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New ways to water test Google Glass at Universal Studios

Not to mention new ways to annoy you with moving animated GIFs. Hey, at least it wore out three-year-old Ryan. 

Anyway, I wore Google Glass all day long at Universal Studios down in Hollywood and captured Jaws, indoor skydiving (I didn't try that), the Jurassic Park ride, where I got wet, and the Water World show, where I also got wet. 

Boring videos but shows how good it is at capturing the kind of stuff you'll do with your family and with your Google Glass when you get it next year. Particularly in low light, from the seats, etc.

Lots of questions from people about them, which shows there's a good amount of knowledge of this product amongst everyday people from all over the world.

Have fun, today we're off to a wedding. Monday we'll be at Knotts Berry Farm where we'll find more ways to torture you and Google Glass.

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Wife & I are going to Universal Studios Hollywood today! :) 
Google glass would have been cool in that parachute thing.
looks like some serious futuristic disco
I'm very surprised at the quality of the video. +Robert Scoble is there a size or time limit on the amount of video you can take?
Kind of mesmerizing out of the corner of my eye.
Glass looks like something I would love, hope these are released more generally soon
Well I watched all of your "boring" videos... universal studios seems like a good place for family entertainment.
Now I can say I virtually rode the Jurassic Park water ride at Universal Studios.
Ton's of anim Gif's. New ways to annoy followers! haha
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