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There is a new drone coming

Last week I attended the press conference where Parrot showed off its new "Bebop" drone. Read about it on Techcrunch:

What a camera! They didn't announce a price or give me one to play with, so the real review will have to wait for another day, but they took a much different approach than DJI did (if you saw my earlier report, you know that its latest drone has a three-axis gimbal which physically moves the camera around to steady it). 

What does the latest +Parrot AR.Drone do? A lot of advanced image processing inside the computer. The camera has a fisheye lens but the images it makes are only a piece of what the sensor sees. In watching it the video was very steady but they expect the price to be under $500 (the DJI is $1,399).

Parrot made it a LOT safer to use than the DJI (the blades are smaller, more flexible, and the thing turns off if it hits something, while the DJI keeps running if you accidentally hit something). Plus the Parrot has optional bumpers to make it even safer to use around, say, kids.

Why go all the way up to the DJI or one of the competitors like +3D Robotics? Better speed, better image quality, etc. If you are a professional photographer, that's the route you'll want to go. But if you want something that is VERY capable, safe, and much more affordable, then waiting for this new drone, which will be out later this year, is gonna be the thing.

I'll wait to talk more until after I get it, but I thought it was worthy to note just how much innovation and competition is happening in the drone space, which is great to see. 
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i Cjay
Drones are gay!
Paul Puri
+i Cjay, we accept drones of all kinds here. No matter their orientation. 
My Parrot seems totally adequate to fly around my neighborhood. A better camera isn't necessary for most of us, just for +Eddie Codel
This first era drone look just like that, not very polished looking. Reminds me of looking at those helicopters from the 70's. 
Out in the timber country we shoot noisy crows for target practice. What do they do in the cities?
How stable was the flight/video quality? I know comparing my AR.Drone 2.0 to the DJI, the difference is night and day, mostly because of the weight/stability of the unit... in saying that, flight wise, it's much harder to crash the AR.Drone to the point my son (he started flying it at 6) can fly it with no problems.

My father has the original Phantom Vision 2 and the Vision+ on order after your post ;).
So it shoots wide and then crops and rescales to do image stabilization. I wonder how much resolution you lose? 
Interesting.  Was looking to upgrade my DJI/gopro combo to the new PV+, but I may just grab this instead for conferences and kicking around.  
Looks like a worthy upgrade to my parrot AR, i just hope the internal bumper is more resistant to bumps than the foam they use on my very expensive and hardly used toy... Which actually is tons of fun outside but the conditions have to be perfect for stable flight..
Also, field of view of that camera, I'm guessing there is no tilt (aside from flying forward) or does the software allow for that as well?

+Marvin funtime if it's anything like the original and you connect to it as a wifi access point, I'd guess 50 meters/164 feet.
Really interested in hearing more about it's ability to feed directly into the Oculus. That sounds like it would make for a
very interresting experience. 
Did you get a chance to play with their extended controller ?
+Robert Scoble no worries it's what I do and looks like your having a blast over there great photos by the way cheers 
Wonder if/when our Canadian Government will give the go ahead to make them legal here!
My gut says this will be fine for most consumers and entry level fliers, but I doubt the quality of resulting video would anything close to a physically stabilized camera. Yes, you can do a lot with software and algorithms but I bet will result in noticeable artifacts and reduced resolution. I'd love to be proven wrong!

The Oculus integration is definitely cool.

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