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Awesome to see fast iteration by the Google+ team!
Matt Waddell originally shared:
The sharing changes +Kelly Ellis mentioned earlier today are starting to roll out:

1) The next time you share something, you'll see a dialog explaining how to edit or delete your post, or disable comments or reshares.

2) When you try to share a limited post, you'll see a friendly reminder to be thoughtful about who you're sharing with.

3) You can't share limited posts publicly. (You can still share limited posts with other individuals and circles.)

And just to reiterate: as the author you always have the option of disabling reshares entirely on a given post. Just click the triangle menu at the top right of your post, and select "Disable reshare."

Thanks again for the feedback everyone!
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I saw that when I just posted. "Helpful hints" are nice for a bit but I don't need them to keep popping up.
Oh, this is awesome. +1 for Google.
One of the many advantages of delivering a Cloud Product. Easy to iterate and easy to distribute those iterations.
they are crazy fast. I'm not sure if they're actually reading my feedback, but I like to imagine they have a group of Palo Alto elementary school students in a room fixing bugs as fast as they can, like a little engineering sweatshop. Fix the bug, fix the bug! :) Seriously, it's like they fix a bug I report in about 60 seconds. Impressive.
It would be cool if there were opt-in shared circles. For example the Twitter #UsGuys tribe...we all need to create our own circles and add tons of folks. It would be cool to self-select a shared one.
Zen L
Awesome! Keep up the great work G+ team! :)
Still not able to access sharing settings until after the initial post...??
Working hard before a holiday weekend; hope the devs and ops teams get to enjoy the 4th!
I like the ability to edit posts after they're up. AND the new algorithmic function to automagically knock down big popular posts sounds like a Scoble Virus patch to me. ; )
I want a notification that allows me to disable notifications.
Madone! Awesome. I have been seeing these changes. So far, I am liking Google+. It works really well in conjunction with Picasa on my Mac. And I like that I can edit my comments (like this :-) )
Fantastic. Agile development to the max! Matches with their Chrome and Android strategy. Just start anywhere and then iterate faster than everyone else. Although it seemed like a long time between Buzz and G+
+Beth Granger send that in a feedback post... 
Agile is right. Too bad they have to work over the holiday weekend though. Let's all send them some red, white, and blue cupcakes.
On a Friday right before a big US holiday weekend, now that is impressive!
Here's something else I like: That you can hide your connections and the NUMBERS of them. So the old popularity contest on social is an opt-out.
+Scott Reputable I had a similar idea to allow us to set certain circles to silent... where I could select a circle to read what's there but not have it produce notifications of clog the main stream... 
Wow, that was quick. Just saw my first comment explaining tips after i shared something.
Unclear then what will be indexed by google search . If it is only public posts then lots of items won't be searchable .
nice. +Jeff Elder how do you do that hide the numbers of connections? i just got google + not even an hour ago
Yup, by the updates today, they sure are listening... 
+nick gilbert how did you do that? 
+nick gilbert Sorry, I meant, just get on G+ they shutdown the invites, I'm wondering if they started send out invites to people that filled out the sign up form? 
i filled out the signup form and was invited by someone
Cool... now I'm gonna send people to that form... thanks!!! 
I'd like to also "Snooze" a circle, person, or hashtag for x minutes/hours/days during certain times
Wow, now that's very quick of the Google+ team! Implementing suggestions overnight!! Good job! Keep it going!! Make us love Google+ more!! /rawr
Wait so if I share a post with one of my circles, they can share it with someone outside my circle? Isn't that the idea of posting it privately to several people?
+Manuel Mas YOU control whether they can or not... 
Yea but you have to do it manually for each post?
I believe so, but only for those you wish to not allow reposting... a default setting would be nice though 
Exactly. I'm basically just having to trust in other's best judgement. What if I post some funny pictures to my friends only and they think it would be cool for lots of others to see them too...
To think about it further.... actually anything, even a private email or something like a FB Message could be cut and pasted publicly... I guess you just need to be mindful about who you send stuff too... 
There is not a service out there that can prevent that... 
Don't know, just feel it can go against the very idea of having Circles.
Not really, circles are for convenience, not security... 
I juz got a friendly reminder to be thoughtful !!!!
There are things I'd send to my friends, I wouldn't send to coworkers, and things I'd send to coworkers that my friends have no interest in... but no matter which service I use, copy and past, or right click... save as... can make anything public 
Just never post anything that you wouldn't want the entire universe to see.
Just had an epiphany... I'm sitting on an hour long bus ride home, having pleasant conversation with people I don't really know... on FB I'd never have been able to do that, not even on twitter... goes to show, G+ is on a whole new level... 
The thing is it could happen on facebook. It's basically same technology...however, why are we more prone to do it here?
Not in this way, I'd have to keep refreshing the thing... if that was the case here, I'd probably would have ignored it a while ago... 
Yea, its the toolbar and notification system where you can post without going to another page. That I think is Google + best feature and most important.
Yup, that is a huge advantage... I'm using the Android app... s
nice to know, in all other products, google have the "corporation" problem, you just talk with the general support team and never with the developer team, not a personalized experience, and all the time you talk with an abstract person, for example if i watch a movie is more valued for me if i can talk with the producer, the actors about the movie, is the same in this kind of things, seems google is changing, more direct support +1 to the new CEO Larry Page and google+ team
At the desktop I'm loving the environment. Love to see the upgrades to the IOS experience.
Any idea how many people have been let into Google+ so far?
+Stephen Pickering I was referring to Kelly Ellis' vid discussing new additions to Facebooky algorithms so the same ol' Scoble post doesn't ride so high every time you come on. So a bit more sophistication in what you see, realizing you have seen it before.
+jim Stewart agreed desktop is flying just want to see android app get reshares and edit abilities.
Chris P
Great info to know on the sharing piece! I like the limits on sharing, that's a win. 
Great Reshare! Oh where oh where is the reshare on
Great changes. So go on Google and continue iterate 
A refreshing approach to user privacy. Kudos to the + team!
some useful info there, thanks
Not sure I like all the changes. +Robert Scoble seems now to be entirely removed from my main stream, instead it is now plastered with lengthy bits of reshares, most of them identical, and some even my own shares. If a clever algorithm is unable to guess what I want to see, I would rather like to have control instead of the algorithm. My suggestion is to give us a button to mute circles from the main stream - and then let the circles really be the circles, no filtering. My log on that is at please feel free to +1 or disagree / comment.
I think it's interesting that disabling reshare needs to be done on an individual post basis. When you only share to your circles, it feels like it's only to your circles... but it's only broadcasting to your circles and letting others broadcast you. I think that's a geek behavior, not a 'consumer' behavior.
On the other hand, if you broadcast personal information to a particular circle, they should be trusted to respect the content of the message... if they aren't to be trusted with the information you are sending them, maybe you shouldn't be sending it to all the people in that circle... after all, even a private email message could be copied and pasted to someone's public stream... 
OK... But I'd still like to be able to disable resharing before the post goes up.
Awesome work team G+!
+Robert Scoble - I think what you really want a mashup of Sparks & Circles - a way to categorize, and filter not just people but content from people.
+Chip Christian You can disable sharing before the post goes up. 
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