m. Pacific). These articles will miss the point. Somewhat.

Instead of lashing out at the messenger, or lashing out at this competitor, why don't we try something different?

Listen and help.

Listen to the feedback and learn from it. Help Google become a service that's actually different, and better, from its competitors.


Have you sent feedback in lately? Have you rebuilt your circles and found someone interesting and new yet? Have you put a great post in here about something you care about? Have you posted a great photo?

Great content and a great community are going to be the differentiators here.

The competitors can beat the feature set. But they can't match that.

So, instead of complaining tomorrow, or grousing that Google hasn't given us what we want yet (I have a long list, believe me) get a stiff upper lip and post some great content. I'll be looking for that, believe me.

Oh, and to all the Y Combinator startups that are launching tomorrow too, congratulations! I'll be there in the morning making content to help do exactly what I'm preaching.
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So who is this competitor?
Thank you for the heads up. Ohh we could do a hang out and discuss. Anyone game?
This sounds fascinating. Looking forward to it.
I'll be at Demo Day as well with my other West Coast half for The Next Web, Chikodi Chima! I'd love to meet you in person. :) from Microsoft? Or Facebook releasing more features that Google+ had first? I wonder... Thanks for the heads up. Let's all do what we can to make Google+ shine!
I think we will find out 11am PST
also interested to know who are the competitors :p
On behalf of the unnamed Y combinator (whoever they are), Thanks?
Mike Wood
NDA means he can't say till 11am tomorrow. So don't bug the man. Non Disclosure Agreement.... :)
I feel like if it's not Facebook, it won't matter.
A competitor that scale with Google+? mmm.. Unless it is Facebook.
A new social network! Just what we need, one more of those!!
This is very cryptic and odd. Surely must be Facebook doing something big?
Could not have said it any better myself.
Matched how? As you point out yourself, it is hard to beat the community. That's the real feature.
well mostly need the noise control and circles of interest, and search!
higher quality content. done already. problem is, as you look around pop culture these days, it's pretty evident that that's not something highly valued.
I can't wait to find out what it is!
+Mike Wood, thanks for letting me know what that meant, (NDA) I was confused.. Now I get the jest of the message and like what Robert is suggesting. Always taking a negative and spinning it into a positive.. Good stuff!
Looking forward to seeing what your talking about here. In my mind, Twitter replaced chat rooms, Facebook replaced email and Google+ is replacing blogs for me.... This competitor had better have a big vision and the ability to execute on it.... and honestly, I can't think of a big competitor to Google that could do or have either of these things. Looking forward to it. :-)
It's Apple, clearly. But even though they do have a lot of connectable services, they don't quite have as many as Google. Search and Gmail alone give Google the upper hand, let alone their plethora of other services.
We've all seen the leak of from Microsoft... I can't wait to see Microsoft finally go social. Competition is GREAT!!!!
Can't wait for Apple too.. with millions of iOS devices ready for it.
Totally agree +Robert Scoble! Yet another well thought out approach to what would be seen as pure complaints and groans. We need to all remember that like anything google+ will have to grow and evolve. And, it will be extremely exciting to see this process!
Tell me it's not Diaspora! I keep getting the invite to join and I was one of the people that got in early and stopped using it after a few days. Very, very buggy.
What did Quora change btw? I was told I was not allowed to be 'Kosso' there. I closed my account.
Facebook doing something with Friendfeed finally?
Google+ really needs to give up the "real name" zealotry ..
Curious where this is headed...
I'll second on the search idea Robert. Wish they had a search like they do with Tweetdeck. Lets me search a keyword and gives me any hits on that subject that others may have posted on.. Great recourse!
Apple does NDA's though..and well.
Indeed, I've been posting lots of great content.

Take a look at this:

In fact, take a look at almost any of the blog posts or pictures I've posted.

Anyway, I'm pleased with the community, here, so far. Much more so than I am with the community on certain other sites.

I agree with your thinking about this.
The question is, will I trust said social network with my data more than Google? That's a big Hell No for Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, etc.
It's YahSpaceBook365+ !!!!
Had to read all the comments... looking forward to mañana. Bring it on manzana.
G+ being "matched" by a competitor? Isn't G+ currently the underdog to the Facebook juggernaut? I love G+, but I wouldn't really see it leading in many areas other than privacy controls to begin with. So, is Facebook fixing their privacy policy? That would be huge news!!!
I'm still having an issue with - why are my friends going to move from Facebook? Somebody may come out with something better (and hey maybe G+ is it) but if I can't get people to move then it doesn't matter.
+Robert Scoble Love how when MG's name is mentioned, you immediately thought I meant Apple! haha, I was more talking about the inevitable Google+ bashing that's coming.
Facebook 'Squares' perhaps ;)
If it's not Apple or Microsoft (or their affiliated companies), I can't imagine who it would be?
I still believe Google messed up releasing G+ in beta. I think it's the best platform, but by the time it's got a feature set to really stomp on the heavyweights, everyone will have copied it. Google needs to learn how to play hardball and ambush them with a full product.
Love that you honor the NDA!
you cant compare with FB. yes one can do same as FB but thats just part of G+. i take G+ as serious platform such as linkedin. i see G+ as platform where one can interact not only with friends and family but also with photographers , bikers ...and can read blogs without leaving page
Very odd that +Gary Vaynerchuk isn't chiming in on this. This kind of info and intrigue is right up his alley.
I get it it must be a strategic takeover of Myspace by the most sophisticated player in the social space, Microsoft?!
Justin Timberlake is "bringing the sexy back" to MySpace? :)
More Granular control?
Would be nice.
If you satnd behind what you believe in, your name gives you credence and provenance.
There´s great people to be discovered in G+. Sharing good stuff like photos, videos and discussing interesting topics. Hope it keeps up and growing more
+Robert Scoble Yeah. I got the feeling that they did it since they're ex-Facebookers. I didn't like it.

I'd be more anonymous and unknown on the web if I had to suddenly use my birth name. That identity has no reputation online (and offline since school) at all. It would mean over 15 years of reputation and trust from my commonly known identity down the drain.
I guess we wont know what it is until tomorrow... but I sure do feel a disturbance in the force.
Google is allowing this opp by not knowing a thing about marketing and distribution. It's amazing actually, given the success if their primary products. Get off your asses over there in google land, start releasing more quickly and marketing better.
I'm guessing Microsoft. Does your agreement let you say who it is not?
Thanks for sharing this with us. 
+sandeep chuahan I totally agree with your analysis. I think that content on g+ is not only richer, but also more engaging. I actually feel like it's the first platform where you can 'feel' like your talking to people. Much more so than twitter or fb.
Ok so Robert, are you now on Google's payroll? I only ask because of the sales pitch on + regarding the quality of community, etc. Doesn't it seem that people will choose which platform they like and will use? Without any opinions from anyone else?
Thinking it's Twitter or Facebook. Twitter has a very poor record of launching new features, though, and Facebook is the "Borg" that people are getting sick of.

I enjoy G+ for the intelligent commentary and easy fine-grained sharing. And there's already a great community here. Google has been very responsive and eager to implement enhancements, so I'm still very optimistic about the platform.
Google + is still closed to the general public, it will continue to grow, all these articles are a little premature. I got to admit, i am feeling sorry for all the little minds that think a new social network is where the money is. I mean it makes sense for google to incorporate a sharing tool into their already countless number of tools. But to start up a new social network when you have got nothing to back you, its not going to be a money game anymore.
Tomorrow starts here in 55 mins....
If it's not Microsoft or Apple (which Robert confirmed it isnt) then it's obviously Facebook. And really, they have been adding features since G+ started so why is it a big surprise?
Let's play 20 questions with Mr. Scoble!!
I think Google has something special with G+, I've been socializing on the net since the mid-1990's, and have never seen this quality of conversation online anywhere else. And if a competitor comes along, and copies what Google has done, it is kind of saying that Google is so good we are trying to do what they are doing. Plus if the competitor has been around for a long time and now that they are pushed by Google and start adding all kinds of new features, aren't users going to think, why didn't you do this sooner. Google and G+ are going to be just fine.
+Kosso K If you use it in your nickname field then people could search and find you with it no problem. 15 years intact, unless the point is that the pseudonym in some way conflicts with the real you. I do get the issues, I just think it is a lot more difficult to find a cohesive solution to than people are often suggesting.
Ok so why doesn't +"name" work on this Android app? 
Anybody sure it isn't WebOS + -?
I think +Robert Scoble can attest to quality of communities because he's on many networks and has many people added and is very active. I agree Google+ is better hands down.
Why do you make Google+ seem like a job or a cause?
Bill Gates, Marc Andresson and Mark Shuttleworth just wrapped up a Month in Munich finishing up the EU legalities on the Infinity Social Media Project.They decided not to base it in the United States because China will soon control and own most of North America. +Robert Scoble , You teased with a thread and thousands of followers so I wanna play too. Good times ;)
+Robert Scoble You said Microsoft and Apple couldnt build a competitor for G+... but they could buy one..
My guess is either A. Apple buys Twitter / B. (ive been saying this for months) M$ buys fB..
If Google has business pages anywhere close to done, tomorrow at about 12pm pst might be a good chance to release. ;)
+Robert Scoble I don't get this concept of "fan" when it comes to companies, especially if you're supposed to be a journalist. I like Google+ but it's their job to compete with whomever, it's not my job to do anything but use the service if I find it useful.

Competition is good, I don't "groan" when someone else does something innovative, I want anyone and everyone to innovate. I don't care about picking sides. Innovation will always drive everyone to raise their game and then everyone benefits.
My bet: Group video chat and better group management in Facebook.
The synergies are coming on fast and furious.
I think creating features is (much) easier than creating scalable features.
+Mark Holmes but the 'front line discovery' comes from these mentions and linked/highlighted names in posts, I'd say.

Search sucks. I know 4 people here with the same real name. It's actually annoying that they can't distinguish themsleves up front aside from a different profile or avatar.

I have my birth name in the 'Other' field. Thanks
Man curiosity is killing me now! I dont think I can wait till 11am, I hope someone spills the beans early.
It's Facebook.. and it has to do with movies!
Compuserve is back online?
+Robert Scoble You know that saying you have an NDA from a competitor violates the NDA from the competitor. It's called a Non Disclosure Agreement, not a "hint to your followers" agreement.
Competition is a good thing! So lets see what tomorrow brings.
Could be Twitter. Outgoing lists to match their incoming lists?
It's hard for me to imagine who might try to compete in this arena, at this level, other than Apple, Microsoft, or Facebook. It's also hard for me to imagine a competitor who can bring together things like Gmail, Youtube, search, the Chrome Browser, and so on.

I guess we'll find out more details, soon.

Personally, I feel more confident in the engineers and managers at Google than at some of the potential competitors. It would take something impressive, indeed, to sway me.
My money is on Twitter, but I was never a very good gambler.
bch 12
Just fun watching the comments flood in here. Can't wait for the news tomorrow. I have been loving Google+.
Tom Lee
It's Facebook. What makes me think it's FB because they have put the whole engineering team on curfew as soon as Google+ was on line. None of their engineers playing basketball on their breaks as usual. Their engineering team has been on overdrive. Everybody at FB keeping their lips tight since.
+Robert Scoble Ah, then it's not an NDA. :) (25 years of tech writer here, we've got a certain commitment to the term NDA.)
+Kosso K Good points around search and likely future ranking too. I would hope that those with a personal brand would be able to take advantage of some kind of brand page when it becomes available. It may have inherent benefits in terms of search and how discoverable those brands are over normal accounts too. Time will tell.
+Tom Lee Suppose that makes sense. Also puts +Robert Scoble 's response of the 64k question turning into the 128k question into perspective. Good luck Google+!
If we truely want Google+ to succeed we should leave facebook. Everyone abandoned myspace when going to facebook, but with Google+ we have people going back and forth. We need to just cut ties. Nobody want's to be in a ghost town, they will eventually migrate. If we keep going back they have no reason to move. I lean back you lean in; I lean in you lean back..... ya dig.....
Curiosity is definitely peaked! So far my G+ experience has been great, but I enjoy professionals strutting their stuff. Some of My FB friends are pretty lazy, and I don't see them changing over to any other service...
Hmm MS bought Skype and GroupMe so am thinking some sort of social messaging network with videoconferencing capability?? >grinz< worth a shot to guess at.
From the main post: "Help Google"? Really? Why?

If someone else builds a better place to converse, then Google+ can figure out how to fix its own self. Plenty of feedback has already been given. They might take another look at, say, their names policy.

Where does this idea come from that we should all pitch in to help Google? Are they destitute? Is it unfair for someone to compete with them? Does using a beta obligate us to forsake all other potential services, sight unseen?

Really don't understand this way of thinking.
I'm sticking to G+ !!
A lot of people didn't migrate from myspace till their friends were gone and some are still on there.
How many different soc nets can people really juggle? 
Google+ needs brand pages so it gets some free advertising from companies the same way they all say "add us on Facebook!" now.
Its facebook. Definitely facebook. I heard they're going to add new features this week.
+Robert Scoble I believe journalists have biases but they don't always do. I can say I have a bias for features, but not really for a company. There are features that pull me to Google+ and features that pull me to Twitter, more features fit what I want to do at Twitter so I spend more time there. If Google+ were able to provide those features I'd be more likely to spend more time here. I'm loyal to whoever helps me do my job better, that's it.

I get passionate about my work, but Google and Twitter are tools that either help me do it or they don't, and I don't really have a "fan" mentality when it comes to a corporation, unless I was a shareholder.
i happen to like this platform. i hope is doesn't go away! (and yes i have fresh post up on my page)
Well Said +Robert Scoble, and I am already using all of their products. Google+ has been a smooth transition for me.
+Robert Scoble If i may :-) Hashtag suggestion regarding Google+ and Google in general: #practicingpatience
Eddie K
+Anthony De Rosa every reporter has a point of view. A good one will have done the research and be able to defend the same, and/or at least accept agree-to-disagree. Anyone telling you otherwise, is showing their bias, or their unwillingness to share one with you.

Bias gets misused often, but without which, the "facts" are useless.
Wow, tech writers can evaluate NDAs they haven't even seen. And I thought they just wrote instructions nobody ever reads.
Eddie K
+Robert Scoble the word "fan" is suspect now, thanks to you-know-what-FB's application of said word
Tom Lee
We all know that this is on going social network war. Microballmer has been working with Facebook to kill Google. I think G+ is great. I never like FB. Do you think Google team hasn't anticipated this move from the other side?
+Robert Scoble Thanks for the teaser! Right now i'm afraid of yet another social network rising, that could be huge news, but I think that isn't what you're talking about here. So a safe bet would be I Twitter or pergaps Facebook. I'm much more excited of the possibility of Twitter getting a major haul.
My guess is facebook is going to let you have complete control over your data... but that's not really a game changer cuz the people over there don't seem to care ablout that
+Julie Westfall You haven't been around +Robert Scoble long have you? The man has more passion for tech and social media then most on the planet.. He cant help himself.. I'm going to say It's Twitter, as they just layed off a bunch of the old guard and had a shake up.. The Giant waiting in the corner.. Going to be a fun one no matter who it is, as I'm like Robert. I love this stuff and when the big boys get into there competitive slug fest, we the end users are all the winner's..
People are going to bandwagon no matter how you look at it. All +Robert Scoble is saying is to not just jump on the "that isn't true" or "that feature is better. lets go give up here" bus, and instead do what people in betas are actually supposed to do and make suggestions.
Assessing Mr. Scoble's post, whatever happens tomorrow may pretty much have the capacity to kill Google+. Is it Apple? I think not. Twitter? maybe. Facebook? That's what I'm hearing.
I've left my FB account active only to populate my feed with nothing but links about how sweet G+ is, it's worked on a few people already
Who can it be now....... ??? I still have my money on G+ in the long run.
When I signed up for G+ a few hours ago, I got a number of screens reminding me that this was a preview release. If a big competitor such as Facebook or Twitter is so worried about G+ before it is even ready for public consumption that they have to brag about matching their features that should just be confirmation that Google is doing such a good job with G+ that it is a serious competitor.
Ming Er
Facebook must be unveiling their html 5 stuff tomorrow.

Google doesn't need to listen; google needs to lead.
Oh wait...don't tell me eBay is going social network?? They do have a huge user-base already in place. :)
must be about the record numbers facebook and twitter posted for july. They show no decline in active users, only linked in is falling. The two also had a large spark in unique visitors.
There's just nothing that could be offered to me that would be as great as a Google social network.. they were created and continue to be run by creative, workaholic, winner-minimalists.. that's about the same as saying that they are everything I love in this world, with the exception of my dog..
This should be interesting. I have a feeling it is going to be Microsoft.
+Robert Scoble gave it away when he said, "Most people in the world already trust a Google+ competitor with their personal data."

Obviously it's the Sony PlayStation Network
+Martin Post That unthink network looks interesting, but since he says competitor, I'm assuming someone already in existence (FB or Amazon). Where did you find out about unthink?
What Facebook really needs is an overhaul of their whole interface. My FB stream is a complete mess, and the nonstop game invites, event invites and photo tagging on some random picture I've never seen before with a link to malware is just crazy
Gotta be FaceBook.

Left field: Yahoo!
But wait, FB is already a competitor in the space. What would they change?
You have to block each game app on Facebook. Yeah I don't appreciate the photo tags either
Checking back here in a few hours. 
+Ed Chavez Ive been sasying for months that Microsoft would consume facebook.. its the only logical step.. fB cannot stand on its own in the coming cloud service world
Facebook and Microsoft deal maybe....
Twitter and Facebook hit records in July. Twitter has changed the most recently and been the underdog. It's Twitter time.
Google still has a ton of space to room with G+. They have their up and coming music store, they have Google Docs, cloud storage, to name an easy three. We've yet to see the possibilities of them being integrated with G+.
if facebook goes to M$ then the blue bird will have to go to Apple.. M$ is already knee deep in fB
I suspect that it's not going to be one of the existing players (fb, twitter, myspace etc.) I bet either M$oft or Apple are going to announce a new social network IN CONJUNCTION with a new device rollout.
Amazon is an interesting thought..
Oh, and if it is a M$oft social network, I wonder if it will work on my Kin... ;- P
Facebook needs strong search in their platform, the only choice they have is Bing. I think that will happen sooner or later. A Facebook and Microsoft deal would be good for both parties.
+Robert Scoble, IMHO Google+ is an evolutionary step in social media and incomparable feature to feature to any "me" based system. Although it may "kill" facebook in the long term, it's not a better version of facebook.
Maybe the IRS is launching a social network since they already own us!
+Robert Scoble I wonder if we would all be here right now if Facebook had just played nice with Google in the first place?
Not yet another social network! G+ alone has given me so much new content to keep up with - I don't think I can handle another good social network.. ;) I'm betting on Amazon. If it was a network built on discussing books, I'd probably waste spend a lot of time on it!
I doubt Amazon. Commerce can be added to social media, but putting social media on top of commerce is far from palatable.
Facebook will unveil Spheres and Brooks.
Like a few have already mentioned, my guess is Amazon. With all those Kindles sold, they now have an established base of users.
Friendster is making a comeback. It will crush everything in it's path. XD LOL
I personally am loving G+ there doesn't seem to be any real content being posted on FB anymore. It's all just who is doing what in what game or what some app is saying about them. nothing but games and app's. Here is an article I found about some of the possible changes FB is releasing this week none of wich would bring me back.
Hey Robert, perhaps tomorrow, you can give a door prize to the first person who guesses the right answer (or certainly the closest)...
I think I see amazon laying low and figuring out how they can make money providing content on the 'New Two'
Tom Lee
If it was Facebook, whatever they do tomorrow is considered playing catch up as far as trying to beat G+ feature by feature. I don't think they are able to cook up a social network revolution in three months with the number of engineers they have.
All this means +Robert Scoble , is that Googles approach might actually be strengthened. If content is truly king, then Google+'s openness is its strength.
Dang. I'm really intrigued by this...

If this helps boost G+ in the long run, then I will be pleased. Would love to see this platform develop its full potential. And Google has the better platform, to be sure. And Google understands business in a way that FB likely can't or won't (and I'd reaaaaally like G+ to roll out to we Google Apps users soon - hate having to switch back and forth from my G-Apps account and my personal G account for G+).

I'd said it before: as much as I'm not thrilled about the amount of personal information Google captures on me, I trust Google a helluva lot more with my personal data than FB.
In this era of information overload, delivering relevant little content at the right time and at the right place, is the most important thing. I believe Google is rightly poised in making that happen. I already use many of their services to get the right information. I feel G+ is going to be the fabric that will join many of their services.
+Robert Scoble I am quite certain that this mysterious "competitor" to G+ will have very little ability to harm G+ in any way at all. They will not be able to attract the high quality tech talent like you and I, and they will not have the SEO power or other resources or reliability of Google.
Nice video, if nothing else. (unthink)
I'm thinking Facebook, Twitter just made some announcements already, so that doesn't make much sense, and the Facebook outages support that idea. +Girish Elchuri well put, I am in a similar position, and completely agree.
+Stephen Dickson I think I'm going to set Tasker to auto-launch Google+ on my Nexus One 2 minutes after my alarm clocl goes off. Haha.
Well Unthink just got flooded with invite requests... hehe
Considering all the grousing about pseudonyms, I wouldn't be surprised if the competitor is Anonplus. 
Done. My best photo from yesterday has been posted. Thanks Robert!
Hmmm.....I think that Google's main advantage over any "competitor" is product integration . Google needs to work on integrating their various product offerings into Google+. Regardless of whether any competitor can make a G+ clone, they don't have the existing infrastructure of products such as YouTube, GMail, Picasa, Reader, etc. to offer. The API and product integration will be the key to success for Google+ IMO.
Tom Lee
+Bryan Foster Let's not forget Android and Motorola wireless + 15,000 patents soon to be acquired. Quite an arsenal.
Build up Google?
I would love to. But I can't.
Not until they tear down the "{minority} KEEP OUT" signs at the door.
That goes against the meaning of the word community.
MS will announce Tulalip a partnership of sorts between MS and FB and will integrate with Bing on expanded social search.
There needs to be a way to find people in a particular location, and/or with particular interests and connect (hangout, post, message, discover, read, subscribe, chat, call, whatever) based on that. E.g. let me find everyone interested in CoffeeScript in Sydney, or let me start a hangout with everyone in Sydney, or let me start a hangout with everyone interested in CoffeeScript, or let me share a job post only with those interested in CoffeeScript and/or Sydney. That is the future. And that is where circles has it the wrong way round.
The big differentiator between fb and g plus is the following model. So my guess is that fb will break loose from the friends model and allow following.
Hey, didn't +Tom Anderson sell MySpace? Maybe the new owners put on some fresh tires and are trying to take her out for a spin?
dammit... I've shorted some AAPL today...
Perhaps it's a new direction for HP. If so, I give it about 7 weeks. :-P
Twitter. Got to be Twitter. Opening up for longer messages and threaded replies would definitely give Google an Excedrin headache. After all, everyone ALREADY has a Twitter account.
"So, instead of complaining tomorrow, or grousing that Google hasn't given us what we want yet (I have a long list, believe me) get a stiff upper lip and post some great content. I'll be looking for that, believe me."

I don't get it, +Robert Scoble .

Why? Why do we have to try to make Google+ a success, if some competitor is better?
Its not Apple, as they are still recovering from the success of Ping ;-) My money says Facebook, but I'm hoping its Twitter.
I can't imagine Apple buying Twitter. That would be MONUMENTAL... Or perhaps just the "mental" part.
+Robert Scoble Sorry but I think this mystery competitor will not "score a major goal" nor will they make G+ users "groan in pain". Especially if it is who I think it is. That seems ridiculous to me. You are just playing games with us, which is okay.
Wondering how many of us are going to outlast the term on Robert Scoble's NDA? I'm in for full disclosure at the expiration! Great drama tonight!
+Robert Scoble , I'm here because I'm desperately looking for something that has the functionality and simplicity of friendfeed. I hung around many social networks, and use them for different purposes. But if something new comes out that's better I won't stick to google+ out of some kind of loyalty.

You are 100% right that community and content makes a big difference. But that's one more reason not to invest mine into something that's not up to my expectations.
Gotta be twitter with longer posts. If apple is the buyer then there is more horsepower! Twitter has a most functional universe and longer post length and meaningful search would be compelling. Post length would greatly improve their position as the place to be. I'd still prefer Google+ but Twitter expanded would be intriguing!
I've waited for a long time for Google to arrive with their answer to Social. They're getting there, and they still haven't opened this up to the masses yet. I'm not going anywhere. I've used Google since I first heard of it early last decade.

Even if not many others end up using it, I see it as a great way to document my life. Otherwise, where would I put it all? Not FB or in Twitter that's for sure.
Ming Er
How many people are really chafing at the issues raised in the Unthink PR press releases? There is obviously a vocal contingent very sensitive to those issues and have made the decision to leave FB. My sense is that that is a very tiny minority of people. Some others may care in an abstract way but not enough at all to leave Facebook. Can Unthink really draw any significant number of users with such market positioning? Anymore than Diapsora? At least Diaspora didn't put 100 people on the project for three years. We shall see tomorrow...
The answer to social is to get your asses off the computer chair and see real people damn it. Wait.. hypocrite damnit
hangout clone by facebook I take it or maybe a facebook search engine
I don't understand this post. Are you admonishing people for not posting great content? Are you trying to whip them into a competitive frenzy with a platform that hasn't been revealed yet?

It sounds as if you're suggesting it's our responsibility to make G+ a success; it's not. Google Plus is a service offering. If there's another that's better for us, we'll use that.
Let's see...back in July, Hulu announced that Bing was offering a free one month subscription to Hulu Plus for anyone that signed up to Hulu via their newly (at the time) touted Facebook Connect integration. Spotify launched in the U.S. and there was talk of integration of the product into FB. Zuckerberg speaks publicly to let the world know that now that Phase 1 (get everyone to join) is complete, Phase 2 (add more stuff) is go, and that it will primarily be handled by integrating third parties into the mix, starting with (at the time) the Skype integration. There has been mention of Netflix and other music services hopping on board the FB train for a while now, as well as the recent changes to news feeds to incorporate users comments on groups into their friends newsfeeds as developers and advertisers want more visibility. It has been reported that FB is set to announce new features by the end of this month. Can we make a few educated guesses here? I think so.
I'm curious to know how Unthink will make money. I more than curious to know what their marketing plan is to get people to migrate. At this point, someone would almost have to pay me to use another network. I like +Michael Copeland's comment on the bait and switch. Are they preaching a new ATM business model?
All the cool kids seem to be trending to G+, will it even matter? 
Ok, that's my .02 cents on the "competitor". As for Scoble's post itself, +Robert Scoble , I applaud your positive emphasis and continued focus on reporting the good, the bad, and the ugly, while promoting user interaction, the generation of good content, and basically not playing into what is sure to a heated feature battle in coming months. It really seems to me that all of these tools are exactly that, tools, and it's up to all of us to make use of them or abuse them. This is what will make or break any new product. Ultimately, it's about what's done with a product once it's in the customers' hands that determine it's fate. I, for one, have been greatly enjoying Google+, and will continue to use it. FB has had it's place in my sandbox and I'm thrilled that it's not the only toy I have to play with these days. If competition still drives innovation, then bring it on! It should be an exciting time for all of us, no matter where we decide to build our castles.
Has anyone seen any way to measure FB attrition?
Robert, I thought of some other ways to help g+ against the competitior that shall go unnamed. I have taken my profile private and have more or less stopped giving them free press. Their brand name will not pass my lips or keyboard again. Kidding, but at least I'm trying to do my part. =)
Ming Er
+Kim Sherrell fyi, handsome and charming +Guy Kawasaki is married with kids.

+Paul Wright speaking of cool kids, I remember running into elementary school kids on Buzz. Perhaps too cool...

+Rebecca Dias I can't see how the market positioning in the Unthink PR can draw many people.
whatever/whomever, competition is a good thing :)
Ming Er
+Rebecca Dias I think the best measure of FB attrition is your own real life circle of friends. Of the 20-30 urban set, I dare say 0%
My bet is Microsoft bought FB. FB already has a partnership with Bing. Microsoft already has some cheapy type of network so it wouldn't be much for them to combine with FB. Second choice is that FB partnered with Yahoo, I say that because FB has been hiring all the ex Yahoo employees which can be seen by the crappy same mistakes made on Y!360 that are now being made on FB.
I still think that there is plenty of room for FB and G+ to co-exist. From my perspective, To me, FB is consumption, G+ is for production. Even with the continued partnership between FB and MS, I do not view FB as any kind of productivity platform. Google, on the other hand, has established itself as a productivity powerhouse with Gmail, Docs, Maps, Translate, and so many other tools.

FB has helped Zynga and others corner the market on casual gaming, and it looks like they are set to do more of the same with other forms of passive consumption for music and video. I believe Mr. Zuckerberg is making the right move for his business by partnering with established software products, rather than developing their own. If they really are pulling in all these established leaders by way of Skype, Hulu, Spotify, and are able to integrate their functionality via a unified FB interface, then yes, I will certainly be blown away, and will not be deleting my FB profile...just yet.

G+ can only get even better, in my eyes, as they continue integrating their products. I can't wait for the ability to post a Blogger entry that is instantly Translated into the language of the viewer, created by writing a bit to go along with an embedded Youtube video I just uploaded from my Android phone and a Places icon pinpointing the video on a Google Map in the post, all with Translated commentary from people around the world who then get together in a Hangout to discuss it all. +1 for that kind of integration! And that's just one possibility.

As far as I'm concerned, they're both changing the way we all interact with one another, and the future is full of potential. Let's all do amazing things with these tools. How about it?

And with that, +Robert Scoble I ask for your understanding of my long posts in this thread. You've been filling up my main stream with all sorts of great content since I joined in July, so I hope you'll have mercy on this rant, and perhaps bestow upon this lowly after-hours hack a few words of wisdom as I stumble all over social media netiquette in my eagerness to share my enthusiasm for all the great (and not so great) things happening in the world today.
MySpace is changing for a comeback! LOL.
Speculating on who the competitor is has the effect of confounding me even more. Best to just wait until 11am and hope it's not AOL.

I'll hear from you tomorrow +Robert Scoble
+Ming Er if that is the case, Facebook has no attrition out of 547 friends. Of all of those people, I only know one person who deleted their profile and then created a new one later. Two other friends are really not active. But the rest, as far as I know, are all still there. So the attrition rate is quite low. Twitter on the other hand I get 5 follows a day from marketing bots and then they unfollow when I don't follow them back a few days later. Also, I have unfollowed about 50 people who don't use the tool. Most people I know don't use Twitter and never will.
+Eddie K I agree, I already said I think everyone has biases and it's ridiculous to think they don't. I simply said I think the idea that you have to be a fan of one company or another is kind of strange to me. I root for features and will go where the features are, I won't use a product because I am a fan, I go where the tools are that make my life more productive.

+Robert Scoble Totally agree with you that there are reporters who report without really using the products enough and don't really know enough about all the aspects, features, community, etc.
This reminds me of the telephone game! I think that Roberts original post is right! We are missing the point! New content, new connections, new community! 
Ming Er
+Rebecca Dias The conclusion from both of our samplings is that Facebook hasn't become any less relevant among the masses.

I'm also watching who of my real life Facebook friends are participating on g+ They are either public personality types, eg local djs or bloggers, or the techie, slightly asocial types. Most people I know have dormant G+ accounts.

G+ faces a big positioning problem. it's positioning overlaps too much with Facebook. Anybody who tried to compete with Evite made no dent. A better invitation service couldn't compete with the network effects of Evite. ironically, the only thing that killed evite was facebook which subsumed events under a big social activity umbrella.

Just as facebook started as a network for elite college kids, G+ seems to be best positioned as a quora+
thanks for not bitching about the noise, +Robert Scoble ! content is king, and this is what i like about g+...but the games have sucked me into a vortex that's so hard to get out of!
I didnt think I could be interested in yet another social network, but I must say that after viewing the link that +Daymond Decker left about Uthink, I am intrigued.
Most any other senario proposed tonight about what may be forthcoming on this subject would not interest me personally. A Microsoft social network, for example, seems to me like something of an even lower quality than Myspace. It is something I would expect to see in the future, but the quality of people on G+ has me spoiled and I almost hate to see G+ opened up to the masses for fear of it degrading.
+Ming Er Ditto for me. A few of my friends have signed on to G+, but mostly to my urging. One friend is a developer. I like the Evite analogy; however, Facebook has really taken over this as well. I prefer real evites and often miss my facebook invitations. The best invitation site ever is pingg. Not the ping +Guy Kawasaki was mentioning though.
I'm thinking either...

Twitter removes its 140 char limit and allows "extended tweets"


Facebook implements circles

Two simple changes that would have a potentially profound impact on the attractiveness of G+ to people migrating from those platforms...

Aside from the difference in content :)
Please tell me it's not Twitter photo gallery... (that would be a letdown after such a buildup :D)
What I'm wondering is why this unnamed company was talking to Robert and having him sign an NDA? I'm guessing a small fish (showing Scoble some cool new tech) just got purchased by a bigger fish. My peanut gallery two cents. =)
OMG, that's a clue! It's Razorfish! Razorfish is gonna start buying all your workplaces up again!
If there's an NDA it must be a Google partner. Does the Google+ community really have a reputation for "lashing out"?
+Robert Scoble You got me. I was going to go rock climbing early tomorrow afternoon but I rescheduled for earlier so I could be in a cafe or my office at 2pm EST to hear what all the fuss is about.
F. D. Bryant III - "I'm still having an issue with - why are my friends going to move from Facebook?"

Robert Scoble - "that is the $64,000 question and it will become a $128,000 question tomorrow for Google's Vic Gundotra"

*conclusion: due to change in b, change in c should also hold true.....
a=G+.....b=migration issue....c=facebook

guess i won't have to wait another 11hrs to find out after all..
Theres a new Social Media platform called The Scobleizer launching!! lol
Anytime anyone publicly does a "here are some clues and my NDA runs out at such-and-such a time and then you'll know more" tease, I tend to wonder about both the NDA and in some cases the motives of the party doing the teasing.
Facebook could be giving away free gold bullion and I still wouldn't want to deal with Zuckerberg's invasive monster.
And it's ..... MySpace! lol

Guess I'll find out at 4am Adelaide time ... or maybe a bit later. :/
Both Google and Facebook have become quiet and people are not sharing original articles and posts. Looks like they have said all they have to say! As for a competitive is the people who make and share the content not the platform and we do not realise that it the user that generates the experience via the platform. We create the value that is perceived to belong to the platform and generate interest, and promote the whole show! Without ROI...
Facebook is going to file a patent lawsuit against Google because thats all the innovation the mega corps can do now.
Well Mr Scoble hasn't mentioned Facebook in any of his replies. (hint). And, I just scrolled through a few comments on a facebook photo that I posted earlier today that wa quite buggy. The usernames of commenters and their profile pictures didn't show - just their comments. Could this be a sign that my friends/family/coworkers are being put into "circles" for me. Facebook has also been pushing stuff into my newsfeed sorted by what my friends mention.

For instance, if 3-4 friends say something about a concert that's coming up, Facebook finds this and sorts it. I like this feature... it's unfortunate that I HATE Facebook though. This Google+ community has become a great place. 
OK - it's midnight on the west coast - SHARE
I'm hooked. Scoble, my real person whom I follow, you never disappoint. Thanks for the juicy morsel.
Who do you think is providing great content here? What makes content great? Does it not cater to certain groups? How does one measure "great"? By the number of people that follow or the actual quality and originality of the content?
This highly uninformative post, that is as loaded as my dad on x-mess, causes me to question why I follow The Scobe. Dear B.S., I'm loving the plus so far, and most of your posts through the years. Let's not cheapen the experience with this sort of pandering. Besides, "the market will dictate..." and all that. Right? 
ahhhh sigh... dangit...

I know Amazon launched a cloud system caching - etc... I know that Skizzle was running - also know that FB has been getting together with Orbitz - I know Microsoft was getting ready to open something - but I don't know if it was a social as much as it was more like FB pages - and Groups/Fan pages...

Hmmmmmm - OK - now I'm gonna go thinkin...
Just FYI Microsoft;s thing I think is Tulalip for
facebook relying on features to kill goole+ :) who would have thought google+ would scare facebook. But I think ultimately google+ to facebook will be like bing to google search in terms of impact, but I guess google+ will be more important to google than bing can ever possibly be to microsoft
It is HP!!!!! :)

Or Yahoo with Friendster! :)
Facebook bought Twitter and Myspace? HP is using its sneaky price drop as a way to launch a social network on tablets? lol. This is great hype for whatever it is.
It's a quite frustrating, nil content post.
Hi +Robert Scoble, being around comment 400 tells me that there is a great response to your post. And I do agree with you too.

Even I'm far away from being a big influencer, nor am I a very frequent poster, I notice that since G+ has launched I do share things and thoughts. Something I did not really do before - or only in a very limited 'circle' of close friends - never public.

I do use Facebook for friend and Family connections, but Twitter never became my best friend. Mainly because I have not my own blog so sharing thoughts in 140 characters seemed strange to me - and never worked :-)

So here are some of my posts so far:
My thoughts about viral marketing and things I'm missing for that on G+:

A small, but probably helpful tip on getting rid of wasps:

A charity organisation from friends of mine I try to support (in german though :-)

Some lucky shots (taken from my home place) from a lightning that hit Vienna just some weeks ago:

I really do hope that G+ will evolve an get (or stay) a platform where very interesting people share very interesting stuff :-)
Keep it up!
Hp is opening the IT community 48upper - don't think it's like G+ in anyway... Only peeps I know can compete right now are:

and maybe an off brand that's backed by a big brand.
Yahoo has already had their Yahoo Yodelers going for a bit - so I don't think Yahoo is playing in that arena - and Yahoo search is literally now based on Bing - so I would say Yahoo and Microsoft are uhmmm well... closer...
That was a very mean thing you did +Robert Scoble haha!
Well let's analyze this as if we were engineers, shall we?
Who are the possible choices that could elicit such a post?

1. Apple. Scoble clearly says no. Plus it's not likely they would share it with him under NDA. This whole thing is not their style.
2. MS. Doubt they'd generate much excitement. And Scoble clearly says no.
3. LinkedIn? Meh.
4. Facebook? Um, they already have a social network.
5. Yahoo! Meh. Wouldn't generate much excitement.
6. Amazon? Is community in their DNA?
7. I dunno. Pretty stumped. Firefox? They compete on browser-level, but I don't think it's them...
8. eBay? They have a community...kinda...but meh.
9. Twitter? Meh.
10. Intel? LOL.
11. Cisco? LOL.
12. Oracle? LOL.

OK, this was a waste of time. No clue. :)
I'm with +Meki Cox I'm betting on Microsoft Tulalip project (Whatever). Its got to be Microsoft.
My money is on Facebook adopting the "follow" model for establishing connections along with a much needed v2.0 of groups or lists.

Right now Google+ beats Facebook when it comes to establishing connections and beats twitter when it cones to discussions.

Thats not coincidence. Product managers love being able to top the competition when they launch products. However, the problem usually is that the market is continually moving under their feet as the product is being developed.

But in this case... it feels a lot like G+ product managers caught Facebook and Twitter flat footed.
Here is my 2 cents (keep in mind that I purposely never joined Facebook because I've always been against fads.....boy was I wrong). I'm not a techie even though I enjoy following and purchasing the new stuff. Ultimately, I'm a person that wanted to find a social platform where I could follow the people who interest me and not befriend the world. This last month has been a learning process but more than anything very enjoyable. The methodology works well with my thought process. I enjoy the discussions. More than anything, the substance of Google+ is exactly what I want. I don't need all the flashing lights, bells, and whistles that the competition might have currently. I don't care...Google+ has my business not because of it being the biggest and the baddest right now. It is my choice because it fits me and my needs. I hope that a none tech field worker can meet more of you out there and interact. I'm not going anywhere.
Ok so Robert loves Google and he's saying whoever the competitor is he would rather see Google+ win. It has to be a competitor of Googles size. He loves Google and Apple so its not them. Anyone know Roberts feeling on Microsoft or Amazon. I dont think its Amazon. Still going with Microsoft and that site that got exposed. MS competes with Google in phones and everything else I dont think they'd let Google get ahead of them in social. Microsoft. Ok so since Robert cant tell, we have to play Watergate confirmation with him (I hope youre getting a laugh Robert). if its Microsoft, DONT answer this comment. LOL.
+Robert Scoble I actually don't care of any competitors out there, I have few reason why I like G+, the main reason is integration to all Google's services, single account for everything from adsense, G+, mail, youtube, docs, etc. I So simple right? Iuse all G's product including Google sync, I carry Blackberry and Android, and both can sync, I love it.
Second will be G+ circles and hangout, so far I like this, even the game has it's own page and stream, so it's not spamming my home stream.
For me the Google Plus is certainly the best social network I've ever used, and I worked with most of them. The great number of interesting, professional people who are really found of what they do make Google+ special for me. The innovative features do matter but the people and the content they share here is the most important thing. In no other network Ive met such incredible number of IT professionals and such interst for making the network even beter
+Ben Petro "My bet: Group video chat and better group management in Facebook." My thoughts exactly. Could also be Twitter. It has to be one of those two (see Robert's 'competitor' comment; the site / company he speaks of is already a competitor of G+).
My guess is that Facebook is getting group video chat (ala Hangouts).
Hopefully they will put a limit on the number of comments a post can have :) (by from Microsoft... aka Tulalip. Well, that's my guess anyway. Has been-a-coming for a little while now.

Meanwhile my platform,, is still in closed Alpha! Timing. What can ya do?
Hmm, who else from FB, MS and Google have large user base already? PayPal or Amazon rolling out social networks? :D
Google could put Google+ on the home screen of every Android device, starting with Ice Cream Sandwich update. Google could also put an invite link to Google+ on Google Homepage. Maybe Google can integrate Google+ with iGoogle Accounts. Just some suggestions. (by from Microsoft... aka Tulalip. Well, that's my guess anyway. Has been-a-coming for a little while now.
My first reaction was it must be Twitter given all their new updates recently, and what else have they been working on all this time. But given the recent problems between you and Twitter I sort of doubt that now.

I don't think it's Apple or Microsoft because of a comment you left here about selling the San Francisco bridge.

You specifically say: matched by a competitor, so given those 4 are out, it must be Facebook? They must have done Circles / Hangout + G+ stuff.

To be honest no matter what is released, they still don't have the power of Search behind them. Companies are going to flock to G+ once business accounts are released. Facebook have Bing but, really? Is that really a competitor. I hope not.

Am I warm?
Massive competition affects change massively. Perhaps Google needs to be directly challenged before it begins to roll out features. I mean how does the owner of the 1st and 2nd largest search engines not include search in the companies newest social tool?
"or lashing out at this competitor, why don't we try something different?"

Facebook wouldn't conjure up a bunch of negative posts for matching G+ features. One company that would is Microsoft.
I'm guessing the competitor will bring mobile video chat to it's mobile applications to likely work with their desktop chat.
Ben Ly
I will guess that it's Microsoft. There are only 2 companies that are big enough to compete against Google: Apple and Microsoft. While Apple is the biggest in market cap, Microsoft has all the peripherals to enter the social network space. And judging from Scoble's reaction, Microsoft will launch an open social network allowing pseudonyms and all of the cool features. It can also incorporate searches, audio, video, maps, email, word docs, excel, office suite, on cloud computing. I am half way around the world but that's what I predict.
I invite any and everyone to take a look at my profile and posts. If you find them interesting, message me to add you to my circles. If you think you are posting stuff that would interest me, add me to your circles. prediction.

Diaspora - "Beta coming real soon ;)"
+Robert Scoble Most people I know have not dived head first into Google+ it's summer time and there are so many fun things to do.

Google+ has a very strong gravitational pull and it's better then Twitter and facebook because as start-ups they even accept dogs as users.
Bill B
I've got to say...this is the great thing about G+

I doubt we could/would see this kind of interaction so quickly.
Like been said though...I'm curious....
+Marwan Zaki is probably right - new features from Facebook. They've had time to learn from G+ and apparently they've been burning the midnight oil. I'm intrigued...
I am more than pleased with G+, except for all the cat photos
Although, Google could start this: Google- ... This way anyone you "-1" would forever be banned from sending you junk.. 
It's not MS or Apple. +Robert Scoble has already hinted to that already. This has to be Facebook coming up with (or copying) the circles model.
Please dear Internet God. Let this new network allow pseudonyms for all those who need to hide their identity. Let this network be their new homes. Amen.
Regardless of who it may be (#cough: FB!) isn't it a really bad idea to try to launch a new social platform exactly as half the valley is leaving to party on the playa for a week with no connectivity?!? If past years' burningman(s) are any indication, the bleeding edge of the bay area is about to go very quiet...
most of my friends stay on fb. abandoning fb means losing contact to loads of friends which i got back into contact with due to fb. all the social networks should agree on an open, standardized common api. 
This Plus account runs smooth for the most part, but I opened one in a different (of a much newer email address) account of mine and it is completely buggy. I can't even upload a profile pic. It's disastrous and I assume this is one cause of the Google+ "decline". cc/ +Robert Scoble
I don't think it would be even remotely feasible to abandon FB until the Google+ API is released and begins to gain traction. 
It's Facebook! I know that from Zynga advertising that new feature of playing the game without need of befriending. It is some sort of circles. You will be able to interact with players that are not necessarily your friends. 
So, true. People online always demand stuff (for free!) and do nothing.. you should not only consume. Create great content and share it. Make the difference you ask for. Be it.
Microsoft bought Skype who just bought GroupMe. Skype is the key for Bing+ With GroupMe they essentially have Circles, without having innovating anything. The price they paid for Skype is looking better every day.
I always told that would have its revenge :-)
Well, it can't be Twitter because the New Twitter interface is a total trainwreck and the noise there is completely intolerable. And it can't be Facebook, because they only sneak around with covert privacy policy changes that are difficult to disable. So it must be the Return of Pownce Combined with Freebase and Jaiku with a little Instructables tossed in for good measure.
Facebook has to respond to the challenge Google has presented with G+. The rapid adoption of G+, even though still in beta, has their attention. I'm anxious to here the news as competition usually benefits consumers. However, most of my FB friends and none of my coworkers (I work in tech) have moved to G+. 
So far, no announcements of any sort. I knew this was just a hoax, an experiment to see how G+ users would react. Oh well, no harm done.
The way I see it, G+ is becoming mini-blogging with built in comments and other features. Remember when Twitter released and they tried selling it as "micro-blogging" well it really didn't give you long enough posts to be much other than a whats on your mind. I love Google+ because I now have essentially a blog with privacy controls, followers, comment threads, and so much more. While its easy to build another social networking site, I don't see it having the same pull as G+, but a few hours and we shall see.
Since we are all adding our conspiracy theories on this thread, here's my 2c. Gotta be FB adding Skype group videochat and finally utilizing Friendfeed after they acquired it 2 years ago
As much as i love G+, not everyone has ported over yet. For tech journalists who like +1s and a lot of comments its wonderful. For those who want to know what their friends are doing not so much. I've abandoned FB, Left a message I'm posting at G+ in my profile and i still get messages and friend requests?!?!
+R.J. Cichocki People don't follow instructions or pay attention. This has been a fundamental fact about humanity ever since the Garden of Eden. You can tell someone something right to their face, and they'll still say, "What?"
I've sent lots of feedback. I've submitted IDs and Notarized Letters. And I'm now into day 8 of my 4 day grace period while Google figures out what to do with me.

As a result I'm transitioning off of all of Google's services. It took me about 36 hours to download and index all of my mail on Gmail. I'm now looking for a good VPN before deleting my account.

The main reason I'm still here is to hope that I can make a difference in the safety of others.
Oh, and until now I never thought I'd see people leave Google search for Bing, because it was the lesser of the two evils.
So ... let me get this straight +Robert Scoble ... someone is about to lauch services bigger than Google+, YouTube, Google Reader, Blogger, Gmail, Google search, etc, etc, COMBINED? Wow. That's interesting. Google+ vs whomever is not Google+ vs whomever. It's whomever vs GOOGLE. My money's on Google.
Seeing that Facebook is strongly entrenched and Google+ has a decent share but has yet to take hold despite some pretty good press, I don't see another social network taking root. If anything, this will be Facebook changing/adding some features to counter what Google+ offers. From everything I've read about Google though, all of this is 'just the start' of something bigger. So, grab your popcorn.
Back to the original question, I have sent feedback. I would like Google to get it right and be successful. But what I am seeing so far is discouraging.

It goes beyond whether the Real Names policy is misguided and whether a social network that wants to displace something as entrenched as Facebook can do so without bringing in large numbers of people who currently don't use social networks because of privacy concerns.

Google is depending on Real Names to try to stop spamming and trolling. Spammers and trolls are perfectly capable of registering real-looking fake names if there is no requirement that a name be unique. They don't care if their friends find them, so they can pick any names they want. They can defeat CAPTCHAs. or hire people who are desperate for work to defeat them manually. They can get phone numbers to verify their accounts. (I get spam from Nigerian spammers every day who provide phone numbers for me to call them.) They can create backup email addresses or hack other people's accounts. They can send invitations and circle their alters, like they do with Twitter.

Meanwhile, Google still isn't addressing the basic issue that they're going to have to expend a lot of manpower to moderate. The format here is very similar to that on their other products which reflects the attitude, "This is a free service; don't expect us to spend money fighting spammers, and don't expect us to be accessible to anyone willing to volunteer their time reporting spammers."

Where are the "Report this post/comment" buttons? It isn't adequate to have a "Report this profile button" if you can't link to the spammy comment. And it doesn't address the problem of spammers circling people who will then go to their profiles to try to figure out who they are. It is completely predictable that there will be floods of spammers here, arriving far faster than the current reporting system can cope. They never provided the capability for bulk spam reporting for products like Blogger or Google Groups, and they have nothing in place for Google+.

So unless someone at Google gets a clue about how spammers operate, I suspect it won't matter whether there are competitors or not once this place starts looking like YouTube, except populated with "Joe Greens" instead of "Pikachu5785s." They won't be able to pry people away from Facebook in the first place.
Expectations are high Mr Scoble. Please don't disappoint. My plans are all set for 11am - I've blocked +Adam Sweet from clogging my stream - and will have a glass of milk ready for a spit take. :)
Facebook typically hosts events (with advance notice) for big announcements now. Maybe Microsoft has something to announce, but most likely Twitter is stepping it up and trying to compete.
If it's all about the great content and great community, and not about the actual service, then who cares if it's Google or Twitter or Facebook or Xanga or Myspace?

This sounds more like a desperate plea to not abandon Google+ when a more entrenched social media network takes the only significant thing that it has going (Circles).
Well the articles failed to surface. EDIT: Got my times wrong, I thought 11PDT had already passed.
So when should this have surfaced?
It's me. I'm the new competitor to Google+. From now on I'll be handling the world's social media needs personally. Just send all your posts to me, on 3x5 cards, with a dollar (two dollars for posts with pictures, three dollars if the picture is of a cat).
Still betting on Microsoft socl, tulipity-lip whatever, +Robert Scoble never commented on my Watergate question at 1:02 am, Therefore it must be MS. LOL. Someone start a countdown clock. I think their calling it the Ballmerbook.
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