Here comes the age of the "personal cloud"

Here Scott McGregor, CEO of +Broadcom, shows me some new wireless devices, based on Low Power Bluetooth, which will be the "hub" of a new kind of "personal cloud" that will connect sensors and wearable computers to our smartphones of the future. These devices can support hundreds of other wireless devices, each with sensors, lights, or controllers for things on us or around us. This has deep implications for our contextual future (I'm writing a book, titled "Age of Context"). 

These new devices will cost less than $10 (wholesale) and run on a small battery for a year or more. Learn more about Broadcom at

One thing I should clarify from yesterday. Broadcom wrote me and said they are NOT working to "kill" NFC. They didn't say that. I just put two-and-two together with my previous interview with Estimote and came up with a fun headline that I still believe in. Broadcom sells NFC chips that many of our smartphones have inside, so Broadcom is well positioned no matter what standard "wins" in the future. That said, these new low-power Bluetooth-based devices are hugely important to the future of wearable computers.

Oh, and don't miss our Techcrunch Disrupt Google Glass developer contest. We're giving away $10,000 to try to help developers take advantage of what Scott's showing us here. Details on that are here: -- entry ends September 5 and we'll announce the winner at the end of Techcrunch Disrupt, which is in San Francisco September 7-11.

At Techcrunch Disrupt we'll be doing interviews all three days in our studio (which will be right by the front door). If you haven't gotten your ticket yet for Disrupt, use this link to get a discount: and use ScobledSF13 as the code.
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