As iPads gain more work adoption, startups like Taptera will jump in to fill the app gap

As more enterprise workers get iPads companies like Taptera to provide apps that those users need at work.

Right now there's an "app gap." iPads, since they got hot with consumers first, don't have enough apps designed for enterprise workers, yet they are being brought to work, and, even standardized on. Those workers are noticing there's a lot of apps missing that they need at work. Startups like Taptera are going to be needed to fill that app gap.

Here we get a look at their first apps, which do things like ways to keep track of rooms/spaces, colleagues, and events.

This is a trend I'm watching, and will continue to watch for signs of shifts as Windows 8 hits the market later this year. I expect Android will also start making inroads (they say they aren't seeing it yet in enterprises, but I expect that to change).

Are you using your iPad at work? What apps are you missing?
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