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Camera test, Part I: Outdoor play area.

Here's three images, one from Samsung Galaxy SII, one from iPhone 4S, and another from iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4S is slightly sharper, and has a warmer tone.

Winner, by a slight amount, iPhone4S, in my observations. Which one wins in yours?
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Which of the 3 was closest to the naked eye?
iPhone4s has the best image quality, but it is an 8mp cam. The iPhone 4 is better then the samsung SII which looked dull.
I'm an iPhone fangirl, but for the Android's picture the sun was partially behind a cloud. The shadow is much less defined and it's more noisy. Not the Android's fault, in my opinion.
I find many smartphone cameras tend towards cooler tones. I agree that the iPhone 4S looks most natural. The iPhone 4 was definitely the least sharp.
I hate to admit it but.......iPhone4s image is the best by far.
The second one would get my vote......
I like: 1) iPhone 4S
2) iPhone 4
3) Samsung Galaxy S II
hard to tell if it's the additional light in the 4S picture, or the better exposure management, but the 4S picture looks sharper (b/c of better light).
I would rate it: iP4S > SGS2 > iP4.

However, don't forget to factor in the differences of light available. It looks like there were more/less clouds in some of them.
I agree. The 4S seems brighter and more warmly lit
4S is more sensitive to light! Like it!
Really close (between the iPhones), but I think the 4s captures the light and shadow better, giving it a more 'real' look.
Oh wow, big difference between them all! More contrast in the 4, too.
+Robert Scoble what was the time delay between photos? Many think there was cloud cover in some.
the contrast light/shadow is mush sharper on 4S. Winner
Wow, the SII looks so flat and dead.
They definitely have their own flavors. I didn't expect that so much.
It seems like the white is more true on the 4 and the S2. The 4S looks lively, the 4 looks like a cartoon, and the S2 looks "grizzly" (if that's possible).
The Galaxy II looks crisper and more real to me. . .both are good! Strangely the iPhone 4 (not 's') one looks pretty poor. . .
+Robert Scoble Your the only one who can answer that question. I would think the litmus test is to see which one re-creates reality the closest. It looks to me as though the first one has been enhanced, not in post-editing but on the fly by the camera. The most noticeable thing is that the shadow of your roof is more pronounced in the first picture.
To be sure, there is not a whole lot of difference between the 3. Anyone who says otherwise is just choosing sides/being a fanboy/girl.
Iphone 4S looks better than the others. The 4 looks a bit too contrasty and over-adjusted. I prefer the Sammy over the 4 since It does not feel as adjusted.
I think the Samsung actually looks quite flat. Based on +Nathan Giardina 's comment, I wonder how much monitor adjustment is playing into these results.
iPhone 4 picture has more contrast and saturation. Not sure if it's better or worse. IPhone 4S seems to have a best picture.
The SGS2 photo looks less saturated than the iPhone versions, but that can easily be fixed with a little Photoshopping. It's also way better as a whole than the iPhone 4.
The iPhone 4 photo is very blurry (see the gravel and the top corners) and way too dark.
The iPhone 4S has nice colours but the gravel and the leaves don't look right.

In terms of saturation and how pleasing the colours are, the iPhone 4S wins and the SGS2 is last.

But in terms of overall picture quality I'd rate them SGS2 > iPhone 4S > iPhone 4.

Also: many of the differences in the photos are probably due to different lighting scenarios.
Winner is the pink ball right up. very sharp. ;-))
Definitely looks like more light, less cloud cover in the 4S picture resulting in a sharper, warmer photo. As advertised, the 4S has more shadow detail too. Look at the rocks, the 4 loses out. The S2 is also 8MP and close to same sharpness despite less light. The S2 also does panorama out of the box,
+Robert Scoble So, you have produced 2 versions of apple product, for whatever reason, to compare with only one version of android phone. This is the exact opposite, in relation to market saturation, to the ratio of iOS to Android units. To be fair, why not include units from HTC, say the Evo-3d? Can the iphone take a 3d pics?
Obviously you included those models because you had them at your disposal, but you have to realize, with your following, the fanboys will eat this up, and use it for fodder to throw at Android fans....
+Antti Urpelainen you got it. SGII will be the winner after some touchup. Maybe there are some camera settings for better contrast and saturation?
+Robert Scoble Sure sure....just don't expect we Android enthusiasts to stand by without adding our opinions, even if the other models are not represented. ;)
4gs looks warmer, S2 seems to have a sharper image. Would be cool if you could post some other pictures and maybe label them A) & B) ect to get some unbiased opinions.

Would also be nice to have a scene set by artificial lighting so that all 3 devices take photo's under the same condition.
+Robert Scoble which do you prefer as far as the overall phone.. the Galaxy ll or the 4s? Would you say it is how the user utilizes a phone or is it more? cloud vs sim card, files and flash vs none... I love the screen and the HD on the Samsung Galaxy ll... I am not a gamer or 'show' watcher on my phone. I do use my camera and vacations use iphone instead of laptop. I don't have a tablet YET. Your thoughts?
+Robert Scoble so you're driving the Prius... not the BMW? :-)
I'll be following your findings... I'd like to know what it is about the iOS that you like above the Samsung's.
I'm not going out next week to buy either. I'm happy right now with my 3Gs and iOS5... but I AM ready for an upgrade! thanks for any input . Have a great weekend~
Galaxy SII seems to have just as much sharpness as the 4S, but the particular photo has less contrast because it was taken when the sun had partially gone behind the clouds (note the difference in the depth of shadows between the pictures. Probably accounts for the difference in white balance as well.
4S has a better contrast than the other 2
SG II for Flat-Clarity. What I mean by "flat" is an analogy to Audio Studio monitors. The Iphone (both) to me, are more like an EQ'd audio spectrum (similar to the "hype" of BOSE Speakers).. Just my opinion. Lets see them in a white room, all focusing on the same object.
A nice example telling that megapixels aren't everything. 4S has best quality.
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