The "App of the Week" company from the middle of nowhere, India

I bet you can't find where Global Delight is located on the map.

Udupi, India isn't exactly the place that is known for starting great startups. But last week it won Apple's "App of the Week" award (and the week before that it won "Best of Show" at MacWorld). How did it do this? Well, Rahul Arun Shetty spent 30 minutes with me to tell me all about this innovative company and the apps it makes (It is the second time that it has won MacWorld's best of show award, by the way.

What does their newest app, Game Your Video, do? It lets you make better videos with your iPhone. Lots of fun to play with. Get it on iTunes:

"We have always been good at technology," Shetty says.

Entrepreneurs should watch this for some tips. I learned:

1. Go to weird classes at Apple's Dev conference and pay attention to new technologies being demoed (they were one of 15 attendees in a session where they showed off all sorts of new video technology).

2. Don't pay attention to being in the middle of no where. It doesn't matter anymore.

3. Aim at a market that has lots of people and is growing rapidly. Duh. But they did it and found a way to beat all those San Francisco companies to making a better product. More people will buy a smartphone with a video camera tomorrow than bought one yesterday.

4. Make sure that your design is top-rate.

Great app, hope to see more from this little company in the middle of nowhere, India.
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