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Lots of good news today. Nice new iPhone app for Google+ and +Barack Obama supported Gay Marriage, which has my feed running in almost total support. Glad to be following such great and progressive people!
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Agreed, but trust me, the idiot trolls will find you....... ;)
Good news on both counts. Now, how to convince those folks in North Carolina...?
Barack Obama supports Gay Marriage!!
can we FINALLY stop having elections now and just STICK with this guy already??
What does gay news gave to do with technology???
i'm a little miffed that iOS got it first... Google didn't put out a Google product for an OS made by Google first? Why do you think they took that approach +Robert Scoble ?
Waiting for the update on my iPhone.. and I am excited to see Obama take a stance finally.
I had to do a search and go to it and then get the update.
Playing with the updated app now. Very sexy. However, I wish it allowed those of us with business pages to access them to update from mobile. 
This looks good, and I am looking forward to the "additional surprises" for Android. I just could never go back to iOS. Seriously, where iOS is like an older aunt, Ice Cream Sandwich is like a hot girlfriend! :0)
An Android app will have to be tested to run good on the multitude of devices and OS versions. That might be the reason for delay. 
Good news about the President, thanks! I just contributed a bit to his campaign in thanks.
Very happy about Obamas' support and loving the new G+ iPhone app!!
The biggest takeaway for me from the new Google+ app is that Google hasn't just given up on iOS. They seemed to be putting in so little effort, that I was worried.
+Robert Scoble - Is it me or can I now NOT choose stream views? It appears that I can only view one circle at a time, rather than swiping to view different circles. Am I wrong?
You evidently have a different new version of the iPhone app to me: it's terrible. I'm beginning to think Google have lost the plot.
Need better G+ messenger... pleeeeeeaaaaze!