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Google Glass visits PARC

The Palo Alto Research Center, AKA +PARC , a Xerox company, is the place where much of the technology we use in everyday life was invented. Ethernet. Laser printers. Object oriented programming. Modern GUIs. And more was invented here. 

I'll have more videos later this week that I captured on my professional camcorder, but here I capture +mike kuniavsky on Glass showing me around a room in PARC that has a bunch of examples of PARC's innovations over the years.

Walking through here you can see a TON of computer history. Unfortunately this room is not open to the public, so this Glass tour will have to do.

Mike, by the way, co-founded several successful user experience centered companies, including ThingM and Adaptive Path. Smart guy and that adds to the thrill of getting access to this room. You can read more about Mike here on PARC's website:

Come back to my Google+ page all week as I upload more videos and photos:

At one point we see the first laser printer and stumbled over the inventor of it. His name is Gary Starkweather. Damn, my memory is going (I met him when we both worked at Microsoft).

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I hate these flashing gifs or whatever they are. Nauseating.
Absolutely F'ing brilliant.  I SOOOOO enjoyed this post.  Thanks, Robert!  I continue to believe that you have the greatest job in the world.
Sounds like PARC was "the" place for innovation. Amazing!
I've always wanted to go to PARC. The birthplace of the modern UI. 
"PARC. The birthplace of the modern UI"
And Ethernet. And PostScript. And Object Orientated Programming (OOP), among many other great computing achievements.
Hi +Robert Scoble, was very nice chatting with you on Monday. Would love to some day continue our discussion about the re-democratization of the web. I've been working on something that I would love to run by you, get your thoughts.
Mike so very nice to see you again. Remember me? From 4Help at umich? Stay well. 
hi   +robert scoble, thank you for sharing this post. enjoyed the history of parc's innovation.