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I could get fired for this video where I go crazy on Google+ for spamming my calendar this week with a feature that otherwise would have been really awesome. Warning: I use adult language.
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Something changed after the first couple of days, didn't it?  Did the notification mechanism for events change?
Heh. Good thing it wasn't TV, Robert. It would have been funnier with bleeps.
+Colm Buckley yes, it is mostly better now. Mostly because people stopped using this feature. Since the first day, when i got hundreds of events, now I only get a couple a day.
Hahaha +Robert Scoble if they fire you for being a dick to arrington they would not only be trolled as fuck but doing themselves a disservice.

The power of your sometimes rabid but always heaviest hitting fanbase of anyone in the industry is dependant upon your authenticity, transparency, and lack of self-promotion.

not to mention very actionable for a variety of reasons.

That would be akin to publicly punching your beautiful wife in the face because she had the audacity to tell a stranger how it really is.

Acceptable perhaps 70 years ago, but retarded as hell today.
Pissed me right off too and it's good when you get fired up. Great actually. 
By the way, the events page still has HUNDREDS of events that I marked "didn't go" to on them. Why can't I get rid of those events? I want that page to be blank except for new events and if I say I'm not going to them I want them to disappear from my life forever. Whoever designed this feature is incompetent and I don't say that often.
The weird thing is that it didn't happen to me. My calendar only has stuff I put on it. Because I haven't been to conferences lately? Is this Google trying to provide us with information it thinks we want?
+Robert Scoble Oddly enough, I was not hit with this bug because another bug prevented me from participating. The Events feature insisted that it was 5am the following day (during the big party the day of rollout), and so the screwy time confusion protected me somehow from getting my calendar spammed. At least I think that's what happened. 
+Robert Scoble there is a setting so it won't show events that you said not going to. I can't remember where it is - but it is there
You had a pretty righteous rant going until that other guy whipped out his iPhone with the spammy Facebook calendar pushes. However, I feel your pain regarding the sacredness of your calendar.
+Stacy Stutz yes, and that's F**Ked. I need the "show deleted items" feature. I delete things from my calendar all the time and I need to see them. This rendered that feature totally useless.
+Jim Gomes Facebook does NOT do that. He admitted off camera that he set up Facebook to do that.
OH! I found out why I don't have many... Go look at your calendar settings - there is a setting for automatically displaying invites - mine is set to only show what I have accepted. 
Yes, this "feature" was not well thought out. I also have stuff on my calendar that i did not put there, nor can i get rid of them now. They just stay there, crossed out. What a mess.
I couldn't imagine how impossible it would be to use if there were hundreds.
Ahh... I didn't know that part of the story. I saw a post somewhere that Google "fixed" the Events feature so that only people in your circles can invite you. Have you noticed this change?
+Jim Gomes yes, I have. THings have now slowed down to a trickle. But the feature is still really poorly designed. I now have a list of things I turned down and didn't attend. Why are they still here? Very lame. Once I say I didn't attend it should delete that item from my life forever.
Wish they would just have put the events in an additional calendar we can switch to the main calendar if "we" want. Also an option to limit invitations to specific circles would be great.
Totally agree about getting rid of declined events. I have already sent feedback regarding that. I also requested that they have a delete option that is different from decline. I want a way to remove an invite without actually responding to it. A response to a spam invite is bad, because it confirms information for the spammer.
This reminds me of Facebook's groups where people add you without your consent and it's on you to leave the group if you never wanted to be there.

Only this is worse because there's no way to leave!
+Stuart Duncan and it's worse because it made something I depend on for my life (my calendar) freaking useless.
+Robert Scoble At least you can change in the calendar settings if and which events should appear in the calendar. But It's a shame that they haven't selected a more private option as default or gave us some kind of setup dialog.
Go ballistic next on Facebook notifications. Cannot turn them all off. 
+Robert Scoble I worked for the best company in the world a couple times... But turns out no matter how great a company is, people still can be jealous and petty, stab you in the back, throw you under the bus, or remove you for liability that is detrimental to shareholder interest regardless of what you invest or do.

Thats why I'm sitting here homeless, starving, dirty, and quite literally sleeping in the streets. My laptop got robbed at knife point a couple weeks ago. Nobody will help me with my most basic needs or get me even a netbook to work on. I cannot stop getting thrown in jail and beat up by cops... And while I really could use a method of economic production - what I could use even more would be to take this girl I'm all in love with out to dinner and get a nice hotel room because she is homeless too, but not wanting to leave her shelter to spend time with me.

I could care less about starving and getting beat up by cops... But I am hurting so bad now that I dont have a safe place for her to stay. :/
Here's a copy of my comment after reading your original rant. Before you read it (if you do...), I know that social 'celebs' like you are always looking for controversial topics to push buttons on, but really? In the grand scheme of things, can anyone (other than blind fan followers) really see your rant as anything other than blatant whining? 
Anyway - if you're still interested, here's a copy of my post from the 28th...
I agree, yesterday's rollout of Google Events was not exactly 'perfectly' implemented. But damn, the faux celebs on G+ out there need a reality check AND a spanking.
Oh no! You got a few hundred events added to your Google Calendar when you got spammed!
Really? Do you live in Colorado? Is your home in danger of being burned down? Did your kid just get diagnosed with autism? Did you lose your life savings because some jackass on Wall Street decided to play 'Lets Spin the Wheel!'?
Come on +Robert Scoble and +Wil Wheaton (and numerous others). I respect you guys, don't make me regret it and dump it.
So you got invited to events... You're still alive and taking nourishment.
Celebrities whining about popularity... That should win friends and influence people...
You're like that joke about the guy on the airplane that complains when the inflight WIFI goes down. YOU'RE SITTING IN A CHAIR... IN THE SKY! You just got mad about a SMALL fault with something you didn't even know existed up until 30 minutes ago!
People are whining about a FREE service that had a hiccup! 
What's more is that celebrities and popular people are whining about a FREE service that makes them money and builds their fan base, that had a hiccup! 
It. Is. Not. The. End. Of. The. World. Although you'd think they were ready to swap Snookie's impending child birth on 12/21/2012 for Google's booboo as the likely cause of the Mayan End of the World Scenario...
This is why +Gideon Rosenblatt 's "soulful company" and my social benefit corp #wecansolve will attempt to employ these "problematic" employees. Everyone deserves an opportunity to work for pay regardless of history/reputation - but a guy so obviously capable as me can't find a "job".

Limiting liability is what creates it.
+David Taylor fuck you bro. Pretentious as fuck. Obviously I'm one of such you use as a straw man for pejorative attacks against my homie, but it's only to try and kill your own fucking guilt.

Dont blame scoble for the problems of the world, blame yourself for trying to claim my real pain as a platform to judge another for what you plainly do yourself.
Awesome to see how mature your minions are Mr. Scoble. Wow, Phill - you do impress, with your eloquent use of language. Nope, no guilt here. You can tell that because my comment used rational thought, unlike yours. I'm not blaming 'Scoble' for the problems of the world - I'm including his rant AS a problem, because it is energy soooo misplaced and irrelevant. Now, I'm pointing the finger at you, your smug problem that says I can't use my freedom of speech (especially near Independence Day - which I served to protect) to call you an ignoramus. I blame you for some of the problems of the world, just because of your comment. Feel better about me now? Where did I put that can of Troll-Be-Gone?
Wow....For a second there, I thought I accidentally fell into the YouTube comments section. 
Nothing wrong with a good venting every once in a while. Everyone needs it :)
+David Taylor unless you have experienced #stateoncitizenviolence yourself, you really have no room to play the patriot card. I am hardly a minion, scoble and I disagree often. Notice I did not think his complaints are insignificant and without merit, but realized (and wholeheartedly share) his passion for his life's work in technology. I have zero maslow needs met but am distracting myself from my own situation by talking about the passions that move me.

Thank you for serving our country as a veteran of the armed forces. I am a veteran of the war for my very rights you fought to protect from foreign aggressors. Unfortunately the domestic aggressors are far more dangerous.
^ grabbing popcorn and settling in for round two ;)
+Stacy Stutz  Ironically, I have popcorn for sale ($1/bag). Hold on...I'll create an event to sell it!
Whats really funny to me is the overwhelming population of g+ failing to understand difference between being a dick and "trolling". I'll be the first to admit I'm antagonistic and oftentimes unpleasant, but not trying to elicit anger or rage from you... Far from it.

Debate is the finest form of discourse, and creating enlightenment far more a moral imperative than reaching agreement or consensus.

This is why our society and government is so flawed. attempting to create consensus is far more damaging than unilateral mandate with an incorrect conclusion.
+Phill Hocking I don't think anyone has a problem with a good debate, but the first rule of debate is to avoid personal attacks. "Fuck you bro" never won during the debate tournaments I went to in high school.
Anyways, sorry for tanking your thread robert ima go do something else to occupy my time for a minute. I will try next time to not be contrary with the plebs lolz.

I still never cease to be amused my actual views stated with the cavalier air of creating discourse due to radically unique perspective results in nearly universal scorn.
+Shaun McLane lol depends entirely upon the judges chosen voting paradigm. The tab judges hailing from the mead school district legacy and other college debate nerds forced to judge jv/varsity policy prelim rounds encouraged colorful language, and the real talent comes when your "civilized" manner of speech incites more rage due to pomposity and thinly veiling character assaults.

I won a fucking lot of debate rounds broseph. ;)
That just got to the event part of the video. Hilarious.
Robert, a side of you I had not seen before. :O  
I just thought of a cool app...Fill in the blanks with Robert. 
1.)  Google has their head up their _____ .
2.)  They refuse to give us ___ protection.
3.)  They have ____ spammies on my ____ calendar.
4.)  Pushing hundreds of ____ on my calendar.
5.)  The "Events" thing spammed the ____ out of my calendar.
6.)   Who the ___ thought that they had access to my calendar?
7.)  You know what's going on here?  Google is a ______ on social and they want in on the game.
8.)  This is ____!!!
Answers can be found from 35:28 to 37:00
It's a shame that in your anger at Google, you also undermined the Google+ community. I really wish you just leave Google+. Shame. Shame. Shame.
+Robert Scoble Fire you? How about promote. It's all about where it comes from and why. I sure wish I could find more in the toy industry who would get worked up over xyz issues like that, with that energy coming from that place..
The toy industry needs more of that. Or any.
+Danny Roa oh please. There are far more offensive people on G+ than +Robert Scoble - that rant was funny How did he undermine the community?

You need to grow up. Just block him if he offended you - the rest of us are happy to be amused informed by him. You should probably delete that post you made...   
+Stacy Stutz I need to grow up? Am I the one cursing at Google who have spent countless hours building Google+? And no, I'm not deleting the post I made, I stand by it. I'm not picking a fight with you unless you are like Scoble who's probably foaming in the mouth every time they feel wronged by somebody.
ahh - I love email notification. Too bad "delete" doesn't recall that email... isn't that right, +Danny Roa ahh - he blocked me - my first block ;)
I think we need noise controls.  Scoble you get so angry. But that's why we love watching you.  
I have to admit I also find events irritating, because there is no way to control them.  I like seeing what people are doing on apps like Fitbit and Runkeepe on Facebook, it motivates me. 
Don L
Regarding the Google noise control part of that conversation I'd have to say I disagree slightly with what you're saying +Robert Scoble.  Open disclosure, I don't use Facebook very much at all.  But from my limited experience what I've seen is Facebook and it's "noise control" decide what goes into my stream.  I don't like that.  Who are they to decide that just because someone I'm friends with posts a picture that gets 30 comments that's what I want front and center?  Again, I don't use Facebook much and haven't played with any settings.  That's just the feeling I get constantly, is that I miss stuff from people because it was automatically "less important" just because it was simple.  From what I hear you saying, that's what you want of Google+.  You want it only showing you "relevant" content from specific people and you want the system to automatically know what "relevant" is.  Perhaps that's not it but that seems like what you're saying.  How is that noise control and not simply censorship?

That all said, no I don't want to see 1000 cat pictures either.  But I don't get that in my main stream and I'm surprised you do if you're following such smart people.  You're in my 'show me everything from them' controlled circle because you don't post BS.  I used to have a couple of celebrities in my 'show me most stuff' circle but I dropped them.  Why?  To much BS.  I either bump them down to a less circle or I unfollow them all together.  Obviously you have a scale that's so much larger it's hard to understand but why does that not work?
I think this issue comes around because of a) wanting to keep a feature secret before launch and so only testing it internally which in itself isn't a bad thing and is understandable
B) the organisation that you are testing it in is full of pretty good people that respect each other

I seem to remember Facebook having issues like this where because features are tested internally they don't get hit by issues that occur in the masses. Almost sounds like they either need a test bed that they can have people acting like real people (some celebrities, some fan boys, some assholes, etc)
I find it hard to think google did it on purpose but I think they learnt a valuable lesson.
I hope they sort out these issues as the basic idea is amazing in my mind
Chris Farley was funnier, RIP. Been done. But you pumped up the troops. And what exactly are those troops for? I'm with +Jason Hurtado Daniels on most points. Firing might be good for you. It was good for Jobs.
+Robert Scoble  So...what do you think about the Facebook fiasco with changing people's contacts and intercepting mail?  Care to comment on how Facebook is getting it right?  Timing sucks :P  Just prodding you.
Wait, did +David Taylor really just write a rant, blatantly whining about what he saw as a rant that was blatantly whining?

This is why I love the interweb!
+AG Restringere He has the right to complain if he wants to. Unlike Facebook, Google will actually listen to his complaints and respond to them haha. 
Awesome rant starts at 35:30, I agree, they need spam controls.
+Robert Scoble why do you say "WOULD have been awesome".  The mere fact that you put that line in, means it IS awesome. Seriously.. get a grip.  It was a mistake for them to not think on one or two aspects of the thing, but it still kicks ass.  It's a great addition to G+. After they clean it up with what I'm sure is a 1-2 week fix, what will your rant be about then?
+Robert Scoble  - I think your criticisms on Google+ are vital. The events launch was flawed, no doubt about it. But the fact that I am watching your complaints here, (without them being "filtered") is one of the reasons that I love the platform. Keep it up!
+Robert Scoble Easy fix for this. Have Google put the word BETA next to Google+ and deny any wrong doing. 
I laughed out loud, +Robert Scoble -- and I completely agree with you. Hope you didn't get in too much hot water over that rant.
just like your inbox with e-mail, it was only a matter of time before spamming you calendar would happen. Its a problem that needs to be fix. Right now I could send you a calendar request from Google or Exchange, and not much you could do to stop it apart from blocking my e-mail address.

I know its huge problem for staff at Microsoft (some setup MSFT Outlook to decline meeting request if they show as busy).

Many you need your own mail system, one gives you more control. I hear +Rackspace Hosting offer a nice e-mail product, one that would give you more control.
Man, I really love a good rant. Especially when it is spot on and from someone with credibility. Maybe they'll hear your voice and listen.
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