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The "App of the Week" company from the middle of nowhere, India

I bet you can't find where Global Delight is located on the map.

Udupi, India isn't exactly the place that is known for starting great startups. But last week it won Apple's "App of the Week" award (and the week before that it won "Best of Show" at MacWorld). How did it do this? Well, Rahul Arun Shetty spent 30 minutes with me to tell me all about this innovative company and the apps it makes (It is the second time that it has won MacWorld's best of show award, by the way.

What does their newest app, Game Your Video, do? It lets you make better videos with your iPhone. Lots of fun to play with. Get it on iTunes:

"We have always been good at technology," Shetty says.

Entrepreneurs should watch this for some tips. I learned:

1. Go to weird classes at Apple's Dev conference and pay attention to new technologies being demoed (they were one of 15 attendees in a session where they showed off all sorts of new video technology).

2. Don't pay attention to being in the middle of no where. It doesn't matter anymore.

3. Aim at a market that has lots of people and is growing rapidly. Duh. But they did it and found a way to beat all those San Francisco companies to making a better product. More people will buy a smartphone with a video camera tomorrow than bought one yesterday.

4. Make sure that your design is top-rate.

Great app, hope to see more from this little company in the middle of nowhere, India.
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Interesting that you think that India is in the middle of nowhere Robert :) I am hoping that it will change in your lifetime! :)
+Robert Scoble I thought you meant Udupi because you are the last person who would say that. Thanks a lot for the clarification. Udupi is rightly labeled as the middle of nowhere even in an Indian context, forget the world!:)
Amazing stuff... love when brilliant people take advantage of new technological breakthroughs as they have with audio and video. Game changing app here. Imagine what's coming down the pike!
Alright +Robert Scoble it is really different and maybe you should seize the opportunity to known Belo Horizonte's cluster and our carnival season ;)
Udupi is a temple town famous for some of the amazing temples of india , but it also have a high class university and is a education hub , its about time talent from these institutes started showing up, hats off to Global Delight for pulling this off !!
I can't wait to see FB filled to the brim with slo-mo videos of running dogs. Nice interface though.
Very nice, I have loaded it onto my iPhone, to test whilst Im out surveying.
*cough * I'm from Udupi. It's not the middle of nowhere :o) It's a well known mystic indian town (long story) and famous for it's food haha. But yeah not as famous globally as Delhi and Mumbai lol.
There are lots of startups/technology companies in middle-of-nowhere Montana. You're welcome to visit us anytime, Robert:)
Awesome! Good to see technology happening in my native state and for once it is not in Bangalore! :)
Are they "gaming" contacts out of iPhone's address book? :-) sorry, couldn't help myself.
+Robert Scoble Do you have a blog post or a pinterest board of your favorite apps? Would love to see what you use on your device.
Lol I think we should focus more on the awesomeness of the app than Udupi. I'm pretty sure +Robert Scoble was just trying to highlight that great apps can come from anywhere in the world these days and not just Silicon Valley. Udupi is probably a lovely place :)
Brilliantly simple app, great demo. Just downloaded, and I have my game face on!
BTW, note for the devs: Please change the logo. In the scale of 1-10, the logo is 1.3 and app-coolness is 9.3. You'll be surprised how many folks decide to download something based on the logo! :)
Thanks +Robert Scoble for a great scoop. I saw it here first before TC, Mashable anywhere else ...
Very cool... oh the irony in the Apple iPhone app and the Windows 7 signage on the monitors in the background.
I narfed this on +Robert Scoble (semi-) recommendation, was all excited to mess around with the video editing, sadly I am forced to turn on my GPS/ location services for the app before it will let me do anything, I want my .99 back, if I knew it required the location services to be enabled, I would have never bought it.
damnnnnn! Now I need an android app like this :D
+Robert Scoble Udupi is known more for it's south indian food delicacies like dosa. Nice to know about great tech coming from a small Indian town.
Really impressed with the app, now I just wish I had something beyond my iphone 3S for better video.
+Robert Scoble Global Delight == Robosoft Tech. Robosoft were listed as one of Apple's preferred dev partners on the Apple site. They were one of the earliest shops doing Mac-only work.
PS: I grew up 15 mins away from the present Global Delight office.
PS2: even more interesting is that their office location used to be a tile factory (producing roofing mud tiles), which was torn down.
+Robert Scoble hey I studied in Udupi :) So that's two companies from the middle of nowhere :) And yes it is in the middle of nowhere but one of most beautiful and intellectual towns in India. To be honest though Robosoft/Global Delight is already one of India's famous small town success's I have atleast 5 friends that work for the company.
Fantastic....these guyz are geniuses
Wow! Amazing App and great presentation. I wish this app gets a lot more attention. I need to wait till they come out with an Android version though :p
This is truly brilliant stuff. So looking forward to an iPad and Android version.
Thanks everyone for your comments and words of appreciation. Satyajit Sahu, we will definitely have a re-look on the icon.
Sterling Phry, the location services has to be turned ON for the app to access videos from
Camera Roll. This is a pre-requisite for all apps on the iPhone.
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