There is a new drone coming

Last week I attended the press conference where Parrot showed off its new "Bebop" drone. Read about it on Techcrunch:

What a camera! They didn't announce a price or give me one to play with, so the real review will have to wait for another day, but they took a much different approach than DJI did (if you saw my earlier report, you know that its latest drone has a three-axis gimbal which physically moves the camera around to steady it). 

What does the latest +Parrot AR.Drone do? A lot of advanced image processing inside the computer. The camera has a fisheye lens but the images it makes are only a piece of what the sensor sees. In watching it the video was very steady but they expect the price to be under $500 (the DJI is $1,399).

Parrot made it a LOT safer to use than the DJI (the blades are smaller, more flexible, and the thing turns off if it hits something, while the DJI keeps running if you accidentally hit something). Plus the Parrot has optional bumpers to make it even safer to use around, say, kids.

Why go all the way up to the DJI or one of the competitors like +3D Robotics? Better speed, better image quality, etc. If you are a professional photographer, that's the route you'll want to go. But if you want something that is VERY capable, safe, and much more affordable, then waiting for this new drone, which will be out later this year, is gonna be the thing.

I'll wait to talk more until after I get it, but I thought it was worthy to note just how much innovation and competition is happening in the drone space, which is great to see. 
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