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Tonight will be a big night for Motorola/Android/Google.

I can't say more until tonight at about 9 p.m. but this is a game changer in the marketplace. I was the first in line for the original iPhone because I felt the same about it as I do about what's coming tonight.

But the first iPhone was controversial and so will what gets announced tonight. Even more so, I think.

Damn, can't wait to really talk about why but mark your calendars because this will be a launch we talk about for a LONG time!
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Hrm.  Sounds like a lotta hype for just a new phone.  Could the rumors really have it all wrong?
+Robert Scoble  The sensors will be controversial by those obsessed with privacy and the media will focus on it as a "hot topic" issue, but the public won't care.  I hope this thing sells like a Chromecast!
A game changer would allow users to use any phone on any carrier with removable SIM even for Verizon and Sprint and a subsidy free cheaper plan. How much does it cost for a provider to make a call or data connection? Technology is supposed to get cheaper not more expensive and phone plans have increased since 2001.
+Robert Scoble is there a live stream and BTW I seriously hope that Moto X is more than my expectations
Bear in mind the same could be said of the launch of Windows Vista.
My prediction is that this Motorola phone will actively listen to its surroundings. That would definitely be controversial.
My guess is this is the first real evolution we've all been hoping for since Google acquired Moto. Can't wait for it to break!
+Robert Scoble in trouble with Google over the shower pic? I thought that pic wasn't that bad. Nothing to get all upset about.
I think +R.J. Cichocki is getting there. I think the phone will also have a really low price point, so everyone can buy one, and go to any carrier they chose.
I think what will be most intriguing is the "under the hood" chipset construction, with the division of labor among low powered and full powered sections.  Could be transformative for battery life, constant sensors, etc.
Motorola X smartphone ? What's the big deal ?!
+Robert Scoble Sorry, I know... But you know full well that being "talked about" can be a double-edged sword.

If what's debuting tonight is what I think it is (I have two possible guesses), then yes, I could see it being a very big deal. And that's not necessarily a good thing either. I've just grown hype-averse in my old age, I guess.
It's got to be bigger than great battery life, and a x8 chip architecture. If it's going to be an iphone moment, like +Robert Scoble  is talking, it will have to be something much heavier. We already know all the rest from the Droid launch.
+Robert Scoble you saying that is keeping my excitement up. I hope it delivers! I have an HTC One but I don't mind dropping it in exchange if there is a better, game-changing product about to be announced
+Robert Scoble  Listen, they really shouldn't complain about you posting that Glass video of the Kawasaki event just because it showed off the phone.  They have been purposefully leaking shots and details about the X for the last month.  You were just aiding their cause!!
Gosh...this means something really excited is coming in the form of Moto X....
I'm getting up at 3am local time just to see thing announcement unfold.
Maybe it listens not just for keywords to receive instructions but it might listen for keywords to help Google now know what to tell you next. For instance it hears you have a conversation with friends about a new movie and then Google now shows the travel card to the nearest theater for that movie. Or it hears you talk about gas so it suggests the nearest gas station.
Size matters, if this thing is 4.3 inches like the rumors it'll be a bust for me no matter how awesome the sensors or experience is.
Do you are creating too much expectation?
Truly wish I was pleasantly surprised
+Anthony Raffini  Leo LaPorte said specifically that it is not anything that intrusive, but he also stated that this phone will be a game-changer.
You know you have Android blood when talk like this actually gives you goosebumps...
Game changer would be an all day (24 hours) battery life. 
Call me when Android has an ass-kicking media eco system like Apple does. Chromecast? Such a joke. 
GigaOm : With Moto X, Google Android is about to have its iPhone moment
- by Kevin C. Tofel
With so many different Android phone models comes a wide variance in hardware, software and design, so a single Android phone can't compete against the iPhone. Or can it? We may find out with Moto X: Google's Android phone for the masses
Man I've got goosebumps! 
+Michael Gaines Well, yes, I would say so, but regardless, trolling is all about the tone and purpose of a post and your's fits perfectly.  
I really hope Google will announce they bought a telco and cutting the prices in the US 10 fold so that they match Europe.
Well now I'm actually interested. I've been assuming that there was no way the actual device / announcement could live up to the swells of hype, but maybe it will! 
+Robert Scoble previously mentioned that nfc will be a big part of Aug 1..may be that got you in trouble? How will nfc be used by moto x other than the usual ways? 
NFC is a failure. If people think that it's going to be a "game changer", they've got rocks in their head.
The tease is the Moto X is the first smartphone you can design yourself. I want to know more. 
I'm waiting for a surprise for long time..i can't believe Motorola can deliver me a surprise. is not easy to beat iphone.I trust you +Robert Scoble if was another guy i will BS.
+Michael Gaines what exactly Ecosystem wise is android missing? Music? Movies? Books? Tv shows? Apps? Google has all of those and in numbers that compare favorably or better to Apple. 
+Franklin Morrison I am actually less intrigued about the customization because I can't imagine them allowing anything other that aesthetic choices, which would not be a game-changer.  If they could allow for choice of CPU, GPU, battery size, screen resolution, etc, then maybe, but that seems such a long-shot.
+Jason Beatty Yes, they have it. Much like a Smartcar has a steering wheel and an engine. It's not a complete, well-devised system. You have up upload your tracks? Come on, what century is this? And let's compare annual cost. $25/year for iTunes Match for my 22,000 songs. How much would that be for Google?

And Chromecast is a joke. It does a fraction of what AppleTV does.
+Jason Beatty   no, no, no, don't feed the trolls.  :0)  Trust me, an effort in futility.  And Apple trolls are the worst.  Just ignore such trolls. 
+Vance McAlister selling like chromecast depends on whether it is aggressively priced and the features of course. :-)

What will be ground breaking and game changing is if Google and Motorola don't mess up the launch.

Or manage to release it globally.
Not much hope of that 
+Michael Gaines it's that nobody cares about the iPhone. And your just trying to start a fight. Nobody cares. 
Even more hype about today's event now! 
Glad to have this post +Robert Scoble :-) it is frustrating to wait few more hours but I wonder how difficult it is to not to say about it.
Holding you to it being a game changer. :-)
I feel it could have some Android@home stuff in the phone.

I wonder if it will be enough to get iOS users to switch to Android? I had the original iPhone and am also a Glass Explorer, but there has yet to be a compelling enough reason for me to abandon my iOS app ecosystem and a device I am more than happy with using on a daily basis (iPhone 4S). Guess we'll see after tonight but I doubt I will commit to anything until I see what Apple has in store for the next iPhone.
+Skyler Call I hope so. I waited months for HTC one before I gave up, and I really don't want to go through that again. 
+Skyler Call  If they didn't have Verizon versions, all hell would break loose.  What might be true is that they don't sell the CDMA versions on the Play Store.
Can google pull a rabbit out of its hat, or will it continue to stumble? I don't have a lot of faith.
+Paul Bova  Yes, please.  I would take that as game-changing, even if I suspect that others might not.
+Michael Gaines You would think having such a large app and media selection would keep you too busy to troll around Android posts.

Surely there has to be something better you could be doing with your time. Maybe try the "iSelf Respect" app. 
I published a video about Freescale's always-on xtrinsic sensor fusion proposed for smartphones 3 years ago:
Imagine not needing a power button to turn on your phone, just pick it up. Imagine cheaper warranty as manufacturers will know when devices were damaged because of usage error such as fall or banging. Imagine new user interfaces that are much more relying on sensors as the new Freescale Xtrinsic sensors can measure stuff 2000 times per second (the bandwidth and architecture being better). Imagine also sensors combining their abilities through fusion, again, no need to wake up the main ARM processor of the device to do all kinds of things! Imagine the device knowing exactly how it is touched, how it is moved, how it is held, the touch is not anymore only on the screen! This means better battery usage, months maybe even years of seamless standby. The new Xtrinsic sensor only needs 12 micro amps of power to be turned on all the time!

Rumor is Moto X has similar type of ultra low power always-on sensors on the Qualcomm powered Motorola X8 SoC. This can change how people use their smartphones, it can potentially dramatically enhance the smartness of the smartphone.
+James Bricknell  Possibly, but what I have heard is that this is coming to all the major carriers (comparing to the iPhone in that regard), as in +Kevin Tofel 's GigaOm post.
Oh +Robert Scoble you are like a beautiful woman in a linen dress with her back arched and the sunset shining through.

You offer is the world with your teasing yet give no firm edges for us to take hold of.

And I love you for it. 
+Robert Scoble you killing me (for waiting)...i have iphone 5 (cost me a fortune like everyone else) a cheap good and fast alternative with google behind...can make me touch the switch bottom.i can't pay what i'm paying for iphone..not anymore.
You managed to get me excited about something I've been scoffing at for weeks. 
noone has touched upon the really important question here: how long can it run ingress on one charge?
+Michael Gaines iTunes is by far the worst software product that I have ever used.  My frustrations with this part of the Apple ecosystem is what has driven me away from my Apple loving days.  I have moved over to Android and have never looked back.  Software is well tended to, cutting edge, well designed and accessible.  I never feel forced to use only Google products I just choose to because they are better (maps).   I like having choice, this is a feature that Android provides that Apple does not.  

 It doesn't mean it is for everyone.  Most of my family still use Apple products - that is what helps me to make the comparison.  I just prefer the flexibility of Android and I find the ecosystem to be a far richer experience.
I recently bought an HTC One and now I'm curious to see what Moto X will be doing. 
You are a bigger tease than Guy Kawasaki! Can't wait to "listen in" on the live blogs. Motorola is covering the event on Twitter too.
Oh the hyperbole is strong in this one.
Sure wish there were a live stream of it. Not happy with the “Apple-esque" elitism that seems to have permeated this event.
If it's a failure, you better believe it that it will be talked about for a long time. I'm not hoping on this hype train until the product is released. Will it have stock Android or are we going to see Motoblur rear it's ugly head again? Puh-leese. 
YES YES YES I got my money ready 
+Robert Scoble I guess I just assumed it would be another let down... a "here we go again" type of thing.  Now I'm hopeful.
+Robert Scoble I get it... But in the past +Google has usually taken strides to stream their events for those of us that can't attend in person for one reason or another.

Yep, I'm a bit bitter. I'd love to share the news real time with everyone else.
The only challenge I see here is the tech fatigue hump which didn't exists just before the first iPhone.
People are getting really tired of hearing about "the latest greatest" every 2 months and will soon flock back to iPhone like never before if that doesn't change.
I'm very much interested in a phone as a computing device I can control.  I build my own PCs.  I fiddle with UI.  So I am pretty much tied to Nexus phones.  As much as I love vanilla android, I still like my custom roms more.  My big question is how easy will this phone be get at (locked boot loader?  How available will the proprietary binary files be?  Will developers like CM jump onto this phone?)  If the answer is no/meh on that front, I suspect I'll be waiting for the next Nexus device.
Gee wizz! I cannot wait  for Motorola to say "Sorry, this device is unavailable in your region!" It wouldn't be a Google-run company if it wasn't US-only.
Wow! They are enabling full wireless migration to your new device. Apple's had that for quite a while now. Yawn.
+Robert Scoble Why don't we do a hangout on air to talk about it live like we did for the Apple court case ? 
+Robert Scoble Is it a game changer because of its features or more so because of how it's being presented/marketed? 
+Michael Gaines yeah, they did sell alot of phones, that is true. But so did Samsung, and i'm pretty sure more than the iPhone. It's still a popular phone, but the fanfare for the device is slowly waning. I don't want to argue any further. I could go on all day, but i know i am not going to convince you one way or another. I like the iPhone, it just doesn't personally fit my needs, and that's okay. It's a phone for certain people. I like Mac hardware i will admit that much, i just don't personally like their approach on software all that much. I would still love to own a mac pro for a laptop, and if someone offered me one for a decent price, i'd probably get a hold of one. When it comes to desktop/laptop OS offerings i love the software/hardware optimization that Apple's walled garden offers. However, the price stinks and the UI is horrible, save for i think they worked out alot of that with mavericks, finally. So there ya go, i don't hate Apple devices, but i don't want to hear the same rhetoric over and over again from Apple fans. It gets old, and most of it is blatantly false, and refuses to address allot of issue that Apple has with their services. 
Dan Lee
Bring it to the UK tomorrow !!
Dan Lee
Love Motorola. Have bought plenty of their products over the years. RAZR Maxx is one of my favourite phones. MotoX is going to be bought day 1
Dan Lee
+Robert Scoble Thats ok, maybe next time. I would so love to buy one asap. Might buy one in the US and get a friend to ship it to me .... 
Dan Lee
Cant get any further away than going to Aus !! Unless the #MotoX  does space travel too ?!
Dan Lee
Is the event bring streamed !?
Thanks +Robert Scoble . Glad you love what were doing, can't wait to share with everyone!
+Daniel Endy Android did that in 2009 while you could not do the same with an iphone that same year.

It felt weird for me as a long time user of pda's, cellphones and first generation smartphones, that there was no need for me to connect my G1 to a pc for nothing. The device was totally independent, a cloud device .

That was the innovation that proved to me who was right and who was wrong in the mobile future. 
That blog shows the big picture, now we will see about the sensors and the software combination.
+Robert Scoble underwhelmed. AT&T exclusive?  The last time I remember that for a big phone release was the Nokia Lumia 900!  And the icing on the cake...Android 4.2.2?  That would be like Apple releasing their iPhones with iOS 6 when 7 is available...
I'm an iPhone user, and was considering switching to this device. Hopefully there's a lot more to see, because what I just saw isn't really selling me.

Here's hoping for a 4G LTE Nexus this fall.
What am I missing? I'm with +Andrew Ednie , are there further surprises coming?
The $199 on contract seems steep for the specs.
It's pretty, but that's about it. I was really hoping for more, or a better price. The customization being limited to one carrier is a problem, considering I'm on Verizon. 
Unless there is something else that has not been shown, I'll be waiting for the next Nexus.
No thank you Motorola.
Super disappointed. Is that Google's way of saying we can't live upto the hype in 504 ways?
I mean you got to be kidding me!
It has nothing more than a 10 MP camera and a always on feature. - Just a Nexus 4. And wait I should pay $199 on contract for that. Was planning to buy this - guess would have to wait for the next Nexus now.
??? so what is the game changer? the touchless control?
+Robert Scoble So the word is out and I hope to read what is so big about this phone and the announcement. I saw a video about the phone and so far nothing is special. So what is the big deal about all this. Thanks for helping me out here.
Jon L
Better to avoid the company that builds in self destruct chips in case you dare to modify your own property. it may be an awesome device, but it will always be Motorola's device that you pay to use and never your own.
Oh I get it. You shake the phone, then you shake it some more, then you really really shake it and the camera turns on. Wow.. Amazing. 
Eric S
What a fucking disappointment this phone was, if it was off contract for 300-400 I would still buy it though.
It's a flop, exactly as I expected it to be. Can't trust companies to deliver greatness, and usually the extreme hype leads to extreme failure. Phones such as the HTC One that were basically ridiculed when leaked often times succeed the most. Look at the SGS4 and HTC One. Both made fun of extensively and ridiculed horrendously. Now look at the Nexus 4. Ultra hyped, but deliver issues, lack of LTE, and a lot more made it a not so great phone, but it's price point saved it. Motorola didn't have the right price point, so this thing is going drop like a rock. Guaranteed DOA.
Ok I'm sorry but I would like some clarification on the original post. I'm not saying it's a bad phone but to say you over-hyped it would be an understatement. 
Jon L
Everyone wanted a good phone for a decent unsubsidized price. What they delivered is. Mid range phone for a high end subsidized price. Expecting it to flop.
Yeah, predicting this phone is a complete flop.  There was nothing striking about this phone.  The only outstanding 'feature' is that you can pick a color...seriously?
I've got to say that it was pretty much what i originally expected from the various rumors.  I'm not excited by it, and I doubt many people will buy it due to the price and fact that, aside from the always on, its just a mid level phone. I could be wrong, but I highly doubt it.  Instead of having something for everyone, it ends up having nothing for anyone. It doesn't appeal to teens who only want idevices anyhow.  It doesn't appeal to techy people because it doesn't have pure android.  It doesn't appeal to older people because they'll see it as too complicated and newfangled.  Its just MEH. WAY over hyped, and I don't mean just in this thread.  There are several better phones available in the same basic price point today.  The fact that it is assembled in the USA is nice, but not enough to make me purchase the phone.  
I'm still curious how they pitched this to +Robert Scoble for him to have such a high opinion of it. I don't want to think he was incentivized or something to boost the hype, but I think that from what we know currently, everyone is in agreement that it's not exactly how it was billed in this post...

Maybe they're also announcing that each phone comes with a $10,000 check packed into the battery compartment. XD
+Patrick Quirke Because they lied that's why. They wanted to look like they had some insider information that they had to keep secret. They hoped today's announcement would contain something that hasn't leaked. IF it was announced, they would then point to that feature and scream how that was it and they knew about it along, couldn't say anything and are journalistic visionaries. It didn't and they, look stupid.  Now the backpedaling and attempts to cover up the BS will be flooding in. The end.
+Thomas Olson sadly the battery is not accessible (Backcover is fused with the phone), so you would have to destroy the phone to get your check... "Oh, sorry, we must have misplaced it on your phone".
If you don't like hypes you better don't act along hype lines. Time is not a critical factor here, I mean a few hours. I am curious as always about the upcoming comments by +Robert Scoble but there is no reason and hopefully no way to pressure anyone to overstep some embargo agreement.
I don't get the hype. It is a mid range device for top tier price. The Nexus 4 is better and better priced off contract. Other than the color (which is an AT&T exclusive) all the software features will be out in the wild for the Android community to get on their own devices. Your letting me down with your over hyping +Robert Scoble 
That's software...give it like 2 weeks and it will be available on my G Nexus.
The only thing we will be talking for weeks about is how moto decided to charge 199 with contract for this phone...
That price will not convince anyone to change from a windows phone over to this phone, nor persuade any first timer to try this Motorola instead of a one/s4.
Hugh disappointment.. I don't know +Robert Scoble 's normal level of excitement, but this phone for this process did not merit his enthusiasm..
+Cody Stamps That isn't all sofware. Don't forget it takes hardware to be able to have that always on status and not drain the battery. Something more than just a "listen now" software bit is turned on for that to take place.  There is more done than easily meets the eye.
+Peter Eikenhorst That would probably bother Moto more if WP had enough market share to matter. Even if every WP user bought this phone, it wouldn't compete with the S4, One, or iPhone.

What they need is to convince current iPhone users who are bored with iOS and newcomers to the smartphone market. Those are the types who won't understand about the specs and will buy it because of the "Always-on" mic and customizable shell.
+Cody Stamps My Gnex's battery life is bad enough without it powering the mic all day. The Moto X is the only phone with a low-powered microprocessor and mic specifically for that feature. Anything else will have significant battery drain issues (unless someone manages to get it to use the "Ninja Core" on the Tegra 3 and then it's still a hardware specific feature).
There's one thing that will determine this phone's fate: Marketing.

The iPhone, Galaxy, One...even the original Droid were made great by their marketing. Nothing else really matters to average consumers. User adoption isn't driven by specs and stats, it's driven by convincing the majority that something is desirable.

If Motorola/Google steps up to the plate and does some serious marketing for this phone, it will sell incredibly well. If not, it's DOA.


It even has all the buzzwords to pass the "friend of a tech nerd" test:
HD display? Check
Quad Core? Check
2GB RAM? Check
Android Jelly Bean? Check
Yup, has everything my buddy said to look for...and I can get it in red to match my car?! Sweet!
+Robert Scoble What about the battery life claims? In your use, did you see anything impressive? I'm obviously not expecting the advertised 24 hours (as awesome as that would be) but any improvements are welcome. Any opinions on the camera?
The always listening feature was leaked by everyone 1 month ago after the Rogers video. Stop pretending that was what you were talking about. You were making stuff up just admit it already. Most boring and overhyped phone of the decade. "Game changer" Lol
Wait was this post really about the Moto X? +Robert Scoble do you really believe that this phone is that big of a game changer? Bigger than the tesla Model S or the iphone 3gs? Even bigger than Google Glass? 
+Robert Scoble Don't let the naysayers get to you. I know what you mean when you say it's a game changer. A phone with this level of customization and feature set (if successfully marketed) could very well change what users expect from OEMs. No more WYSIWYG....kinda like what Dell did with online PC orders. 
I think the early rumors of a low price, coupled with the "mid-range" specs sent a lot of us into a "meh" attitude with this launch.
After seeing the hands ons and seeing other reviews, I'm stepping back, and considering this phone again. +Russell Holly has a great write up on on the Moto X not being a "mid-range" phone.
It looks like this may be the phone we are looking for, just not marketed very well. 
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