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Google is locking me out

Weird. Google won't let me search. Says I'm sending automated queries. I'm not. Well, this is one way to get me to use Bing. Anyone else ever see this error? It's the first time I've seen this error. I assume that it will let me back on eventually. Ahh, the fun.

I wonder if running Google+ on screen has anything to do with this?

By the way, my wireless router is locked down with a good password. I wonder if my kids were doing anything on Google? Hmmm.
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Maybe you're really an automoton, not a person :O
It can help to clear the cache and cookies.
First Apple, now Google. They are all turning on you +Robert Scoble. Time to head for the cabin in the woods.
I get this now and then both in the office and at home. Generally when I get it at home it's due to me running some code that went crazy, though. At the office I just blame other programmers. :)

Have you ran any new tools recently? Some programmers will webscape Google's results to track rankings/etc but Google now detects this and blocks you.
Just in case.. check your google search history for the string "Sarah Connor"
have you tried to clear the cache of your browser?
I got something that said I did too many searches...Seems strange for a search Co.
That's really weird, I haven't encounter that problem yet...
Google notices much sooner than a million queries. It's closer to 25 automated queries that trigger it on my side. I've seen this a lot in the past 6 months.
This is an IP block, changing browsers will not solve it. This goes away on its own, sometimes as quick as a few minutes but I've been blocked for as long as 12 hours before.
It's happened to me before and I don't remember how I solved it.
+Robert Scoble saw that screen a lot of times when I was coding a search results scraping app. There are a couple of interesting articles about that on the web - Google just checks if you are not sending too many searches per minute/hour and that's it.
I've had it occur before. Pops up a captcha to verify I'm human and I go on. Seems to occur when I'm on multiple devices and logged into the same account and searching images.
When I've used the SEOQuake extension I used to get this all the time...pinging Google too many times in a short period. Maybe someone at your IP location is doing some SEO...? ;)
You would think g+ wouldn't be the cause. At least hopefully Google had the foresight to prevent that from happening.
I've seen it before, about 5 years ago. Had a nasty perl script injected onto my linux server via a phpBB exploit. The script, amongst other things, tried to spread itself by googling for other sites running that specific version of phpBB.
maybe because you are a very, very, hulk-ish-heavy google user
I'm imagining a fleet of Google Cars driving autonomously to your home, each occupied by a troubleshooting robot.
+Robert Scoble , I've had similar experience as +Robert Andersen above. After 20-30 searches I used to get that message, but it was followed by a captcha to verify that I'm a person. After that I was allowed to search again.
But if you are at work and you are getting an IP block, then it might be someone else who is doing some heavy searching.
Try another browser than Safri .. ?
Your network? Where are you? Behind a NAT? Hundreds or thousands of computers using the same public IP might cause this.
this, and the fact that they don't store any private data, is why I use DuckDuckGo
+John Hart is right. I've seen this often at my work. It seems to be related to too many people from our IP subnet hitting Google during the day. It's gone away lately, making me wonder if our IT group found a way to get on a 'good' list.
I once had this issue after using the Uncircle extension for chrome. I guess the extension was sending too many request in a short time. If I remember correctly it was solved as soon as I got a new IP.
It's been exponentially worse on our office network lately. Probably has something to do with us hiring an additional 2000 people this month. :) I guess having 60 companies and 6000 people going through a single pipe starts to annoy the Google gods.
May be they are locking you out because of one of your previous post on bing
This happened to me last year. It went away on it's own after an hour or so. No viruses or anything. It do remember having to log back into Google once search was working again. Whatever it was, I'm certain that it wasn't anything from my side of my DSL modem.

I blamed it on a glitch on Google's side.
Hoping Mathew is right. Very odd but then, as someone famously said, "If the Golden Gate Bridge were software, you wouldn't want to cross it."
+Robert Scoble ... are you using any Chrome extensions that submit automated queries? The "Uncircle" extension for G+ comes to mind.
has something to do with your New Bing video?
Its a mechanism for protection against bots.. It could be from your computer or from your ip address
+Robert Scoble I saw this page only on one occasion, and that was when I was trying one of these Gmail apps that docked themselves up on the menu bar on OSX. I guessed it was querying for my mail too often and it killed the whole experience for me. I removed the app and everything was like before.

It could be one of those Google/Gmail extensions or apps that you recently may have installed. Just my two cents.
It goes away after a few hours. It happens to me when I am rapidly browsing pictures in google images from my cell phone on my home network. Just lots of data being requested seems to do it.
Plain and simple, you either violated Google's terms by sending too many search queries from one IP or have Malware, I would advise maybe as a few other previous posts suggest to run other vendors scan, capture traffic or look at the logs. Then again rather than capturing, easiest way I can think of would be to block in your router, if it supports syslog, monitor the traffic to see where all the now blocked and highlighted red requests are coming from and what local IP at least to track down the devices.
This same thing happen with me too and all you have to do is just restart your internet device and it should be solved
+Robert Scoble This happens when you try to search for the same query multiple times within a short period of time. And the block is by IP. It is likely that someone from your house was playing on Google (the kids?). searching for the same thing over and over and it got your IP blocked.
It should clear up within few hours.
+John Hart suggests 25 queries, I don't know the exact number, it 25 sounds just about right from my experience.
You seem to get pinged by Google and Facebook algorithms pretty often; what exactly are you doing? >.>
+Robert Scoble I wonder why the copyright year shows 2009 in your snapshot when it is 2012 now??
Yesterday facebook, today google, and tomorrow? What do you do to those sites?
yes I've seen this happen in a large corporation I was working for some years ago and also when I tried out a tool from cult of the dead cow (goolag scanner)
+Robert Scoble may be google has so many pages to keep them all up to date and updated. You can find many more such outdated things in google apps pages. Google apps least up to date among all google services(at least from the services which i use). So many deleted images and out dated(old) designs mixed with the new ones.
All thats happened is you have a new IP address, you should look into why this is happening, you work at rackspace right? I'm sure there are plenty of peeps who could help you look into it with the proper tools.
+Robert Scoble I had this issue with Google Search a few years ago and fixed it.

First the cause: you, a program you have on your network, or some douche neighbour on your IP block (this was my problem), is bombarding Google Search.

Fix is simple 1) either wait it out - once the queries end, Google will unban the IP block or 2) change your IP address.

If you are sure that you and your network are not the cause, then you are most likely sharing an IP with someone else. Usually it's due to a privacy setting from you internet provider. Anonymous IP I think they call it (as opposed to Public IP). Think of it as multiple accounts/households being all routed with one router, so that you are "indistinguishable" from your neighbours. Someone/thing behind that router is bombarding Google Search, and Google Search can't tell the difference between you and that person/thing doing the bombarding (hence why it's called Anonymous IP).

It may also be some weird software that is providing this anonymous ip service. I don't know.

I'm pretty sure Bing will also ban for bombarding Bing Search with automated queries.
+Jacob Winski not that much, we are really friendly to bots :) It happens to me on Google some times, you just have to wait couple of hours till you regain access.
Google considers TOR exit nodes as bots spamming its servers and therefore applies IP bans on them. Just switch off your TOR plugin and you should be fine ;)
maybe google is trying to be like yahoo.
+Matt Byrne as within 80 comments nobody mentioned TOR I did not assume this was the real cause. My default search is duckduckgo and I can not seriously suggest people to use TOR for google search. I gave up on it for its low speed and when i need stuff quickly i duckduck with !g to actually use google :/ Wish it was easier to diversify.
Do you think that Bing wouldn't block automated queries? What would you do if you ran into the same issue on that engine?
The next time this happens, instead of rebooting your router, try running ipconfig /flushdns from a command prompt, and clear your browsing history (including cache and cookies).
Dude its a Joke
Its Copyright is 2009 where it should be 2012
It happens when you do a lot of advanced queries.
1. Uncircle extension for chrom causes this if you run a check against to much profiles
2. If you do the same action again and again in a short timeframe. For you it is easy to check, if message appears you only have to check your last actions and then... solved:)
2.1 If message appears and it was not your action check you networks last actions...
3. If you using Software that is sending queries to Google Search or do any automated actions check this. SEO help tools often do that when the SEO tools check the positions in Google Search...

For me 2 and 2.1 are favorite and that is often more a temporary thing because of a too sensitive Spam detection of Google.
Are you behind a famous public proxy service?
We see this at my work once in a while. Good luck contacting Google about it. I've yet to ever receive a response after filling out their form which is typical of their support in a lot of ways.
I got a similar message back when Michael Jackson died. Upon trying to google that info, I got a response saying that it looked like i was part of a DDoS attack >_<

Considering that I have the place to myself & my network is locked down pretty well, I doubt it's anything about your network specifically. More likely it's some subset of your ISP. Either way, didn't take long to get up & running again, just confusing.
Had same issue, i was actually looking for a one of your post on a location web app a long time ago, was using your profile site:XXXX option and that when the error ocurred...
Yes. Same message. BigG shooting self in foot.
Its becuase RackSpace is blocked, I try to access google from your cloud servers and get the same error..
Interesting, I just know I use RackSpace as a socks proxy for china and get this on all your guys IP's. Perhaps your login is somehow tied to that? Any idea why your network is blocked?
While SEOQuake didnt cause the issue in the OP, It did cause a prompt for  CAPTCHA immediately after installation on one of my computers.
Yeah I have seen this one. Someone on your network is running TOR, google hits this message out when it detects the tor network proxy, so if you are using a firefox plugin or similar for adblocking or for proxy services.
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