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Thanks, Scott, I have nightmares now. :-)
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+Robert Scoble isn't this the bomb? I totally dug it - and think it should be made into a 3 part movie series...

1 - how this capability came about and the chase for her to get free
2 - the capture and escape
3 - the world in how she tries to change it back to being 'human" instead of only images or fake stuff and/or civil law... etc.
I hope they have plan to make a full-sized movie.
My Son would be delighted if they did make a film, he loves the game.
Woo woo - now thinking when I would watch it!
+Meki Cox 1+ for using "the bomb" in a sentence. haha havent heard that in a while. awesome video tho, the game is so great, it would make an awesome film in the right hands.
Muy bueno, es un gran juego, hecho para romperte la cabeza pensando. El video tiene mucha calidad, gracias por traerlo aquí.
My 11 year old always leads in portals. I can't wait to share this video with him. Thanks.
Well, ain't that something!
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Great work by Dan Trachtenburg (TRS fame) and I see he had Alex Albrecht as a guard (also TRS fame). Would make a great full length movie.
Mmm graphically stunning ..but in a maximum security cell, someone forgot "or hidden" a space magic cannon? Who knows why! when we imagine the future, we often think that world willbe a Blade Runnerworld : /
Excellent, but after watching it, my browser went strange... The text all but vanished and I had to restart the browser to get it back... Is it real?
Nice - very nice - i'm bought Portal 2 last month and it's very nice to see this live action - I would definitely go see the movie...if it's ever made
Awesome! Love the game - thanks for posting
At least sth. what interests me (besides of tech) from your posts. X-D
You can't tell me she figured all that out in 6 minutes. Clearly she's played the game before :)
Oh ... Wow! That's the kind of video to wake up with.
Love that video, love the game(s) ...
That was awesome but would have been EPIC with the voice of GlaDOS at the end
that was awesome!
Went to repost this from FB and wouldn't you know, it's up already. OUTSTANDING vid.
I hope they used RFID in addition to the UPC code on the back of her neck. More efficient. Just sayin.
Thanks for sharing - I want the blue pill
Weird how this is only making the rounds now. It was on Vimeo back in May. Just goes to show you how important who finds your work can be. Apparently, I'm not yet at critical mass. :)
has potential, but they're screwing up the story. the game's plot is already pretty good if they just ran with that. i didn't like the addition of real soldiers, how the gun is discovered, or the soldier's reaction to her finding it. i wish they'd stick with the isolation + testing + GLaDOS + Wheatley theme.